Saturday 24 May 2014

Dark Future BRP

Sunday 1-5 Will run BRP Darkfuture (before Vikings game), Maybe a few sessions. Mashup of madmax/carwars/cyberpunk/judgedredd/maxheadroom/deathrace 2000.

Players are ex military, mindwiped after the Zone and mustered out with implants and bad attitudes. Get into the fancy world of courier driving and death motorsports. You can kill anyone without insurance in the wasteland. Help make roadkill out of gangs. Run down mutants on sight for bounties and bush tucker. Any gimmick can get your team a online-tv contract.
Characters include drivers, mechanics, urban combat specialists, snipers, hackers, bikers, truckers, couriers, criminals, lawyers, fixers, body guards, salvage experts, road nomads, cultists, police, ammunition specialist, drone operator, gang members, journalists, parapsychics and conspiracy theorists.

The world is a hellish shell of the past, it gets visibly worse and more implausible daily. How fast how dense is your car in the year 2000?

I ran in past i just need car sheets and character sheets a few models for now. Version of BRP with combat 1-3 seconds horrorshows outside of a car.

Will do a new character sheet and finish my other articles that were slightly too big topics this weekend. Will use my version of rules with 1 sec combat rounds, shoot as much as you like with cumulative recoil penalties.

As for setting it is Qz on the brink of disaster. Population centers after the plague are fenced off most trade by airship. Mutant scum, wasteland gangs and cults fill in between the cities. Daredevil drivers travel between them for special deliveries and just for the bloodsport. Refugees are machine gunned on the beaches daily. Billionaires act like royalty and nobody remembers what an election is. Plagues have left world depopulated and global warming has dried up the wilderness.


  1. Coolness. One of my favorite SSI games was ROADWAR-2000. I was a a CarWars nut for a while and delved into gurps autoduel now and again but most of the folks i gamed with didn't care much for GURPS way back. The Mad MaX/ Snake Plissken supporting dystopia is an easy setting for players to come to grips with. The world sucks but if you have a gun and a car you have a chance.

    Would Magic be an obvious element in such a campaign? It jumps off the character sheet and looks like a dominant element due to it's placement.

    1. might be magic, psionics but rare and dangerous - will use brp optional rules for magic points

      dont expect to be common

  2. Not sure if this is still in your interests:

    Just a racing wargame, but handled well with a wide open backstory.

    1. im interested but using my own system using BRP


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