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d100 Strange Space Colony Secrets

d10 Quick Mysteries
1 Strange phenomena
2 Native life forms
3 Alien artifacts
4 Original inhabitants
5 Original colonists
6 Strange cults
7 Cult artifacts
8 Strange organisations
9 Alien ruins
10 Space wrecks

 Strange Space Colony Secrets
01 A strange monster was destroyed in a cavern and nobody ever saw anything like it again
02 Strange lights used to be seen in the sky above the colony
03 Outbreaks of some contagious madness were a problem and some settlers were killed
04 Strange radio messages were received with odd voices nobody could explain
05 Weird buzzing noises almost like voices head in early days
06 Equipment failed and disappeared and nobody can explain 
07 Communication black outs inexplicably plagued early days
08 Sensors detected ghost readings but nothing was ever confirmed
09 Several people reported seeing possible life forms nobody has seen since
10 Some colonists plagued by dreams and instability
11 Early colonists wiped out a species but recently evidence was found the beings were intelligent
12 Strange creatures seen by early colonists have not been seen for years and nobody knows why
13 Massive die offs of organisms occur in early years not seen since
14 Plagues of some local creature were a problem in early years
15 A dangerous creature killed some people early on but nobody has seen since
16 Some people were convinced some local creatures spoke to them early on
17 Some simple creatures swarmed and damaged vehicles and bases early on
18 Some creatures seen trying to manipulate colonist equiptment several times
19 A crazed scientist speculated hidden creatures underground or underwater
20 Fossils of strange creatures found early days but site records lost  
21 Several strange carved rocks were found in the early days but the objects were since lost
22 A perfect black slab of stone was found with no explanation and is now in the basement of the academy
23 Strange tools found and a possible mining operation site from centuries ago
24 Ancient crater from some crash and massive explosion in past, a few scraps of metal goods have been found
25 Landing site found of unknown vehicle landing and some metallic objects but the dating is far too old so scholars reject it's discovery
26 A cave was found with strange deformed skeletons and some carvings in a mountain
27 An abandoned shelter was found with strange dried creatures of some kind with some kind of jewelry 
28 A stone disc was found broken in several pieces but one of them went missing years ago 
29  Weird metallic objects were found in a mountain cave with strange alien designs 
30 Several spheres on display seem like globes of various ages of prehistoric Earth found by some settlers with no documentation years ago
31 Native life seems to chant by night especially under full moon or season changes
32 Native life seemed to ritually murder some colonists
33 Native creatures seem to build structures and ritual sites
34 Some colonists scandalously caught mating with creatures
35 Creatures seen making marks that seem to be writing
36 Someone saw native life with tools and equipment but nobody seen since
37 Native was found with strange implant but it disappeared before cataloguing 
38 Scientist was sure native creature has true language then disappeared
39 Scientist was trying to contact natives and disapeared
40 Scientist sure a native creature is not related to any other life form on planet
41 There were some settlers already nobody could explain and the spoke in archaic pre space travel language and lived in primitive conditions, nobody knows how they arrived
42 There were remains of a previous settlement of some kind with no clues as to where the population went
43 When the colonists came there were already some unwholesome settlers but they were all killed during conflicts
44 A strange madman was on planet first who threatened and cursed colonists but was killed 
45 A ship crashed with members of some cult but they died off years ago
46 There was a mutiny during settlement and the rebels were some kind of strange cult
47 Years ago some colonists were caught practicing some strange religion 
48 A cult among the colony all committed suicide but most records are lost
49 Security rooted out a dangerous cult trying to drug population with unknown substance
50 During occupation some cultists escaped in a vehicle and were never
 A colonist went crazy and kidnapped and murdered several colonists until they were killed
52 A faction of colonists split off and followed their leader and were never seen again
53 There were rumours of some colonists with strange abilities
54 A settlement disappeared under strange circumstances and nobody talks about it
55 A settlement has isolated itself and has strange beliefs
56 A cult leader tried to take over a settlement but was killed by somebody
57 A site in the wilderness was found once with mutilated bodies of cultists
58 A colony once had some kind of cannibalism epidemic, the adults were killed and their children taken
59 One settlement began exhibiting strange unnatural mutations and have shunned medical help
60 A backward settlement has become increasingly degenerate and some blame them for other settlement disapearances
61 A cult was killed by authorities and a strange bronze disc with weird writing was found in their temple
62 A strange old man was hunted by the law and killed for murder who had a book bound in human skin
63 A cultist tried to hijack the colony public address system to broadcast audio files of some strange chants, scriptures and noises
64 A cultist doctor for several generations modified many unborn children with his own DNA, most today are his decendants
65 A cultist tried to use a unknown biological agent on the colony food supply but was killed
66 A isolated settlement was murdered by neighboring settlements in a single night and nobody was ever charged. Some ruined ritual monuments survive
67 A strange cult used to prey to the sun and after the sun began to change its radio emissions and radiation. The cult was killed by an explosion and the emission changes stopped so who knows if the events were related. A large crystal polyhedron was found
68 A colony had a problem with robots killing people. Some say a cult reprogrammed them. Some of the backup files still exist in a safe after scientists gave up trying to understand
69 Colony has developed some advanced tech independently nothing like known space. With limited resources and AI crunch power available this should be impossible
70 Colony has some advanced biotechnology they found and now use every day. Outsiders find the tech disturbing and alien. Gelatinous blob creatures wander the settlement
71 Colony founders organisation celebrates the early settlement and heritage but also some think it is hiding secrets and has become a religion

72 Planetary archaeological corp are surprisingly well armed and have made many sites quarantined secure zones. This has conspiracists talking
73 Government has a covert ops org investigating some early failed settlements and interrogating citizens but wont say why
74 University research group has been establishing secret gov research labs and imprisoning unwanted investigators
75 Seagrave Institute a oceanographic research group has been operating deeper and deeper. They have seemingly unlimited funds from underwater gold deposits and fisheries 
76 The Investigators Club explore esoteric subjects in public debates. In recent years they have declined in membership and only a few die hard followers attend their meetings. They denounce the wonders they once proclaimed in their ornate meeting halls
77 Somnambulistic Research Group study dreams and claimed to use technology and drugs to do so. They demonstrate with multi player games and have grown very wealthy
78 Hyperspace Research group have been using the colony ship stardrive to research FTL travel from their orbital research station. Some of the researchers quit after strange phenomena
79 Lorian Foundation operate a museum with a extraordinary collection of 16thc earth witch paraphernalia and roman era druid treasure. None of the treasures are in any catalogues or texts from earth nor does the colony manifest include them
80 Kalen Society operate isolated monasteries in isolation but recently have converted some colony officials. A mob of the cult murdered some officials trying to curb the sect but the public are still unconcerned
81 A pyramid mostly buried with a fallen blank faced statue were discovered after a wind storm but the site was buried again a few years later. Explorers are trying to dig it up
82 Carved tunnels crossing hundreds of miles criss cross the continent and clubs of explorers search and map them for fun. Some have found evidence of writing on walls
83 Strange prehuman ruins and monoliths were found on the planet exiting explorers
84 Ruins of some buildings found of possible ancient civilization but officials deny it
85 Strange signals detected in certain area infrequently near strange monolith
86 Several hills are determined to be possibly artificial but worn by elements over ages
87 Strange black basalt pillars in a v shape and remains of human bones in a pit nearby
88 A valley of strange megaliths has locals telling stories of a strange figure in tattered robes seen walking during dust storms
89 There is a strange stone in a valley where local settlers warn causes strange dreams of alien rituals before a hairy toadlike being
90 Underwater formations seem to resemble stairs and ramparts like some ancient ruins but experts explain they are just a natural formations
91  Crash site of unknown vessel was discovered with fragments scattered over miles
92 Ancient mines near asteroids left by some ancient battle have kept explorers away but someone thinks they can crack the code to disarm them and see what they guard
93 An alien wreck semi submerged in water has intrigued settlers for decades

94 Rumours of a strange ethereal ghost ship floating in the sky have been told for years but one story tells that the ship once landed and strange beings were visible inside
95 A strange mass of organic growths unlike any other life on the planet has been studied for years. One scientist believes it is the remains of a biological spacecraft but peers mock these beliefs
96 A volcano exploded decades ago exposing some kind of metal structure inside. The volcano has scientists too fearful to get close in fear of a new eruption
97 A wrecked scout ship from centuries ago has been known of for years but recent digs reveal it had passengers in cryopods and was some kind of sect
98 A module from the original colony ship has been lost for decades but it has been detected in system where nobody can explain how it got so far away
99 A geological survey discovered a metallic object that looks like a buried ship but it couldn't be that old
100 An attempt to make one more journey with the colony ship hyperdrive created an anomaly. When it cleared a fused raft of wrecked alien ships was left behind. Several exploration missions never returned

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