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Cults In Space: Colony Cultist Peril

Working and gaming lots over next week so might not post daily.

So iv done various cultist colonies and cult clues for colonies with suspicious events in the past but this is about a single cultist in a colony and how they might use their position for trouble or start to spread their cult. They could be new arrivals and given posts while players are on the scene or well entrenched. Someone might become a cultist by finding texts, personal desperation or contact with entities. Some beings might contact via mental projections but will lure the recipient to stronger contact like by building a gate. Often such a person keeps these matters quiet and grows more insane. Some might be deluded into thinking they are helping the colony. Others see themselves as curing the cancer of humanity. One of these should liven up any colony.

Cults in Space
game notes for space session - asteroid hab map
Initial ideas
High House in the stars
Lotsa adventure ideas and space location table
Space Wreck Loot
Updates and colony generators
Colony Secrets

d10 Cultist Thing
1 Mythos tome or digital file on reader
2 Talisman that aids a spell 
3 Device that allows communications with otherworldly biengs
4 Drug which allows spirit to travel in time or space or dimensions
5 Familiar creature or spirit
6 Alien weapon
7 Fragment of alien body
8 Communications device for alien contact
9 Elder sign
10 Sacrificial knife that aids summoning

d20 Cultist Plots
1 Upload mythos books into public data
2 Hack or virus computers
3 Help aliens spy or remote link to colony
4 Assassinate leaders in bid for power
5 Introduce alien disease
6 Sacrifice victims for power or summoning
7 Open a gateway
8 Seek pre human relics
9 Sabotage colony systems
10 Convert new cultists
11 Spread insanity
12 Contaminate colony genepool
13 Disarm colony to help invaders
14 Assist more cultists in coming to colony
15 Subvert colony election or power structure
16 Cripple technology
17 Help alien beings infiltrate colony
18 Isolate colony communications or transport
19 Perform experiments
20 Create climate of paranoia and persecution

d100 Space Cultists
01 Medic contaminated vaccines with alien dna 02 Coms engineer talking with aliens in secret
03 Surgeon performing unethical experiments with corpses
04 Geneticist wants to make a new species
05 Life support tech wants to trade with aliens
06 Administrator recruits department into cult
07 Corp manager wants to opress colony and secretly support rebel cult
08 Robotics tech preparing machine revolt
09 Programmer corrupting AI with alien software
10 Archaeologist seeks recover alien mythos relics
11 Geologist contacting deep sub surface entities
12 Librarian contacting ancient aliens via dreamlands
13 Meteorologist contacting beings in atmospheric high altitude tests
14 Ag tech growing alien plants in greenhouse
15 Pilot sacrificing victims to please their god for spells
16 Technician calls down entity in meteorite
17 Miner digging secret tunnels and temple complex
18 Physicist receiving spells from dream contact with alien god
19 Psychologist converting patients to cult
20 Survey team head wants to open alien gateway 
21 Marine Biologist has been mating with alien life
22 Astronomer trying to contact life forms in surface of the sun
23 Medi Tech sneaking cryonic colonists away to sacrifices
24 Psychiatrist teaching mental patients secrets of the necronomicon
25 Mathematician made contact with strange angled entities
26 Doctor in morgue experimenting on resurrection formula
27 Policeman hunting rival cultists to help own cult take over
28 Astronaut survived accident with alien help now want to help aliens
29 Asteroid miner wants to help dormant entity in asteroid reach planet
30 Biologist discovered colonial life form and has been infected
31 Journalist planting mythos documents in archives and false conspiracies
32 Teacher teaching kids about the old ones and dream travel
33 Lone refinery tech has been hearing voices and has been drilling off site on own
34 Ship steward has been drugging victims with mind expanding mythos meds
35 Doctor arrived to help part deep ones awaken true heretige
36 Historian collecting relics from old earth he couldn't possibly obtain
37 Construction tech has been hiding alien eggs in colony habs
38 Long lived colonist falsifying records to hide
39 Body hopping cultist plans to take over a colony leader
40 Technician has been sabotaging transports to get dead bodies
41 Administrator has been visited by dead wife in secret really an alien
42 Medic resurrecting dead and recruiting as cultists or monsters
43 Biologist has had dreams of making shoggoths in lab
44 Mycologist has grown alien spores found in space and begun speaking to samples
45 Com tech incorporating Tillinghast resonator in antenna array 
46 Historian researching witch cults found files of mythos books
47 Zoologist has been studying a life form and is convinced they use language
48 Explorer had brain replaced by mi go with that of ancient cultist
49 Survey team leader contracted alien parasite driving them to cult activity
50 Security officer convinced of enemy aliens has been listening to voices in his head
51 Explorer found area with strange readings has been contacted by things

52 Radar technician developed virus to cover up strange phenomena
53 Diplomat has been in contact with aliens believes they know best for humans
54 Technician contacted by a witch ancestor promising power and rewards
55 Geneticist seeks to contaminate pregnant victims with alien DNA 
56 Biologis received signal from space they use to grow a organism
57 Astronaut visited in dreams by aliens wants a team to explore a asteroid
58 Asteroid miner found by aliens and operated on has been released for some scheme
59 Explorer found a strange sphere trying to use physics lab to open
60 Ecologist wants to sacrifice colony to restore ancient life forms
61 Linguist wants to build array that drives population insane
62 Aqua farmer wants to turn co workers to his cult and bring in deep ones with a gate
63 Archaeologist found some wreckage and has been sending signals to its origin point
64 Farmer brought dust forms of ancestral cultists and ressurected them
65 Architect has worked occult symbols into hab structure and is ready to activate
66 Life support tech gassing sleeping colonists with otherworldly dreaming drug
67 Astronaut met an alien probe and smuggled back to colony
68 Historian brought ancient cultists from earth through a gate (druids, aztecs, romans?)
69 Food Technician has been recycling dead humans through colony food supply
70 Astronomer obsessed with a comet contriving to send research team to investigate
71 Musician has been constructing monoliths to summon Hastur

72 Actor has tried to introduce The King In Yellow to amatuer theatre company
73 Transport tech has been selling illicit drugs actually part of a gods flesh
74 Code breaker has been deciphering supposed random signals from space
75 Biologist has been consuming found alien DNA samples from artifact
76 Astronaut smuggled strange colored rock from space
77 Biologist bringing strange infant creatures into hab
78 Administrator luring victims to be impregnated by summoned god
79 Geologist found a strange crystal and while testing in a lab it spoke to their mind
80 A spelunker in a cave came in contact with a dormant alien bieng
81 A scholar reading dread ancient text files contacted something and is now just a host
82 Miner found a metal buried object and contacted alien Insects like beings
83 Biologist found unusual creatures not conforming to local life and found alien intelgence
84 Linguist studying alien ruin script tried reading some aloud and began to dream of aliens
85 Blind person begins to have strange visions from another world
86 Climate control specialist dreams of past civilization millions of years ago
87 Scholar found encampment of a 16th century witch from salem who fled here long ago
88 Climber found ancient roman weapons and carvings in a cave
89 Mathematician began dreaming about a rat like creature whispering through walls
90 Programer awoke in morgue after pronounced dead and assumed new identity
91 Chemist inspired to create a artificial life form but nothing like they expected
92 Technician working on FTL drive was contacted by beings from overspace
93 Recent scientist arrival survived warp mishap now craves blood

94 Biologist bitten by creature transforms into a monster under certain solar storms
95 Technician resuscitated after accident now hears strange voices from beyond
96 Technician had a stroke and has relearned to walk and talk but seems changed
97 Diver caught in sub acident survived and now compelled to return to the depths
98 Astronaut struck by micro meteorite survived and has had personality change
99 Astronaut grounded due to visions of aliens under observation by medics
100 Scientist scanning nebula has been receiving strange coded messages

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