Tuesday 24 April 2018

Psychon game in Sydney 2018

Using two rules one from a good looking geniarse on G+ i forgot the name of - if player goes to to toilet or goes to get a drink or snack so does the character. The other is any dice off the table is a fumble or worse possible result.

So the party met after being taken by a strange mist by the gods into a ruined black rocky landscape. This sort of thing happens a lot on Psychon. The adventurers introduced each other and climbed a peak to see the lay of the land. From a hill top they saw the jagged broken landscape with a sparse smattering of huge yellow trees and globs of cyan fungus. Some mountain peaks were covered in tangerine snow and the air was crisp and cold. In the distance they saw two built sites of interest. One was a half mile high octagonal metallic ting surrounded by flying things like flies and the other was a plateau of ruins with hundreds of stone pillars. They debated which do visit and after a split debate (my gnome gets a vote - no he doesnt - if he gets a vote i will summon two demons to vote with me). They agreed as both northish they would go forward and decide when closer.

On the way they saw alien statues of grey astronauts a vile hated breed of space men. After a few miles one of the flying things moved towards them. It was a red skinned horned bat winged fork tailed demon with a flaming sword. So they fired volleys of arrows and magic missiles at it and when it got close they dogpiled it beating it into a bile of cinnamon scented smoking gore and ichor. Several tasted it and they gathered three man days of food before the remains melted.

So they decided the ruins with pillars looked better. They saw some shambling green zombies and dispatched them easily and found signs of alien vivisection and implants reanimating them. The ruins had statues of bugbears and was a bronze age civilization. So poking about on the top they found some possible underworld entries but saw four yellow bugbears camping and eating a goat like creature, The eldren was the most charming and least freakish with only one mutation of a speech that everyone thinks sounds like them. He approached the wary bugbear hunters and held out his hand in the universal gesture of chuminess on psychon. After tasting each others hands (the eldren was peach flavour and the bugbears were mustard), they made friends and the bugbears invited them to dine on roast zorg and drink a tiny cup of its alien milk. Several were a bit woozy from the milk but everyone was impressed. The bugbears said they were wary of morlocks because of the yellow demon worshiping chaos cult ones they had met and wary of green humans. They explained there was a smart tribe in a underwater city and several groups who had run away from the city and were not as bad. Most of the undead were green made by aliens when they destroyed the green civilization. There was mention of the lawful bugbear tribe to the north who were not as compassionate and more rigid as their tribe. They mentioned the ruined grey city defended by undead and the greenman mausoleum that the greys made into a undead factory somehow. Also there were the hated evil greenman weregoats also made by greys.

Tht bugbears took the party to their village and several party members traded their useless old laser guns for magic bronze magic weapons and swapped potions for silver weapons. The mace handed mutant got silver coating on the spikes on his hand. The elden bought a idiot child bugbear to be a sacrifice. A mutant adopted a bugbear follower tempting them with his double his her enormous genitalia.

The next morning the were exploring the ruins and found a shaft more modern than the ruins under a temple. Entered into a 25 meter wide tunnel and followed it to a huge metal door on tracks. Then the thief disarmed a electric eye and a tripwire on the door then they opened the door. Inside was a rusty shed with a atomic robo tank which began to wake up. The Morlock patted it and soothed it told it to go back to standby and wait for a service. Then he took out the brain. Tried to remove the atomic power core and got it really wrong. Klaxon started and they all ran. When off the plateau they hid from the mushroom cloud that destroyed the ruins and turned a plateau into a crater. The eldren praised Azathoth while one of the mutants sparkled and giggled from the rads. Most were fine but the thief and a bugbear followers started losing hair. The eldren recommend they not eat solid food for a few days just stick to blood.

So they headed north where there were some other ruins of a ancient lawful bugbear tribe. they approached the ziggurat avoided some weregoats. They did kill a lone old weregoat who didn't realise the party had lots of silver and magic weapons. They found an old apartment inhabited covered in graffiti and surrounded by trash. The thief started scrawling some ash something about goats and a resident yelled abuse calling them goat lovers. There was a exchange of abuse but they calmed down and met a gang of teen yellow gubgears in gang leathers with mohawks called the silver shanks. They heard of the gang fueds with weregoats and offered to help. The party tried to be cool but couldnt fool the teens. So they entered the ruined building awaiting the full moon and the weregoats.

One of the mutant used his nanoslap patch anti virus meds and cured a teen who was dying of weregoat bite. Goblinoids and demihumans just die from the bite while humans (or mutant humans) will go goat first full moon. After several years they might change when angry and more before they would get control of the condition so the party decided going goat was not a plan. The hermaphrodite slept with some teens in secret while the rest drank terribly bunk brew beer (garbage with mould on top) and others worked their way to charm the gang. Most developed some friendships and one who had cut off his hand where a goat bit him had a mace prosthetic and got to mace fist the mutant adventurers mace hand.

The teens used to use silver slug slings but ran out as the crafty weregoats taunted them and gathered the slugs so the party though they should track the goats home. At night the howls and bleats of goats were heard and the nasty creatures gathered to start abuse. The eldren taunted them in and the doors were opened and goats charged in. The first died from a mace fist bump from two sided crushing his head. More goats died and finally they retreated. The party gave chase for 40 minutes and came to the goat cave. While the goats lined up with the she goats in the cave, the eldren sneaked behind and put their kids in a sack and silver stash in his purse. A quick fight and the were goats were dead but two they took captive. Back at the bugbear apartment they had a party. They learned that when the teens matured they became lawful and rejoined joined the lawful tribe. The eldren summoned a seaweed demon with the weregoat sacrifices which was quite loyal and able to stay with him.

Leaving their bugbear teens they went to the ruins the next day and found filthy dwarf greys digging rubble they waited and watched and one of the mutants was sure there was a space craft under the rubble. The party beat them up and the eldren charmed one. Inside they found three crionic pods with service replicants they awoke. The eldren who could speak ancient made them his slaves. They debated weather to set off a nuke but the morlock wanted the cockpit electronics and their was a argument. They did both and managed to radio some space god orbital obsessed with genetic purity and conned a team to come and help them. One of the mutants who hated ancient talk wandered off and watched the ship land and hid. He saw two armoured troopers with lasers step out. When they were out of sight he sneaked into the shuttle.

The las troopers threatened the party and the team attacked. The scorpion tained mutant grapples ones gun and the others pounded them while lasers exploded rocks (5d5 lasers not the puny 2d6 ones they used to own). The scorpion tailed guy moved his victim into the path of the other guys laser and the poor guy exploded in a steamy gore heap. Then they beat the standing one and got their lasers.

In the shuttle the mutant got into a argument and got shot by a slug pistol and started wrestling in the cabin. Other party members arrived and dragged out a nurse replicant and the co pilot. The beat up the pilot and the sneaky mutant began button mashing and argued with the morlock. The orbital tried a remote take over and the morlock failed to stop it so they bailed out and the shuttle flew away. On the wrecked shuttle they got threats from a space god. They saw a the colossal armoured space titan descend and raise his analyser rod and the party scattered into seperate caves or ran. The eldren with his new slaves and prisoners was happy he was pure enough to avoid cleansing but the thief followed him spoiling this.  The space god started atomizing the hill with a cave to get at a mutant and the sneakiest mutant with his invisible flesh and glowing heart and brain flaring abused the space god in the name of his space god. The space god unsure of his jurisdiction atomizing his allies worshiper zoomed into space.

The party begrudgingly reassembled. The eldren sacrificed all the spare victims, his charmed alien, the replicants and his idiot boy bugbear and got a smoke demon impervious to non magic weapons. They debated attacking the greenman mausoleum or the alien city. but that is another tale...

Was a bit of player vs player as i expected but was good day with six players.
After there was a reclaim the streets doof i wandered about for a while better than any paid rave id been to in over ten years. Possibly might get a wednesday game or talisman in then a doodle drawing game on the ANZAC wed holiday here we celebrate Australia spending more on the memorials of WW1 than any other nation on earth and how that money was taken from the arts and cost hundreds of culture jobs for nationalism yay! Also we shit on NZ (the NZ in ANZAC) and break our treaties with them and don't mention them much.

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