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Petty Loot for Good Noobs

1d10 Quick non monetary treasures

1 Magic potion
2 Useful documents
3 Magic lore
4 Clothing and jewelry
5 Domestic item
 Wand, rod or stave
7 Missile Weapons
8 Melee weapon
9 Magic armour
10 Strange relics

d100 Petty Loot for Good Noobs
01 Magic perfume +1 to reaction rolls for a hour has a d6 doses in bottle
02 Healing ointment d4 effect with d3 doses each in tiny bottle or pot
03 Poison Resistance potion gives drinker +4 to save vs poison for a ten minute turn 
04 Disease resistance potion gives drinker immunity to disease for a ten minute turn
05 See in the dark pills last one ten minute turn, d3 doses 
06 Fog Potion releases a 1" wide circle of fog, d3 doses in bottle or jar
07 Muscle Potion gives +1 strength for for a ten minute turn, d3 doses in bottle
08 Magic pipe weed and pipe, blow colourful rings of smoke for a ten minute turn, d3 doses
09 Pouch of wondrous herbs, ten doses of one HP healing pouches 
10 Berserker Potion, fight in negative HP with +2 for up to ten minutes
11 Pardon exonerating you from some past crimes just in case it comes up
12 Family tree claiming you are related to a better off family somewhere
13 Hunting Permit issued by king or Queen to some ancestor
14 Permit to enter a city toll free inherited somehow
15 Permit to cross road and bridges in kingdom toll free
16 Letter from somebody asking local law to assist bearer usable once
17 Licence to sell goods and rent wares in markets
18 Passport has papers officially stating citizenship and permission to leave borders
19 Slave contract can collect a servant from the slavers guild or family collection
20 Written permission to ride a horse from a senior noble and a riding horse and papers
21 Licence to use magic registration just in case it ever comes up
22 Pamphlet warning you about witches and venereal disease with lewd illustrations
23 Letter from a church promising to cast cure light wounds for bearer d4+1 times 
24 Letter from a church promising to cast identify to bearer d4+1 times 
25 Scroll with a d4 secret cultist ciphers as used by local sects you found 
26 Book of basic creatures and dungeon monsters but some animal facts seem untrue 
27 Scroll with d4+1 cantrip spells
28 Scroll with a first level spell
29 Scroll with a demon true name and sigil valuable to a summoner or cultist
30 Soul contract from a devil that could help you once if you sign
31 Iron Gauntlets give you a d3 unarmed damage and can harm some magic creatures
32 Cloak of defence gives you +1 Saving throws vs d4 1=poison 2=disease 3=charm 4=fear
33 Secret pockets in cloak, coat, belt or pants resist searches
34 Weighted war cloak +1AC
35 Lucky Charms have a d6 lucky charms each can be used once for a +! on a save
36 Bracelet with a design that always points where the sun sets
37 Magic Key Chain has d4 keys that can open a lock once
38 Lucky Ring gives +1 on a save once per day
39 Camouflage cape +1 sneaking black for shadows or green for forests mostly
40 Medalion can absorb one magic missile per day
41 Magic comb or brush or shaving blade will work on you for one ten minute turn a day
42 Magic cast iron frying pan heats up for a ten minute turn per day
43 Magic salt shaker never runs out good for ten shakes a day
44 Magic lantern never goes out and has no heat
45 Kitchen knife d3 that never goes blunt and stays shiny  
46 Box that plays a tune when opened good for valuables
47 Pewter beer stein fills once a day
48 Fishing hook once a day will catch a fish if any around
49 Coalbox keeps a glowing hot coal inside indefinitely as long as in box
50 Magic kettle boils water once a day
 Wand or rod with 2d4 cantrip charges
52 Wand causes foes -1 to save vs casters spells
53 Wand or rod or staff that can be used to cast touch spells through
54 Staff that lights as a candle cantrip at command
55 Wand or rod that can cast a specific cantrip spell per day
56 Wand or rod or staff that adds +1 Lv to spell effect
57 Rod or staff that can harm evil creatures that normally require a magic weapon to hit
58 Rod or Staff that give your followers +1 morale when following your orders
59 Wand or rod that casts identify once per week 
60 Staff or rod or dagger that adds +1 damage to casters spells
61 Ten magic+1 arrows or stones (throw or sling) only work once each
62 Twenty silver tipped arrows that can harm lycanthropes, devils and some creatures
63 Box of d4 throwing axes or daggers or darts or javelins +1 usable once each
64 Magic arrow or stone or dart +1 and always usable if recovered
65 Magic arrow or stone or dart +1 and returns at the end of the round if not stuck
66 Flintlock pistol or concealed pistol or simple musket and twenty shots
67 Hand grenade 
xd3, light fuse and throw in round range=STR 2d4 damage to 1" area 
68 Holy Water bottles that do 2d4 to a undead or d4 to 1" area splashed, d4+1 bottles
69 Flammable oil bottles d4 if victim fails save loses 1HP/Round for d4 rounds d3 bottles
70 Throwing Stick STR range d4, if victim running and fails a save falls over
71 Silver weapon can harm devils, lycanthropes and some magical creatures

72 Cold Iron weapon can harm demons, faeries and other magical creatures
73 Quality weapon +1 to hit non magical
74 Masterwork weapon +1 hit and damage non magical
75 Blessed weapon harm undead or demons or devils requiring magic to hit them
76 Enchant weapon can harm any magical creature requiring magic to hit them
77 Charged weapon on average is +3 (d4+1) but each hit it loses a plus till non magic
78 Light Weapon has a continual light cast on it must be covered to hide
79 Lead weapon is silent and makes no noises striking metal and it is black
80 Silver-Iron weapon has fused two metals together to harm as a silver or iron weapon
81 Charged shield on average is +3 (d4+1) but each hit it loses a plus till non magic
82 Horned cap give +2 save vs fear from beastial powers of courage
83 Bird cap gives +1 spot rolls in day light by evoking a bird divinity
84 Crest Knight Helm gives your followers and men who can see it +1 Morale
85 Armour weighs half as much and half any penalties (round normally)
Armour has d3 ablative HP wich needs d4gp repair to fix
87 Spiked shield does +1 damage if used as a weapon
88 Shield has a small lantern and a window built in for tunnel fighting or nightwatch
89 Shield is balanced enough to throw range=STR (STR in feet for larger shields)
90 Shield of Light has a continual light spell cast on it, it might have a cover
91 Holy Symbol will glow with light 1" at command
92 Small idol or doll holds a spirit that will give advice once a week for a question
93 Pill that will give eater a minor mutation of some type

94 Seal which will prevent evil passing a door without a save usable once lasts a day
95 Skull of a ancestor or former master will give advice once a week for a question
96 Magic beans xd3 turn to grow d4 1=100gp gems 2=100" vines 3=plantman 4=fruit tree
97 Fragment of a saint acts as a holy symbol, +1 any healing spells cast
98 Bottle with a live imp inside smash and run or cut a deal
99 Bottle with a poltergeist inside smash and run
100 Bottle with a violent spectral minion inside smash and run

Evil noob itms? Should I?
Dark Weapon with a darkness spell
Bat cap gives +1 spot and listen rolls by night evoking the bat spirit

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  1. Good stuff as always! I may convert this to a Tablesmith file and make some pregens with it, if that’s cool


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