Saturday 3 May 2014

Quick Exilelog: Graves, Guardians and a spot of shopping

Club very healthy at moment with 19 playing 3 versions of dnd and a table of board and card gamers. Im getting used to 8 players which is pretty good. Who rolls the worst seems to look extra left out and frustrated. Lots of new players attracted from computer gamers who are looking to find their roots.

Tried to set up new art studio and got heaped with shit from residents for using aerosol which has happened last 2 times - getting me down when I struggle to keep doing painting. Killed 7 rats in house this week and flushed away to rat paradise.

Having a re-read of second ed complete guides and options books before I go on with my revised character stuff - found some good ideas i had missed. Thinking my back stab mod too harsh? For some reason ability always scared me needlessly. I have not had a really crafty thief in long long time play. Changeling class was appreciated and started using my new master tables.

This weeks game was a bit short.

A mix of different player turned up, I had misplace all character sheets and numbers were a bit low for cliffhanger. We waited till Rod finished his wargame and then got down to business.

Battled a hoardling which was pretty tough and party won even though still wounded from last fight. Meanwhile upstairs the valley undead guardians arrived and blocked escape. Managed to loot the dozen odd dead adventurers and get up shaft to battle undead tomb guards. Made it close but won and saw undead crumble to dust then float away on wind to return again next night. Party well armed with magic weapons and a few wands now.

Party ran home and did some shopping. Boat was too much and did some trading. Returned family signet ring to clan found on dead wizard and were well rewarded and got enough for a boat. Traded a few magic items and dealt with relations with gang and hotel party controlled. Purchased some strange magic drugs and other dodgy items while selling spell books in alleys. Necromancer has made floating burning skulls and has set some up to guard gang loot and provide loot in their tavern. Gang in pub wary at first but adjusted and even came to re-name themselves the flaming skulls when their rep had improved. Young necromancers and wizard students began to hand out too so new clientele worked. Beer with orc heads in barrels as popular as ever with unknowing patrons who complained when they tried a different brewer.

Returning to loot tombs or sailing for treasure next time.

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  1. Most excellent! Both the size of your group and the hilarious Orc-head beer.


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