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Sea Cave Reskin 2 The Smugglers Hole

Reskinning the Sea Cave

As it was it was a kind of haunted place where all kinds of creatures meet and visit. It was the kind of place even the regulars would wander around. Over various eras the mix of occupants has changed. The pirate cave era there was a time of freebooters, smugglers and wreckers sharing the cave and operating a tavern. At other times cultists of the fish men gathered here but they possibly infiltrated the pirate cave era. They populated the cave with various cultists and fish hybrids. A sea witch once dominated the cave also populating it with more sea creatures. The occupants have changed back and forth for centuries.

The Smugglers Hole
So on and off humans have driven back the cave occupants and dominated. The Smugglers Hole was in the Great Cave. It was a villainous tavern that atracted the coastal criminal fraternity and atracted local highwaymen and bandits. Other creatures did try and return but the law possibly with adventurers and a local mob cleared them out.

The Wreckers are a inbred cannibal clan who manipulate the coastal light beacons during storms to look wreckage. The chief is Barny Seashank (T4).

The Pirate Gang are currently in charge and led mostly by Captain Clamglum (T6) but other pirates visit often.

The smugglers avoid tariffs and bring in forbidden duty free drugs. The find the maritime scum are good trading partners and enjoy duty free rum and drugs. Murry Lugfish runs the gang and has contacts along the coast.
If any room has more cultists than outsiders they might be caught doing something cultish like performing a ritual or sacrifice.

Sea Temple

This has been turned into barracks with bedrolls, seamans trunks and sacks scattered around with 2d6 maritime scum at anytime here mostly at rest.
-Kraken Pool

A cage has been fitted over the Kraken pool and the pirates throw victims in as punishment and use it on their prisoners and failed men. A fishman hybrid suggested it and the Kraken god is pleased.
-Holy Cave

This was a place where priests performed rituals now it is where John Slagfoot runs a slave brothel here with 2d6 prisoners in cages and and a d4 guards. Slaves that dont perform get to see a kraken pit execution.
Smugglers Cave

This cave has at anyone time 2d6 pirates, a d6 wreckers and a d6 smugglers. The will be relaxed and at ease but at least two will be at the door checking strangers and getting door fees.
-Stone Shell Cave

This cave is covered in fossil shells and petrified bones. Humans and prehumand dug here and expanded the chamber. Humans sell interesting fossils, the sea cult would try to unpetrify creatures. A d6 smugglers are here with trunks, chests and barrels of goods.
-Squidjig Cave

Four gibbets have been hung from the roof with a d4 corpses inside. 1in6 occasions the corpses are zombies. The room stinks or rotten meat and large worms come out at night.
-Deadmans Cave

Corpses are nailed in coffins until the bodies left here turn into zombies. When thet turn the pirates throw them in the kraken pit for fun.
Sandy Cave
This Large cave has 2d6 pirates camped out with their sacks and a campfire. Someimes fishmen come up in the pool and whisper secrets of the Kraken cult and this helps the men have strange dreams.
-Crab Cave

The Pirate captain and his lover sleep here in a bed made from a giant crab. His lover Penelope stays here and men are ordered to stat away. Several previous girls disappeared, taken by fishmen.
-Nymph Cave

The pirates seal this cave up with a wooden wall with a locked door painted with sign Treasure badly in yellow paint. Inside the Nymphy is not impressed but she will wait. Some men die occasionally trying to peek inside.
-Sea Shrine

This room has worn sea god relief sculpture and carved rocks. The pirates use it for storage mostly. At times the eerie glowing eyes illuminate the room bathing the food stores in unholy light that causes fishy mutations to those eating from here over time. You might see the light approaching but the eyes stop when non cultists come in.
Great Cave

This chamber has piles of shipwrecked wood, several ship prows, broken barrels and trunks and all kinds of salvaged scrap. Old ropes and nets are draped around. Several pirates have built the wreckage into the Smugglers Hole a bar. Prices and quality are low. There are 3d6 men in here of any faction any time. Gambling, drug abuse, strippers and dangerous games with knives are popular here. A mermaid is kept in a old bathtub in a cage and looks sad. For a gold piece the barman Trevor Skag will pull the mermaids bikini top off with a hooked stick. She has killed and eaten several who got close. At any time a d6 men here will be fishmen hybrids propagating the Kraken cult and using coins with squid sigils on them.
Shark Cave
A fierce shark carving is on the wall and blood sacrifices were once held here.  Now it is used to store bodies in and has a d6 corpses. These get used as monster bait or the gibbets in the Squidjag cave or the Deadmans cave if zombies are needed.
Sea Cave

Has several intact large boats used to get crews to pirate ships and by smugglers. Crates and barrels are here awaiting transit. 2d6 Pirates a d6 smugglers and a d6 wreckers are found here and a d6 of the total are fishmen hybrid kraken cultists.
Clam Cave

Giant cave clams here trap any victims so the pirates throw in victims and keep a treasure chest here. The captain knows a song that calms the clams any bard could copy it if heard, anyone else needs a sing roll and risks making the clams mad. The chest has 300gp, 1254sp and 4563cp. +1 cutlass, +2 small sword, a spellbook with a d4 levels of spells
Tide Pool

This room is a entry for various marine creatures who one day will pour from here to kill everyone. Two guards sit here drinking, one has a 2d4 blunderbuss
Witch Cave

This cave had a scary rep so they let a mad old woman stay here. She tells fortunes and makes healing potions. She is actually a shapeshifting chaos crone mermaid. She helps corrupt the men who listen to her stories and advice.

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