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War With The Goblinoids 3 gossip and magic

Goblin invasions might be periodic in some places, arising when the population grows big enough or the seasons and crops are kind. When the goblins leave they might leave all kids of shrines, ruined junk, pet creatures and soldiers behind. It might take years to clean them out. One of the worst problems is that other forces might take advantage of the goblins weakening a nation and invading. So don't be surprised if goblins soften land up for faerie or giants or other countries invade.

Possibly should have included some elf and dwarf allies for the human lists earlier
Elven Rangers - composite bow, sword, leather, elite skirmishers, irregular, Morale 8
Elven Warriors - chainmail, shield, spell, spear and sword elite regulars, regular, Morale 9
Dwarf Warriors - chainmail, sheild, battle axes and throwing axes, regular, Morale 10
Dwarf Crossbowmen  - with chainmail, crossbows, hand axes, regular, Morale 8

Also Goblins army lists could include...
Zombie - unarmed, fearless and expendable, regular, Morale 12
Hobgoblin Musketmen - scale, musket, bayonet, sword, regular, Morale 8

One day will do book of invasions with a narrative combat system, all my invasions and army lists. Ideas for future invasions include: Chaos, trolls, crusaders, barbarians,  insectoid, hell, old ones, xor, amphibians, dwarves, and more. Suggestions welcome. Was planning a siege series too with events for people inside and outside a siege.

Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion

d100 Gossip
01 The goblin age has begun, the time of man is over
02 Goblins can out breed us and have no idea about safety so they will win
03 Goblins are not so bad, if you pay them off they might leave you alone
04 The goblins work for the faerie king, he thinks man has grown too numerous
05 The goblins are moving away from something worse in their own land
06 Not all the goblin gods are so bad, if you make the right holy signs they spare you
07 The goblins are too incompetent to sustain the war for too long
08 Logistics and food will be the goblin downfall, when everything is eaten they will flee
09 Even when the goblins go every cave and hole for years will be a goblin den
10 Some of the goblins are quite sophisticated and civilized but we see mostly the worst
11 When goblins eat each other the change into hobgoblins or bugbears
12 Hobgoblins can be hard working labourers but if you swear at them they go crazy
13 Hobgoblins are more organised and disciplined, born to be soldiers
14 Hobgoblins look down on orcs who are often weaker and serve non orcs like wizards
15 Hobgoblins can be quite kind to their goblin kin goblins and feel protective to them
16 Bugbears love to scare human children, it's like a addiction to them
17 Bugbears love to collect and shrink heads of those they murder
18 Bugbears can be quite friendly to goblins but occasionally eat a few
19 Bugbears in force are terrifying but even one alone and sneaky can cause havok
20 Bugbears often infiltrate enemies and kill leaders and perform sabotage
21 Even a common bugbear is as strong as the strongest human
22 Goblin kingdoms were planted by elves to be borderlands between faerie and humans
23 Forest goblins live in brachen and trees and mostly stay in their dark woodlands
24 Cave goblins grow fantastic fungus forests which grow food and magic 
25 Goblin war gods are blood thirsty and demand war and sacrifices of enemy hearts
26 Goblin fertility cults are mostly benevolent other than they encourage rampant breeding
27 Golins in elf land act as servants and perform all manner of deeds elves find unpleasant
28 Goblins serving dark elves are encouraged to be wicked and cruel to humans
29 Goblin priests of the underworld make undead and use them as servants and troops
30 Goblin shamen are masters of training animals and making mushroom potions
31 Goblins are magical and fascinated by wizards, some learn magic from elves
32 Goblin wizards are very cunning and often act as advisors or even leaders
33 Goblins know a curse that makes women give birth to goblins or even litters of them
34 Goblins like human children slaves best and like human wet nurses to take home
35 Goblins use faerie food to enthrall humans as slaves and lovers so beware
36 Any human mating with a goblin always produces more goblins
37 Goblin engineers are unreliable and crazy but make deductive leaps sometimes
38 Goblin slaves are hard working and do jobs humans hate without complaint
39 Goblins bow before superior numbers but beware the moment this changes
40 Goblins are cowardly and break formations and flee with great enthusiasm
41 Hobgoblins are professional fighting folk and take war as seriously as anybody
42 Hobgoblins make good workers and slaves but are dangerous if offended or sworn at
43 Bugbears are hard to enslave and only bow before superior force
44 Goblin alchemy is quite advanced possibly because so many are expendable
45 Goblin guns are made from cheap and crude iron and explode more often
46 Hobgoblin made weapons and armour are good quality and durable
47 Sometimes goblins use poison, especially archers
48 Goblin wolf tribes suckle their young from she wolves and grow up together
49 Goblin bat tribes suckle their young from she bats and grow up together
50 Goblin slaves make good farmers and animal carers, they have a knack for it
51 Goblin farmers are quite capable but they are ignorant about modern human farming

52 Many goblins use stone tools and weapons but are still quite deadly
53 Goblin healers are quite competent and their potions are quite effecatious
54 Goblin fungi gardens attract all kinds of creatures which also eat like giant crickets
55 Goblin lairs often have fungus based alarms, traps and guardians
56 Occasionally goblins will have magic items from faerie folk
57 Goblins are fascinated by magic and some human wizards find them good servants 
58 Ive seen goblins planting spores in the area, already giant mushrooms are popping up
59 I caught some children playing with some goblins, of course i had to kill them all
60 Heard some human slaves of goblins were freed and they just went back to goblin land
61 Met some refugees from goblin lands and they said they just taxed them food
62 I've heard goblin alchemists have tainted the water don't drink any water stick to beer
63 Once the goblins have control we will be annexed into faerieland and live forever
64 Goblin drugs have flooded the market, they want to destroy us with vice
65 I hear goblins are shapeshifters and some among us are working for them
66 Bugbears love catnip and cant get enough, makes them mellow and playful
67 Goblins are relatively respectful to elves even if enemies
68 Gnomes and dwarves hate goblins for competing for mine space and resources
69 When dwarves first began to hate goblins the goblins were working for faeries
70 Goblins are fascinated by human children because they remind them of faerie folk
71 Nilbogs are chaos goblins from a mirror world brought to here to fight 

72 Scholars want to know how goblins bred ghouls, trolls and goblins to make thouls
73 Norkers are hard skinned primitive goblinoids from ancient times 
74 Xvarts are a breed of goblin some say were made by frost giants as slaves
75 In goblin land live civilized goblins seldom seen by humans who excel at magic
76 Goblins have no qualms about eating their dead or the dead of other races
77 Goblins regard farting and belching as good manners and a compliment to the host
78 Goblins admire fine farts the way nobles talk about the most expensive wine
79 Goblins cant believe humans just waste feces and urine and just leave it anywhere
80 Goblins don't like dogs and will usually kill them, but they will eat them
81 Kobolds are a smaller breed of goblinoid but they dislike being bullied so avoid big uns
82 Some say there is a race of marine goblins with webbed feet and toes
83 Many goblin rulers go mad with power and over extend the abilities of goblin ambition
84 Goblin music is mostly terrible cacaphonic noise but at least they like it
85 Goblins really don't like dragons or giants but hobgoblins will work for them
86 It doesn't take much good treatment to make a goblin a loyal servant
87 Goblins in three generations in a new environment will begin to adapt and acclimatise
88 Goblin tribes come in many colours and have many distinct traits
89 Some chaos worshiping goblins have all kinds of petty mutations and vary in colour
90 Goblin gods visit and breed with their worshipers more often than humans
91 Many goblin heroes and kings come from divine bloodlines and are far stronger
92 Goblin language and script seems crude but is related to elvish but simpler
93 When goblins live at peace the bugbears and hobgoblins must be kept busy or they will take over or eat everyone

94 Goblins will often serve witches and have many practices in common
95 Because goblins eat all kinds of nasty things they will survive anywhere quite well
96 Hobgoblins are more willing to accept bribes than other goblinoids
97 Goblin markets sell fabulous and wondrous things few humans ever see
98 Goblins will often declare places like markets forbidden to fight in
99 Goblins tunnels are small for humans but are fine if made for hobgoblins or bugbears
100 Goblins are good miners and comptant craftsmen but poor builders 

d100 Loot
01 Goblin baby, cries mostly but walks in a d3 months 1sp
02 Goblin child, curious and gullible 4sp
03 Goblin teen, indolent, contrary and pouty so requires reverse psychology 10sp
04 Goblin adult untrained so requires d4 months work 1gp
05 Goblin adult housebroken and trained as labourer 2gp
06 Goblin trained household servant or guard 10gp
07 Goblin specialist (shroom farmer, wolf trainer, hunter) 50gp
08 Hobgoblin guard or gladiator, fanatically loyal as long as you don't swear at them 65gp
09 Bugbear guard (or assassin) happy if fed live goblins 100gp
10 Goblin Seeds in bag of 2d4+4, sprout next morning, loyal for a week 100gp
11 Goblin rattle, makes all baby goblins silent until rattled again 10gp
12 Goblin drum, alerts all goblins in a 100" to ready for war 100gp
13 Goblin flute, gets goblins dancing if they fail save in 1" (wont work in fight) 300gp
14 Shrunken shaman head, will answer a goblin related question per day 250gp
15 Goblin dung camp stove, burns dung efficiently to cook or boil water 2lb 15gp
16 Shroom Forest Spores, sprinkle over 2d6 1" squares, next moon grow d3" tall with various types of fungi with a 1in6 chance of a magic mushroom per square 65gp
17 Goblin strangling chord prevents victim making noise if attacked from behind 100gp
18 Faerie Food highly addictive save or hooked, very delicious, if deprived daily or lose a HP per day, becomes easily manipulated, will be ok if lives in faerieland 25gp
19 Goblin Pipe Weed, makes vision blurry -1 anything with sight and victim giggles for d4 hours, 4gp for ten doses 
20 Goblin pipe makes goblin weed last twice as long 20gp
21 Healing shrooms in bag d4 shrooms each heals d4 100gp
22 Vision shrooms cause user one hour spirit traveling visions, can ask 3 yes or know questions of the mushroom spirits 50gp
23 Beserker Shroom if eaten ten minutes after the next fight will go berserk for ten minutes and can fight into negative HP and +2 hit and damage 50gp
24 Terminator Shroom if eaten save or die. When dies arises as zombie, stands still and attacks anyone it sees, used as guards 50gp
25 Mutagen Shroom, causes minor mutation if eater fails save, usually chaotic, necro or fungal type mutations but others possible 50gp
26 Hobgob Shroom, turns a goblin into a hobgoblin 10gp 
27 Bugbear Shroom, turns a hobgoblin into a bugbear 50gp
28 Alarm Shroom, small ones com in pots, screams if stranger comes within 1" 50gp
29 Exploding Toadstool Spores, packet covers 1" square 
30 ystic Mushroom, eater can see magical enchantments or spells within 1" for an hour
31 Goblin Fertility Fetish, any woman giving birth in house with fetish gives birth to a litter of d6+4 adorable baby goblins 100gp
32 Goblin War Fetish gives who carries it +1d3HP 100gp 
33 Goblin Shroom Fetish doubles rate of fungus growth within 6" 100gp
34 Goblin Dakness Fetish creates zone of darkness 6" as if in a sunless cave 100gp
35 Goblin Bat Fetish if put in cave or attic attracts a bat colony fo d100 bats to roost which grows 10% per month until 1000 bats or out of room 100gp 
36 Goblin Winter Fetish cools area to frost cold, open liquids freeze over, 3" range, good for food preservation 100gp 
37 Goblin Screaming Fetish will scream if anyone enters room uninvited or does not sleep in room with it for at least one night 100gp
38 Goblin Rat Fetish attracts rats a d100 in the first night and more follow. Placed in enemy grain storage or if you want to eat rats 100gp
39 Goblin Monster Fetish if placed under a doorway usually of a dungeon or enemy attracts wandering monsters who might decide to move in and stay 100gp
40 Goblin Nightmare Fetish makes everyone in room have nightmares and prevents most spell casters from resting to recover spells, often kept in prison for spellcasters or enemy shamen 1000gp
41 Goblin Spectral Mask allows the wearer to see invisible spirits and non corporeal undead or people possessed 1000gp
42 Goblin Warrior Mask makes user immune to fear magic or morale checks 1000gp
43 Goblin Fire Mask -1 damage/dice from fire attacks and can touch normal fire and coals unharmed 1000gp
44 Goblin Bat Mask gains sonar like a bat within 6" 1000gp
45 Goblin Ancestor Mask stores a extra 1st Lv spell 1000gp
46 Goblin Protection mask +1 saving throws 1000gp
47 Goblin Wolf Mask can talk to wolves 1000gp
48 Goblin Ogre Mask can heal a HP after each fight by eating flesh of own race 1000gp
49 Goblin Boar Mask can sense truffles, grubs, worms or corpses 1" underground 1000gp
50 Bugbear Frightener Mask causes fright in children within 1" who flee for at least a round 1000gp
51 Goblin Bone Wand can summon a goblin from the netherworld once/day who might be convinced to help you which is harder for non goblins 1000gp

52 Goblin Ointment often sold as a beauty product or a joke, if rubbed on face gives victim goblin features, goblin shamen can cure with basic healing knowledge for a fee 100gp
53 Hobgoblin Boots +1 magic attack unarmed iron shod boots 1000gp
54 Bug Bear Necklace with 2d4+4 beads, each is a one use smoke bomb with 1" effect 400gp
55 Goblin Hand Grenaide with fuse, light and throw 2d4 damage 1" effect 50gp
56 Goblin Fire Bomb with fuse, light and throw 2d4 damage and save or dake a d4 extra damage a round for d4 rounds 100gp
57 Goblin Spore Bomb on impact bursts into choking cloud over 1" save or blind and lose a HP coughing until leave area and one round after 100gp
58 Goblin Stink Bomb is a gourd full of goblin farts, dogs and sensitive animals save or flee, others just disgusted 1" area 50gp
59 Goblin Smoke Bomb light and throw, covers 1" area obscuring vision, save or choke lose 1HP/round plus one round after leave area 50gp
60 Goblin Wretch Bomb if thrown at victim and they fail save to avoid covered in stinking fluid that most animals avoid and anyone can smell within 6" for a d4 days or scrubbed off with vinigar 50gp
61 Goblin Rat Potion turns drinker into a rat for ten minutes 100gp
62 Goblin Spider Potion turns drinker into a huge spider for one hour 100gp
63 Goblin Bat Potion turns drinker into a bat for one hour 100gp
64 Goblin Troll Potion can regenerate 3HP a round for ten rounds but reduces lifespan by 10% each use from cancer 100gp
65 Goblin Explosive Potion if goblin is killed in 24 hours they explode for 2d4 damage within 1" area 100gp
66 Goblin Venom Potion can coat a blade for one combat or ten arrow heads, if hit victim they save or lose 2d6 more HP 100gp
67 Goblin Blight Potion can coat a blade for one combat or ten arrow heads, if hit victim they save or suffer mummy rot HP 100gp
68 Goblin Light Potion in a bottle, when shake it provides 1" light for ten minutes 100gp
69 Goblin Fish Potion turns drinker into a fish for one hour 100gp
70 Goblin Swine Potion turns drinker into a domestic pig for one hour 100gp
71 Goblin Dagger +1 victim saves or -2 to hit from pain for a d4 rounds 2000gp

72 Goblin Blade +1 +2 vs humans shortsword 2000gp 
73 Goblin Mace +1 any victim killed save or become a hostile zombie, evil alignment weapon  2000gp
74 Goblin Bow is a +1 shortbow that replenishes ammo if used at night 2000gp
75 Goblin Spear is a +1 short spear that returns if thrown 2000gp
76 Goblin Axe is a +1 hand axe that can break a non magic shield or wooden hafted weapon if the wielder fails a save instead of a normal attack 2000gp
77 Hobgoblin Halberd +1 that can shrink to hand axe size on command 2000gp
78 Goblin Poison Arrow save vs poison or lose 1HP/round for 4d6 rounds 50gp
79 Bubbear Maul +1 makes no noise, even when smashing doors or bricks 2000gp  
80 Norker Club 2d4+1 club made from petrified wood and a dragons tooth 1000gp
81 Hobgoblin Skin Mask can look like a hobgoblin but if you wear it for over an hour the effect is permanent 500gp
82 Goblin Skillet is self heating on command and cooks 3 meals a day 400gp
83 Goblin Net can be thrown or used in melee, if hits victim gets a STR save to escape 1000gp
84 Goblin Luck Charm reroll one dice a day 1000gp
85 Goblin Beauty cream covers face in horrible green smelly pustules, last a month 50gp
86 Goblin Cod Piece worn over groin protects wearer from charm spells but looks offencive especially to clergy 1000gp
87 Goblin Death Pill eater slips into death like trance for a d6 hours and seems dead to even to most non expert healers 50gp
88 Goblin Horn calls 2d6 goblins from the netherworld to fight for 10 minutes once a week 1000gp
89 Goblin Scroll anyone examining or who tries to read is cursed will ilitricay if they dont save 500gp
90 Goblin Beard this comedy strap on green beard causes non magic thrown missiles to miss and is popular with jesters 2000gp
91 Goblin Cap allows goblins to tolerate sunlight and resist any magic causing blindness 1000gp
92 Goblin Ugly Stick is a +1 club each hit causes victim to lose a point of CHA, regained one per day 2000gp
93 Goblin Treat Tin three times a day is full of colourful beetles and grubs which delight goblinoids 500gp

94 Goblin Executioners axe is a +1 Axe but it will never hit a goblinoid 1500gp
95 Goblin Doll this comical evil doll has a goblin souls and when not watched sneaks about performing acts of murder and terrible pranks, can fight as a goblin until killed 500gp
96 Goblin Heart if eaten by a goblinoid they gain extra 1HD 500gp (mostly to goblins)
97 Goblin Respirator Pack immune to poison gas or smoke while worn, 10lb with cumbersome mask and pipes 1000gp
98 Goblin Bellows will blow away bad air or smells or smoke from a room under 10"x10" in one round, or longer with bigger rooms 1000gp
99 Goblin Sleep Dust if sprinkled on sleeping person they will not awake from noises around them and will sleep soundly with nice goblin dreams for a d4 hours 100gp
100 Goblin Ring will allow the wearer to speak to any goblinoid and can turn into a goblin for an hour a day 1000gp

Do I need to do goblinoid mutation tables?

Monster War Zones

Faerie 1 Faerie Forces
Faerie 2 Encounters Wonders
Faerie 3 Rumours Treasure
Peasant Revolt 1 Forces and Encounters
Peasant Revolt 2 Gossip
Draconic 1 Encounters and wonders
Draconic 2 Gossip
Draconic 3 Treasure
Necromancer 1 Causes and forces
Necromancer 2 Encounters and links
Necromancer 3 Rumours and treasure
Giant 1 Causes and forces
Giant 2 Encounters and links
Giant 3 Rumours and treasure
Addendum Quests

d10 What Started war?
d10 Objectives of invaders?d10 What ends war?d10 Factions of undeadd10 Factions of Humans
d10 Quests of the War

Forces of the war
Part 2
d100 Encounters - Combat encounters on the road or countryside during the war
d100 Wonders - spectacles and events but not necessarily combat
Part 3

d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion

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