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War With The Goblinoids 2 Encounters & Wonders

So the invasion begins! Feel free to use bigger dice as war goes on try d10 for first week for example. Higher numbers are braver. Also goblins being puny and often mooks so here is a quick goblin ally table.

d10 Goblin Allies1 Hobgoblins - goblin kin but independent tribe rather than newly mutated
2 Bugbears 
- goblin kin but independent tribe rather than newly mutated
3 Kobolds 
- goblin kin but independent tribe rather vassals or slaves
4 Xvarts 
- goblin kin but independent race from cold regions
5 Norkers 
- goblin kin but prehistoric throwback mutants, independant tribe
6 Orcs 
- not goblin kin but often have similar enemies, goblins wary of orcs
7 Beastmen - many independent tribes lusty for war and happy to fight humans
8 Dark Faerie folk* - former masters of independent goblins or possibly patrons
9 Bright Faerie folk
 - former masters of independent goblins or possibly patrons
10 Giants
 - former masters of independent goblins or possibly patrons
*will do dark faerie war one day but just use faerie war for now

Different goblin factions might have different allies. Allies might not get along with other allies but most agree there are too many humans and the need to eat the extras. Some allies of course might invade on own or follow the invasion with their own when goblins retreat (just like 1066 you beat off vikings then get normans invade a week after - sorry for viking joke).

Do i need to do allies for each warzone?
Considering hero tables for each warzone
Possibly need a leader table to?
Your thoughts are welcome and helpful

d100 Goblin War Encounters
01 Lone goblin picking nose or eating a raw fish
02 Goblin sneaking about with a kidnapped chicken
03 Goblin with a rotten goat looking for a well to throw it down
04 Goblin arsonist looking for fields or a granary or orphanage to burn
05 Goblin sifting through garbage near camp site for food
06 Several kobolds blinking idiotically unused to the overworld
07 Goblins cutting down tree to block trail
08 Goblins fighting over food scraps found by road
09 Exited d6 goblins with stolen sheep making a fire
10 Goblins tempting children with faerie food
11 Wolf riding goblins scouting area, might skirmish and flee 
12 Bat riding goblins scouting area, might skirmish and flee 
13 Gang of goblin scouts on road cocky enough to shoot then scatter if attacked
14 Gang of goblin slingers on high ground pelt travellers but avoid fight
15 Goblin archers in hiding will fire several volleys but avoid melee
16 Goblin spearmen on road marching charge travellers
17 Goblin spearmen form line, use javelins and hold position
18 Goblin spearmen and archers form defencive position with trenches
19 Goblin batriders circle with missiles as long as morale holds out
20 Goblin children throw rocks and insults then flee, surrender, cry and beg if caught
21 Xvarts charge madly screaming
22 Norkers lumbering on road hunt anyone they see for food
23 A lone mad nilbog taunts travellers and flings feces 
24 Swarm of kobold skirmishers pour out of hiding
25 Kobold slingers fire a few volleys but flee if at risk
26 Kobold archers attack from secure or elevated hiding positions
27 Kobold spearmen charge any travellers in undisciplined manner
28 Kobold Warriors charge from ambush often with some kind of trap 
29 Kobold warriors and archers with shaman and a leader marching
30 kobold dog riders will skirmish and try to take a prisoner
31 Goblin wolf riders skirmish, try to seperate party then swarm one at a time in melee
32 Goblin bat riders drop bombs or spore pods, then warriors move in
33 Goblin suicide bombers and raiders in hiding charge 
34 Goblin grenadiers supporting spearmen on the march
35 Goblin archers and warriors on the march with a 4th Lv goblin wizard
36 Goblin chief with shaman and royal guard and several archers
37 Goblin grenadiers and suicide bombers lay in ambush
38 Goblin berserkers charge from hiding in suicidal manner
39 Goblin Priest 4th Lv leading holy warrior guard 
40 Goblin priesthood marching with slaves with a portable shrine on palenquin
41 Senior goblin shaman with apprentices and holy guards
42 Goblin wizard with warriors and archers on the march
43 Xvart warriors led by shaman on the march charge 
44 Norker warriors led by goblin hero charge
45 Gang of drunken mad nilbogs pick a fight, dare travelles to have a go
46 Nilbog thugs loitering on road blocking path initiate smack talk
47 Hobgoblin warriors on the march demand you surrender 
48 Hobgoblin warriors led by a hero demand you fight or flee
49 Hobgoblin halberdiers marching on road
50 Hobgoblin halberdiers with archers form defencive wall blocking road
51 Hobgoblin archers brak cover and fire, if charged warriors come from hiding

52 Hobgoblin warriors guarding a goblin hero with his berserker guards
53 Hobgoblin warriors guarding goblin shaman with several zombies
54 Hobgoblin warriors marching, goblin wolf riders come from behind travellers
55 Hobgoblin warriors marching with goblin suicide bombers among them
56 Hobgoblin warriors marching with a slave ogre
57 Hobgoblin warriors marching with a slave troll
58 Hobgoblin warriors in hiding supported by goblin bat riders
59 Hobgoblin warriors marching with a wizard with charmed humans
60 Hobgoblin warriors marching with priest  and his holy warrior guard
61 Bugbear skirmisher follows travellers to murder when off guard
62 Bugbear skirmishers launch ambush
63 Bugbear skirmisher with goblin scouts ambush with escape tunnels under trapdoors
64 Bugbear eating some roast goblins by roadside, d3 tied up and afraid
65 Bugbear warriors on the march keen for battle
66 Bugbear warriors hold ground and use mix of missiles and melee
67 Bugbear warriors marching and skirmishers ready to ambush from flanks
68 Bugbears warriors blocking road but skirmishers hidden for ambush
69 Bugbear warriors with a bugbear shaman
70 Bugbears warriors with a goblin priest and zombies
71 Orc spearman and archers on the march 

72 Orc warg riders and skirmishers send several volleys and flee
73 Orc swordsmen with boar riders in support
74 Orc warriors with a orc priest and several zombies
75 Orc pikemen and archers with a d6 goblin suicide bombers
76 Goblin royal guard, hero and shaman with a hill giant
77 Goblin priest of chaos with mutated holy warriors, grenadiers and dozen nilbogs 
78 Goblin chief and entourage with thoul guards, beserkers and a wizard
79 Goblin chief with entourage with priest, zombies and hobgoblin halberdiers
80 Goblin women children and elderly with waggons, half use slings while rest flee
81 Hobgoblins halberdiers, wolf riders and several dark elf advisers
82 Bugbear warriors and goblin archers guarding goblin priestesses
83 Goblin suicide bombers and berserkers led by priest with holy guards
84 Goblin mutated holy warriors with priest, wizard and a summoned lesser demon
85 Goblin fungi cult holy warriors with a priest herding mobile monster mushrooms
86 Goblin fungi cultists spreading spores everywhere of giant and deadly fungus
87 Goblin holy warriors with priests cast magical darkness and silence
88 Goblin holy warriors and priests herding carrion crawlers
89 Goblins chasing burning screaming herd of pigs
90 Goblin wizard with hobgoblin warriors testing experimental feces golems
91 Goblin priest and thoul guards herding a purple worm
92 Goblin merchants have set up a market and marked a truce area
93 Goblin alchemist wizard waggon with bugbear warriror guard and grenediers

94 Goblins berserker goat riders charge and dismount after initial attack
95 Nilbogs and a goblin wizard herding a shoggoth down the road
96 Goblin chaos priest and mutant berserker guards  with formarian
97 Redcaps taking advantage of chaos robbing and murdering refugees
98 Goblin hero with warriors with giant weasels tracking some victim
99 Countryside swarming with hundreds of goblinois skirmishers like a plague
 Goblinoid army on the march led by child of a goblin god

d100 Goblin War Wonders
01 Goblin wizard trying to get a pit of trolls and ghouls to mate to make thouls
02 Goblin alchemist building rocket with kobolds to invade moon
03 Goblin pimp struts up offering his harem of goblin sex slaves for all tastes
04 Goblin merchant waggon selling explosives, fireworks and potions
05 Fantastic giant fungus, family of goblins carving a house into side
06 Goblin chaos wizard summoned magic chaos mirror, goblins go in nilbogs come out
07 Norkers picking at a carcass of a wooly mammoth and building home from it
08 Nilbogs drinking poison, setting selves alight and stabbing each other
09 Goblins high on shrooms giggling, eating and smoking shroom products
10 Goblin music festival with at least a hundred goblins dancing wildly
11 Goblins playing pass the lit fuse hand grenaide for fun
12 Necromancers making undead goblins to help the war against invasion
13 Chaos shamen opening chaos portal, slimes and oozes entering the world
14 Gate in ancient monolith with goblins entering the world
15 Great sink hole opens up and goblins come out
16 Swarms of human refugees heading away from front sobbing and wailing
17 Goblin bard with flute leading charmed dancing humans into hole in hill
18 Goblins herding human captives along road back to goblin land
19 Goblins forcing prisoners to drink potions that turn them into goblins
20 Exhausted orphans on run from bugbears for days, cant sleep in fear
21 Hobgoblin military parade in front of one of their kings, strict and disciplined display 
22 Goblins ineptly building castle by stacking rocks with no mortar to copy humans
23 Human slavers with wagons of goblin slaves from the front line on way to salt mine
24 Remains of battlefield with dead everywhere, wolves, goblins and peasants gleaning
25 Goblins chopping up own dead and cooking feast, some turning into hobgoblins
26 Human peasants surrounding friendly local goblins keeping human army away
27 Human and goblin troops exchanging prisoners, tense diplomatic situation
28 Coronation of a goblin king with other kings, priests and army present
29 Human troops burning goblin corpses so goblins cant eat them
30 Chaos portal where goblin cultists jumping to get mutations
31 Goblin shaman performing trepanning operation to make berserker goblins
32 Goblins filling waggon with chopped human bodies to feed pet wolves of army
33 Water source fouled by goblin shit in huge stinking mounds
34 Goblin shamen cutting carrion crawlers in half then healing to double numbers
35 Huge explosion and fireworks blaze for a hour in distance from goblin alchemy mishap
36 Goblin wizards surrounding bog turning human corpses into orcs
37 Gargantuan snail with hundreds of goblins living in shell-slum crawling slowly
38 Gargantuan bat dropping off goblins with parachutes and hang gliders
39 Gargantuan land whale with goblin army on back slowly walking along
40 Goblin shanty town with hundreds of filthy huts and thousands of screaming babies
41 Knight charge goblin army massacring them all then moving on
42 Gargantuan bugbear chosen by bugbear god followed by goblin army
43 Goblins riding wooly mammoths charge and destroy human militia
44 Huge goblin party with feasting, music, booze and topless goblins
45 Goblins building fragile looking madcap siege weapons ready for attack on castle
46 Goblins building crude wooden forts walls and towers 
47 Goblin fungi cult growing a fungus fortress
48 Goblin growing giant fighting fungus (as treants) 
49 Goblins marching with a kidnapped crying giant baby hostage
50 Dragon eating goblins smiling as the remaining ones uselessly attack
51 Huge flight of goblin gat riders rain down turds on travellers and laugh
52 Giant goblin gleefully smashing a house
53 Goblin trebuchet launching gleeful goblins over a wall, well some make it and live
54 Goblin steam leviathan clunking along towards wooden stockade wall
55 Goblin steam leviathan falls into trench, gets stuck and explodes
56 Goblin alchemists making a huge bomb, no delivery system planned yet
57 Goblins herding and milking their giant hairless rats peacefully 
58 Huge horrible goblin band making a awful noise heard for miles away
59 Goblins building a huge cannon (possibly with iron bound log or rock not metal)
60 Goblin vandals graffiti on rocks, signs, headstones, houses with obscenity for miles
61 Goblin mole machine being worked on by crazed mecha mages
62 Hundreds of goblin suicide bombers charge a walled village destroying everything
63 Goblins build huge wicker man climb inside and surprised it doesn't move
64 Goblins digging huge open cut mine with thousands of workers and smelting operation
65 Goblin cavalry riding giant chickens made by alchemist potions and magic mushrooms
66 Goblins riding giant highland cow with huge swinging udders, made with magic potions
67 Goblins trying to fire grapples from mortars at passing cloud for some reason
68 Goblins rolling giant egg of some monster, distant roar sound and they move faster
69 Goblins rendering hundreds of human corpses to make incendiary bombs
70 Goblins pushing giant pie full of bugbear shock troops on waggon to village gates
71 Goblin wizard turning area of countryside into candy wonderland with wish ring
72 Goblin wizards being chased by a demon prince or collosal elemental
73 Goblins firing cannons that shoot trash and excrement at city
74 Hundreds of dead goblins have drunk selves to death with bad vat of grog
75 Goblins offering heroes a waggon of tarnished bent copper coins to join their side
76 Goblins riding bear size rats but they panic out of control from a normal farm cat
77 Hundreds of goblins with gigantic battering ram marching to city
78 Goblins have made hundreds of "feces golems" but puzzled why they wont move
79 Goblins have built stage put on terrible play in front of human captives
80 Goblin printing press making propaganda posters and tying to birds and releasing
81 Huge smoking crater with dazed goblin alchemist apprentice looking surprised and deaf
82 Goblins making huge statue of busty goblin earth goddess out of filth
83 Goblins making huge statue of goblin king out of garbage from destroyed village
84 Goblin wizards building huge apparatus with big crystal, supposed to be a death ray
85 Goblins building a gigantic wicker phallus but they forgot why
86 Goblins squealing in terror being chased and eaten by huge lizard men and diosaurs
87 Hundreds of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears cooking a colossal feast
88 Goblins standing on each others shoulders in pairs in human clothes "in disguise"
89 Scores of goblins hanging from ropes attached to moving cloud screaming in terror
90 Goblins building a giant wood siege chicken on wheels, some confusion over usage
91 Goblin army skinny dipping in water and fuling it have angered a nymph
92 Goblins "knights" riding giant war slugs but complaining steeds not trying to go fast
93 Goblin circus with dancing owlbear, fire eaters, geeks, freaks and strippers
94 Snooty goblins with whips riding humans wearing reigns and bits and blinkers
95 Goblin kids playing hide and seek with fat bugbear wondering where friends have gone
96 Goblin bards performing in front of villagers bound to steaks with eyes forced open
97 Goblins building a huge wall of rubble, filth, excrement and bones to divide the land
98 Goblin wizard trying to teach hopeless apprentices keeps slapping head in despair
99 Goblin musketeers, grenadiers and suicide bombers training, live fire tests for bombers leave no survivors puzzling superiors
100 Goblin waggons with thousands of rocket arrows each being driven to front line, sarge keeps complaining to goblin drivers for smoking pipes and risking disaster

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