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d100 Shonky deals in Shadelport pt1

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These are offers mostly made in tavers, dark alleyways and black markets. These are easily available especialy in redlight or criminal gettos. Next epiosode will cover big deals for the rich, nobles, kings.

d10 version
1 Drug dealers
2 Pimp and sex workers
3 Small illegal goods
4 large illegal goods

5 Illicit services
6 Documents

7 Cults
8 Entertainment
9 Potion
10 Magic

d100 Petty shonky deals in Shadelport (d100 gp)
01 Black lotus resin puts you in stupor and receive dark occult visions, smoked or eaten
02 Dream Poppy puts you in stupor forget life the more consumed, anesthetic, therapeutic, addictive. Mixed with wine or smoking or eating, drug is state monopoly and unauthorized sales a crime
03 Blue Lotus flower gives mythic visions of past and workings of the cosmos or just a buzz if small, mixed with wine and drunk dose, rare and must be fresh or need 10x amount if powdered
04 Soma provides with vision of gods and feeling godlike power, eater is fearless and overconfident cannot be harmed, used by warriors, priests and kings, holy and legal only for elites and holy
05 Moon Dust wild swinging moods, with high and lows, causes madness long term, snorted -2 WIS saves while high
06 Demon Dust if snorted gives feeling of unrestrained power slowly turns you evil +1HP while high
07 Devil weed if smoked in pipe or cigar or hooka provides a mild buzzto new users  (+1 initiative for first 1d10 hits) until addicted then require to feel normal and slowly gets diseased organs reduces lifespan 3d10% if habit -1d10% if quit, can be used as wound sterilizer for herbalists, legal but persecuted and restricted supply 
08 Devil Dust a refined devil weed is snorted and has added feature of rotting away the nose in 1d10 years of use, many rich thrill seekers flaunt it, Barron orders are to cut noses off users caught 
09 Leng Dust if snorted gives visions of times and places signifiucant to the prehuman elder gods, banned by state, tends to drive user 1d3 1mad (chaotic) 2evil or 3both and 1d4 insanities
10 Plutonian Drug provides visions of the past increasingly large doses see the dawn time and daemons come to take them away for having forbidden knowledge
11 A shaven dwarf in exotic underwear under fur coat
12 A seedy goblin with bucket of yoghurt and goat with pretty eyes
13 A pimp specializing in halflings dressed as human children
14 Kobold twins with makeup and bugbear pimp (c'mon every guy dreamed of twins)
15 A slave elf promised by orc pimp and gang who will take you to orc inn (elf slaves illegal in city)
16 Doppelganger prostitute looks just like your dream love has bed nearby
17 Kobold selling rude shaped turnips for a laugh or any use or even eating
18 Dark elf lovely with hobgoblin pimp, charms guests in her gang compound
19 Ugly old person with glamour to look pretty offers value services, works with a magician pimp 
20 Gang offer attractive youth in private apartment, actually cannibal cultists
21 A dagger with a poison well
22 A dagger that poisons hand if held without disarming
23 A vial of mild poison 1d4 1=blade venom 2=ingested 3=contact 4=gas
24 A discount trinket or item stolen from wealthy person 1in6 under investigation
25 Elf body part lucky charms (Barron hands those convicted to elves d2 1=dark elves 2=bright elves)
26 Fake unicorn horn or supposed healing unicorn dung in packets (death sentence)
27 Dwarf beards for novelty or fashion use, makes dwarfs furious especially if ever shaven
28 Holy mans relic like fingernail, hair or skin (1in10 real)
29 Cursed fishman gold that monsters will try to reclaim every full moon
30 Elf undergarments finest quality 1in2 have grubby human or orc fingerprints 
31 Non human corpse d4 1=elf 2=dwarf 3=halfling 4=gnome 5=Ogres head 6=Tako
32 Barrel of cheap beer with orc head and formaldehyde, some like it that way
33 Keg of black powder stolen from Barron's armoury or Pirate crew
34 Illegal carcass of protected Barron's deer or bundle of pheasants
35 Animal for sale cheap but stolen d4 1= Horse (death) 2=cow 3=donkey 4=hound
36 Cat piano for sale just needs some fresh cats and tuning to work
37 Mummified horrible "mermaid" 1in6 evil undead monster awakens if wet or rains
38 Suit of armour and weapons all stolen but cheap with coat of arms stamp
39 Frozen limbless "dead" troll packed in crate with straw and ice
40 Fine statue (actually a real person turned to stone)
41 Wizard offers cheap animated zombie workers 
42 Old hitman good for one last job
43 Smuggler offering crossing into different part of city
44 A forger offering documents
45 A theif offering lock picking and second story entry
46 A kidnapper offering work
47 Grave robbing apprentices offer discount corpses
48 Hobo offers small fee to stab or punch him
49 Children for sale from kidnapper
50 Necromancer offers to speak to dead for a price
51 Traders docket to collect d100 bottles of rum (1in6 stolen from Barron otherwise fake)
52 Treasure map of small island or in ruined part of city or abandoned house
53 Crumbling magic book 1in6 real with a spell
54 Pamplet published by emperors agents mocking Barron or proclaiming revolt
55 Deed to abandoned house 1in6 real
56 Passport and entry papers for most gates and bridges for free travel - death sentance to have
57 Ownership details of fishing boat 1d3 1=fake 2=real but owe docking fees 3=occupied by pirates 
58 Theatre Tickets of sold out hot show
59 Orgy invitation (1in6real and 1in6 real run by monsters like vampire, demon or succubi)
60 Brochure of cult or secret society promising secret knowledge
61 Offer to come join a sacred orgy with secret illegal cult
62 Offer of free powers and black forbidden lore to join secret cult of the prehuman monster dynasty  
63 Offer to join secret police of Barron 1in6 real other wise assassin brainwashing cult
64 Offer to gain one time to sorcerers cult of drug abuse and sex for a donation
65 Offer to impregnate temple maiden of cult, bloodline needed to make monsters
66 Cult offer free grog and possibly sex, actually fish men in human skins
67 Cult offer exotic beauty and relaxation spa in secret temple disguised as classy inn
68 Mad hobo warns of secret cults in city everywhere offers to point out one for cash
69 Invited to free feast! d4 1=cannibals 2=werewolves 3=undead 4=press ganged by pirates
70 Forbidden book offered cheap, persued by cult
71 Cockfighting
72 Dog fighting
73 Bear versus goblin fight
74 Kobold cage match
75 Halfling vs gnome fight
76 Women fighting match 
77 Live donkey dancer 1in6 say it is a unicorn and elf with bad costume
78 Erotic necromancer performance no kids alowed
79 Giant spider vs goblin fight
80 Knife or bear knuckle fighters
81 fake medicine 1d4 1=adictive 2=poison 3=stolen 4=useless
82 Werewolf blood reputed healing potion but poison, if save second save or get lycanthropy
83 Weight reduction tonic reduce height by 1d6 inches permanantly
84 Healing potion 1d4 1=1hp 2=1d6 3=nothing 4=poison 1in6 stolen
85 Baldness cure sprout 2d6 foot long ginger hair
86 Beauty potion extracted from young innocents blood turns user evil and vain wanting more
87 Vampire Blood +1 CHA -d6HP for one hour, addictive and makes vampires hate you
88 Unholy water sold as holy water
89 Potion of vigor actually addictive stimulant +1 Initiative for hour -1d6 HP
90 Cure for alcoholics made from addictive dream poppies
91 Broken golem in a box on sale cheap, owner wants back
92 Undead wizard head in a box, sometimes makes sense
93 Cursed magic weapon
94 Cursed magic item
95 Inteligent item with annoying personality wont shut up
96 A cheap familiar being, owner killed, responds to feeding and care as possible follower
97 Bloodstone sold cheap, WIS save or become obsessed with keeping, become paranoid and eventually evil 
98 Werewolf cloak or ointment, infects with lycanthropy
99 Hand of glory candle made from severed criminal hand1d3 1=cast one sleep spell 2=cast invisibility 3=both one use having one makes you grave robber and thief to law
100 Broken fragment of cursed relic with great destiny


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