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Overlands in the Sky Part 2: Factions

So next are some people for cloudland. Thinking more wharr fun this could be for higher level play. Lots of benefits of plane jumping fun but more controllable power levels and more in line with being opposite of the of the underland kingdoms. Master of Magic pc gamers should see the possibility of this and possibly where lots of high level adventurers disappear to. From this level of the universe you see mankind like bugs below and occasionally see gods and divine beings of the upper realms or servants of law.

Future Cloud Land Sections
d100 encounters for cloud land areas
d100 wandering strangers of cloudland
d100 magical ruins and remnants for cloudland
d100 strange magic mysteries found on cloudland
d100 magical hazards on the cloudlands

d10 Quick Common Factions on Cloudland
1 Giants with d4 pet types or servitor races
2 Remnants of giants, degenerate giant kin like ogres
3 Trolls, often long extinct civilized trolls long gone from the mortal world
4 Faerie folk or sylvan beings of the forest
5 Beastmen especially bird related tribes are the most common
6 Demi humans including elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings of exotic tribes
7 Strange abhuman tribes kin of elements or other materials even cloudfolk
8 Overrun with monsters possibly even demons
9 Race of changeling spirit folk kin of animals, plants or heavens
10 Beings from the upper worlds like angels or archons, often distant worlds

d100 Tribes and peoples for cloudland faction
01 Tribe of hill giants live among some dolmen in a great wooden lodge with some caves underneath. 1in6 have pet bears 1in6 have some orcs goons
02  Stone giant clan rule from a stone house overlooking a quarry 1in6 keep gargoyles if evil or earth elementals if neutral, 1in6 have thrall humans and 1in6 have thrall orcs
03 Frost Giant clan rule from the coolest tallest spot and attract frosty winds. 1in6 with winter wolves or ice apes with 1in6 using vikings berserker cultists or zombies
04 Fire Giant clan have built a fort and possibly opened a magma seam to keep warm in a strategic location in a cave or fort. 1in6 have pet hellhounds 1in6 have orc or firenewt thralls 
05 Cloud Giants quite advance who can control the weather and steer the cloud (or could once) they are decadent and practice rituals of sacrifice but not all evil and sadistic 1in6 have a pet air elemental 1in6 have pet human thralls
06 Storm Giants live in a castle and consider the island belongs to them. 1in6 keep giant eagles and 1in6 have human servants
07 Forest Giants protect the woods and 1in6 have a pet treant friend and 1in6 have a elf thrall
08 Mountain Giants dwell in most hard to reach mountains mostly sleeping. 1in6 keep pet giant goats 1in6 have dwarf servants
09 Desert giant holds court in a wasteland it has created served by all manner of foul magic spawn 1in6 has a mummy 1in6 has serpentmen wizards 1in6 has lesser demons 1in6 has giant scorpions  
10 Band of ogres with a mighty chief related to a giant and has a magic item 1in6 have pet wolves 1in6 have some orc helpers
11 Band of ogres led by a hag who is the clans grandmother and considered holy 1in6 have pet giant boars and 1in6 have tribal cave men hunters who worship them
12 Ogre Magi with a clan of ogre followers keen to invade and raid others, 1in6 have pet hellhounds 1in6 have goblin and hobgoblin followers and hate bugbears
13 Ogre Magi clans determined to over throw a human kingdom in the name of evil 1in6 with giant bats 1in6 with hobgoblins and bugbears 
14 Formarian war band have soured a land with their filthy wallowing in filth and food and corpses in pits and gorging on everything 1in6 have pet shoggoths 1in6 have thrallmar humans as servants
15 Cyclops work to herd beasts and catch fish and grow vines and occasionally eat humans. They 1in6 have giant sheep or goats and 1in6 have human prisoners and servants and 1in6 of having a band of cyclops orcs
16 Redcap live in hiding near a victim village where they kill and rob and murder travellers. They also protect their human village. 1in6 with wolves 1in6 with human thralls 1in6 with evil gnomes 
17 Ettin lord with his clan. Hideous two headed man eaters and pretty moronic. 1in6 with pet giant boar 1in6 with orc thralls.
18 Giant men mutant hybrids most are hideous freaks but not yet as chaotic or terrible as formarians. 1in6 have mutant dogs 1in6 have mongrel men abhuman servants 
19 Titan dwells here d4 1=in country villa 2=in chains 3=bound to burning rocks 4=in a cage often with a guardian monster 1in6 have human cultists and 1in6 have a giant follower
20 Kaiju colossal monster mostly sleeps 1in6 covered in some giant vermin who parisitise the monster and 1in6 have a humanoid or beastman cult
21 Remnants of trolls living in haunted ruins of their destroyed civilization. Savage survivors are chaos worshiping and insane who only eat animals not keep pets and some keep slaves and eat the poor quality ones 1in6 have human slaves
22 Clan of hill trolls with a burrow complex, close knit civilized family with several troll god patrons. Hate the chaos mutant common trolls. 1in6 keep trollbeasts of some kind and 1in6 keep a lesser race of hedgetrolls as servants
23 Clan of troll changelings turn into humans if mortals appear to assess them. All are highly magical wizards 1in6 have a animal pet 1in6 have a hedgetroll friend
24 Clan of moronic cave trolls aggressive and demand respect. 1in6 keep pet cave rhinos or cave walrus and 1in6 keep regular chaotic trolls in chains as fighting beasts
25 Ancient troll wizard with his servants dwells here in tower with students. 1in6 have a invisible land spirit companion 1in6 has a hill troll bodyguard or servant
26 A troll nighthag lives here with her hill troll sons. They 1in6 keep regular dumb wild trolls on chains as pets and 1in6 hobgoblins as goons
27 A troll shaman lives here with hunter followers. They have been isolated for aeons and if they feel threatened will take potions turning them into the horrible chaos cult trolls. 1in6 keep a savage troll in chains and 1in6 have hill troll followers 
28  A troll sorceress ancient and wise hides with her people inside a hill or fountain. Various troll folk live here in a mixed community (but none of the famous chaotic trolls). 1in6 keep a animal pet and 1in6 has a hedge troll or halfling
29 A clan of wizened old troll mages might teach worth human magic for helping them start a colony. 1in6 have elemental pets 1in6 have human apprentices and guards
30 A clan of ice trolls have made a Ice Palace and frozen the area. 1in6 have winter wolves 1in6 have frost salamanders 1in6 have a ice toad
31 A colony of dancing faerie folk drinking merrily often with a guest from other local factions and many races of faerie folk 1in6 have a pet werewolf 1in6 have goblin militia
32 Thousands of flower faeries dwell in area and keep giants out mostly 1in6 have nymph for a goddess 1in6 have a unicorn 
33 Wood elven enclave watching area for the elf nobility and to opress giants. 1in6 have sabre tooth lions and 1in6 have human or halfling savage
34 Hairy wild men having a festival of drinking, feasting and fornicating with pagan ceremonies dedicated to faerie cults 1in6 has a wolf 1in6 has a feral halfling
35 Colony of tree changeling spirit folk , live in secret unless threatened, 1in6 have pet giant owls and 1in6 have a colony of halflings to do the gardening
36 A colony of elf virgins and their unicorn pets 1in6 have atracted a band of elf knights
37 Leprechaun clan live on top of a mineshaft they keep their gold in. Unimpressed by rainbows marking their horde, 1in6 have woodland vermin serving them like finches and squirrels that act as a swarm 1in6 have dwarf mercenaries guarding them
38 Colony of sprites, pixies, brownies and other tiny fey folk living with talking animal folk in a mushroom village 1in6 have a pet wyvern or drake 1in6 have gnome mercenaries
39 A sacred pond where nymphs, dryads, satyrs, fauns tree spirit folk and elf maids dwell. 1in6 have a pet faerie dragon and 1in6 have elf knights
40 A faerie hill fort or tree fort where a court of the elf folk of the bright or dark sort dwell hidden from prying eyes 1in6 have griffons and 1in6 have goblinoid troops
41 Hawkmen or Falcon men clan defending the area aggressively and demanding respect. 1in6 have giant bird companions 1in6 have thrall humans
42 Vulture men live in a cave practicing dank magic. 1in6 have pet undead or demons and 1in6 have human necromancer students
43 Owlmen Wizard scholars live in a treehouse library complex 1in6 have familiars 1in6 have human apprentices
44 The great and terrible phoenix nests here and aggressively keeps mortals away 1in6 have lesser pheonix guardians and 1in6 have eaglemen knights
45 A eaglemen colony where they guard a relic for the sung god in their monastery 1in6 have giant eagles and 1in6 have human monk pilgrim warriors 
46 A goatmen tribe good druidic or chaos and evil tribes. 1in6 have giant goat pets 1in6 have human druids or witch coven to aid them
47 Crowmen colony is very curious about new lands and visitors but like to keep own secrets hidden. 1in6 giant crow pet and 1in6 have human thieves guild who distract strangers
48 Tribe of spider women witches 1in6 have demon pets and 1in6 have dark elf pilgrims sent to aid them
49 Clan of ape men living in ruins they claim from their past 1in6 have carnivorous apes pets 1in6 have dogs and 1in6 have horses
50 Tribe of wolf men who hate mortals and serve the demon chaos wolf of the underworld, 1in6 have pet dire wolves and 1in6 have some werewolf guests
51 A halfling village well defended with moat and wall and tunnels 1in6 have pet giant beavers and 1in6 have pet dogs and 1in6 have goats

52 A gnome hill complex who follow druidry. 1in6 have pet giant moles or squirrels or robbins or rabbits and 1in6 have giant badger colony
53 A tribe of gnome mechanists 1in6 with security golem or automaton and 1in6 with human mercenaries with guns 
54 A tribe of bad gnome magicians 1in6 with gargoyle pets and 1in6 with a bound spectre 
55 Dwarf fortress with strict mountain dwarves who shun dealing with other races mostly 1in6 with giant boar and 1in6 with a golem operated siege weapon on wheels
56 Hill dwarf trade town stockade with friendly dwarf merchants 1in6 with human employees and 1in6 with halfling servants
57 A nasty dwarf foundry of war smiths dealing arms and weapons but spiteful to humans who want their secrets. 1in6 giant raven pets and 1in6 living statues guards
58 A village of elves led by the oldest noble 1in6 goblin servants 1in6 with pet wolves or lynxes 1in6 with hobgoblin militia
59 Dark elf village of giant fungus, 1in6 with goblin servants and 1in6 with bugbear assassin's and 1in6 with hobgoblin infantry
60 Orc village with tribal chief in log fort led by a chief and a shaman. 1in6 have giant boars or wargs 1in6 have boars or wolves and 1in6 have goblin slaves
61 Rockmen tribe living among giant megalithic stones 1in6 pet rock bears and 1in6 have dwarf visitors allied for aeons
62 Magmamen village near a volcanic vent 1in6 have pet fire toads 1in6 have fire newt allies visiting
63 Mistmen secretive tribal killers who's territory is covered in magic fog. 1in6 have a fog giant hero and 1in6 have human mutants who have fled humanity
64 Icemen live in a frozen glacier hub riddled with caves. 1in6 have a arctic wolf and 1in6 have pet white apes
65 Treemen tribe live in secret in their woods guarding them but others probably know to leave their trees alone. 1in6 have a treant elder and 1in6 have elven archer allies
66 Mushroom men mostly live in caves or fungi forests. 1in6 have a giant mushroom man elder (as a treant) and 1in6 have dark elf allies with them
67 Mixed colony of insect men of various types who live together in a shanty town, poor but happy and playing music all night. 1in6 have giant manis guards or 1in6 have giant stag beetles and 1in6 have giant carnivorous fire beetles
68 Hideous worm men sorcerers perform blasphemous rights with 1in6 with pet giant leeches and 1in6 with a giant worm
69 Slimemen village built of decaying jelly masses 1in6 have ochre jellies 1in6 have gelatinous cubes and 1in6 have a greenslime pit
70 Crystalmen wizards building a complex crystal garden for some reason, 1in6 crystal beast pets and 1in6 have a pet crystal ooze
71 Demonic horde of lesser demons with one powerful leader in decline without support 1in6 have a mutant pet and 1in6 have human cultists

72 Demon lording over a cultist clan 1in6 with undead servants and 
73 Demon cult 1in6 with a pet shoggoth and 1in6 with a demon
74 Elemental cult with 1in6 with a elemental and 1in6 with a elemental beast or abhuman
75 Clan of wise sphinxes 1in6 with human scholars and 1in6 with faun servants
77 Dragon lair with 1in6 with draconian servants and 1in6 with human cultists
78 Fishmen spy base watching upper worlds 1in6 pet giant octopus 1in6 with a plesiosaur living in their pond
79 Centaur clan 1in6 with pet war hydra and 1in6 with human thralls who fight for them
80 Chaos horror unique monster swells here with 1in6 cultists or 1in6 with lesser mutant spawn
81 Realm of beastlords where inteligent giant talking animals rule 1in6 have druid house guests and 1in6 have some elves staying over for tea
82 Home of one of the stars of heaven who lives here with their servants and court by day and at night goes to battle among the stars defending the moon. They may pretend to be human nobles. 1in6 has a fabulous monster like a dragon or sphynx and 1in6 has a race of centaurs or beastmen servants
83 A hundred armed giant dwells here with his cyclops servants. He has titan like powers but is more of a brute has been exiled here forever 1in6 has a captured human royal heir 1in6 has a large bandit gang and uses them to raid the surface world
84 A village of spectral haunts pretending they are still living protecting the lands they had when alive until new humans can replace them and do not need help 1in6 with a spectre and 1in6 with a ghost
85 Outpost of heaven where many spirit folk changelings come to study martial arts and philosophy most in human form, 1in6 pet dragon 1in6 human servants
86 Doppelgangers pretend to be friendly villagers so they can eat villagers 1in6 have poltergeist aiding them and 1in6 invisible stalker guardian
87 Citadel of conspiring devil hybrid changelings receiving training before going to mortal world 1in6 have a pet hellhound or a hellcat and 1in6 have a imp
88 Unicorn spirit shapeshifters live close to heavens 1in6 have regular unicorns and 1in6 can call an angel to aid them if needed
89 Settlement of cloud spirits who like to live as humans 1in6 have pegasi and 1in6 have fog elementals
90 Winged men shapeshifters living in palaces in service of the gods, 1in6 have giant eagles 1in6 have a protective djinn
Expedition of strange uniformed humans from another world with advanced guns and explosives 1in6 have a aerial recon drone with a SMG and 1in6 have a ground drone with a grenade launcher
76 Angelic encampment with angel leader and a band of clerics and knights in a tower sworn to guard something. 1in6 have pet kirin or phoo dog or dragon 1in6 have a healing well
92 A crystalline pyramid of law occupied my a arkon with a group of lesser modrons made of luminous polygons, 1in6 have a time elemental and 1in6 have a greater modron ally
93 A tower of lesser devils with a superior leader 1in6 have hell hounds 1in6 have a greater devil on call to aid them in their secret schemes

94 A elemental race of abhumans are here with 1in6 pet elementals and 1in6 dragons in service to elemental gods
95 Undead horde with necromancers 1in6 with a lich 1in6 with a vampire 1in6 with a mummy out to help the necromancer way
96 A night hag has been releasing bizarre beings from the dream and nightmare realms 1in6 with nightmare and 1in6 with shadow mercenaries
97 A great idol of the elder gods is here worshipped by howling cultists for aeons 1in6 have servitor daemons and 1in6 their god will appear or send a demon representative if needed
98 A lesser god or petty god is living here with followers and they do not want interruptions 1in6 have some bizzare servitor beast and 1in6 have a alignment appropriate entity or elemental appear to aid them
99 A god has a estate here and their servants care for it 1in6 have a guardian monster and 1in6 have the god or personal servant lesser god defend the estate. Petty mortal servants will do their best
100 A lesser god is living here but pretending to just be a wealthy noble prince. Will greet travellers and might elist aid or trade with them. Only reveal divinity if attacked and insulted. 1in6 will have a major domo who will interact with all guests and help all get along 1in6 will have a willful divine child overly interested in mortals 

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