Sunday 8 April 2018

Books I Dig and Books I Would Like To Make

I've made a fair few books of late and will continue the whole project for at least a year in total of a book a month. When a big chunk or my work has been finished I can possibly retire and use my own stuff or have some volumes revised, edited and kickstarter into more substantial projects.

Xor and Planet Psychon would be highest priority for such a project to fund art and the projects properly with editing etc. Shadelport would be next with whole city mapped and maps of the bridges.

EMO house rules in one book or in bits

-Character gen, stats and basics
-basic 4 classes, demihumans, specialist classes, monster classes, outre classes
-skills and spells and equipment
-monster book

My Original Dungeon Zone Project envisaged 12 dungeon types

1 Gothic Necropolis - haunted burial places and cursed ruins and holy places Lv1-8
2 Redbrick Dungeon - prison fortresses occupied by wizards and monsters Lv1-6
3 Goblin Mine - hollow mountain full of goblins and humanoids Lv1-6
4 Amber Manour 
- magical manours of madmen Lv1-12
Giant Fortress - colossal ruined castle city of giants Lv4-12
6 Ancient Labyrinthe - magical mazes and monsters Lv4-8
7 Cyclopean Ruin - elder gods and pre human races Lv8-16
8 Lost Temple - ancient desert ruins, desert curses, undead Lv6-12
9 Forbidden City - jungle inhuman city, dinos, lizards and frogmen Lv4-12
10 Glacial Citadel - frozen prehistoric waste, cavemen Lv4-12
11 Sunken City - possibly including sea men's book of sea stuff Lv4-12
12 Underland Cavern - underland kingdoms and ruined civilizations Lv4-12

Other Projects
Hell the Spiral Part - hell generators for a one way campaign through all the hells Lv8+
Cloudlands and faerieland in one book - needs more Lv6+
Magic Mountains Dwarves and giants - needs more Lv4+
Mutant book - ongoing
Invasions book all in one or several small ones
Wilderness hexcrawls exile island - mostly done possibly include village stuff
Court Life nobles book - needs lots more stuff
Revised murder hobo book with several extra tables and hobo town maps - mostly done
Revised Shadel Port Book - mostly done
decopunk book - metropolis film rights expire 2022 - mostly done
Beastmen and abhumans - 75% done
space dungeon crawl - fair bit done 4+

Thinking of content to reward commenters each week
Possibly do a Psychon Companion this year too...

Most Usable Modern OSR products

1 Veins of the Earth
2 Yuin Suin
3 Dark Albion + cults book
4 Lamentations basic book
5 Mutant Epoch
6 Petty Gods
7 Carcosa and modules
The Cross Roads Region - mutant Epoch
9 Hotspring Island
10 Realms of Crawling Chaos
11 Anomalous Subsurface environment
12 Vornheim
13 Blue medusa
14 Red and Pleasant Land
15 S
lumbering ursine dunes stuff anything by hydra co-op
16 Under Waterless Sea
17 Gnomes of Levenc
18 Blood and Bronze
19 Fungus Forest
20 Wormskin
 Operational Unfathomable is on my want list, Gathox pretty nice

Modern Era Commercial Releases

1 The Guide To Glorantha
2 Hellas
3 Pulp Cthulhu
4 Laundry Files*
5 Cthulhu Britannia scotland book*
6 Malleus Monstorum*
7 Cthulhu Grimoire
8 Luther Arkwright (Mythras)
9 Cthulhu Campagn
10 The Cthulhu Wars
11 Eclipse Phase*
12 Magic World*
13 BRP Rome*
14 BRP Classic* Fantasy (+Mythras Version)
15 Openquest
16 DCC book
17 Frontier Space
18 Mythic Iceland*
19 Cthulhu Tech
20 Elder Stars
*possibly killed edition

Old School Favorites 
1 BRP hardcover
2 RQ3 book
3 Cyclopedia DnD
4 2300 2nd edition box set
5 Call of Cthulhu Games Workshop edition
6 Gamma World 2nd ed box set
7 Griffin Mountain RQ2 book and RQ3 box set
8 Dark Conspiracy
9 Cyberpunk 2020
10 Ringworld Box Set + Companion
11 Stormbringer games workshop edition
12 Space 1899
13 Trollpak
14 Metamorphosis Alpha
15 Dorastor RQ3
16 Warhammer Fantasy RPG
17 40K rulebook 1st edition with zoats and aquats
18 Pendragon
19 TSR Marvel advanced
20 Torg - some of the world books great
21 Death valley free prison - cyberworld
22 Dark future
23 Star frontiers
24 gang busters
25 Cyberworld
26 Champions - 1st ed book
27 GURPS, space, autoduel book was probably most used
28 King of sartar
29 Cities book for RQ3 same as thieves world box set,
30 Borderlands RQ2 box set
31 Pavis RQ2 box set
32 Rubble RQ2 box set
33 Glorantha R3 box set
34 Vikings box sets for RQ3
45 Paranoia Games workshop edition
46 Mega Traveller especially Digest Group Publications
47 Dungeoneers Survival Guide 1st ed
48 Deities and Demigods 1st edition
49 Oriental Adventures 1st edition
50 AnD monster books MM1 MM2 FF
 1st edition

While Im Here....Writers 
1 Clark Ashton Smith
3 Ian Banks
4 Jack Yeovil/Kim Numan
5 Micheal Moorcock
6 Brian Lumley
7 Ramsey Campbel
8 John Sladek
9 Brian Aldiss
10 Norman Spinrad
11 Harry Harrison
12 Fritz Leiber
13 Robert Bloch
14 Robert Chambers
15 Pat Mills
16 Alan Moor
17 Chris Claremont
18 Stanislaw Lem
19 Philip K Dick
20 Tove Jansson

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