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d100 Monster death scenes

Anime and fantasy fiction and computer game inspired table. Use for boss monsters that die too easily or when players need some more magic in their hum drum dungeon.

d100 Monster death scenes
01 Corpse decays into nothing 1d4 1=1d4rounds, 2=1d4turns 3=1d4hours 4=1d4days
02  Corpse decays into rancid semi decayed corpse
03 Corpse decays into putrescant slime, CON save or stinking cloud nausea
04 Corpse dries up into crumbling mumified body
05 Corpse turns into skeleton
06 Bursts into flame burning for 10 minutes into charred mess or ash
07 Violent fireball explosion 1d6/HD and 1" radius, DEX save halves
08 Bursts into flames, runs around screaming for 1d10 rounds
09 Burns with glowing light for 1d4 rounds getting brighter then explosion 1d6/HD and 1" radius, DEX save halves
10 Burning body falls and screaming burning skull spirit flies out and shrinks to spark then nothing
11 Corpse withers into skeleton gets up and attacks instantly
12 Corpse withers into mummy gets up and attacks in 1d3 rounds as only part of spirit departs
13 Corpse reanimates into zombie gets up and attacks 1d4 rounds after death
14 Corpse crackles to life with unholy energy as a wight
15 Corps ages into rotting visage then springs to life as a screaming ghoul
16 Part of spirit in shadow animates as strength draining undead
17 Phantom forms from part of soul on spot and attacks with fear powers
18 Corpse animated by evil underworld being returns as vampire next night
19 Corpse vomits up critters then bursts open scurrying with d4 1=bugs 2=lizards 3=rodents 4=all
20 Imp or lesser evil being bursts from corpse
21 Collapses into jigsaw pieces 1in6 reforms slowly if left 
22 Departing spirit allows several lesser evil beings to enter this world 
23 Collapses into 1d1000 cp
24 Collapses into 1d1000 sp
25 Collapses into semi precious stones 1d1000 value
26 Collapses into mixed coins of many currencies 1d1000 gp value
27 Withers to pile of bones partially golden skeleton worth 1d1000
28 Withers to pile of bones embedded with gems worth 1d1000
29 Single crystal forms on forehead as body turns to dust woth 1d1000
30 Out of body crawls neotant fetal form of other monster type
31 Fog cloud obscures area in acrid impenetrable blinding fog
32 Holy symbol on head glows cursing all who attacked it at end
33 Huge poisonous gas cloud expands from corpse
34 Fountain of unholy water erupts till exorcism
35 Fountain of acid burns everything in area lv/HD=1HP=per round
36 Huge cloud erupts from body with laughing evil spirit being for 1d6 rounds
37 In death throws it calls it's divine parent who sends a mid rank being of vengence
38 In death throws it calls it's divine parent who curses party 
39 In death throws it calls it's divine parent who alerts cult to slay murderers
40 Monster's immediate loved one receives vision of the murder
41 Blood keeps flowing, flooding area under 3d12 inches if blood
42 Monster explodes with rancid intestines spattering killers in rancid flesh and feces
43 Body bursts spattering unholy water everywhere, tainting all with evil
44 Spectacular departing soul energy opens gate to underworld attracting a horror
45 Spectacular departing soul energy, a great divine looks down from heavens scaring all
46 Spirit appears dismembers body turning 2d4 different parts into new monsters
47 Garb or skin slough off and form a ambushing sheet phantom
48 A flash of light and beast turns into beautiful prince/princess, eligible but cursed
49 Beast turns into a dying gasping person who might blurt out a tragic story
50 Beast turns to stone trapping any edged weapons used to slay it
51 Beast corpse turns into duplicate of person known by characters that causes trouble or fear
52 Beast crumbles into heap of magical narcotics craved by sorcerers
53 Beast melts into divine ambrosia if quick might gather a few doses -1d6 years +1 CHA
54  Beast melts into magic potion if quick might gather a few doses 
55  Beast melts into poison but might gather a few doses 1d4 1=touch 2=ingested 3=blade 4 all
56 Beast has 1d4 organs may grant unusual abilities and new liability or enemy
57 Blast of chilling air lv/HD=1d3=1" radius those kill solid corpsicles, CON save halves
58 Electric Arc 1d6 nearest persons struck by 2d8 bolts
59 Prismatic rainbow auraras flow from corpse striking everyone on 30" with a varied magical effect
60 Fireworks burst from dead, WIS save or stunned 1d4 rounds, may ignite som flamables 30y radius per lv
61 Swarm of cheeping birds drown all sound and prevent spell casting in area for 3d10 rounds
62 Worms burst from earth drag beneath ground as bursts open with more worms and 1d6 rot grubs
63 Vomits up or turns into Green slime with HD=to original creature 
64 Body bursts open 
65 Fiends come to take away body and prepared to fight 1d4 1=demon/devil 2=undead 3=elemental beast 4=cultists
66 Breaks down into grey ooze
67 Teleports away thanks to outside forces to fight again
68 Plague cloud spreads mummy rot to all in 10" per HD/Lv
69 Gremlins scuttle from area to curse land for ever more
70 Giant scorpions, spiders or arachnids grow from blood of equal HD
71 Strange warriors grow from remains of equal HD
72 Dies and decomposes into yellow mould or some other type
73 Reincarnated due to favour of a greater being, possibly instantly as per spell and hostile 
74 Turns into crumbling shards of pottery or statue
75 Turns inty 2-d artwork on surface depicting corpse
76 Turns to foul liquid worse than a skunk and more corpse like
77 Swarm from mouth attacks for 1d3 rounds per HD/lv
78 Humanoid children burst from corpse crying
79 Turns to strange featured dangerous animals like horned wolves or winged boars
80 Turns into a larvae, horrible human headed maggot soul used to create monsters in underworld
81 A vampire and skeletons from underworld come to claim the body of the fallen
82 A demon or devil and zombies from underworld come to claim the body of the fallen
83 Turns into a were beast when killed
84 Restored by divine being in 24 hours back to life
85 Turns into molten d4 1=iron 2=lead 3=bronze 4=d1000 go in silver might start a fire 
86 A quake shakes ground and earth swallows up body
87 Body smoulders into burned ash with soul medallion with alignment symbols
88 Rotten festering diseased liquid infestion spreads from here forever more
89 Local plants die and never grow back
90 A monster tree grows here
91 A baby appearing normal struggles to escape corpse
92 Corpse attracts random monster every minute for 1d10 turns (10 min each)
93 Dissolves into smoke an old wizard appears looks confused 
94 A shimmering gateway to a cult temple appears in vapours of fuming corpse
95 Pink bubbles froth from mouth filling huge area in revolting biological foam that spreads disease
96 Melts into ground forming a haunted well
97 A spectre or ghost arises from the corpse
98 Dissolves into bubbling slime sprouts tentacles and eyes
99 A spirit arises from corpse and tries to possess whomever slew beast
100 A gate opens and a great being grunts and sends some minions through and closes portal


  1. I enjoy using gimmicks like the above to make a monster more mysterious or awful, something like "Gorethank the beast of the black pillars" deserves more than flopping over dead when reduced to 0 hp or less.

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