Saturday 21 April 2018

Dungeon Documents For Redbrick

Redbrick dungeons are modern and officious. Many monsters are literate possibly use of alignment or common monster language or even common. Common is a trade language after all popular because it is easy to use and keep records with.

Dungeon Documents d100
1 Work orders for labour gang
2 Request for more workers to replace killed and wounded
3 Orders for equipment
4 Fragments of magical manuscript
5 Recycled paper from old spell books being scratched back to blanks
6 Orders to report to local boss
7 Orders for more office supplies
8 Sick notes from absent monsters
9 Dungeon duty roster and time sheets
10 Payroll for area
11 Report on workplace safety improvements vs costing
12 Report of secret union meetings
13 List of skilled labourers needed to recruit or kidnap
14 Prayer to temple and list of sacrifices
15 Report on rival dungeon complex
16 Collection of motivational memos
17 Pornographic artwork
18 Crude drawing of local boss or big boss
19 Report on finding lost secret door
20 List of loot cache and security procedures
21 Letter to parents or lover or kid sibling
22 Certificate for worker of the month
23 Letter complaining morgue is overfull
24 Letter offering to trade materials with other section
25 Report from bestiary on domesticating monster type
26 Announcement of productivity increase
27 Charts showing project deadlines
28 Certificate from “personal power, profit and plunder” workshop
29 Blackmail from one leader to another
30 Signed execution orders
31 Wanted poster with adventurers faces
32 Motivational poster
33 Missing worker list with some possible theories
34 Laundry list and bill
35 Budget for work crews
36 Memo to stop accidental bricking up of workers
37 Engineer plans to overcome dungeon hazard
38 Schematics for factory equipment
39 Engineer report on new section
40 Report of inferior materials being used on trap rooms
41 Request for more bait for trap rooms
42 Blueprint of horrible overly complex trap
43 Map of other dungeon
44 Chart showing lifting capacity of dungeon species
45 Request for hard hats denied
46 Reports of deep workers in pressurised area getting the bends
47 Gambling odds on rat races or spider fights or other game
48 Memo to execute latrine cleaning crew
49 Monster crew gruel recipes
50 Report about worker hygiene and parasites

51 Notes on damp and leaks
52 Safety warning posters
53 Reports of petty haunting and strange phenomena
54 Complaints about ration sizes and quality
55 Reports of monsters having VD
56 List of local human settlements
57 Report from spy in human settlement
58 Assasin contract
59 Request for more women, problems in barracks
60 Complaints about a wizard being a jerk
61 Profile on dangerous adventurers
62 Torture confession
63 Cooks menu for week
64 Complain bad food causing monster flatulence
65 Complaint of defective weapons breaking
66 Report monsters afraid of dungeon room
67 Request to send monster home to help family crisis
68 Request for scribe supplies
69 Reading and writing classes for sub boss classes
70 Warnings of bad air in areas
71 Warnings of gas build up in area

72 Complaints about bad smelling torches and lamp oil
73 Missing treasure report
74 Notice drunk guards executed
75 Notice for monsters to not urinate where they please
76 Rumours of lycanthrope among guards
77 Love letters
78 Notice of emergency adventurer intrusion drill
79 Note "disproving" rumoured secret level
80 Copies of dungeon graffitti for a boss
81 Terrible jokes
82 Travel story to strange land
83 Termites eating support beams report
84 Building inspection report
85 Recipe for humans
86 Recipie for monsters
87 Awful substitute trench recipies
88 Report of mystery stabbings in dungeon
89 Demand for more pay
90 Rant about how awful humans are
91 Complaints of rashes among guards
92 Recommendation to burn all guards blankets and mattresses and replace
93 Speculation of big boss terrible embarrassing secrets

94 Terrible poems by monster in love
95 Plans for guard exercise regime
96 Complains guards swapping shifts without aproval
97 Complaints about undead getting out and eating people at work
98 Soul contract between monste sub boss and devils
99 Scrawled demon signatures
100 Scroll for a 1st level spell

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