Thursday 19 April 2018

Dungeon Sounds for Redbrick

Your party bickering about rules or a mapping detail or telling some crap story about their lives? Just throw in a few of these and watch paranoia set in. In a self aware magic dungeon, the dungeon spirit might make these just to spook travellers who don't respect the peril they are in. You don't need to resolve these sounds. But possibly you might. Or just blame on ghosts. Some noise travels through drain and air pipes or echo from some distance. Dungeon acoustics might be magical.

d100 Dungeon Sounds
1 Whips cracking and moans
2 Worker drums
3 Shift change bell
4 Distant battle
5 Screams for help
6 Scuttling little feet
7 Muttering tiny voices
8 Battle going on
9 Smashing door or chest in distance
10 Iron piton being hammered
11 Metalworker hammering
12 Digging
13 Machinery clanking
14 Gurgling water underground
15 Monster growling
16 Shrieking creature
17 Sounds of little folk party
18 Lone instrument
19 Chanting cultists
20 Dozens of picks at work

21 Something belching
22 Something farting
23 Breeze of air
24 Cracking whip
25 Rumble of rubble
26 Creaking groaning ceiling
27 Trickling water
28 Slamming door
29 Shutting gate or portculis
30 Explosion
31 Long distant moaning
32 Splattering liquid
33 Insane laughter
34 Buzzing of insects
35 Hammering of mails on wood
36 Sound of a pressure plate activated
37 Hissing of gas or air under preasure
38 Growling and snarling animal
39 Clash of weapon on weapon
40 Guards shouting
41 Choking and gurgling sound
42 Something shambling and being dragged
43 Something wet being repeatably stabbed
44 Something wet being hacked or chopped
45 Sound of crossbow bolt
46 Sound of something falling through floor
47 Sound of scream and a splat
48 Something vomiting
49 Rattling chains
50 Smashing glass or potterey
51 Squeaking mice

52 Fluttering bats
53 Someone sharpening a blade
54 Crackling fire
55 Door bolt being slammed
56 Creaking rope under tension
57 Rope snapping
58 Running footsteps
59 Clunking armoured boots
60 Wet footsteps
61 Sobbing
62 Slapping
63 Falling stone
64 Wheels or rolling barrel
65 Splashing sounds of water
66 Winch being cranked
67 Magical sounds of a spell or magic item
68 Magic mouth threatens intruders
69 War horn
70 Band playing
71 Someone singing in possibly non human language

72 Horrible screaming which stops
73 Mob of some kind shout with excitement then stop
74 Eerie choir of cultists
75 Goat or sheep bleating
76 Dog barking
77 Distant flute
78 Drums
79 Sweet eerie female voice singing
80 Gong clanging
81 Screeching metallic object
82 Singing drunk
83 Sloppy squelching
84 Rasping honk
85 Sneeze
86 Wretch then loud spiting
87 Muffled clicking
88 Birdlike squark or honk
89 Cat meow
90 Weapon drawn from scabbard
91 Flints lighting something
92 Sinister cackle
93 Insane gibbering

94 Loud yelp
95 Monotonous buzzing sound
96 Crickets
97 Distant shrieking guard fungus
98 Strange pops
99 Metallic banging sounds
100 Unearthly silence


  1. Most excellent indeed! I've often used a actual sound at the table (which is WAAAAY easier to do in the cell phone/tablet era we are living in now)to get the group to pay attention and re-focus. Nothing like a little creepy audio to get the Player's attention. I might go thru this list and create some audio samples based on these; thanks so very much for another awesome DM tool.

    1. love to see what you do

      id love a keyring soundchip with some of these noises

      an 80s sound fx one for sf and hero games might be good to


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