Friday 27 April 2018

Monster Replacements for the EMO Beastiary

Looking at the SRD monsters i need to remove from all my books on some future edit. A pretty lazy fix job really. Will write a complete emo bestiary one day and put together all my monster blogs in same freaking format. My d12 variants and reskins could be colour coded for psychon also or just made creepier and bald for Xor. I think Mutant Epoch has the best monster format of any game and I like stormbringer where chaos monsters were half the time unique mutant hybrid things made to break taxonomy and lawful interpretations. I like wikipedia and faerie lore and mythology on monsters more than the monster manual mostly and in some cases BX is better. 
Now to just re edit the 2 million words+ of content I've created here to amend this. Help!

Eye Fiends - to be replaced by the various giant eyeball monsters ive posted about before. I think I have only used beholders once or twice in almost 40 years but I loved them as kid. Eyeball monsters are more pinball/psychadelic too so big improvement in my settings really.

carrion crawler
cavern worms - will also have a sting or a bite attack and more varient worm types because worms are under represented and more sizes are needed. i like the medieval confusion of snakes and worms.

displacer beast
Mutant panthers or tentacle panthers - cephalapod cat mutant hybrids. more creatures need to be displaced and should be a 2nd lv spell. Possibly d12  panther variants could generate a similar thing. Panthers were ascribed all kinds of powers including terrible farts or belches. Tentacles on any monster is coole with tentacles or snakes growing out of it. Tentacle goats - bam simple. tentacle lobster, tentacle hounds tentacle dwarfs pffft easy done.

githyanki, githzeraiAstral elves - reskin of elves using my psionics spell list, done next.

kuo-toaJust fismen wooptie doo of all the fishmen in dnd these just had some finicky gimmicks/feats. Even deep ones are pretty fair game now but the precious monk fishmen cultists with gummy shields are sacred wooooo.

mind flayerSquidmen with a few levels in psionicist bam next.

slaadFrog daemons, chaos frog demons. My demons of law and chaos will be more interesting
chaos demons should roll a new form each round. Shoggoths are pretty close. In my cosmology (devised by Nanny Binks) Primal chaos is mindless more like Azathoth while Khaos is corrupted chaos manipulated by lawful or sentient or moralistic beings. True chaos goatmen would regard evil and law and good as enemies for fighting entropy and mindlessness. Chaos doesnt need help from good to preserve the universe or evil to run it down faster. It just is.

umber hulkBug Brute - bug headed burrowing ogres or giants just needed a snappy name. d12 variations will give other powers and possibly tentacles or crab claws.

Reptile mutant cultists - just mutants who rolled on the reptilian mutation tables.

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