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Up and Down in the Redbrick Dungeon d100 Stairs

My dungeons tend to be fast, explorers always lured into deeper depths ahead of ability then frantic running around or trying to escape and being tempted to flee deeper till they end up living in caves for months or escaping. My players are noisy, door smashing (unless hurt enough to be cautions) murder hobos. The tables below can be used to generate tween level and use all or some as required. My tuesday crew about ready to enter dungeon again.

d12 Feature Size
1 1' wide cramped staircase
2 2' wide cramped staircase
3-4 5' wide cramped staircase
5-8 10' Grand Staircase
9-11 20' Wide Processional Stairs
12 30 Wide colossal stairs

d12 Common Hazard (roll 1d4-1)
1 Overlaping other plane with occasional inhabitants crossing over
2 Alarmed, attracts guards or monsters
3 Vapours or mist from depths 1d4 1=fog 2=mild poison 3=mild hallucinations 4=stench
4 Guard post of a faction d4 1=murder holes 2=arrow slits 3=guard post 4=assassin hidey holes
5 Monsters have made into a lair
6 Crawling with vermin or monster pests (bats, stirges. flies, rats)
7 Overgrown with fungi, slime, mould or other gunk
8 Mad explorers from surface trapped down here
9 Unstable floor collapses into sinkhole or lower level
10 Monster summoned if ward not deactivated
11 Cursed wards inflict on those who step over
12 Portculis gates each end (1in6 locked - most heavy)

d12 Common Traps  (roll 1d4-1)
1 Mechanical Scythe
2 Deadfall from above
3 Poison caltrops scattered about
4 Poison dart launcher
5 Heavy bolt caster
6 Net dropper and alarm
7 Pit trap 1d4 1=corpses in bottom 2=spikes 3=lid locks after trapping victims 4=monster
8 Slide to lower level
9 Boulder rolls down from top to bottom
10 Pendulum blade
11 Teleported deeper than intended
12 Magical explosive runes or fireball etc

d12 Feature type
1-2 Straight stairs
3-4 Winding stairs
5-6 Spiral stairs
7 Slide roll 1d6 for type disguised as stairs
8 Elevator for goods or persons 1d6 1=mechanical 2=muscle 3= magic 4=living 5=boiler 6=monster 2in6 broken needs work to operate possibly dangerous 2in6 trapped
9-11 A pit 1d6 1=rope ladder 2=slide pole 3=iron rungs 4=water filled 5=concealed trappdoor  6= roll twice;
12 Roll on d100 table

1d100 Sample Up and Down features 
1 Magic Gateway
2 Flowing smooth stone steps formed naturally
3 Geometric steps formed geologically
4 Crystalline steps grown naturally in cave
5 Crude carved stairs hewn from rock
6 Worn smooth with use for thousands of years
7 Featureless stone stairwell
8 Ornamental marble stairs
9 Featureless metal spiral stairs
10 Grand ornate staircase with iron work
11 Wrought iron wobbly and noisy fire escape
12 Stairs but convert to slide trap part way
13 Magical escalator
14 Monster worm tunnel
15 Animal powered elevator 1d4 1=escaped 2=dead 3=wants food 4=needs proper orders
16 Machine powered elevator may require fuel or power to start mechanism under bottom of shaft
17 Magical elevator
18 Narrow air shafts awkward but climbable tight fit possibly critters
19 Ladder and cursed trapdoor
20 Laundry Chute for goods
21 Well water feature to be swum through
22 Well water feature to be swum through with dangerous rapids
23 Well water feature to be swum through with dangerous creature
24 Burning pit with a trick to get through safeley
25 Dumbwaiter for goods
26 Muscle powered elevator 1d4 1=slaves 2=donkey 3=goblins 4=unmanned
27 Zombie powered elevator
28 Old sewer system entrance
29 Collapsed floor hole to lower level
30 Tiny little train through tunnel system like roller-coaster ride
31 A fleshy tunnel like some giant gross monster innards
32 Teleporter pad
33 Conveyor belt
34 Carved relief mythic art in luxury staircase
35 Historic scene carved in staircase
56 Thin windy dark passage
57 Giant hourglass pit full of sand
58 Underground stream worn smooth covered in slime
59 Elevator crashes too bottom after starting
60 Elevator is trapped, self sealing 1d4 1=gas 2=spikes 3=crushing walls 4=drops in monster/s
61 Elevator with strange operator
62 Sinkhole into winding cave
63 Old mine connects to lower level
64 Fireman pole, a bit too greasy to climb up
65 huge chasm with flying fox
66 huge chasm with flying fox with huge goods like logs, stone blocks or crates
67 Rope with knots down rat filled shaft
68 Monsters digestive tract, 3in6 chance is asleep
69 Demonic being mouth entry winds down to lower levels in gremlin filled flesh tunnels
70 A pit with iron rungs with several traps
71 Winding staircase filled with goblin squatters and shanty town
72 Staircase filled with kobolds working on maintenance with families in camps, possible extending
73 Stairs with a sphynx or two guardians demand answer to riddle
74 A demon or angel guards stairs demands a sacrifice for passage
75 Stairs lined with crypts and sealed sarcophagi 1in4 undead attack intruders
76 Huge stairs for some larger than human beings, squashed flat kobolds by entry
77 Stairs filled with cobwebs and a spider colony
78 Stairway with statues actually guard monsters
79 Elemental guarded stairs let those who make right command pass
80 Stones in steps of stairs occasionally replaced with snapping turtles or mimics
81 Stairs with monster colony on ceiling of trappers or cave fishers
82 Invisible creature stalks stairs murdering visitors
83 Slime creatures crawl over ceiling dropping on unwary
84 Holes in walls have monsters snap at passers through narrow staircase
85 Murder holes in ceiling drop d4 1=burning oil 2= caltrops 3=molten lead 4=arrows
86 Arrow slit posts with guards in stairwell
87 Stairs feature secret doors hiding assassins who attempt backstabs
88 Stair well with desperate starving adventurers turned into mad cannibals
89 Cult of fanatics guard stairs from intruders with secret shrine hidden in stair well
90 Shadows in stairs haunt cracks ready to slay intruders
91 Strange elder cyclopean stairs older than most of dungeon, tentacle things corpses clutter passage 
92 Stairs actually remains of pre human city, shoggoths sleep in vaults and awake if disturbed
93 A shrine to good in stair well 1d4 1=healing potion 2=holy water 3=blessing 4=advice
94 Stairs actually a confusing maze with willow wisp or minotaur 
95 Wide stairs with high ceiling with high walkway overlooking stairs, goblin archers band live here
96 Stairs with raw sewerage flowing over, creatures feeding here might like meat too
97 Slime covered shaft slides to depths, walls of flesh spasm as slide by 
98 Flowing knee deep water in sloping cave tunnel with dangerous fish or aquatic beast
99 Illusions cover stairwell with monsters, fire, maidens or other distractions
100 Elder ruined staircase with odd angles, things slip in and out from odd angles

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