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d100 Post crash space infrastructure modules 2

Last table I did on this was a while ago but i miss SF which Psychon let me put in (or any genre) so i miss it. I dream of space ruins lots so will do a space wreck table and alien artifact encounter table too. These are for super structure modules not colony modules so more systems of ship than intended for colonists.Colony modules could have all been deployed or still in place.

30th C version of my SF game. In sub space sargassms, ships lost in the void collide and may form vast rafts of space wrecks. Formed from the flotsam and jetsam of space and time, the wreck mass  can partially manifests in local anomalies from time to time leaving stardrives in a system which is how most races develop FTL. There are multiple such masses at least four with dozens of local manifestations.

Handy for planet Psychon with all those unused orbital colony ships too or Metamorphisis Alpha.

See Pandorum, it is a awesome film of the genre, Non Stop by Brian Aldiss good too

d12 Quick Spacewreck Faction
1 Pre crash culture survivors (1in6 ruled by AI)
2 Post crash feral survivors (1in6 ruled by AI)
3 Mutant survivors
4 Aliens (?) mostly alien creatures
5 Robots (1in6 ruled by AI)
6 Androids (1in6 ruled by AI)
7 Outcasts including scavengers, pirates, mutineer survivors
8 Necrovirus Undead such as zombies, ghouls or wights
9 Morlocks degenerat cannibals adapted to living in dark among machines
10 Cyborgs adapted for survival or from deep space exploration (1in6 ruled by AI)
11 Human like d4 1=Ffesh clones 2=eloi 3=secret mutants 4=replicants
12 Abhumans modified clone lines with animal features or ecological customization such as apes, dogs, otters, etc

d10 Post crash space infrastructure modules
1 Engineering - power, engines, fuel
2 Superstructure
3 Electronics
4 Life Support
5 Industrial
6 Science
7 Military
8 Crew Hab
9 Docking Bay
10 Main Mission

d100 Post crash space infrastructure modules
01 Overgrown with vegetation and roaming with hostile semi intelligent predictors evolved from ship crew, robots and androids do their best to maintain area, tribes worship them
02 Huge depleted contaminated engine unit a battleground for mutant factions who seek scant resources such as graze and farm lands or holy contaminated sites
03 Mostly without atmosphere but robots and androids have built a haven away from humans and relocated manufacturing here to breed in safety from the ignorant meat beings
04 Crawling with contaminated necrovirus undead strains who don't care about hazards down here and can sleep for decades if needed till some fool wanders in and the begin to arise
05 Area is overheating and flooded, automated re[air systems have failed producing random structures that apear rusted and almost organic, tribes live here unaware of unstable power plant
06 Engineer cult determined to observe the sacred rights of engineering and punish outsiders or wreckers come to spread chaos and disorder, other sections have fallen to evil and cannot be trusted
07 Overgrown with alien or bioengineered mass of fungi, slime, flesh or gelatin. Savages live here some feeding of the biomass and refer to it as a god, outsiders must be baptised in the god pit
08 Section was abandoned due to disaster that has still not happened, klaxons and sirens sound regularly and are worshiped by primitives who eat outsiders who want to repair the god machine
09 Section frozen and ice covered but life still clings to some normal areas with a mix of tribals and ancient still operating as if nothing happened and robots, some great beast roams the tundra
10 A cannibal morlock civilization from here raid other sections for food and have come to breed eloi farm humans for meat, eloi are fed plants gathered in overgrown areas, a morlock priests cult rule
11  Alien organisms overrun area with monsters who prey on humans, may in fact be evolved from humans or alien machines rather than actual aien
12 A community dwell in peace in ruined section of superstructure but have thefts and disappearances, something else dwells in the walls in secret and prey on the baseline humans
13 Humans in superstructure are captured by robots and placed in huge prison till death. Escape dangerous but possible, Machines think situation temporary till emergency over, await captains orders
14 Mutant colony dwell and feed off overgrown hunting zones in hull space. The mutants are highly sexualised and have multiple genders in some cases, outsiders are enslaved for sex then eaten
15 A faction withdrew into structure during the crash and are now pirates who invade other sections for booty and slaves. Some gangs even have reprogrammed robot and pirate androids
16 Chaos cult win walls worship decay and welcome end of the world, seek how to disrupt ship systems to worsen conditions and increase entropy, machine gods sometimes call a crusade to exterminate them
17 Undead sealed in hull section here since crash as necrovirus contaminated, 1in6 are still  fighting with last survivors 
18 Haunted by entities from overspace leaked in while FTL, strange phenomena and weird deaths in zone between decks
19 Abhumans have a civilization here raiding other sections for food and slaves. Ship barbarians ignorant of world and resentful of human makers
20 Feral children in superstructure built own city and exile anyone post puberty 1in6 aided by robots and AI, malnutricion rife, scrawny, angry some 1in6 cannibals
21 Astronomical Array where AIs watch space searching for anomalies or planets or confirming where ship is, well guarded by AI minions like robots or androids
22 Programmers serve the machine gods who provide for and defend the true believers. Live highly regimented lives according to gods law, outsiders tried as heretics and mutineers
23 Area completely inhabited by machines, androids live as humans to comfort the AI's that everything is fine and going to plan, outsiders are saboteurs and terrorists to be shot
24 Area is a utopia run by AI but he demands worship and removes weapons and other petty infringements. His robots and androids defend the pleasure loving citizens unaware of condition
25 Communication array where factions battle over to call help, contact home, send SOS or turn off other faction comms. Local AI distraught over property damage
26 Sensor array with diagnostic and local traffic control for cloud of ships and drones during deployment also controls probe and decoy drones, controlled by AI and robots
27 Gravitic field generator controls ship gravity over large area and shields from acceleration
28 Sheild array helps form the magnetic sheilds that wards off cosmic EM effects and radiation and meteors, controlled by AIs and robots fighting virused androids who want to turn into weapon against all electronics
29 FTL Drive a huge glowing transparent cylinder kept in a colossal open space, 1d4 1=overgrown with plants and feral humans fighting mutants 2=silent fields of flowers possible with triffids or other hostile plants 3=undead basking in eerie glow 4=artificial life controls for strategic value
30 AI Stronghold guarded by mostly robots but 1in6 with androids and 1in6 a human hating virus controlled version plotting extermination of life. AI Bunker is secure but they may tallk to strangers or need a service
31 Atmospheric scubbing and recycling plant operated by robots and androids and guarded from hostile factions who might want to exterminate crew
32 A greenhouse deck overgrown with geneseed banks and clone vats hidden underneath. Deranged AI breeding new creatures and ruling the tribals, seeks to spread vegetation into rest of hull
33 Industrial Recycling plant converts mass into components for megafabricators to make everything, some specialise in in organics, machine factions desire these areas many in conflict
34 Water purification plant and storage operated by machine forces to preserve life on ship
35 Water purification plant and storage gone feral with ecology and mutant creatures and ferals, possibly with aquatic adaptions like gills from DNA blueprints for aquatic humans
36 Food recycling plant operated by robots and AI some factions come for food which AI usually lets them "steal it"
37 Food Production hydroponics overgrown th forest and feral humans fighting another faction
38 Food Production hydroponics nursed by AI with servants tries to keep intruders out sterile and clean pre crash pristine 
39 Food Production hydroponics overgrown with alien ecology 
40 Clone Factory operated by AI with 1=androids 2=robots 3=replicants 4=pre crash humans 5=post crash feral humans 6=evil mutants (deranged AI)
41 Android Factory 1in6 virused and fanatic anti human
42 Robot Facrory 1in6 virused and fanatic anti human
43 Construction Shipyard where shuttles, landers and space drones built as needed, controlled by AI and robots
44 Megafabricators where ship goods made mostly AI controlled but 1in6 with warring factions
45 Warehousing where feral tribe live in overgrown forest with mutan animals and abhumans
46 Warehousing where ferals live with robots and are provided by AI warehouse gods
47 Warehousing overrun with morlocks who have built a city here 
48 Warehousing decayed human ferals fighting mutant contamination 
49 Warehousing with undead workers aimlessly walking about or hibernating 
50 Warehousing with virused android snipers hunting for living humanoids
51 Science Unit with science labs all abandoned since the crash and sealed
52 Geological Refinery where materials from mining shuttles refined and fuel made from water
53 Research and Design Bureau were workers work on new designs for fabricators mostly operated and sealed by AIs
54 Gene fabrication foundry where mas cloning of humans and abhumans made possible also creatures administered by AIs with robot elite troops as prime target of several factions
55 Alien specimen storage filled with stasis frozen aliens, undead, mutants and other freaks. Some brave souls come here to eat frozen creature but 1in6 ends badly
56 Science Unit with pre crash culture trying to solve problems of ships but increasingly degenerating with rumours of undead or mutations in sub levels
57 Anti science cult temple in former lab deck, hostile to all with high tech or non human, albino and cannibal too, with hatred for outsiders. Deck is dark and shattered
58 Xlab where remnants of alien tech and artifact and other material culture are stored. Include human variants found in travels and older stranger items including whole ships, guarded by war borgs against anyone without x clearance
59 Abhuman design labs where various abhumans grown and customised for conditions or work before terraforming. Inhabited by d4 1=feral abhumans in overgrown wreckage fighting mutants 2=civilized abhumans in uniforms mimic old pre crash humans 3=Android technicians and troops 1in6 virusedand hostile to life otherwise use abhuman troops 4=Replicants in pre crash gear testing new species in ship war environment
60 Science cult pre crash humans revere science and keep labs as a holy place pilgrims prey at, while they worship tech using it is forbidden, AI and artificials are sealed in ho;y vaults and if possible shut down
61 Barracks where a feral cult descended from marines lives in overgrown jungle and camp. AI has kept them entertained by sending them enemies like mutants or rogue androids
62 Armoury heavily sealed section with AI controlled robots, will supply worthy with some hardware or trade
63 Wargame hologram matrix zone where soldiers train vs androids in hologram battlefield
64 Military Bunker overrun bunker 1in6 with humans still fighting
65 Undead Bunker overrun bunker 1in6 with humans still fighting
66 Mutant Bunker overrun bunker 1in6 with humans still fighting
67 Warlord Bunker ruled with a iron fist by despot keen to fight enemies from all direction and seieze all, usually sealed up by AI
68 Science Bunker where elite scientists work on super weapons to save life overrun bunker 1d4 1=scientists hard at work 2=overrun by necrovirus undead 3=overrun by mutants 4=overrun by cyborgs
69 Operational barracks run by faction ready to invade adjacent areas if not stopped or planning to attack enemy faction on the ship or just paranoid
70 Battlefield between multiple random factions over wasteland of ruins
71 Training Mission Control occupied by teenagers being trained to save ship 1d4 1=wired into ship controlled by AI 2=trained to take over for power mad AI 3=actually a cult with chosen ones operating equiptment in total ignorance as to what they do 4=pre crash culture
72 Frozen chosen back up flight crew in stasis pods ready to relieve main mission and other sections d4 1=dead 2=missing 3=frozen 4= frozen with memory loss
73 Frozen chosen being eaten by someone or something like mutants, morlocks or even machines might need to recycle some organics or feed human masters
74 Biomedical section with biolab, clone vats, autosurgeons and a personel of 1d4 1=Robots 2=Androids 3=Pre crash humans 4=Primitive shaman priests and commune with machine gods 1in4 has a AI to help out. Section is possibly sealed from threats and isolated from other sections
75 Shopping mall recreation area staffed by 1d4 1=Eloi 2=Androids 3=Robots 1in6 is under attack from a random faction 1in4 has a AI manager who tries to please
76 Garden overgrown with vegetation poorly managed by AI and crawling with 1d6 1=mutant animals 2=mutant humans 3 =savage tribal humans 4=robot gardener drones 5=andoid gardeners 6=used as an Eloi garden by morlocks
77 Emergency Bunker to protect crew from lethal event with own stasis pods and room for a micro society of several hundred d6 1=Precrash humans without a clue 2=Insane cult 3=Superior mutants convinced of cosmic destiny 4=Replicants 5=Eloi 6=A killer alien or robot or undead sealed for ages
78 Recreation area a kind of adult theme park with therapeutic scenarios game using holograms and androids 1d4 1=Virused androids use this place to breed monster androids and robots  2=Area run by androids and AI as mental hospital 3=Replicants operate as redlight district 4=Mad controller uses to torment and guards its control area and hides behind illusions
79 Living Quarters where awake crew live and sleep and eat together here. 1d6 1=ruined sprawl crawling with mutant and savage gangs 2=occupied by Eloi living highly confined for Morlocks or slaves or organs  3=precrash replicated humans unaware of condition awaiting first shift for decades 4=Run down mutant hellhole with virused system helping them contaminate ship, awaiting release 5=ghost town empty of life 6=undead hordes awaiting release
80 Prison Area built during mutiny during the crash. Many use androids or robots as staff 1d4 1=mutant & savage humans fight in ruins 2=undead mutineer horde 3=feral pirates descend from pre crash convicts 4=AI imprisons anyone
81 A huge docking bay with 1d6 shuttles, 1d4-1 cargoships,  1d2-1 scoutship, 1d6 repair drone pods, security borgs keep our tribes who dwell on edges from getting to treasure holds of ships
82 A small docking bay with 1d4 scout craft and equiptment for survey teams. The team descendants guard the ships fanatically from outsiders, tribes believe they are the chosen ones
83 A docking bay with a shuttle and 1d4 repair drones. Machine personnel defend area using to keep ship systems repaired. Humans without codes or behave badly to machines will be spaced
84 A medical facility with 1d4 medical shuttles operate as pre-crash trying to help survivors and heal the ship. A hopeless thankless task they are wary of outsiders but often recruit them as security
85 A flight deck with 2d4 fighter drones and 1d4 probe drones long dormant with robot and android worshipers defending them. They might be convinced to awaken them if external threat revealed
86 This flight deck occupied by marines in crash who have never left. Hostile to all outsiders but may accept recruits or trade for goods they need. Deck has 1d4 drop ships and 1d4 breach shuttles
87 This deck was for scientists and is overgrown with life and ruined. Remains of 1d6 scout ships and 3d4 possibly working probe droids. Some scientists still in pre crash condition in bunkers in hiding
88 This flight deck has 3d4 nuclear detonation lasers and 2d4 nuclear missiles each with an AI keen to destroy stuff if awakened. A doomsday cult of savages guard them from outsiders
89 This deck has 1d4 shuttles with fuel scoops and and mining equipment still operating, mostly scavenging from ruined super structure. Miners keep bringing in goods and machines take away
90 A ruined lifeless deck with damaged wrecks in heaps and scavengers looting the remains. Hostile machines and tribals and pre crash men fight over scraps with mutants and necrovirus zombies
91 Security section where androids and robots that mange inter hab security are based. Cells in here and stasis pods if unsure about ID of prisoner or their crazy stories 
92 ARK human known data repository and plans for auto factories and fabricators and genetic assembly lines, guarded by AI and android cult
93 Captains Yacht bay, a luxury vessel to survey colonist exodus and explore a system, long sealed and pre crash condition except undead bridge crew and captain 
94 Exploration command where scouts operate probe drones, scout craft and other missions away from ship. Away team ready rooms well equipt to scout planets. Inhabited by d4 1=pre crash humans 2=replicants 3=androids 4=abhumans but civilized ones in jumpsuits
95 Deranged AI runs utopia of d4 1=replicants 2=clones 3=eloi 4=pre crash humans in a contained section for flight crew families
96 AI Pool defended by Robots, ships major AIs fortified against virus and crash wary of intruders but may wish to talk, will scan everyone and strip them of tech to be let in
97 Control deck dominated by virused artificial life including androids, AIs and robots (1in6 include cyborgs) control area and use it to base anti human plans. 1in6 have been virused to change appearance by pro humans
98 Secondary command area with pre crash survivors believe mission still ok and wary of mutineers trying to seize control of the ships. AI deludes them and uses robots and androids to act as buffer to outside
99 Supposed secondary command area occupied by 1d4 factions fighting for supremacy, actually is a prison to trap violent power monger groups. Replicant gents spread misinformation to lure groups here
100 Command area is heavily secured and controlled by AIs and machines. May let in humans to do something they need or to talk. Habitats are empty with skeletons of dead crew.


  1. Nicely done! And so comprehensive.

  2. I think an expanded faction table might be handy too to run as sandbox - usable in metamorphosis alpha gamma world planet psychon, any space opera - might run as a con game later in year

  3. "Mostly without atmosphere but robots and androids have built a haven away from humans and relocated manufacturing here to breed in safety from the ignorant meat beings"

    I was just thinking, so often when you have rogue machines they are really overt, walking around, telling the humans they are going to kill them, gun fights etc. It might be really creepy to have the machines just act exactly as they are supposed to when the humans are around. Pretty much nothing the humans do will make the machines act differently than they are supposed to. The humans are left wondering if there is even something going on at all, except that people keep turning up dead. And they don't know which machines are working correctly and which are just faking it, but they have no choice except to keep using the machines because we rely on them so much. But if you trust the wrong machine you are screwed.

  4. Actually this is gold - i will include as a major feature of faction tables

    1 Benevolant AI controlled for good of ship pre crash mission
    2 Benevolant AI controlled for good of ship life as is now
    3 Insane AI controlled, benevolent despot with few eccentric bugs
    4 Insane AI controlled, paranoid tyrant and secretive
    5 Insane AI controlled, conqueror seeks power over all
    6 Insane AI controlled, enjoys terror and murder and vivisection
    7 Independent and cooperative with biologicals and ship
    8 Independent and hostile to organics
    9 Virus but pretend to be "normal"
    10 Virus but superficially "normal"
    11 Virus but adorned in skulls blood, red LEDs, black paint and play heavy metal
    12 Virused but independent mutation and will betray virused units


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