Thursday 5 April 2018

Sea Cave Reskin 3 The Sea Cult

While the humans held the cave they became prey of the insidious cult of the Kraken. In olden times the cave was known as Kraken hole. When criminals not corrupted by the cult fled some even joined militia teams assembled to fight the fish cult. Smugglers even donated cash to the Sheriff to help fight the cult. Any human rolled in low tide is a cultist and the high tide table all the intelligent species is a cult member.

Sea Temple

This chamber has been painted with signs of the Kraken cult and a large green stone idil of the Kraken is here with a altar. Inside the altar is 350gp in fishmen cursed gold coins and a +1 dagger that lets the wielder understand any sea creature. Human occupants removed the idol and altar but the sea cult found and restored them.
-Kraken Pool

This pool is home to the Kraken. If the water is disturbed or any loud sounds here the pool turns into a whirlpools and the kraken arises to devour a sacrifice or anyone it can grab
-Holy Cave

This cave has a collection of human skulls and flailed skins the fishman priest and his followers wear. He has two fishermen guards and a d6 human hybrids. A cheat with 3456sp is hidden under the priests seaweed bed
Smugglers Cave2d6 human cultists are here and at least 2 will be on guard while others relax. They are a mix of pirates, fishermen, smugglers and villagers. The have sleeping mats of straw here and bags with personal items
-Stone Shell Cave
This cave has two fishmaids who worship their sea goddess and appear in human form. The have charm person spells and lounge about with a d6 human cultists
-Squidjig Cave
d6 human prisoners are manacled to the cave walls, some in tears
-Deadmans Cave

This cave is guarded by a d6 sea zombies, from drowned sailors corpses left in this room. The fish priest keeps them here and when has more than six wends them on a quest. there will be a d4 corpses awaiting the change in this cursed cave
Sandy Cave

This pleasant cave is where 2d4 fishmen rest with one on watch. 1in6 times the fishfolk are carousing with charmed captives who think they want to be here
-Crab Cave

A d4 giant crabs are burying eggs here and hostile to any not with the sign of the fishcult as a symbol, tattoo or mutation
-Nymph Cave

A nymph lives here and the fishmen hate her. She will talk to humans and will advise them to kill all the fish folk cult and bing in a sea druid or priesthood instead. She will identify magic items for the party. If angered she might kill or charm her
-Sea Shrine

This is a shrine to various sea cults with multiple stone shrines. Offerings of seashells, starfish and human hands are lft here
Great Cave

This cave has a d6 fishmen, a d6 hybrid cultists and a d6 human cultists. They lounge around a great burned pile of driftwood with human bones scattered throughout the mess. 3d6sp can be found per hour of searching and digging here with a max of 1000sp
Shark Cave

There is rock art of a shark god eating victims here. Two guest sharkmen with sea axes are here with fishskin armour. They have a collection of a d100 shark teeth here which some will find valuable or good for jewelry
Sea Cave

This cave has several sunken boat wrecks and remains of water damaged goods in crates and boxes. Some might still be salvageable 1in6. A sea ogre fishman hybrid with a trident sits on a pile of rotting human corpses snacking on it
Clam Cave
This cave is avoided because of savage cave clams. A d3 skeletons with a d6 sp each and some rusty weapons can be found. Each clam has a pearl worth d6x10gp
Tide Pool
Two fishmen guard here it is where sea creatures and races enter the cave. The guards have tridents and seaweed fighting nets
Witch Cave
A fishwoman priestess lives here with her idols and treasure, 300gp 1200sp and 40532cp. There are human bones of her former charmed human lovers 

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