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d100 Mighty Thresholds & Doors of Destiny

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Thanks to readers, sharers, collaborators and editorial assistance. So to celebrate here is some bits from my still un proofed redbrick book which i needed to update a section of. These are about doors - the every day dungeon doors of the redbrick zone type and the entrances.

Doors of Destiny

1d12 Door conditioned 
could roll for whole level for convenience or get crappier deeper levels
1 Freshly installed by kobolds 1in6 still smells fresh or of wet paint
2-3 Good condition well maintained very quiet
4-6 Serviceable condition well used
7-9 Old battered creaky and rusty but functional
10-11 Aged, noisy, decrepit and crumbling
12 Ancient, 
Crumbling surface, damaged every opening, very loud

d12 Door decor
1 Graffiti mostly crude abusive or sexual
2 Crude primitive art or signs
3 Sign with function or occupant named
4 Painted with religious art
5 Calender record marked
6 Occult symbols
7 Dungeon faction graffiti
8 A brass knocker possibly a face
9 Engraved with relief scenes of past
10 Aggressive warning sign or pictograph
11 Spyhole or trapdoor with bars
12 Roll 1d3+1 times with d10

1d12 Door status
1 No door missing or never was one
2 Door broken and non functional3 Open Ajar4-6 Closed but not locked
7-11 Locked, barred, jammed, stuck fast or sealed
12 Roll 1d3 times on Door Defences

1d12 Door Material Type  
1 Crude improvised door AC+0 HP5
2 Pine Door AC+2 HP10
3 Hard wood door AC+4 HP20
4 Oak Door AC+6 HP30
5 Heavy Oak Door AC+8 HP40
6 Bronze reinforced Oak Door AC+10 HP50
7 Iron reinforced Oak Door AC+12 HP60 
8 Steel reinforced Oak door AC +14 HP70
9 Bronze Door AC +16 HP80
10 Iron Door AC+18 HP90
11 Steel Door AC+20 HP100
12 Exotic Material sub table 

d12 Exotic Door Materials
1 Holy Rowan Wood Door, supernatural cannot pass without save AC+12 HP60 
2 Elder Wood Door, sigils that curse on any who damage it AC+12 HP60 
3 Demon Wood Door, releases demon if broken +16 HP80
4 Wizard Door – teleports if password not given to pass or damage AC+8 HP40
5 Ash and iron bound rune door, cancels any active spells that pass through it AC+8 HP40
6 Duplication Door – creates evil phantom double for any who enter if passed or damaged without key AC+8 HP40
7 Weeping Willow Door – ghost in door tries to possess you if passed or damaged without key AC+8 HP40
8 Adamant door – locked and sealed with wish, spell proof, nigh unbreakable AC+20 HP1000
9 Crystal door – all within released from stasis if crystal lock broken Steel Door AC+20 HP100
10 Ornichalcum door sparks strike any who damage it 2d6 damage per blow AC+20 HP200 
11 Eldritch door – living horror carved from darkspawn tree, attacks with tentacles AC +14 HP70 
12 Other world metal a gateway to other zone or world if passed or damage without key Steel Door AC+20 HP100

1d12 Door defence
50% doors have some defense on average
Better to choose one to suit door or while level but ...
1in6 doors sliding bolt extra (could be all outside a city or fort or actual dungeon) +2AC door
if so roll again 1in6 has a beam or bar that lowers to barricade the door +4AC x2HP door
roll 1in6 peephole/viewport or 3in6 if has bar
Either must have been deployed by some one inside

1-3 Locks, see lock tables
Alarm, see alarm tables
Trap, see trap tables 
8-9 Manned, see manned tables

10 Secret door pus half roll extra d8 on this table
11 Roll 1d8 twice
12  Roll 1d3+1 times on table 1d8

d12 Lock Type Subtable
1 Crude wood easy lock
2-3 Crude bronze or brass lock
4-6 Iron lock
7-9 Steel lock
10-11 Combination or puzzle precision lock
12 Exotic Lock Subtable

d12 Exotic Lock Subtable
1 Silver lock untouchable by undead, lycanthropes, devils and other beings
2 Gold Jewelled lock defended by lethal magic trap
3 Mithril Lock cannot be opened by outer planes beings
4 Ornichalcum lock hard to break magically explodes if broken
5 Adamant lock unbreakable without wish
6 Demon lock demands innocent blood sacrifice to open
7 Living Wood or fungus lock requires living key
8 Flesh lock with possible eye or teeth to bite intruders without true key
9 Insectoid lock is a lock like insectoid that bite lock pickers (1in6 poison arachnid)
10 Elemental lock destroys lock pits or non magical treated key
11 Skeleton lock possibly a skull opens for bone skeleton key
12 Complex puzzle lock requiring field unusual knowledge to solve  

d12 Alarm Subtable

1 Sets off screaming creature like an alarm fungus or goose or gremlin
2 Activates silent alarm at dungeon faction guard post or guardpost
3 Leaves clue an intruder present for regular user
4 Deadfall of bells, cans, pots, symbols 
5 Bell made from brass or wood or ceramic rings
6 Firecrackers set off
7 A gremlin uses instrument, rattle or noise maker
8 Monkey or baboon with drum 1in6 have wings, 1in6 smoking
9 A giant cricket in a cage
10 A zombie or skeleton with a cowbell hidden with a spyhole
11 Spell with magical alarm possibly signals local magician
12 Silent alarm in monster lair sends hungry beast running

d12 Common door traps

Or use any other trap table

1 Doorway is a 
Guillotine 4d8 or DEX save for half AC+8 HP40
2 Door is explosive if broken 4d6 or DEX save
3 Poison needle in lock or handle
4 Poison gas
5 Pit Trap
6 Deadfall
7 Releases captive beast  
8 Missile launcher like crossbow, dart or gun
9 Mechanism trap like pendulum or scythe
10 Release captive swarm
11 Door one way seals victims inside
12 Explosive magic or gunpowder

1d12 Manned Door Defence
1 Guard post with chained beast
2 1d3 humanoids in guard post niches
3  2d6 humanoids in guard post with barricade
4 1d3 humanoids behind walls with arrow slits
5 2d6  humanoids behind with arrow slits
6 1d6 crew in murder holes in ceiling with missile weapons
1d6 crew in murder holes in ceiling with missile weapons and 2d4 burning oil
1d6 crew in murder holes in ceiling with missile weapons and caltrops
1d6 crew in murder holes in ceiling with missile weapons and 2d6 rocks
10 1d6 crew in murder holes in ceiling with missile weapons and live snakes or scorpions
11 1d6 crew in murder holes in ceiling with missile weapons and boiling lead 4d6 or half with DEX save
12 roll 1d3+1 times a d10 on this table

Mighty Thresholds
Doors of destiny
This is for your primary dungeon doors and levels that need to be mighty and memorable. These are great doors intended for special features - entry ways, between levels, sealing lost sections that deserve note. Some may have a simple bypass for locals:

d100 Entrance location
1 Mountain pass doorway
2 Connected to city sewer or drain
3 Built inside an old mine
4 Cave entrance
5 Sinkhole collapses into brick tunnels
6 Wizards magical gateway arch
7 Inside a wardrobe
8 Found on building site
9 Under a wizard tower
10 Through a magic mirror
11 Inside an old cleared out well documented dungeon
12 Trapdoor under rug under characters bed
13 In old wine cellar
14 Door in wall wasn’t there yesterday
15 Found in cleaned out septic tank
16 Underneath abandoned monster carnival grounds
17 Under castle dungeon through newly found secret secret door
18 In crumbling old crypt in graveyard
19 In a brick yard or clay pit
20 Under an abandoned old house
21 In an abandoned quarry
22 Hole by roadside
23 Huge statue with mouth as entrance
24 Under empty barn or animal pen
25 In a tavern full of drinking adventurers
26 Under a military camp watching the dungeon
27 Door appeared in warehouse or factory
28 Door under huge old tree in wilds or town park
29 Under abattoir in city
30 Door under a bridge
31 Under a shop or guildhall in marketplace
32 Under a latrine pit
33 In bottom of old chest in ruin
34 Concealed under garbage heap on vacant land
35 Under garden hedge
36 Mysterious smoking crater
37 Under an old boat shed
38 In an old garden shed
39 Bottom of empty grave
40 In old ship hulk wrecked on shore
41 In old abandoned light house
42 Huge pit of toxic waste
43 Former lair of famous weapon
44 Two guardian statues guard carved cliff entry
45 Under an old temple or monastery
46 Under burnt old tree stump
47 In drain for a city fountain
48 Door appeared on building site
49 Under local ruins
50 In lime covered mass grave pit near city

1d12 Special Alternate Entry Method

These used by inhabitants or secret methods used by adventurers. Dungeon might have several, especially if guarded by different faction to inhabitants. Dungeons often built on bad locations or attract strange forces to protect.

1 Secret passage or panel
2 Special key bypasses the gateway
3 Inhabitants inside will open for secret knock or signal
4 1d3 language texts must be read aloud at same time
5 Teleporter pad requires tattoo or medallion
6 Prayer required to correct god
7 Sacrifice of food and wine to local gods
8 Blood sacrifice to open or pass
9 Door visible and usable only with detect magic
10 Path through unfriendly stronghold or lair or crypt
11 Aquatic passageway require hold your breath
12 Know a puzzle or riddle or password

d100 mighty thresholds

01 Frighting cave cave mouth with fireplace camps of humanoids
02 Dark cave mouth with monster lair with monster dung heaps
03 Gaping cave mouth with waterfall and wading pool and monster lair
04 Stinking cave mouth with bloody altar with hidden doors underneath and nearby guards
05 Vile cave mouth with stinking pit entryway and nearby guards
06 Awful cave mouth with bubbling lava pool with bridge and nearby guards
07 Ancient cave mouth with huge pit with flimsy wood and rope bridge and nearby guards
08 Frozen cave mouth with gigantic altar with priest and cultists nearby
09 Slimy cave mouth blocked by boulder with huge monster doorman
10 Damp cave mouth with monster chained in entrance
11 Mighty carved wooden doors in rock wall with spyhole and force of guards
12 Huge carved wooden doors in rock wall with locks and barred from inside
13 Massive carved wooden doors in rock wall with guarded by pair of monsters
14 Embossed carved wooden doors in rock wall with huge scale trap like a dead fall
15 Battered carved wooden doors in rock wall with dozens of arrow and pit traps
16 Polished metal clad door with relief art, cursed by a god idol near doorway
17 Bronze clad door with relief art, statues are monsters like gargoyles or golems
18 Burnished brass clad door with relief art, ornamental bowl with elemental guardian
19 Semi precious stone studded in metal clad door with relief art, undead guards in ancient dress
20 Iron clad door with relief art, strong chains hold doors with gigantic padlock
21 Huge portcullis gates with second set, both trap intruders within
22 Rusty portcullis gates with drawbridge over water/lava/pit of spikes/chasm
23 Mighty portcullis gates with monster trapped between gates
24 Frightening portcullis gates with murderholes with boiling oil or lead, guardhouse above
25 Spiked portcullis gates with arrow slits and guards cover entry way gauntlet
26 Brooding portcullis gates with guardhouse and kennels, savage guard dogs or beasts
27 Black portcullis gates with hidden assassin team of hand to hand experts in hidey holes
28 Dark portcullis gates with hidden assassin snipers up high in holes with poison arrows
29 Menacing portcullis gates with hidden assassins or creature drops from roof
30 Nightmare portcullis gates with gargoyle statues which are really guardians
31 Huge bronze solid metal doors with swinging pendulum trap
32 Bleak Iron doors with spiked pit trap and humanoid archers
33 Daunting Brass doors with burning fire trap and salamanders
34 Frightening Iron doors with alarm
35 Strange stone doors with repeating dart trap
36 Strange green stone doors with wards cause aversion if fail WIS save
37 Volcanic glass doors explosive fire spell
38 Slime encrusted stone doors cause stinking cloud and alarm
39 Worn iron doors cause paralysis and alarm if touched
40 Gleaming copper doors with electrified runes
41 Wizard lord processional ceremonial doorway magically held requires magic to open
42 Outre processional ceremonial doorway other planar guardians require test or fight
43 Majestic processional ceremonial doorway stone statues of men and beasts animate
44 Martial processional ceremonial doorway weapons and/or armour animate and attack
45 Religious processional ceremonial doorway beings step from artwork to defend
46 Royal processional ceremonial doorway with throne seating a magical guardian humanoid
47 Tribute processional ceremonial doorway great piles of treasure really a monsters
48 Palatial processional ceremonial doorway illusions try to drive party away
49 Great processional ceremonial doorway great magical face appears to challenge party
50 Ancient ruined processional ceremonial doorway a strange magical beast dwells here as guard
51 Spectacular staircase with great doors seems to transform into huge mouth and tongue
52 Dark staircase with great doors surrounded by vegetation of fungus and creatures hidden waiting
53 Granite staircase with great doors a statue at each step is some kind of golem
54 Haunted staircase with great doors a coffin or sarcophagi each step with undead
55 Slime coated staircase with great doors urns containing slime or liquid monster
56 Sinister staircase with great doors duplicates of party without magic items appears
57 Gloomy staircase with great doors, spirits beings from statues attack
58 Basalt staircase with great doors magical weapons shoot at intruders
59 Crystal staircase with great doors magical force wall
60 Blank wall with secret door with lock
61 Engraved wall with secret door with puzzle
62 Moss covered wall with secret door with poison trap
63 Cyclopean wall with secret door with shoggoth filled wells
64 Scared ancient wall with secret door requires special item to open
65 Haunted wall with secret door hidden in relief art
66 Weathered wall with artwork really a dimensional gateway
67 Nameless wall with bricked over requires smashing down which acts as an alarm
68 Crumbling wall with rotating wall section with hidden trigger switched
69 Frozen wall with rotating wall section when hidden trigger switched plus pit trap
70 Crumbling wall with rotating wall section when hidden trigger switched, spiked wall strikes
71 Flooded grotto with frozen chunks of ice and ice monster behind waterfall
72 Stinking grotto with cloud of slow acting poisonous vapour
73 Fetid grotto filled with garbage and offal covering hidden entrance
74 Foul grotto with undead and corpse filled black pool connected to entrance
75 A grotto with strange hallucinatory mists enjoyed by guardian magicians
76 A crystal grotto with strange magical surfaces providing visions, gates and evil clones
77 A grotto of volcanic rock with boiling lava pools sacred home of fire beasts and beings
78 A grotto of ice with frozen creatures trapped in ice released by magic on intruders
79 A grotto of bubbling mutagens and weird mists frequent home of mutants
80 A grotto of bubbling mud and regular geysers requiring timing to pass
81 A grotto dedicated to a cult with shrine and fierce idols and guardian spirit or beast or cult
82 A black basalt grotto of mineral springs, weathered pre human glyphs and a strange beast
83 A misty grotto with witches or shamen lair, many strange things and pets to be found
84 A flaming grotto of burning natural gas and coal seam block entry fatal for most life
85 An otherworldly grotto where deadly ethereal jellyfish from beyond float around serenely
86 A grotto with lush greenery and some light source, overgrown with deadly animate plants
87 A gateway beneath a ruined evil fort with sturdy doors and humanoid camp
88 A gateway beneath ancient tomb of noble with fanatic warriors of a tribe or order or cult
A gateway beneath ancient tomb for wizard with magical guardian constructs or summoned entities
90 A gateway beneath ancient tomb for priest lord with holy guardian constructs or servitors or beasts of the cult
91 A crumbling necropolis with cursed gate in 
mausoleum with undead lord and minions 
92 A cyclopean prehuman ruin guarded by cultist or servitor horror of elder evil hides gate
93 Crumbling prehuman site of cosmic wars after creation, remnant wards or guardian left tp protect gate
94 Crumbling prehuman ruins with inhuman mummified corpses in thousands, gate and other strange magic or entities hidden in depths
95 Burned out old ruined structure with no identifiable marks, gateway deep inside in unstable area, possibly haunted
96 Strange elder ruins moulded from living stone by pre metal era wizards, gat guarded by undead or demonic megafauna of iceage
97 Shattered glass ruins form razor sharp invisible maze around portal, sliced up bodies throughout
98 Crumbling half buried wooden structure inside a portal is guarded by angels from ancient post creation calamity
99 Field of strange auraras hide entry protected by krononovore time elemental and willow the wisps
100 Rusted metal wreck of star chariot of the gods with strange relics and golems guarding gate


  1. Must say I like the doors and thresholds.
    I always find it curious doors get as much table time in many a game session as they do. The right (or wrong door) will draw PCs like flys or keep them away.

    1. i have had many awesome rooms left because players scared of doors, then they will loudly smash next one and battle 2 lots of random encounters then knock on another the try picking locks - i guess i put preassure and clock on dungeoncrawls and keep them moving - my players rarely clean a level or get best loot so random generating on fly often better and less time wasting

      i might try new table maker to speed this up or layout tables on a3 sheet so multi d12 rolled at same time and leave dice on charts to note current door with a list of pregens

  2. I guess i did lots of tables to produce generic dungeon vibe then others to make generic dungeons have memorable details, dressings and entrances

    one on stairs soon


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