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d100 Big shonky deals in Shadelport pt 2

These are for the rich - royalty, merchants, bankers, wizards and people of name level mostly. Useful for any weird rich peoples goals or goods or vice really.

Deals are d100 x1000 gp. More  cash the better usually

d10 version
1 Drug dealers
2 Pimp and sex workers
3 Small illegal goods
4 large illegal goods
5 Illicit services
6 Documents
7 Cults
8 Entertainment
9 Potion
10 Magic

d100 Big shonky deals in Shadelport 
1 Emissary of Black Lotus Emperor offers fortune in lotus resin for some deed or cash
2 Crystal Lotus powder offered can restore 1lv lost spell per dose for magic users dose/1000
3 Offered deal in getting shipload of devil weed through customs (1in6 legit doubles investment)
4 Offered deal in drug crop on secret island (1in6 legit doubles investment)
5 Explorer from monster island offers new drug Jade Lotus that adds a year to your lifespan per dose 1000gp each
6 Alchemist wants to set up a potion lab for investment offers 10% discount for 5 years
7 Orc cheif has captured a huge stash of heroism potions and first to get cash to his lair gets goods before hm and mates guzzle it all
8 Wizard offers investment in seeking a rumoured drug on monster island (1in6 legit doubles investment)
9 Barbarian chief with offer of Dream popies grown in mountains at excellent rates
10 Rich lotus addicted wizard knows where a unrecorded dungeon is from a past life he saw on drugs
11 Exotic brothel secretly staffed by gender changing shape shifters offered membership
12  Erotic Elf Unicorn dancers show for city elites in secret only
13 Membership into secret necromancer and sentient undead orgy  
14 Demonologist offers a night with a bound succubi includes loan of ring to protect you
15 Enchanter offers to make someone love you or make your loved ones love you more
16 Necromancer offers you choice from stage actors guild graveyard more than one 
17 Druid offers to change your gender for a fee, all proceeds go to preserving the forest
18 Elves offer to take you to elfland to see the unearthly beauty of elf king or queen 
19 A shipload of slave women from a distant land - the lot 3d10+6 can be yours
20 A slave dopelganger on a chain able for fill your every fantasy could be yours
21 A magical relic of the necromancer kings
22 A remnant of ancient school of demonologists
23 Magical relic from the pre human monster dynasties
24 Minor holy relic or fragment of a saint
25 Elementalist relic from the dawn age and planes seperated
26 Strange magical rod from another world with two magazines
28 A magical instrument from a famous bard composer
29 A magical sword of the ancient empire
30 Deed to a whaling station and boats on tiny island
31 Deed for lot of land and abandoned haunted mansion in country
32 Looting rights from emperor for region of dungeons
33 A huge famous painting  with unknown magical purpose
34 A famous magical stud ox fathered all the best in the land
35 A discount collection of house slaves from bankrupt noble
36 A deed share in a famous merchant ship
37 A deed for an apartment on one of the city bridges
38 A deed for a mine, orchard or other natural resource
39 Chance to monopolize alchemist ingredients 1d4-2 x10% profit or loss
40 Deed to abandoned imperial light house
41 Offer of orcs army for one time special deal 100 per 1000gp
42 Thieves guild looking for sponsorship deal able to act as agents one per500gp
43 Spy guild offer fee for retainer one per 1000gp
44 Assassin guild offer fee for retainer one per 1000gp
45 Artillery unit with gunsmith and demolition expert
46 War wizard unit with fireballing wizard and apprentices and guards
47 Mercenary templars keen to battle evil willing to be hired to good person
48 Demonologist willing to summon or ask questions of lords of the screaming abyss
49 Necromancer willing to raise an undead army for one hundred per 1000gp once
50 A share in a mostly legal casino later find Barron is a silent partner
51 Monopoly licence on item from a ward of city for bread or coal or some goods
52 Deed and map to a distant island
53 Incriminating letters about emperors bloodline
54 Magical formula for unheard of mighty spell
55 Spell book of famous wizard
56 Complete crooked numbers gambling/lottery ring
57 Forged stack of property titles
58 Estimation of how much money Barron siphoned from wold over hundreds of years
59 Deed for the so called Lich house in the old part of town
60 A private prison contracted by city and pirates for ransom victims, earn a fortune in bribes
61 Cult of a duke of hell offer to summon a horde of lesser devils for silver, one per 1000
62 Cult invite you to join demonic sex cult as council member for fee
63 Cult offer to show you several other planes on short expensive tour
64 Cult offer to introduce you to trade with underland hidden race
65 Cult offer to let you speak with their god or whatever they follow
66 Cult seek investor to help recover lost temple in the hills
67 Cult offer you a mate to breed into a gods bloodline
68 Cult offer sex with high priest/priestess for high holy day ritual and evoke the gods in ritual
69 Cult offer books of forbidden lore and dungeon locations
70 Cult offer you special unique permanent powers for lump sum
71 Invited to see dryad and faun secret fertility ritual for scholarly reasons
72 Invited to arena to witness a monster gladiator slaughter d4 1=dragon 2=hydra 3=giant 4=chimera
73 Invited to see over 300 men fight to deat in week long slaughter and after orgy party
74 Invited to see mass execution of criminals by various means up front for several days
75 Invited to week long opera with royalty and richest attending and nightly feast
76 Invited to meet the Barron one minute per 1000gp usually in box seat at games or dinner or ball
77 Church offer you to preside at great festival as a temporary king for week of feasting ond sex and drugs
78 Offered rights to a chariot racing or gladiator team
79 Offered ownership of a theatre or fighting pit or school
80 Offered to buy a library of richman desperate for cash 25 volumes per 1000gp and building free
81 Potion of youth expedition to monster island (1% chance of success per 1000gp 1dose per 10%)
82 Alchemist offers to create a monster for you needs a giant beaker and some other stuff
83 Alchemist offers to make a golem servant type depending on donation of cash
84 Alcheimist close to secret of gold! needs donation (1in6 pays back double)
85 Alchemist wants to make huge batch of heroism pills needs investment, get one for every 5000gp and 10% off after that (1in6 explodes city fines all business partners their investment again)
86 Alchemist wants to forge many +1 weapons investors get one per 1000gp (1in6 seized by barron and alchemist imprisoned in Barron's weapon foundries
87 Witches offer to brew up fog, storms and other phenomena for yearly retainer
88 Druids offer to breed you a species of enhanced animal with extra body parts in 2d4 years
89 Alchemist stone up for auction various quality depending on final cost but various angy failed bidders
90 Priests offer to brew colossal vat of healing potions 1d6 per bottle per 100gp
91 Ancient crown with magical properties
92 Weapon famously used by some hero in past
93 Holy symbol or holy relic valued by some church with some powers
94 Ring of an ancient wizard said to enable casting of great spells actually a magic soul storage for evil wizard
95 Magical vehicle such as a sky chariot 75 000, submarine 50 000 self powerered ship 30 000 or mechanical chariot 20 000 or wagon 10 000, quality and self powered movement depend on price
96 Gateway mirror to other dimension for sale
97 Dragon egg for sale
98 A wizard offers to clone you and store in a stasis bubble till needed
99 A wizard offers to improve a stat by 1d3 points with experiment (works 1in6 and makes a cosmetic change like hair or eyes or skin colour)
100 Druid offers to change your race for a fee (1in6 kills and reincarnates you instead till get it right)


  1. Depending on the nature of a group of PC (and the players) these deals could easily become adventure seeds or strong motivation for a nights otherwise profitless adventure. Who wouldn't. Want to waste the green yeti of neverthaw cave in trade for a set of forbidden manuscripts from a secret cult?

    1. with my current party of criminal scum these would all be appealing deals - has een very nice using my tables here - grave robbing, shore leave and sailor tables all handy

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