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Devil Hill Dungeons Part One

These while based on the strata dungeon design model are more diverse and mostly more recent than the Vault of Ages Type. See last post for map.

Tomb of Sir Alpeth
 Sir Alspeth was a crusader when the faiths of the land declared a crusade on Devil Hill. He was a mighty knight who looted many dungeons for the Empire. He ruled the Island from this dungeon determined to kill the bound godHe was killed fighting an anti paladin over the tomb of the bound god. His grave is haunted but his paladin arms and armour are buried here. His fallen comrades defend his grave even in death.

Level One: Throne Level

Battered and raided a few times but with secrets and loot still. Floor collapses in places sliding down to lower level.

d12 Encounter
1 Wights 1d6

2 Zombies 3d6
3 Skeleton Spearmen 4d6 Half are archers
4 Animated Armour Golem
5 Animated Knights weapons 1d4
6 Gargoyles 2d6
7 Band of Ghouls 2d6
8 Mummy knight
9 Wraith knight
10 Revenant
11 Skeleton Warrior
12 Crypt Keeper sends victims to dungeon depths

Level Two & Three: Monster Terrordrome

These joined levels are raided by golblinoids and even adventurers and beings from the Dungeon of Xull. Goblins are trying to support Thouls to take over as dominant undead. These Troll-ghoul-goblinoids are dangerous and growing.

d12 Encounter
1 Wights 1d6

2 Zombies 3d6
3 Skeleton Spearmen 4d6 Half are archers
4 Goblin Explorers 4d6
5 Orc Troops seeking relics 3d6 6 Hobgoblins in heavy armour with halberds formations 1d12+6
7 Goblin Hero with Thoul body guards and 2d6 goblins
8 Goblin warg riders 2d4 scouts and skirmishers
9 Thoul exterminators on prowl 2d4
10 Bugbear kill team 3d4
11 Goblin Shaman with thoul guards and 3d6 goblins
12 Trolls exploring 1d6 (seeded by goblin shamans)

Level Four: Guardian Level
Is a underground cathedral, with urns and supernatural artworks. Level is a trap barrier and temple against evil intruders. Many of his followers from campaigns buried here. 

d12 Encounter
1 Wights 2d6

2 Zombies 4d6
3 Skeleton Spearmen 5d6 Half are archers
4  Wraith Knights
5  Stone Golem
6  Banshee
7  Eye of fire and ice
8  Crypt Keeper
9 Thoul exterminators on prowl 2d6
10 Mummies 1d4+1
11 Skeleton Warriors 1d6+1
12 Empire pilgrim adventurers looking for relics 3d4

Level Five: Crypt of Alspeth
The final resting place is sealed here but under seige from evil who want to destroy his relics so none may use them. His armour, shield and holy avenger are buried here guarded by his iron golem horse. Creatures from other planes and from the miser kings dungeon have come up here.

d12 Encounter
1 Wights 3d4

2  Rakasha
3  Succubi
4  Wraith Knights 1d6
5  Stone Golem
6  Banshee
7  Barbed Devils 1d3
8  Vampire
9 Zombie Ogres of the miser king 4HD 1d8+2 clubs 3d6
10 Mummies 1d6 
11 Skeleton Warriors 2d6
12 Death Knight

Level Six 
Is shared with Miser King and will describe later. Entry was made by accident when digging the complex then sealed, but undead of Haan come up to fight the undead of sir Alspeth.

Dungeon Palace of Xull the Liberator
King Xull's Dungeon Palace is the pleasure palace and shelter for a doom averted by an ancient heretic warlord. Xull broke the rules of war and magic and crippled the bound god in battle.

Level One: Entry Ruin 

Once a grand procesional entry now this is a battleground of adventurers and monsters trying to establish territory. Heavily trapped by kobolds so all wary. There is always an encounter holding the entry way just inside the darkness

d12 Encounter
1 Kobolds trappers 3d6

2  Goblins gang 3d4
3  Warg riders 1d4 skirmish and harassing scouts
4  Bat rider goblin patrol 1d4 will flee to rally gobin horde
5  Stirge Owl Swarm 2d6+6
6  Carrion Crawler
7  Gelatinous Cube
8  Orc warriors skirmishing 2d6
9 Bugbear assassin
10 Dark Creeper assassin
11 Bandits
12 Adventurers

Level Two &Three: Administration Levels 
Former Empire bureaucrats ran the dungeon and empire from here. A redbrick like complex with humanoids vying for power. Level two has a goblin tribe with other goblinoids and pets. The Third is held by orcs.

d12 Encounter
1 Kobold scouts 4d4

2  Goblin warriors 2d6+6
3  Hobgoblin phalanx 1d6+6
4  Orc raiders 3d6
5  Orcs with horrible war dogs 1d6 orcs, 1d6 dogs each
6  Owl bear
7  Hook Horror
8  Thoul warrior
9  Ghouls 1d6
10 Ogres 1d4
11 Troll
12 Bugbears 1d6

Level Four: Stone Plaza

This level was found as a stone age gathering place with stone huts and sacred plaza. The primitive finery was incorporated into design where Xull would address his minions and hold court. Now it is a neutral zone where monsters trade.

d12 Encounter
1 Gremlins 5d4 with darts

2  Kobold crafters with trade goods 4d4
3  Goblin merchants 3d6 and 1d3 wargs
4  Orc bandits 3d6
5  Hobgoblin guards keeping the peace 1d6+6 with a pet hook horror
6  Constrictor cave snake or Cave Fisher drops from above
7 Dark elf merchants with erotic artworks and drunks
8  Piercers 3d6
9  Bugbear 2d4
10 Ogres 1d4
11 Troll
12 Goblinoid market with traders stalls

Level Five: Fungus Garden  
This level still has intact relics and art from the tomb and has demihuman presence. They are here to trade and monitor other dungeon inhabitants and perhaps the surface. Fungus outcrops here are common and some races come for grazing. Crawling with vermin, bugs and rats. 

d12 Encounter
1 Dark dwarf warriors in armour with guns 1d4+4

2  Dark elf scouts with 2d6 archers and a leader 1d4+4 level
3  Deep gnome agents happy to trade 1d6+6
4  Ankeg
5  Bugbears 6+1d12
6  Trolls 1d4
7 Ogres 2d6
8  Goatmen looters 6+1d6 (or hyena or wolf or ratmen)
9  Thouls 3d4
10 Gatherers from upper levels roll on level 1d4 encounter table
11 Giant Spiders 2d4
12 Cave lizards 3d4

Level Six: Ruined Pleasure Palace 
This was where king Xull's pleasure garden was. Now occupied by beings from the underland and worse

d12 Encounter 
1  Goblins 6d6 with Nilbogs, thouls, Shamans, Wizard and other elites
2  Dark elf scouts with 3d6 archers and a leader 1d4+4 level and 1d4 pets
3  Orcs 5d6 with ogre or troll elites, undead and a priest 
4  Kobold suicide squads with bomb vests and grenades
5  Bugbears 3d6 with shaman and two owlbears
6  Trolls 2d6 with shaman and pet cave bear
7 Ogres 3d6
8  Goatmen looters 6+2d6 (or hyena or wolf or ratmen)
9   Darkstalker and creepers seek to rob and murder intruders 3d6
10 Adventurers from upper levels or underlands
11  Amber golem guardian
12 Succubi or erinyes or mummy harem women

Level Seven: Tomb Level
Connected to underland but still core is intact. Xull is a greater mummy with entourage who will talk and torture for fun anything living that comes his way. He wields his mighty weapon that brought down the last age before him

d12 Encounter 
1 Orc elite warriors 3d4 with priest and undead ogres 2d6

2 Human cultists seeking mysteries of evil 3d6 + 1d4+6 lv leader
3 Dark stalker and creeper hunters will track and molest party 4d6
4 Wight guards 3d4
5 Bugbears 4d6
6 Trolls 2d4
7 Ogres 3d6
8 Goatmen looters 6+3d6 (or hyena or wolf or ratmen)
9 Umber Hulk 1d3
10 Dark elf explorers and traders come to communicate with Xull 3d6 +1d6+4 Lv leader
11 Xulls bride a ghoul queen with 5d6 ghouls
12 King Xull and his dozen wight bodyguards

Wizard School

After the university of hadelport this is the largest magic school on the Island. They do not get along with university but both respec each other even though the school is for renigades and cheaper. The necromancer school is shunned and necromancers are not included in faculty. This school is nooriously more sexist and corrupt than the university. Non humans use bone and stone weapons of advanced stone age and mostly monster hide and bone for armour. Rust monsters roam grounds as deterrent for outsider warriors 
Level One: Gate Way

Entry point always has two dozen orcs, a orc leader and a 6th level wizard and 1d4 1st level apprentices on duty. Commonly used by servants and zero level students

1d6 Encounter

1 kobold servants run in panic screaming 1d4 
2 Apprentices 2d4 zero level
3 Apprentices 1d4 first level

4 Orc guards one dozen
5 Giant rats 2d4
6 Gelatinous cube

Level Two: Apprentice barracks

This level is where lesser students live. Old crones work in many roles in kitchens and bath rooms. The entry is another guard house like the dungeon entry point and a door magically locked by gatekeeper wizard on duty

1d6 Encounter
1 kobold throw potions and run 2d4
2 Apprentices 3d6 zero level
3 Apprentices 2d4 first level

4 Orc guards one dozen
5 Hobgoblin janitors doing rounds 1d4
6 Rust monster or carrion crawler school pet

Level Three: Senior student dorms
Older students live here and spent time at study, goofing off, snack raids, abusing younger students

1d6 Encounter
1 kobold throw potions and run 2d4
2 Apprentices 2d6 first level
3 Apprentices 1d4 with random d4 level each

4 Hobgoblin guards one dozen with champion leader
5 Hobgoblin janitors doing rounds 1d4
6 Gremlin problem 4d4

Level Four: Library and administration

Where books and lecture rooms and intro alchemy labs are situated

1d6 Encounter
1 Teacher 6th level with 1d4 1st apprentices and a hobgoblin butler
2 Apprentices 2d6 first level
3 Apprentices 1d4 with random d4 level each

4 Bugbear guards 2d4
5 Apprentices performing chores 1d4 zero level
6 Invisible thuel watchdog reports intruders to school

Level Five:  Lecture rooms and gymnasiums

Spell testing rooms, martial training, target ranges and senior lecture rooms and offices here

1d6 Encounter
1 Teacher 6th level with 2d4 1st apprentices and 1d4 hobgoblin butler
2 Apprentices 3d6 first level
3 Apprentices 2d4 with random d4 level each

4 Bugbear guards 2d4+4
5 Ogres workers 1d4
6 Invisible 4th level hall monitor reports intruders to school

Level Six: Staff residents and laboratories
Teachers reside here with personal apprentices doing dirty work

1d6 Encounter

1 Teacher 6th level with 2d4 1st apprentices and 1d4 hobgoblin butler
2  Crypt keeper hall monitor evicts non masters or unaccompanied by master
3 Apprentices 3d4 with random d4 level each

4 Bugbear guards 3d4+4
5 Ogre workers under troll command 2d4 plus troll
6 Invisible stalker hall monitor

Level Seven: Trial area
Where students are tested and a double gatehouse defends the elevator into the caverns of the underland

1d12 Encounter
1 Rust Monster 1d4
2 Crypt Keeper - sends people into air of great cavern below
3 Apprentices 2d4 with random d4 level each
4 Bugbear guards 2d4+8

5 Ogres workers 3d4 + leader
6 Invisible stalker guard
7 Owbears 1d6
8 Hook Horrors 1d6
9 Salamanders 1d4
10 Elemental 12 HD
11 Dark elf spy 1d6+4th level
12 Gelatinous cubes 2d4

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