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d100 City State Quests

As adveturers creep over 4th level they will be dealing more with leaders and assemblies and other leaders. Some of these will be giving quests to benefit the people. Its always a good way to impress a ruler if you perform some quest. Intended for people at least 5th plus level

Sadly I'm winding up my Exilon campaign after lost a player so am trying to start a new game to get enough players to be viable so we get at least 3 per session. Starting up SF cthulhu game

d10 City State Quests Types
1 Hunt criminals
3 Hunt wild beast
4 Exploration 
5 Rival cities
6 Hunt monster
7 Recover a relic
Hunt enemy cult
9 Victory 
10 Divine 

d100 City State Quests
01 A terrible bandit has been murdering and taking slaves and robbing tax collectors and must be stopped
02 Locate a noble traitor who fled the region and has been assembling barbarian followers for some purpose
03 A corrupt official has sold state secrets and must be returned to be punished
04 A kidnapper has taken a noble maiden to a foreign land and she must be returned
05 A precious tablet of ancients has been taken by a scribe and is trying to sell it to wizards, to recover this relic
06 A wicked merchant has kidnapped several youths and taken them to the wasteland for an unknown reason, bring them back
07 A palace official has been caught using a crown royal seal to fake documents, find them and the seal
08 A servant stole a ring of value from a noblewoman and must be returned
09 A criminal organisation is seriously corrupting and undermining officials and needs to be found and destroyed
10 A murder has been committed in the palace who is the killer who is the victim and why?
11 Travel to the court of a foreign city-state and present this letter to the court
12 Visit a tribe of wild people on the frontier and get them on our side against certain enemies
13 Some say a foreign ambassador has a secret entrance to his apartment and they are sneaking out to meet criminals, cults, or worse. Confirm this
14 An invisible spy was caught looking at war plans but escaped, please look around the court for signs of the mystery traitor
15 Visit a foreign wizard with gifts and try to convince them to serve your city
16 Establish a new trade route with a kingdom out of contact for generations for some unknown reason and bring back an exotic item or creature
17 Visit a foreign court and see who spreads slander against our city
18 Go make peace with the barbarian horde on our borders
19 Visit a foreign temple and help our priests establish one of our city gods there with a shrine and statue
20 Visit a city making the case we need to unify against a new and different enemy. Evaluate these claims and bring back some proof
21 A wild beast has been menacing a village go hunt them on behalf of king d61=lion 2=crocodile 3=auroch 4=pack of dogs 5=hippo 6=dimetradon 
22 A chimeric abomination is menacing road travellers and needs to be killed d4 1=peryton 2=manticore 3=sphyx 4=wyvern
23 A giant swamp serpent has been chasing villagers and blocking river trade and needs stopping
24 A gigantic fish has been attacking boats in the river stop it
25 A flock of demon ostriches has been bothering herders and they require protection
26 A giant bird has been stealing cattle stop it
27 A great bronze bull has been stealing away herds of cattle and must be stopped
28 A savage wild beast man has been bothering herders and kidnapping people
29 A wonderous stag has evaded many hunters and those chasing it often come across strange dangerous locations in the wilderness
30 A brutish mutant monster beast has been devouring travellers in a region stop it d4 1=boar 2=goat 3=lion 4=wolf
31 Find a hidden mountain civilisation scholars and traders speak of. Find the hidden secret valley 
32 A certain mountain is said to have a cavern to the underworld make a map of its location
33 In the mountains is said to be a magic spring, go find a route for pilgrims to follow
34 Ancient ruins are said to be in the desert go and explore them for any treasures or records or monuments
35 Go into the distant mountain forests and search for a dangerous wild beast or monster said to live in these parts  
36 Griffons are said to live on a mountain go see if they really do make their nests of gold and steal some eggs or chicks
37 A famous explorer has gone missing and must be found as the public demand it
38 A warlord beyond the mountains is said to have great wealth in a vast camp go and visit and report back
39 A mysterious people in the wilderness have been heard of and a report for the court is required
40 Bring back cedar wood logs to help build beams in a new temple
41 Visit games in another city and win athletic events for our city
42 Visit a rival city and record information on their millitary, defences, food supplies and stability
43 Escort a princess to another city and make sure they get married to their betrothed to secure peace
44 A deity statue is being taken to another city for a festival and requires escorts
45 Consult a famous sage or prophet in a foreign land about the well-being of our city
46 The heroes of a rival city have been causing us problems, kill or capture them or otherwise stop their effectiveness
47 A city-state is being courted into an alliance against us, go sabotage this
48 A famous monster killed a rival city hero - go kill the monster to show our superiority and shame them 
49 Lead a millitary expedition to eradicate raiding tribes of barbarians and determine if they were working for a rival city
50 A rival city has moved our border stones and blocked a canal - take an army and fix this, maybe take their land to teach them a lesson
51 A mighty forest cyclops guards sacred trees required for building temples, drive away this monster
52 A dragon in the mountains keeps attacking some of our satellite villages, go help them
53 A demon living in a ruined temple has attracted a cult and they all need to die
54 Ancient tombs have been exposed by a wind storm and undead creatures have come for our people so require destruction
55 A great brazen auroch bull has laid waste small settlements. An angry god sent this bull so stop the bull and end this curse 
56 Giant sandworms have been coming from the desert and attacking travellers and holding up trade, go sort them out
57 A sphynx has occupied a road to a satellite town of our city and stopped all trade - find out what it wants or get rid of it
58 The queen would like some roc feathers please as decorations, go to the mountains and gather some near the nest of these elephant-eating birds
59 A great demon has occupied a ruin and sends out evil winds and sandstorms to drive away civilisation. Stop it
60 A monster has used its powers of illusion and mind control to start a cult dedicated to undermining the city. Find its secret temple and destroy it and the beast
61 A statue was stolen by an enemy people long ago and has been located in an enemy temple, go recover it for the glory of our city
62 Recover the golden relics from the tomb of a king stolen by evil adventurers from a tomb
63 A war banner went missing in a battle and enemies took it away. Find it and punish the enemies
64 A noble has been carried away by bandits who in turn were taken by monsters in the mountains and must be recovered
65 A temple treasure was lost underwater and requires cunning problem solving to recover
66 A rare herb is required to save an important child go fetch it d4 1=under the sea 2=enemy city gardens 3=distant mountains 4=on the moon
67 A cursed region could be repopulated if removed making our city stronger
68 A relic used for divination has been stolen by a foreign bard who taken it to their homeland and presented to their king - go return it and punish the bard
69 A brick mine used for centuries by locals has started to find ancient tablets and catacombs. Go search for ancient tablets and relics of the [last before commoners steal them all
70 A fabled city of djinn is said to be in a barren wasteland and finding it would bring glory to us
71 A ghoul cult has infested the catacombs and tombs of our city go destroy the,
72 A secret cult has been supporting treason plots. Find them and expose members
73 A heretical sect similar to one of our gods but more bloody and murderous needs to be wiped out quietly and leave no survivors to become martyrs
74 An underworld cult claims to know a secret entrance to the world below, find this secret
75 A vicious tribe of barbarians worship a cruel foreign god go and finish them and their evil ways forever
76 A cult has taken over a temple and pretended to be the official clergy. Visit them in the guise of pilgrims and finish them off
77 A isolated monastery has fallen to an evil cult and they must be rounded up and killed if they don't denounce this cult
78 A cult has been breeding monsters and horrible abhuman beast folk minions. Go stop them before their evil plans unfold
79 A cult has preoccupied a ruin in the marshes and are trying to raise an ancient sunken ziggurat dedicated to their god
80 A temple reports that an evil cut is spreading disease to weaken our city for enemies and must be eliminated
81 Help frontier settlers defend themselves from enemies while a wall is erected
82 Enemies chariot corp raiding our border, punish them
83 Guide settlers to build a frontier trading post and clear the area of enemy peoples
84 Train a force of conscripts slaves and lead them to victory over an enemy camp. They will earn their freedom if they survive
85 A commanding officer has been killed and someone needs to resume command and secure the borderlands from enemies
86 A borderland garrison is badly demoralised but needed to hold the border. Help the morale and support their conflict versus our enemies
87 We desperately need more chariots to show we are the mightiest and keep the peace but various resources like wood, metal and animals have been in short supply and we desperately need them. Gather these goods even if you need to take them from enemies
88 A distant power has a rare metal called iron and we require weapons. Take this gold and make a trade deal with their king so our enemies do not
89 A king has offered gold and glory for those who can survive their labyrinth and our city needs representatives who can snatch victory for our people
90 An enemy power has a trained monster to be at the head of their army and we need a better monster to face them
91 Our deity has sent a sign that a distant relic must be brought to our temple as it was stolen by enemies long ago. Currently in a distant enemy kingdom kept in their evil temples dungeon which causes our god distress
92 Our deity is cross and punishing us because an enemy god has been redirecting water from our canals and restricting trade. When the enemy has been punished and stopped our god will be pleased
93 Our god requires someone to fetch a relic from the underworld
94 Our god has revealed the location or a ruin where evil creatures and cults consort concocting schemes
95 A titanic hydra guards an entrance to a great underground sea and an immortal heretic has hidden there to escape our god's wrath. To find this enemy and destroy his writings
96 An evil cult has recovered a body part of an evil god slain by the good gods long ago. Our deity requires someone to stop this cult and destroy the god's remains
97 Our god has sent us a vision of a volcano where dragons come from the underworld. Go investigate and see if it can be sealed
98 Our god has revealed an evil wizard in the mountains who seeks to revive a lost race of sleeping giants to destroy civilisation who must be stopped
99 Our god has warned us of a servant of the plague god who plans to revive an army of plague-carrying undead and we must stop this
100 Cross the sea to the island paradise of the gods and take them this tribute of gold


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