Friday 13 April 2018

Monster Manual Reskins: Boars

Wild boars the hairy wild forest pigs people hunt. Domestic pigs are a tad less hairy and not as dangerous but could still kill a first level party. They are favorite beasts of many gods and are often magical guardians. Most are harmless forest creatures but occasionally someone startles a wild herd or a lone boar invades human land to cause mayhem. Some cults love them others hate them.

AC 13 HD 3d8+3 Att 2d4 Mov 15"

When making initial charge +2 to hit 3d4 damage if gets at least 6" run up
This will be the lead male pig, others HD 2d8 Att 2d4, piglets HD d4

d12 Boar Variants
1 Domestic Pig HD d8+1 Att d6 common size adult farm pig2 Hell Pig HD 7 Att2d6/3d6 charge Mov 12" prehistoric giant prehistoric pigs3 Berserker Pig can keep fighting in negative HP till -10 HP
4 Golden Boar requires magic weapons to hit, beloved of gods, glow 1"
5 Flying Boar have wings and can fly 12"
6 Ghost Boar +1 magic to hit, can pass through 1" rock in a round, undead
7 Water Boar lower body is serpentine reptilian, can breath water, Mov 6" on land
8 Chaos Boar has a d3 major mutations and a d4 lesser mutations
9 Iron Boar AC 16 has metallic plates and exhales smoke
10 Bronze Boar AC 14 if harmed burning blood inflicts d4 on attacker
11 Druid Boar can speak and cast spells as a 4th Lv Druidic priest
12 Blessed Boar can regenerate 1hp/round except fire or acid damage*
*1in6 can regenerate from a skeleton in 24 hours but angers gods if abused

d12 Boar Reskins
1 Troll Beast were a trollish pig like tusked beast that can see in the dark
2 Gorgonopsid a tusked synapsids used as riding and herd beast by lizard men3 Huge Stag beetle can fly for short bursts clumsily mostly to migrate
4 Miniature Rhino live in thick jungles especially on islands
5 Giant Tusked Rat lives in jungles and deep caves
6 Gore Boar is a skinless horror pig monster that eats only flesh 
7 Uniboar is a huge pig with a single large horn for fighting
8 Giant Horned Gopher can burrow and lives underground mostly
9 Warthog prefers close melee to charge attacks
10 War Boar used by dwarves and orcs as pets and mounts and hunting beast
11 Dwarf Triceratops used by some reptile folk as guard beast and herd animals
12 Pig blood is magical and used in rituals for various purposes or as substitute for human

d12 Boar Rumours and Superstitions

1 If you mention pigs on a fishing boat it will bring bad luck
2 Pigs are evil unclean animals spawned by devils to spread filth

3 Pigs are symbols of prosperity, luck and good health
4 if you dream of pigs you will become wealthier soon
5 Pigs are perfectly intelligent and understand human speech
6 Some gods use pigs as mounts or to pull their chariots
7 Some orc tribes breed with pigs and have pig like snouts and ears
8 Boars are symbols of bravery and adorn clothes of forest tribes
9 Raging boars are sent by the gods to punish humans
10 Evil pigs will kill and eat people especially children
11 Boar will eat anything even excrement and their own children
12 Boar come from the underworld and are messengers of death

Boar TreasureBoard tusks, skin and meat is valuable
4cp/Lb is common for meat
1-15gp for tusks depending on size and quality for craftsmen
10sp for a salted dried boar hide
2-4gp for well curedm shaved skin
Some might have parasites or disease especially the Chaotic Evil ones

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