Monday 23 April 2018

Katharmir: Rolling up a hex for Psychon Game

So testing my books is pretty handy and shows some flaws. Having multiple ways of generating similar info has some advantages for variety and you don't have to roll every table. Stop when you think you have enough weird stuff. Today's game is a one off with fairly aggressive club players including some player vs player types I might have to act on. Possibly if they are bored enough to start purging heretics I might roll on my things fall out of the sky table. One thing happened rolling was to see possibly some tables need to be in different chapters. Also once I found a tech level table then couldnt find it again in my own book. So will do a new one in settlement table. So This hex is full of strange stuff to investigate and plenty of conflicts for players to get involved with and no clear solutions to solve them.

I also wrote a simple character gen system to simplify my emo rules and I quite liked it and might post soon. I just want character gen to be fast. possibly followers and mutants will be the slowest thing. Have stripped away lots of choices and advancement benefits so a litehack of my EMO rules might be a thing soon at least for con games and one offs.

Basic Natural Conditions

Black rocky plains with broken mountains and rubble heaps
Cold with snowstorms and tangerine snow that tastes like pepper
Ocean of emerald fresh water that tastes a bit fishy
Sparse yellow huge trees and explosive delicious cyan fungus
The most common animals are
-goat like Zergs with bizzare horns who make varios magic milk varieties
-evil rock baboons who hate humans and skirmish them often
-huge hawk like Vrawk birds that can snatch children and small zergs and baboons

Ruins and Structures and Locations

Their are ancient alien statues everywhere across the plains
Their are exposed datastacks guarded by planar beings where the gods store souls as data
There are bronze age ruins scattered of former yellow bugbear civilization
There are grey alien ruined city surrounded by trenches with undead soldiers
The alien city has wild fields of fleshy udder plants that lactate hypnotic milk
the alien city feigns friendliness but really they are vivisectionist undead makers
Their is a great mausoleum of the egreen men populated by undead
There is a underwater city of green men whos exiles have coastal villages
-the city can be raised or lowered but are currently xenophobes
Their is a gargantuan crab where greys are working on rewiring it's brain to use as a war machine

There is a tribe of yellow bugbears who once had a civilization split into two tribes
- the lawful and good tribes who mostly live around their ruined monuments
The Green Men who are mostly good in two tribes and worship Maaria's good aspect
-the advanced city dwellers who follow their xenophobe AI god and fear strangers
-the exiled coastal dwellers who have little tech but comprehend it
The Green Were Goats worship the evil version of Maaria and eat humans
Chaotic Yellow Morlocks who worship demons and elementals by the data stacks
Grey aliens in two tribes and are utterly evils
-the ferals who live in rubble and are based on morlocks a tech caste
-the high ones who live in the city and are based on eldren a command caste and who make undead to replace their robots and androids that all went insane

Wilderness Encounters

1 Vrawk tries to snatch something small
2 Zergs up close are startled and several males attack 2d6
3 Zergs in distance run away 2d6
4 Baboons fling rocks and feces 2d6
5 Yellow bugbear tribal warriors on hunt 2d4
6 Yellow morlocks looking for sacrifices 2d4
7 Feral greys hungry and fanatic 2d4
8 High greys eye from distance with ray guns d4
9 Green men explorers looking for place to settle 3d6

10 Green men exterminators from city with guns on air raft 2d4
11 Green men undead 2d4 zombies and 1in6 led by wight with a musket and sword
12 Giant rock crab

Things To Do

Kill aliens and destroy their civilization
Stop the xenophobes in the green sea city
-help the morlocks eat them???
-help the exiled green men take over
Stop the aliens with the gargantua crab
Exterminate the Were Goats
Exterminate the undead mausoleum
Unite the bugbears and humans who currently dislike each other
Try to mess with the data stacks (which might trigger an apocalypse)

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