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War With The Goblinoids 1 Causes & Forces

art stolen from Ralph Horsley and

So goblins invade your kingdom. Not the most fearsome invaders man for man (but better than those zero level d6 HD militiamen). But also they invade in huge hordes, scurrying from the hedges and forests and holes in the earth. They tend to eat all kinds of things including each other. When people fight back they tend to start eating each other more and this triggers mutations. Then the cannibal mutants become hobgoblins. More disciplined, better armoured and better equipped. More suited to war. The third stage is bugbears who make perfect commandos and assassins but when gathered in a group they are elite shock troops of great ferocity.

Long ago the elves bred goblins to be servants and workers. Later they settled them on the borderlands with human kind as a barrier. But many of those elves have long gone and many goblin tribes forgotten by their masters have run feral into the deep woods and depths of the earth.

Goblins predate human kind and have fought with them since the end of the dawn age.  They fight gnomes and dwarves and other races even their former masters.

At first goblins came in small numbers stealing chickens, pigs, apples and children. Then came armies swarming and overwhelming the common folk of the frontier. The goblin war begins.

d10 What Started war?

1 Elven masters demand humans need to be culled for the good of the world
2 Goblins have been driven forth from homeland by orcs
3 Goblin civil war has driven a faction to invade human lands from despeeration
4 A goblin despotic king or clan has ambition to conquer the world
5 Adventurers massacred a goblin clan and defiled their holy place
6 Goblins sick of nasty humans taking everything nice  
7 Goblins have a famine and are starving and humans have film
8 Goblins have been breeding thanks to a new fertility cult and less infanticide
9 Humans have been selling goblin slaves for all kinds of dirty jobs
10 A new goblin cult preach they are the master race

d10 Objectives of invaders?

1 To eat everything possible, crops, animals and people
2 To steal everything not nailed down to carry home
3 To occupy human lands for a new age of goblin kind
4 To spread goblin fungus forests across the land 
5 To destroy all traces of humans who have killed so many goblins
6 To capture and enslave human kind and carry them to goblin land
7 To take all the magical goodies hoarded by humans for goblins
8 To seed new goblin colonies in the wild and abandoned places
9 To punish and humiliate humans for messing with goblins
10 To grab human gold, capture cities, kidnap their rulers for ransom them

d10 What ends war?
1 Goblins run out of troops and are incompetant
2 Goblins split into factions 
3 Humans pay them to leave
4 Food shortage turns them cannibalistic reducing numbers
5 A goblin holy leader calls for peace
6 Elves intervene and the goblins flee
7 Dwarves come to aid humankind
8 The goblin king and his court are slaughtered
9 Goblins get bored after causing havoc and leave
10 Something worse invades driving away or enslaving goblins

d10 Factions of Goblins
1 Elf eaters hate elf kind more than humans
2 Fertility goddess the mother of goblins
3 Goblin warrior cult, the breaker of foes
4 Chaos cult in the service of demon gods
5 Cult of the elder gods of eternal darkness 
6 Cult of the underworld worm god of death
7 Cult of the mushroom goddess
8 Cult of forest goblins and freedom 
9 Cult of hobgoblin god of conquest and war
10 Cult of bugbear god of cannibalism and head hunting

d10 Factions of Humans
1 Goblin slavers want to round up goblin prisoners
2 Goblin killers want all goblins exterminated 
3 Peace league want to bring peace to our goblin brothers 
4 Appeasers want to work with the goblins new order for power
5 Rebellion work to fight goblins in conquered areas
6 Redeemers are fanatics who fight to the death for humanity
7 The Callers hope to bring elves or dwarves into the war
8 Necromancers offer to save the kingdom with the power of undeath
9 Chaos cult promise power to conquer goblins and more
10 Exodus League plan to flee the kingdom till the war is over

d10 Quests of the War
1 Assassinate the goblin king and his nobles in their cavern city
2 Attack goblin supply caravans and starve their army
3 Seal the great entrance of the underland goblin kingdom
4 Contact elves or dwarves for aid
5 Contact neighboring kingdom for aid
6 Meet orc warlords and bribe to fight goblins
7 Steal goblin relic in the woodlands that aids their war effort
8 Steal goblin payroll and cause army to mutiny
9 Guide ambassadors to the goblin heartland
10 Kill the leaders of the goblin war cult in their dungeon

Forces of the war
Humans as per previous posts

Orc Mercenaries Might be human or goblin allies or could have orc factions for both or orcs could be just opportunistically raiding both sides. Or maybe the orcs are the next invasion?
Orc Skirmishers with bows, darts and spears and axes, irregular
Morale 7
Orc Warg Riders with bows and spears, irregular
Morale 8
Orc Archers with bows and swords, regular
Morale 7
Orc Boar Riders with heavy armour, shields and swords
, regular, Morale 10
Orc Spearmen with spears and hand axes
, regular, Morale 7
Orc Heavy Swordsmen with good armour and swords and shields
, regular, Morale 10
Orc Pikemen in organised phalanxes with short swords
, regular, Morale 9

Goblin Army
Most goblins wear leather and have a knife
Goblin Scouts with spears and darts
, irregularMorale 6
Goblin Raiders with shortswords and bucklers
, irregularMorale 7
Goblin Slingers with sling and no armourMorale 6
Goblin Archers with shortbows and daggers
, regularMorale 7
Goblin Spearmen with spear and small shields
, regular, Morale 7
Goblin Bat Riders with darts
, irregularMorale 7
Goblin Wolf Riders with bows and shortswords
irregularMorale 8
Goblin Grenadiers with two grenaides and a hand axe, irregular, Morale 7*
Goblin Suicide Bombers with one grenaide and no armour, irregular, Morale 10*
Goblin Royal Guard wear chain, with medium shields and shortswords, regularMorale 10
Goblin Berserkers, battle axe used two handed, 2 throwing axes, irregular, Morale 12
Goblin Holy Warriors with medium shields and macesregular, Morale 10
Goblin Priests with mace and small shields and priest spells Lv d4regular, Morale 10
Goblin Shamen with club and no armour and mentalist spells Lv d4, irregular, Morale 8
Goblin Wizards with staff and dagger and arcane spells Lvd4regular, Morale 10
Hobgoblin Warriors with scale, medium shield, scimitar and spearregular,Morale 9
Hobgoblin Archers with scale, longbow, scimitar and buckler regular, Morale 8
Hobgoblin Halberdiers with scale, large shield, scimitar and halberdregular, Morale 9
Bugbear Skirmisher with leather, shortbow, sword, irregular, Morale 9
Bugbear Warriors with chain, shield, shortbow, sword, regular, Morale 10Bubbear Berserkers with chain, flail or axe or sword or tetsubo. irregular, Morale 12
*some use black powder cast iron bombs with fuses others throw spore bombs

Goblin Ally or Vassal or Allied Troops

Norker Warriors with clubs and several javelins, irregular, Morale 10
Nilbogs Warriors with shortswords, irregular, Morale 12 suicidal
Thoul Warriors, irregular, Morale 10
Xvart Warriors with shordswors, irregular, Morale 8 especially in snow country
Xvart Shaman with club and spells Lv d2, irregular, Morale 7
Kobold Skirmishers with darts and daggers, irregular, Morale 6
Kobold Slingers with slings and daggers, irregular, Morale 6
Kobold Archers with shortbows and daggers, regular, Morale 7
Kobold Spearmen with spear and small shield, regular, Morale 7
Kobold Warriors with short sword and small shield, regular, Morale 7
Kobold Shamen with club and dagger and spells, irregular, Morale 7
Kobold Dog riders with darts and nets and dagger, irregular, Morale 8
(Do I need to do kobold invasion? kobold chicken riders?)

Monster War Zones

Faerie 1 Faerie Forces
Faerie 2 Encounters Wonders
Faerie 3 Rumours Treasure
Faerie Maidens
Faerie Land Encounters
Peasant Revolt 1 Forces and Encounters
Peasant Revolt 2 Gossip
Draconic 1 Encounters and wonders
Draconic 2 Gossip
Draconic 3 Treasure
Necromancer 1 Causes and forces
Necromancer 2 Encounters and links
Necromancer 3 Rumours and treasure
Giant 1 Causes and forces
Giant 2 Encounters and links
Giant 3 Rumours and treasure
Addendum Quests

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