Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Exilelog: Treasure and Knowlege Hunt

RIP to Giger - awesome artist will be missed

Party mostly 6th level now

Asper Cumberbitch halfling now using two +2 shortswords one which protects him from detection and alighnment scans. Has 4 apprentice halflings, one he tried bullying into necromancy but it didn't go well. Is sick of undead. Also had his thief girlfiend follower.

Bear shapshifter has armoured bear man bodyguard and has multiple unarmed attacks now in bear form.

Kalima the Necromancer has new apprentice and has small horde of undead and making magic items like a coin that creates one skeleton servant anyone can use. Has a stone chest full of flaming flying skulls. Has new apretice left home but has school chum with her and well armoured bodyguard, Ganesh.

Dark elf and riding spider back with party and a bit behind. Too snooty to slumb with party but has been busy tattooing cult signs on halflings for free knowing cult after Asper who has the real tatoo they seek. Has his cleric girlfriend and riding spider.

Party debating return to devil mountain but have necromancers map to cave in ghostwood. Followed trail into woods and way blocked by goblin dance party with a satyr like creature that looked kinda odd. Snuck up to watch then back to group and goblins came after. Leader creature went for most armoured while goblins took brunt. Mowed down by missiles and hit creatur but it managed to use heat metal power on Ganesh's sword and he dropped it till it cooled.

Found another aprentice wannabe necromancer and while Kalima quizzed him on necromancy Asper stabbed him. Unconscious body thrown in cart drwan by blanket covered undead horse. Had a pamphlet with animate tiny creature cantrip and tips for getting to be a necromancer that included find a master in the Ghostwood.

Followed map to cave and saw white creatures jump into pond in entry. One saw was a goblin. Up close saw reeds used a breathing tubes so Bear used undeen servant to natch reeds. Five giant frogs with riders and five archers jumped out of pond, a bit more than expected. Fight was a bit exiting and apprentice halfling got a tongue stuck to him.

Inside cave was a creek trickling from a chamber further in, waste deep. Halflings clung to bear in his beas form and climbed into chamber with crying gaged elfmaid chained to chest. As party aproached. Dark elf warned evil behind waterfall and Kalima saw chest and elf was magic. Asper threw a rock through waterfall and eye of the deep came through, paralyzing Ganesh and the elf with rays and blinding necromancers assistant and many flying skulls. Remaining heroes charged and more stunned and blinded but bear used lightning wand and Kalima used fire shuriken to badly hurt it. It flew over the gang and nipped and bit the elf badly. Elf's sidekick priestess cured his paralysis and he shot beast after biting him. Party wailed on it and skulls especialt hurt it. Halflings had to jump up to hit it and Asper finished it. It fell on his head and rolled to floor where eceryone finished it. Found a collection of rotten wizard crap and coins in rotted bags creature used as a bed. Repaired and cleaned scroll fragments with spells and used to learn a create ghoul spell from a spellbook fragment. All summoned undead did little.

As cave was on edge of Cymbal mountain where every monastery order in world located party went to visit. Path blocked by zombie oxen cart ladened with skeletons and coffins. Lead skeleton with sythe directed rest to take cover behind wagon. Bear and Elf charged and as got close undead charged back. The lead skeleton warrior was good but rest destroyed easily.  Bear unhitched wagon and rolled down hill where worm ridden coffins burst. Body of a nun, strangely dressed prostitute, old man, a man with robes and bad romantic poems, and a knight. Luckily knew of a bad poetry store in city and armour clean up was possible.

Went to drunken frog order who seemed cheerful alcoholics and were given beds for night. Tried to visit moon knight order but told they were not welcome. Asked jolly drunk monks where to find order of librarians. Realized drunk monks exaggerated behavior and actually serious secretive order. Next morning scholar monks welcomed and stored party weapons. Offered them knowledge for knowledge, wanted to interview pa. Kalima interested in Necromancer king epoch. Asper lied about his past as in hiding and picked up some trivia about Devil mountain. Elf sneered at them, no interest in stupid human knowledge and no secrets he wants to tell of dark elves even if he was an exile. Bear interested in Devil hill too and keen o visit.

Party keen to return to city and sell monster corpses.

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