Monday 19 May 2014

MARVEL log: Corporate Excess

Today's Team Up

Transmission and The Traveller
Guest Staring Tabloidia

The Traveller is more of a Dr Who sort of a guy than superhero. He is from an advanced alternate humanoid from the future with a base in hyperspace with a mobile entry point that is damaged and not mobile at the moment. Keeps his spaceship inside disguised as a pink retro sedan auto. Can teleport himself and others, read psychometric impressions and adapt to environmental conditions. Just developed ability to create a disintegration gun and EMP gun from the tech in his body that appears as pistols that grow from wires pouring through his skin. Also learning to use adaptions and developing kinetic resistance stunt so always defended. Mostly as weak as a normal person. Wears old suits.

Transmission has been upgrading van to include LCD paint that can change van appearance and has taken FIRE merc suit and turned into his armour mode.  Transmission is a super inventor and hacker genius. Besides the van and salvaged suit he swings around on line from his web gauntlet which he can now net whole area in sticky strands. Wears a skin tight silver bodysuit. Carries tools and computer parts and jacks.

So guys at base hear of rail sec battling gang of cyborg freaks. Drove to scene and from overpass saw two sec patrol cars ambushed by over twenty feral pschos surrounding them with armed and armoured gang cars. Two were light buggies but armed with machine guns.

Transmission drove through barrier onto old power station roof and fired web over a third of gang. Traveller in his pink car followed and teleported a machine gun into web from mount. Flabbergasted gang fire back but Transmission truck helped him and Traveller shot himself earlier to adapt to bullets.

More web from Transmission and EMP grenaide from Travellers xeno armoury in his hyperspace HQ. Some escaped and fled but Transmission then drove off roof onto one of cars partially crushing it. Gamg surrended and police came. Gang was hostile over rail corp taking over gang squat and trying to evict. Gang retaliating. Many ex black science supersoldier test subjects with surgery errors, bionic limbs and bad attitudes. Many war vets. Heroes tried to help the vets and one had escaped Exotech cybernetics and knew their was an attempt to take orphans as lab rats soon.

Team waited watched orphanage and observed corp surveillance unit with ease tapping into their feed and computers and listening to plans thaey had read about in their corp computer. Cyborg mercs surrounded house in flame then came in disguise as fire men and police. Traveller had already taken kids into Transmission's van and sent to airport to Nepal. His monastery that opened his superhuman powers would protect them if needed. Boys confronted the borgs and webbed them and hit with EMP from his other dimensional arsenal left from last caper. Most trapped and fired bullets back. Transmission hurt and Traveller stayed bullet resistant. Traveller managed to adapt when flamer used or he would have been down, Transmission with his shiny suit burning off was getting shy. Managed to keep battering borgs but neither hero good at hurting so pulled out.

Exotech (ripped from Electra Assasin) was unhappy and Stewert Littleman was Exec on the scene. Traveller watched him with his scanner eyes and saw most managers had an implant of some kind, bossman was a metallic humanoid in a meat suit. Spied on company and toyed with severance team after recovering. Got some dirt and went meet activist on global tour also on hit list with Traveller. Exotech think he is still just a cop detective. Don't know he is now an APIO inspector. Transmissions secret ID holds and he is rated a nothing hero by corp.

Cyborg hit squad destroy Travellers apartment and party retreat after stalemate of cyborgs vs the heroes who just web or teleport people. Saw CEO Stewert come into scene and pulled out. Found cyborgs in web all dead melted off flesh from acid. Got stewerts eye feed of his execution to his bosses in e-mail.

Call in Tabloidia (extra player).

The media muscle man of mystery came in ant took charge with a plan to use his evil alter ego Blackmail to help. His dirty detective said shame best way to stop this head of the corporate body. Make them cut it off in shame. Party infiltrate with false identities hacked by Transmission (Rm reason + Computers + Cryptography + Amazing Hacker and spent karma for step better than needed).

Party realise Exotech make APIO cyber-SAS squaddies and in with corporate and political and defence so play low. Tabloidia and Transmission broadcast all evidence by hacking all tv stations with report on evil org. Traveller reads Tabloidia with his psychometry tolearn his history and fell into shock, spasming on ground. Actually a lord of chaos. Tabloidia's "magic camera" is a mask of a cosmic trickster entity.

Media blitz works and party supply hippies with all data. Stewart goes to Travellers station and attack trying to find Traveller.

"Im gonna kill you fuckers come out your so skullfucked!

You take this seriously when a man has a from mounted acid cannon as they had seen in earlier POV cam footage.

Webbed him and Traveller currently bulletproof tried his new EMP pistol stunt. Stewart acid blasted  Transmission leaving a pink trail of liquid flesh he crawled into his van. While stewert seething and staggering he grabbed and lifted front of the van. Tabloidia teleports up to stewart but gets in front by mistake of getting in front and hopped again away. Traveller fired heat bolt from pistol and burned meat off Stewart's leg. He tore web off head and tore of his face glued to the webbing. Yuck. Kicked van over and inside Tranmision putting on new armour. Re purposed heavy plate with gas mask, hud and tools stolen from FIRE org. Then began fumbling with making a jack he could plug into Stewart's data jack from his web gauntlet computer.

So with skin removed Tabloidia ported in and grabbed his wiener gun bending it away from him taking a laser eye instead. Tabloidia monstered out and Taveller could see what he dreaded. At first Tabloidia who's powers came from camera that morphed into a giant chest plate with a flash on a shoulder pad and his huge uni scanner lens on his chest that let him see everyone nude and film them. Just for personal use. So first armour plate continued from chest to cover him then he assumed his burning demon form. Now his punches and crushing holds were super heated. So as he crushed the groin acid cannon 

Tabloidia kept EMP stunning, while Transmission let off his web fluid and tried to jack in the cyborg but a plate covered the port. Traveller shot it off with the disintegration mode of his so called gun.

Tabloidia grabs steward by skull and starts to just crush his superstructure. Traveller makes self laser proof and covers Stewart's eyes to help Tabloidia who punched the flamer in Stewert's arm. Mostly weaponless and trying to break free he succeeded for a moment and was nabbed again with now a cable from Transmission stuck in him. The new Transmission Extreme armour was clumsier but worked well. Besides Tabloidia soaked up damage better than Stewart and threw remains of bent humanoid into rubble. Transmission hacked body too stop nuke battery deadman switch and removed brain of villain. The weapons systems he nicked for his van. Tabloidia returns to mostly a human camera wrestler.

Saw other stuff in Exotech HQ sub level black labs,like failed almost shut down mind control floor. A modular cyborg battle machine to fight superhumans lab, a captured living metal alien weapon system that wants to kill all life, a floor sealed since 70s for doomsday scenario and cyborg hit squad operations. Exotech have human positive tested replacement manager to declare will help to convict and deal with rogue element. Exotech documentary released damages global stock by 10%. 

Heroes created org Cyborgaholic Anonymous to help test subject vets around city.

Heroes did pretty well and did lots of stunts and used good teamwork.
Will get some new rules in inspired by Zak S talk i menioned recently.
+1 instant karma every time you use own name, catch cry, name call, say what your move or power feat is called or moralize or rationalize stuff.

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