Saturday 28 April 2018

Why Not Break Through A Wall inThe Redbrick Dungeon?

I honestly thought I had d100ed this but i gave up looking. Was a d20 now here is the fully fat version. Bah! d20 is strictly amatuer to me now. Some dungeon beasties use these for food sources. The dungeon may seem to be a living spiteful being. My friend Herbie did dungeons with secret tunnels where monsters would get healed, change costumes and move about in secret then pretend to be new monsters. When we caught on we joined them. My wizard Sodomon the Magnificent started wearing a mask and paid people to spread rumours about the terrible deeds he couldn't be bothered doing and even convinced people they were victims of him when he never even met them. He was a odd wizard who couldn't wait to be a dungeon boss. He claimed all his powers came from tantric sodomey. Yes I'm a horrible player. He shoulda bee a LOTFP character. Actually It was Fighting Fantasy. Anyway as a player I would break dungeons y smashing walls rather than using doors and was banned from a campaign. This is dedicated to those poor DMs.

Redbrick dungeons are not just bricks they are supernatural conduits connected other planes that connect to hell. Thats where some of this awful stuff comes from.

Possibly Redbrick is the epitome of what some newschoolers hate about oldschool.

d100 What happens if I break through a wall?
1 Angry snakes pour out
2 Spiders pour out to sting intruders
3 Cockroaches smother everyone
4 Worms or maggots pour out
5 Rats swarm from the hole
6 Flies pour out and crawl in eyes, nose, ears and mouth and darken room

7 Huge scorpions crawl out
8 Giant centipedes spill everywhere from hole
9 Giant leech oozes out
10 Vile poison toads hop out
11 Mass of living roots crawling with bugs
12 Cave in of rubble and bricks
13 Solid rock or concrete after the brick
14 Rubble packed in place
15 Cave in of bricks as area crumbles
16 Cave in of mud and soil
17 Loose gravel pours out
18 Loose sand pours out
19 Garbage left by builders pours out
20 Broken beer bottles pour out
 Poison invisible gas pours in
22 Hot steam pours out
23 Water pours out
24 Flammable gas pours out
25 Flammable rock oil oozes out
26 Corrosive chemical tainted fluid
27 Sewerage sprays out
28 Stinking cloud pours out

29 Choking and blinding smoke
30 Fog pours out flooding area
31 Musty old corpses fall out
32 Relieved skinny kobold brick layer steps out
33 Crazy madman and bones of former comrades falls out
34 Skeleton with candle stub and last note of dispair
35 Cavity full of human bones
36 Long hibernating druid or wizard
37 Cultist hostile and not sure how got here
Sleeping rockman awaiting meat people to die out
39 Were rat with swarm of rats
40 Crawlspace full of kobolds
41 Secret cavity with filthy mattress, pornographic parchments and beer bottles
42 Secret shine with cursed idol
43 Crude stone chamber with ancient worship monolith
44 Connection to old cave system used as a drain by builders
 Tunnel from invading dungeon long sealed up
 Long sealed up cell with skelton huddled in corner in chains
 Long sealed up empty room
 Web and spider filled crevice
 Hole reveals long bricked up adventurers skeletons
50 Opens into air vent crawlspace
51 Screams like wounded humanoid come from hole
52 Moaning phantoms pour from hole
53 Inhuman volumes of blood flow out
54 Spirit released tries to possess somebody to fulfil some incomplete task
55 Spirit released offers to aid party once for aid
56 Solid brick forever
57 Grasping skeleton hands reach from hole
58 Sealed space with poltergeist in glass bottle with cork easily broken
59 Ilusion or river of rotten semi liquid moaning corpses flows out for several rounds
60 A black void with evil eyes and a cruel hungry mouth
61 Pile of 2000 copper coins neatly stacked (builders payroll)
62 Bag of d1000 silver coins stolen from payroll
Bag of d100 gold with threatening letter
64 Bag of gems d10x 50gp
 with ransom letter
65 Sealed skeleton in rags with gold signet ring worth 100gp
66 Hidden treasure map
67 Bent brass crown with glass fake gems from a kobold king long ago
68 Intelligent magic weapon with extreme alignment and ego will try to control wielder
69 Cursed weapon and suit of cursed 
Bottle of d4 potions hidden behind bricks
71 Thousands of moths fly out darkening area

72 Thousands of worms and maggots pour out
73 Hot scalding steam pours out
74 Sarms of chittering bats pour out over area from crevive
75 Ankheg bursts out from wall hungry for humanoid flesh
76 Ochre jelly oozes out
77 Green slime oozes out
78 Vacuum beyond wall sucks air out of area
79 Lava and hot gas pours out
80 Poisonous stinking Ichor pours out
81 Animated weapons fly out and attack d4+1
82 Spectral minions angered at remains being disturbed
83 Vampires Coffin
84 Manacled immortal begs for help
85 Bricked up corpses turned undead hateful of living released
86 Shadows step out of hole released from imprisonment
87 Gremlins peek out angry at intrusion
88 Shoggoth dungeon builder trapped since earlier renovation released
89 Mirror universe versions of party hostile on sight
90 Doppelganger adopts plausible sympathetic form
91 Larvae from hell crawl out attracting netherworld evils
92 Lemures from hell ooze out gibbering madly
93 Gateway to underworld long sealed up
94 An Imp steps out and offers a cursed item
95 An Imp steps out and offers a soul contract
96 Rakshasa in disguise appears grateful
 Ogre magi in gaseous form is released
98 Phase spider breaches into world
99 Elemental is released
 Sub level of behind the scenes of the dungeon with a surprised kobold cleaner

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