Thursday, 12 April 2018

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Advanced Murder Hobo Mayhem

Reading about Cortez. One of the greatest murder hobos ever.

So juniour zero level murder hobos start off as gleaners collecting dungeon turds, bricks, doors, pots anything then can sell. Later they start plundering own dungeons. At higher levels you should be admitted to the ruling caste and get a castle but wait. Filthy upstarts cant make it in the old world so time to go to the new world frontier.

Adventurers get appointed to explore new orc continent and when about to go get wind of plot to cancel funding and arrest them. Political enemies want party dead. So fleeing to do mission without consent probably better.

Invade and conquer gold rich orcs and their bloody cult and slave empire. Repel homeland forces sent to arrest party. Win war get gold, bribe way back into kings good graces. Use church to legitimise actions and fight political enemies. Simple.

Then find another civilization to destroy or invade another dimension or take over the Empire with your 500 000 orc followers. Possibly if you fail to get favour with the empire you might get to run a penal colony on some god forsaken treasureless wasteland continent.

Advanced murder hobo tricknology. Colonialism it's great for mass scale murder hobo good times. Just make sure your on the right end of the shitty stick.

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  1. That's not a terrible campaign idea it's just an honest explination of how a murder hobo campaign could unfold.


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