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d100 Vehicles, transport, and steeds

Two water buffalo escaped film set in Newtown this week and walked down main street. Sydney just like that.

This is for any gonzo fantasy or science fantasy setting. But just change your dice or pick tables for your setting. A cyborg beaverhawk may not work in Middle Earth. I like idea and will do more specific genre setting tables later.

First table for a variety of transport, second set for my fantasy setting and third for Psychon.

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d100 Simple Version
1 Basic animals

2 Animal powered vehicles
3 Exotic pre modern vehicles
4 Aquatic vehicles
5 Unusual earth mounts - giant and prehistoric
6 Strange Creatures
7 Strange Vehicles
8 Arcane Tech - magical transport
9 Modern Tech - steam, jet, rocket, diesel, atomic
10 Futuristic tech - space age sf tech

d100 Vehicles, transport, and steeds  
Roll d100 on gonzo world fine
Roll d50 for a more straight pre modern table
Or pick first digit to suit and roll second number as d10

01 Bareback wild ass
02 Oxen
03 Pack dogs
04 Pack Donkey
05 Pack goat or lama
06 Miniature pack pony
07 Riding Pony
08 Riding horse
09 War horse or draft horse
10 Camel 1d3 1=dromedary 2=bactrian 3=hybrid
11 Battle ass wagon or battle donkey cart
12 Ox wagon or sled
13 Deer Sled
14 Goat wagon or deer sled
15 Donkey or pony cart
16 Light Chariot and two horses
17 Heavy Chariot and four horses
18 Wagon with 1d2 horses
19 Coach with 1d6 horses
20 Elephant with howdah or palanquin
21 Slave pulled wagon
22 Slave carried palanquin
23 Tethered kite for observation
24 Crude hot air balloon for observation
25 Crude hang glider for suicidal thrill seekers
26 Wagon on wooden rails
27 Barge on aqueduct or canal
28 Flying fox or crude elevator or swinging on vines
29 War Wagon (Korean Style)
30 Primitive submarine
31 Raft for the desperate or improvised
32 Canoe for scouting or exploring
33 Rowboat for local travel
34 Sailboat for coastal travel
35 Long ship for trade and war
36 Sailing galley with oars and sails
37 Small sail ship for mostly coastal  trade
38 Cargo sailing ship
39 Transport ship
40 War galleon
41 Riding or pack flightless bird like ostrich, moa or Pleistocene terror bird
42 Riding bird or bat or flying dinosaur
43 Riding or pack lizard, many types from goanna like to crock or chameleon
44 Riding or pack Insect like a stag beetle, mantis, grass hopper, moth, bee, ant
45 Riding or pack mammal like hyena, dire wolf, sabre tooth tiger, bear, mammoth, wooly rhino
46 Riding or pack dinosaur, small and fast or lumbering behemoth with tiny siege fort on back
47 Swimming beast like a dolphin, whale, dinosaur, prehistoric penguin, lobster, trilobite
48 Riding or pack amphibian like a newt, frog, salamander or prehistoric creature
49 Riding or pack arachnid and other invertebrates like spider, scorpion, centipede
50 Riding or pack mollusc such as slug, snail, squid, octopus, nautilus, ammonites
51 Winged version of normally ground creature like horse, lizard or wolf
52 Walking amphibious version of normally aquatic creature like a land shark
53 Griffon or hippogriff like hybrid animal d2+1 recognizable  creatures
54 Chimera, evil monster hybrid beast of  d6+1 creatures
55 A magical version of a normal animal but with magic powers
56 A supernatural version of normal animal with planar powers
57 Alien creature of other world ecology, drastically different life cycle 
58 Slimy horror like a jellyfish, shoggoth, giant unicellular creature
59 A mobile plant like a triffid or tree monster used as riding beast
60 Creature but sentient (1in6 cast spells)
61 A humanoid like a giant or possibly quadruped former human
62 A creature with artificial or modified body parts like a cyborg or magical
63 A dangerous creature like a demon, bound and obligated to obey for now...
64 A huge flying being stops to rest, users predict it and use to ride (1in6 off world)
65 A floating Island actually a huge creature which might eat passengers if disturbed
66 Beings travels between worlds and other beings await to follow through portal
67 Plant of fungus being has magic spores that transports users, somehow, a bit unclear
68 A being is known to teleport intruders elsewhere, locals abuse for free ride
69 A great sky beast if reached can be used to get a ride to other lands
70 A magical divine servant transports the worthy who please the cult
71 Flying boat with balloon, wings or just magic
72 Ornithopter in shape of winged beast that flies by flapping
73 Golem like construct carries owner on back, humanoid or beast
74 Golems with palanquin
75 Magical flying domestic object like rug, chair or kettle, possibly larger than normal
76 Huge magical behemoth with building on top or under or inside, either fly or swim or walk
77 A pocket dimension with a mobile gateway point that teleports or flies
78 Teleporter platform fully automated or wizard operated stations (1in6 inter planar)
79 Flying castle, magic cloud or mobile island
80 A superior being of other planes carries you, perhaps in hand or in stomach
81 A bicycle or motorbike
82 A car or tractor or van or truck
83 A train on tracks
84 A submarine
85 A small plane, gyrocopter or helicopter
86 A transport plane
87 A Ironclad ship
88 A speedboat or wetbike
89 A armored car or tank
90 A airship or zeplin
91 A jetpack
92 A aircar or skycycle
93 Transmat array station
94 Levitating transport platform
95 A space shuttle or spacecraft or dropship
96 A flying saucer or mole machine
97 A hyper velocity vacuum tube subtrain or beanstalk tethered asteroid with elevator
98 A a sentient robotic vehicle for transport in all environments even to moon
99 A giant robot, mecha or cybergolem
100 A mighty land leviathan, gun covered fortress on tracks

d100 Fantasy Mounts of Exile Island
first lower dice range for more boring situations, d20 most common
made for land based adventurer bias
only aristocrats can ride horses on my island or non humans, same in the empire
HD1+1 (HP) D4 (Damage) AC+2 (AC) MV 18 (move in range inches) OB (modifier to ride rolls)
OB rolls based on Riding but a CHA bonus for long serving horse who love masters
Follower mounts get +1hp/level they have been owned for
I didnt stat all up - just variants of horses

01 Hill pony HD1+1 D4 AC+2 MV 18 OB-1 common red pony still wild and tamed by locals

02 Mountain Pony HD2 D6 AC+3 MV 16 OB-3 used by distant tribes of nameless mountain barbarians, black or dark grey
03 Common Pony HD1+1 D4 AC+2 MV 21 OB-0 used in cities, farms or rich kids pets,brown or piebald with white patches
04 Dwarf Miniature Pit Pony HD1 D3 AC+9 MV 16 OB-2 used in mines by dwarfs who are mean to them, dark grey
05 Easterner Pony HD1 D4 AC+2 MV 24 OB-4 used for fighting and racing sports, black
06 Highlander Pony HD1 D6 AC+3 MV 18 OB-2 famous for shaggy red hair and feisty nature
07 Goblin Pony HD1+1 D4 AC+3 MV 14 OB-4 unhappy, deformed, may jump from a great height
08 Orc Pony HD1+1 D6/d4/d4 AC+3 MV 20 OB+4 ugly brutes are mean and savage, part something else and scaly
09 Bright Elf Pony HD1+6 D6 AC+3 MV 36 OB-3 fastest of all ponies but occasionally do weird things, light green tint grey fur
10 Dark Elf pony HD2+1 D6/d4/d4 AC+2 MV 18 OB+1 angry ponies, loyal and like night fighting with a violet tint to black
11 Old Nag HD2 D6 AC+1 MV 12 OB+3 a run down horse on last legs or retired, fit for slaughter
12 Farm Horse HD2+1 D6 AC+2 MV 18 OB+2 typical peasant cheap horse not trained to ride x1/2 ride skill, brown and white piebald
13 Empire Courier Horse HD2 D6 AC+2 MV 24 OB+4 well trained and fast, popular breed, yellow fur
14 Shadowbreed Horse HD2+4 D6/d4/d4 AC+3 MV 18 OB-2 wild horses in black forest some trained, deep back
15 Eastern Riding Horse HD2+2 D6 AC+3 MV 18 OB+2, dark grey
16 Sindarian Steed Horse HD2+1 D6/d4/d4 AC+2 MV 25 OB-1 wild horses of far off desert continent, yellow
17 Skeleton Horse HD2 D6 AC+3 MV 16 OB+4 sold by necromancers, no food, silent
18 Zombie Horse HD3 D8 AC+1 MV 12 OB+4 sold by necromancers, no food, silent
19 Dark Elf Riding Horse HD2+2 D8 AC+3 MV 26 OB-1mean, angry and impatient but loyal to similar temperament master, violet grey fur
20 Bright Elf Riding Horse HD2 D6 AC+3 MV 30 OB+1 commonly sold but tend to run away back to elfland, white with green tint
21 Nomad prairie horse HD2+2 D8 AC+3 MV 24 OB-2 red and white piebald, difficult to train
22 Eastern plains horse HD2+4 D6/d4/d4 AC+3 MV 22 OB-3 bristly, hard to train, bad tempered, a bit short with dun coat and black mane
24 Common Rouncey HD2 D6 AC+2 MV 22 OB+1all round good horse common brown used by urban bottom rung nobility without land
25 Empire Rouncey HD2+1 D8 AC+2 MV 24 OB-0 all round common horse for upper ranks of empire, white
26 Eastern Courser HD2+3 D6/d4/d4 AC+3 MV 26 OB-0 black famous fast horse for racing and nobles
27 Empire Palfrey HD2 D8 AC+2 MV 24 OB+2 a gentle smooth riding horse for nobility and ladies but good for a fight too, golden
28 Noble Palfrey HD2+1 D8 AC+2 MV 21 OB+1 common horse for knights and ladies, red
29 Dark Elf Palfrey HD2+3 D6/d4/d4 AC+3 MV 24 OB+1 a smooth ride but like to rub on fences and bite children or goblinoids, dark grey
30 Bright Elf Palfrey HD2 D6/d4/d4 AC+3 MV 27 OB+3 a gentle smooth horse highly intuitive and well mannered, green
31 Knights destrier warhorse HD3 D8/d6/d6 AC+4 MV 18 OB+1 a huge fighting horse, well mannered and behaved in peace or battle, grey
32 Nothmen war horse HD3+1 D8/d6/d6 AC+3 MV 16 OB-2 a tall white horse fierce and intolerant of bad riders who they throw and trample
33 Empire warhorse HD3 D8/d6/d6 AC+3 MV 20 OB+0 golden cavalry horse of the empire cavalry men
34 Eastern warhorse HD3 D8/d6/d6 AC+3 MV 21 OB-2 a great black beast difficult to tame then very loyal
35 Shadow steed warhorse HD3+2 D8/d6/d6 AC+4 MV 18 OB-3 a jet black part demon horse, quiet and sneaky, hard to tame
36 Barbarian warhorse HD3+4 D8/d6/d6 AC+4 MV 16 OB-1 a great chestnut horse, ill tempered loves to fight and moody
37 Crusader warhorse HD3+2 D8/d6/d6 AC+4 MV 18 OB-0 a great grey-white beast angered if smells foreign enemies
38 Orc warhorse HD3+2 D8/d6/d6 AC+4 MV 18 OB-2 a vicious ill tempered beast will fight without a rider and occasionally kill grooms, partly scaly, dark iron grey
39 Bright elf warhorse HD3 D8/d6/d6 AC+4 MV 21 OB-0 a beautiful, elegant proud horse with strange spiral markings and colour tints
40 Dark elf warhorse HD3+1 D8/d6/d6 AC+4 MV 19 OB-1 prefer to fight by night, excellent night vision, enthusiastic at trampling, violet fur
41 Bactrian camel good for mountain trade and cold, most popular of camel all year on island
42 Dromedary camel one humped type mostly around summer or city docks
43 Riding Oxen liked by barbarians but not normally ridden but occupational farmer might
44 Llama good for goods trains mostly but good
45 Dog train or sled good for ice and mountains
46 A deer train or sled good for ice and mountains
47 Moa birds huge plodding pack flightless can be ridden but startle
48 Emu or cassowaries or giant geese mostly for baggage but can carry
49 Exotic megafauna from abroad like elephant, terror bird, riding ape
50 Donkey or an ass, most too embarrassed to ride them even if legal for non slaves
51 Donkey or ass wagon or farm pony cart
52 Oxcart with huge load
53 Palanquin of slaves carrying master (1in6) not human
54 Racing chariot all the rage in city with rich kids and now older dudes
55 Horse and buggy typical 2-4 seated cab ride in the city
56 Rickshaw with slave pulling one or two seated on 2 wheels under coverings
57 Armoured battlewagon with archers inside bulled by oxen
58 War chariot of empire or barbarian style with d4 horse and crew places +1driver
59 War chariot bulled by beasts of a non human race like elf or orc or other
60 Dwarf wagon with a d12 pit ponies pulling piles of crap to market (1in2 blinded)
61 Riding buggy with one horse and room for two seats
62 Small wagon with one horse, 1in6 covered or with caravan built in
63 two horse wagon with covers or shack used by most traders
64 four horses Shadel Port coach service doing rounds of island, driver and guard
65 six horses used by nobility and elite in best quality in private coach with guards
66 armored stage coach transporting wealth or VIP with riders
67 Secret police in 6 horse coach with black masked riders
68 Goblin coach carved from a pumpkin pulled by 6 sad goblin ponies
69 dark elven stage coach with monsters and orc minions running along side
70 bright elven stage coach with beasts and elvish knights and horse archers
71 Elf riding fallow deer cute spotty dear ridden by youths and smallest elves
72 Elf riding crown deer huge riding deer very aggressive and grunt angrily
73 Elf giant war elk enormous beast with 10m wide horns
74 Elf riding wolf made from a hanged human for smaller elf scout clans of the woods and wilds
75 Centaur allied to halflings, elves and gnomes but refuse to be owned as slaves
76 Halfling riding goat able to fight, climb and some give milk
77 Halfling riding donkey, a good natured jolly beast who follow kind masters anywhere
78 Gnome war ram, a stroppy difficult to ride war beast
79 Gnome riding mink a feisty climbing soft furred beast
80 Gnome riding badger a tough burrowing helper
81 kobold riding dog love running in packs and very loyal, love to fight, gets exited easily
82 Kobold riding stirge, nasty blood sucking needle nosed monster owls, need to treat carefully 
83 Goblin riding bat nasty diseases lice ridden carnivorous killer bats
84 Goblin riding weasel or skunk or possum, mostly horrible climbing biting things
85 Goblin riding wolf or superior scout mount
86 Goblin riding boar aggressive forest boars
87 Goblin riding rat or miniature cave bear a nasty subterranean climbing mount
88 Hobgoblin riding frog or lizard or newt or salamander
89 Beastman riding beast, usually a bigger dumber relative such as hyena men with prehistoric mega hyenadon
90 Ogre pulling orc built cart, popular for goods transports
91 Orc riding Wyvern or giant porker (prehistoric giant killer pigs)
92 Elven riding unicorn or winged horse
93 Hobgoblin riding monster like a basilisk, chimera, troll (quadraped after foot-hand transplant)
94 Bird riders with eagles, geese, hawks, owls, ravens, vultures or cult preference
95 Riding sabre toothed tiger or other Pleistocene mammal
96 Lizard man lizard beast like a giant goanna or dinosaur often a raptor, but any type possible
97 Dark elf riding spider or moth, some are huge
98 Tako flying Seahorses or dolphins used buy octopus folk and beings of the sea
99 Magician with flying device, possible domestic object looking but may be bigger
100 Dragon rider, everybody run for your life

d12 Mount odd feature

1 Extra stupid
2 Extra clever

3 Knows a few unusual tricks
4 Has brands of former owner stolen from
5 Is very aggressive, biter
6 Is very placid, dislikes to fight unless must
7 Like to destroy fences, gates, bite ropes
8 Has illness will be lame in 2d20 hours or has parasites  or contagion
9 Horribly flatulent
10 Fearful and alert for danger
11 Roll 1d10 twice
12 Is an enchanted human, 1in6 remember old life

d100 Fantasy Mounts of Planet Psychon
made for land based adventurer bias
If on psychon roll for colour and some other mutation or cosmetic tables for added weirdness to boring old earth animals.

01 Riding pony

02 Riding horse
03 Huge warhorse
04 Centaur
05 Winged horse
06 Horse with extra human arms
07 Insectoid horse with a dozen legs
08 Riding unicorn
09 Riding camel
10 Riding dog
11 Riding wolf
12 Riding cat
13 Riding fox
14 Riding boar
15 Riding moose
16 Riding kangaroo
17 Battle lama
18 Riding ostrich
19 Riding wombat
20 Riding bear
21 Riding goanna
22 Riding raptor
23 Riding triceratops
24 Riding mammoth
25 Riding wyvern
26 Riding ape
27 Riding rabbit
28 Riding spider
29 Riding centipede
30 Riding scorpion
31 Riding trilobite
32 Riding slug
33 Land shark
34 Flying dolphin
35 Flying seahorse
36 Riding snail
37 Riding rhino beetle
38 Riding ant
39 Riding mantis
40 Riding bee
41 Riding weasel
42 Riding quadruped human
43 Riding goat
44 Riding turkey (see gamma gobblers)
45 Riding goose
46 Riding rooster
47 Riding rat
48 Riding guinea pig
49 Riding rabbit
50 Riding tortoise
51 Riding iguana
52 Riding chameleon
53 Riding wasp
54 Riding beaver
55 Riding skunk
56 Riding tiger
57 Riding possum
58 Riding platypus
59 Riding Tasmanian devil
60 Riding mudskipper
61 Riding newt
62 Riding grasshopper
63 Riding plant
64 Riding fungus
65 Riding otter
66 Riding elephant
67 Riding wooly rhino
68 Riding rhino or hippo
69 Riding frill necked lizard
70 Riding thorny devil
71 Riding blowfly
72 Riding land octopus
73 Riding land squid
74 Aerial jellyfish
75 Pterodactyl
76 Riding owl
77 Riding hawk
78 Riding vulture
79 Riding raven
80 Riding parrot
81 Riding dragonfly
82 Riding worm
83 Riding amoeba
84 Riding snake
85 Riding ant eater
86 Riding aardvark
87 Riding dragon
88 Riding shoggoth
89 Riding formless spawn
90 Riding space polyp
91 Riding cockroach
92 Riding flea
93 Riding bat
94 Riding sheep
95 Riding rust monster
96 Riding earwig
97 Riding mole
98 Riding cactus
99 Riding walrus
100 Riding lion

d12 Gonzofication hybrid table
1 Undead
2 Cyborg
3 Psionic
4 Robotic or android
5 Golem magic construct
6 Magician
7 Mutant
8 Planar taint - elemental, demon, angelic

9 Giant or dwarf
10 Sentient and can speak
11 Roll extra species for hybrid chimera 
12 Roll extra species for shapeshifter forms


  1. I don't know riding skunks sort of stink... wakka wakka (I'm almost sorry for the bad dad joke).

    Extra Type Table.
    1. Plow
    2. Pack
    3. Riding
    4. War
    5. Cart
    6. Carriage- fancy coach horses
    7. Watch
    8. Hunting
    9. Attack
    10. Racing

    What campaign couldn't use the occasional Attack Flea or Pack Otter?

    1. cheers

      a cyborg riding skunk from plane of fire even cooler
      a mutant war platypus ?
      a spell casting watch blowfly?

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