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d100 Post crash space eco-hab modules

So this is more space wreck stuff - what is in those domes on that generation ship. Will do a PDF of whole series. Industrial hab probably last one coming soon. Originally created to provide a natural habitat for recreation and to maintain ecology skills. Also to practice terraforming before the big scale project. Some over run by mutants or aliens.

d10 Simple Post crash space eco-hab modules
01 Farm land (Also see Psychon Farms)
02 Pleasure garden
03 Zoo
04 Aquatic
05 Forest
06 Jungle
07 Frozen waste
08 Desert
09 Grassland
10 Alien

d100 Post crash space eco-hab modules
01 Plains and and rustic farmlands where populace live anti tech lives of religious devotion
02 Plains and grassland where sentient animals worship the great meat factory and retire to it's sacred gates when chosen by the machine gods
03 Animals have overtaken this farm living in a communist paradise but always prepared to repel the savage anti beast human kind
04 Plants have over run with mobile triffids and other horrors herding humans in biological hedge mazes for meat
05 Crops are farmed and harvested by insects hostile to thieves
06 Farmland devoted to drug crop run by criminal syndicate or cult protect from outsiders and "the man" but possibly used by AI or aliens to control a population
07 Human rednecks mistreat their slave workers on plantation (anime, sentient robots, androids), used to cruelty and depravity and treat outsiders the same
08 Feudal overlords in scrapheap castle rule over slave caste of possible non humans. Only respect others in battlesuits why nobles challenge to duels, others are enslaved, hunted, toyed with or accused of witchcraft
09 Scrapheap wall around former holiday hab live in village simplicity farming crops and working together to fight off intruders. Idyllic family life but factions trying to take control
10 Human - plants symbiotic society where humans tend plants who feed, heal and defend locals. Some humans even attached to trees with umbilical cords or born from sacks growing in trees. Humans "liberated" are defenseless, cowardly and useless
11 A luxury garden with springs and idyllic eloi who are harvested by morlocks
12 A garden preserved by hostile machines that preserve the peace from grubby humans who might threaten the paradise
13 A beautiful garden with pleasant food plants where eloi dwell in peace ruled by a jealous machine god who protects them from intruders like morlocks or outsider humans influence
14 Corrupt fatcats have turned luxury resort into personal paradise where they hoard important supplies that could help others. Thugs and slaves serve them.
15 Empty pleasure garden resort with hotel populated by killer androids who seem friendly at first
16 Oriental garden ruled by mad shogun AI with animen or robot or android samurai brutally ruling over gardeners and workers with mad state cult
17 Stately manour house and gardens with hedge maze and secret grotto ruled by scientist or AI with servants (robot or android or animen), may be welcoming at first but really use as lab rats or murder sports
18 Pleasure gardens full of addictive drug crops where lotus eaters live lives of pure pleasure in unearthly gardens of delight, possibly run by AI or morlocks
19 Lakes and streams of narcotics in surreal coloured pleasure garden where bio-engineered pleasure squid welcome visitors for a nice massage
20 Brightly coloured garden with candy fruit trees inhabited by children cared for by bioengineered animals, androids and robots. Children do not age or are cast out when hit puberty. Possible AI rules or guardians over protective or treat visitors as naughty children
21 A pleasantly sculpted zoological gardens taken over by sentient animals at war with the zookeeper AI who wants them back in their cages. Animals battle drones for their freedom from man and machine
22 A former zoo now home to abhuman beastmen of either one or many species under a ruling caste of priests or military who keep out outsiders
23 Mutants crawl around zoo gardens battling each other for food and reproductive rights. Horrid hybrids and chimera attack anything that moves
24 Zombie animals of ancients in zoo here attack living intruders and try to infect or escape the hab to infect other areas
25 Android animal zoo with peace loving community of talking synthetic species that dont understand why angry violent maniacs keep visiting them. Naive childlike android creatures have caged mutants and undead and others in hopes someone can explain
26 Sentient uplifted zoo animals living in harmony with food provided by benevolant AI wary and superstitious about humans the ancient devil beasts. Low tech and see all tech as magic
27 Synthetic life like robots and androids ruled by AI keep humans for study and research. Kept in former animal zoo and possibly a synthetic town where some humans really synthetics learning about humans and practicing infiltration
28 Zoo with alien creatures long escaped and kept sealed by AI masters. Possibly sentient but underestimated by original capture team, now live in village in zoo and wary of humans
29 Petting zoo beastmen live in idylic colourful garden have turned hostile to humans who mostly come to eat them. Bunny commandos led by hamster general protect borders from human scum

30 Cephalapod civilization under the sea with some adapting to amphibious life trying to explore ship and communicate with strange life they encounter, ruled by huge ancient elders in heart of undersea city
31 A great artificial reef with island paradises, some with paranoid tribal cannibals others are taboo. 
32 A sea with coastline and islands where mutant sea creatures thrive, a colony of ancient crew use as a barrier to remain in isolation from ship
33 A beach resort staffed by friendly android lifeguards who encourage visitors to relax and surf and swim but sea monsters, sand sharks and killer plants feed of visitors
34 A sea with a floating hab inside with a colony of water breathing humans tending aquaculture farms with intelligent dolphin chums
35 Uplifted cetaceans society try to warn humans about some kind of disaster on ship, empty human habs full of loot
36 A sea with a semi submerged wrecked sea hab where water breathing humans and fish men battle for supremacy
37 Ruined aqua hab in sea has become an island where primitives fear the sub caves of the ancients
38 A dark water hab for storage has developed ecology of luminous fish and jellies and invertebrates and rich in plankton. A hab here is populated by gangs who raid other habs from secret lair
39 A dark sea with hab of insane fishmen who have converted sea hab into alien temple to their dark undersea monster gods. Prison cells for sacrifices, food and forced breeding programs where they keep visitors
40 Water hab with raft and boat settlements and submarines who are unaware of being on ship. Pirates and slavers prey on fisher folk
41 A great pine forest tree farm where robots tend plants and animals in peace. Ordered to execute human intruders or any who defile forest but might be convinced not all humanoids evil eco wreckers
42 A oak forest where animal folk live idylic village life in blissful ignorance of outside world and serve AI Pan. Toad, water rat, mole, badger and weasel abhuman beastmen live in villages and burrows
43 Bloodthirsty druid cult in the woods burn and sacrifice outsiders to the gods
44 Ancient overgrown huge interconnected forest really a single tree inhabited by mutant spiders, tree men and monsters dwelling in the great tree. Underground root lined chambers house more creatures. Humans dwell inside great tree trunk caves in hiding from monsters outside
45 Forest plantation growing, modified trees producing useful products like building materials, food and more.
46 Hairy savage tree folk dwell in hiding here in primitive bliss, wary of baseline  humans and technology
47 Giant humanoids with slightly reduced gravity have evolved in this forest with ruins of past giant attempts to build a civilization. Fascinated by little people infesting the ship
48 Tribes of hunter gatherers feud on ship but all hate tech wielding wizards and always test strangers killing those that dont know the rituals of their primitive faith
49 Fleshy trees growing human organs for transplants, some trees now with sensory organs and mobile all wary of humans and robots and other come to harvest them. Medical clinic in good condition is shunned by the flesh-tree hybrids
50 Triffid forest move to follow simulated sun mostly peaceful but outsiders set off into himicidal swarms. Some savage humans have developed use of plant oil and costumes from dead pants to mask themselves smell like plants
51 A rich jungle swarming with feral tribesmen and savage mutant life (once humans?) battle for supremacy among ruined structures of the pre crash era
52 A jungle with easily found food pants harvested and cared for by robot drones with teeny watering cans
53 A primordial jungle where dinosaurs roam in hyper aggressive ecology, savage humans and mutants hide in caves
54 Ruin strewn jungle where reptile men believe they are progenitor race who built ship and humans are wayward food and slaves, domestic dinosaurs and save pens of humans
55 Jungle with primitive eloi and mutants occasionally hunted by race of brains in traveling machine robots in steel city who conduct sadistic experiments on humanoids to determine how they evolved from these lesser beings
56 Two desperate armies locked in jungle warzone, one advanced from outside hab, other primitive and desperate but fanatically making invaders pay using dirty tricks, traps and fauna
57 Savage cult dominates other peoples of jungle demanding sacrifices to their machine gods and ancient temples, locals ready to join outsiders against evil overlords empire
58 Horrid slime jungle of mutant and alien plants where cyborg troops wage war on macrobes and giant amoebas
59 Jungle where mutant fungi battle plants with sore filled skies where filter feeders with gasbags fill skies, some have killer tendrils that snare and eat few animals left
60 Mutant filled jungle with decayinf barrels of mutagens, remains of bioweapons and land mines. Mutant creatures and plants common and several factions ruled by master mutants control minions to become supreme ruler. Then they will take the ship for themselves. At least one faction will dupe explorers into aiding their cause with lies.
61 A chilly tundra forest and possibly Pleistocene mammals like wooly mammoths and rhinos and sabretooth snow leopards and giant elk roam. Tribal savages hunt them and live in machine caverns.
62 A frozen sea with great sheets of ice crawling in penguins, seals, bears and whales (possibly miniature versions). Several ice stations within.
63 Frozen pods and snap frozen fauna tended by machines, some possibly revisable but conditions harsh. Hidden bunkers within may have a colony of some kind
64 Harsh mountain with flawed eco controls have turned into ice cave riddled hell with savage yetis and ice mutants
65 Ski resort ow inhabited by penguin and sealion beastmen. On mountain ski lodge a robot with a gravity sled delivers goods to needy ship dwellers made by his merry morlock workforce
66 Snap frozen city of ancients with dead crew preserved perfectly. Mutant horrors have adapted and eating plentiful dead to survive
67 Colony of uplifted ice ape men (or mutant humans? nobody really sure) dwell around a hot spring and hunt and fish for food, curious about intruders creates unrest and factional intrigue among leaders
68 Penguin men in ice citadel ruled by grand wizard battle humanoid savages, penguin pirates in ice boats raid other species
69 Thermostat recently repaired and ancient ecology of tundra disapearing with massive melt. Bear folk and walrus men battle over diminishing resources while sealion selkie folk deny it is happening because their AI god says so
70 Savage cavemen ignorant of life on ship beyond tundra kill demons who enter territory, ancient sub bunkers filled with cave art and skeletons
71 A sandy desert with exotic rock and canyon formations where surviving savages live harshly and try to kill infidel outsiders
72 A dry desert with ruined city where environment control starved life of water. Undead remain in this necropolis
73 Dry scrubby brush and grass home to savage mutant life
74 Blasted crater and trench filled wasteland with mutants and humans fighting, each from a command bunker
75 Wasteland with huge concentration labour camp with AI controlled evil guards (robot or android or animen or morlock) oppressing other population (human or mutant or eloi)
76 A burned out lifeless corpse strewn wasteland with visible untouched cargo pods and science bunkers, undead start to arise from ash, last messages found in bunkers of human crew
77 Simulated battlefield with android troops, movable terrain and changeable climate and holograms, bunkers within may be a hidden enclave of crew or others who know how to avoid the warzone
78 Colony training hab where students used to study terraforming, climate may change rapidly with scattered environmental hardware and modules everywhere. Some crew inside may believe they are on a colony planet with strange conditions to torture them
79 Destroyed moon like conditions but with bunkers intact with survivors
80 Wasteland where zombie sefs retain some memories and loyalty to ship but ruled by liches and wights from a ruined citadel who plan to invade outside
81 Pleasant rolling hills with housing modules and herd beast roam
82 Citadel in poorly tended grassland where evil lord in citadel life support commands hideous minions to raid and rob neighboring habs
83 Covered in dirt tracks from DIY biker and hotrods wher pedestrians often attacked as weaklings by barbarians, slaves grow crops on plains for food and fuel
84 Ruined city surrounded by luscious green pastures gone wild, robots or androids or other live their
85 Giant bees tend huge flowers, humans among them live in hives as equals, hate intruders seeking magic honey of the gods
86 Monoculture of plants protect a citadel like narcotic poppies, drugged thorn mazes, reflective flowers that cook intruders, citadel houses despotic evil grand wizard, a AI or cultist
87 Nomad clans of grasslands wary of cattle stealing outsiders d4 1=herd mobile plants 2=sentient slave animals 3=hideous monsters 4=ancient species
88 Morlock nomads herd elois slaves
89 Insects devour crops then fly to citadel where humanoids eat them and use for defence by using pheromones
90 Various vegetarian species of herdbeast are united against carnivores
91 Bubbling mats of alien fungus and macrobe life forms in a hive mind hostile to outside ecology by remains of pre crash labs and food production machines are buried beneath
92 A huge lake actually a psionic biological hive mind that absorbs visitors and may create attractive humanoids who invite visitors to join them in ultimate human evolution
93 Over run by machine ecology where machines fight to recycle each other in parody of life, some humans manage to live within scaving useless biological food stored in abandoned habs
94 Alien or mutated ecology filled hab with living caverns and tunnels of flesh inhabited by strange horrors seeking to hybrid with ship life
95 Horrible hab with necrovirus undead fused to machines and robots totally hostile and sealed away as threat to ship
96 Giant insectoids have built huge hive complex and outgrowing capacity of hab, use kidnapping and tricks to lure humans in to feed young grubs who absorb human knowledge by eating brains, a growing threat
97 Overgrown with twitching creeping red weed, appears like mass of writhing worms has replaced other life. A metal structure in middle is filled with relics. Strange mutants or alien hybrids live here drinking blood inside their tripod war machines
98 Alien invaders forward base with labour camp to study locals, troops in training for the big push into res of the ship
99 Alternate evolution cyborg humans lost in space for ages have found ship and now claim as their own. Have modified locals into bloated things with hyper nutritious body fat, plumbed into their food machines.
100 Peaceful aliens have settled here and hated by ship AIs who constantly plot against them but they have skills that could help ship but are too weak to fight hostile local factions

So my new approach to beastmen as abhumans allows more weird things as players. This thing could be a Sasquatch, a earth elemental humanoid or a moss man.


  1. I caught the episode of Psyche that shot came from today.

  2. I found it unlabelled online Whats Psyche?

    1. It's a lite slightly comical t.v. series where a very observant and good-natured conman pretends to be a psychic while helping the police solve crimes.

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