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Into the Sargassum part one

This is a vast sea choked with kelp like might forests beneath the sea and home to fabulous creatures. Strange weather, hauntings and sea phenomena keep visitors away before most get close enough to be eaten by monsters. As you enter you get drawn into another reality of stranded ships and monsters. Among the ancient wrecks humans survive and form savage societies. If youcame by boat someone wants it. Made of meat? Someone wants to eat you.

Ive done a bunch of sea themed stuff over years intending to do a comp. My Bloodsand Beach setting was so horrible ten years of players never visited and several times debated it when sighted then left. Lots of stuff on horrible encounters and my sea invade the land stuff all worth look and most are filed in a group in my sidebar links on my setting.

Part of the plan early on was to feature human seaside settlement, some stuff on ships and world maps and island generators. The dungeon part was a ruined city buried in a coral reef from an ancient civilisation with lots of fish folk hybrid sand worship of undersea demons. The top levels would have air, the lower ones dark and flooded and more horrible.

But the idea of Sargasso that meant Unclescrooge of Johnny Quest might visit and it literally had giant weed, hundreds of visible wrecks, mist and monsters. Of course dinosaurs, pirates, undead, cannibals and cults abound.

So like many of the settings I make, these are the core tables to do

d100 Sargassum Hazards - dangerous obstacles and possible dead ends
d100 Wonders - strange memorable things to see
d100 Encounters
d100 Items

Long Term To Do

Survivor/shipwreck victim table

the deep dark and undead chaos mermaids
sunken city dungeon zone
d100 Captains
d100 weird odd and nonhuman sailors
d100 sea undead
weird ships
d100 pirate captains of shadelport
d100 Pirates
d100 Maritime Criminals - smugglers, pirates, wreckers
treasure islands island kingdoms d100 small colonies
whats in sea chest? whats in a seamans sack?
d100 shipwrecks
d100 sea journey problems
sargasum and sunken city geomorphs 

Gigantic seaweed structures often rise above water level and as thick as mighty tree trunks. Often these growths lift old wrecks up even several stories above the water. Many you can walk on through the maze of the sargassum. 
The branches vary from a foot wide to two to six yards wide and sometimes bigger. People build structures in upper branches as homes.

The weed has many uses even as food and medicine. Many creatures live among it and on it like shellfish and crabs. Supernatural sea creatures from the marine faerie world thrive too, some petty spirits and divine beings living as local gods with thralls.

Tides and fog are common factors too. Certain levels or shipwrecks might be partly flooded with water levels changing with tides. Swimming skills will be very useful.

Maritime Zone Adventure
Sea horrors
Shore Leave for seamen 
Salty Seamen
Flotsam & Jetsom
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Horrible Human Coastal Village of Squidjig
Zones part 11 - Sunken City Zone
Dodgy Passage
Useless Fishman Treasure
Aquatic Items
Aquatic beastfolk
Marine beastfolk
Fishy Hybrids
Crisis in court of the undersea folk
Undersea War 1
Undersea War 2
Undersea War 3
Search Stuffers for Castle Crab

Ive done my sci version too

d12 Surrounding the Sargassum
1 Constant storm clouds
2 Rough waters 
3 Coral reef like a maze
4 Tentacles of a kraken
5 Undead sailors swimming in barrier 
6 Agresive sharks some huge will ram a ship 
7 Chaos mutant whale covered in rusty harpoons and lines
8 Colossal hydra with a hundred heads  
9 Gargantuan fire breathing marine iguana patrols outside
10 Gargantuan gorilla swims around mass waiting for something
11 Thick fog clouds hiding rocks, reef or ice
12 Tentacled horror beast from the deep that humanity was not meant to know

d12 What's in the centre1 Volcano covered in vents with a colony of immortal tube worm wizards dreaming of the past
2 A great sea shell citadel of sea elves with a few left inside dying of boredom
3 A sea giant or cyclops tribe live on an island ruled by a king or queen
4 A garden where the sargassum spirit can be communed with
5 Fortress of a powerful seahag, a local divinity with monster minions
6 Black basalt fortress ruled by beast headed lich immortal 
7 A great castle of sand on an island defended by crab folk and sea creatures
8 A great whirlpool to the underworld oceans 
9 The great fish folk fortress of sea vegetation and coral10 Sea god has erected a throne and court attendants here
11 A lush volcanic island paradise where earth and volcano divinities once mated
12 Ancient elder sea demon god has arisen with the ruined cyclopean city of the deep

Sargassum Hazards
01 Semi-submerged walkway with small aggressive sharks guarding it
02 A colony of walruses live in the area and if upset set off a stampede
03 Toothed whale likes to beach itself here and take a few chomps  
04 Swarm of big crabs cover areas of walkway
05 Nesting huge gulls or penguins, swarm at any near eggs
06 Huge horrendous meat-eating starfish cover path
07 Sea snakes crawling everywhere
08 The path dips into the water full of stinging jellyfish
09 Giant octopus or squid lurking underwater will snatch any on the walkway
10 Swarm of killer flying fish attracted to travellers
11 Plesiosaur hiding in pool reaches out it's long neck to snatch somebody
12 Pterosaurs nest in the area and very territorial and know best walkways to attack 
13 Giant fish or know the spot on the walkway to jump out and knock victims
14 Cheeky friendly smiling dolphins put on a show distracting travellers
15 Holes in pathhome to snapping giant eels
16 Giant sealice hopping around area feeding
17 Horrible sea parasite hiding in weeds tries to latch onto prey on a narrow walkway
18 Area riddled with holes, giant isopods inside feeding fancy meat too 
19 Narrow path over pool with hungry huge tylosaurus
20 Sea sprites or mischievous sea faeries have a hidden village easy to stumble through
21 Vines growing over area attack and eat victims
22 Walkway collapses from internal rot
23 Green slime floating on water or on walkway
24 Marine plant hurls explosive pods and walking creatures
25 Marine plant sprays paralytic mucous on intruders
26 Shambling mound formed of seaweed lurks in mounds of weed
27 Venus flytrap like plant tries to snatch anybody near
28 Masses of weeds harbour a tribe of vegepygmies formed from seaweed
29 Aquatic version of yellow musk creeper with zombie thrills dominates the area
30 Vegetal tentacle mass like a living net
31 Net trap made of seaweed used by hunters
32 Trap drops stinging jellyfish onto victims
33 Fishfolk built biological harpoon gun 2d6 with trip line hidden in kelp 
34 Slimy algae-covered path easy to slip on
35 Slippery path with razor shells or coral or barnacles underneath slimy algae mass
36 Path over 45-degree slope and very slippery
37 Snare can grab foot in a noose and lift victim 30 foot into the air
38 Net trap can grab several people and lift all 20 foot into the air
39 Pit trap carved into giant kelp and covered with weed 1in6 have crab swarm in bottom
40 Narrow slippery walkway up very high can only support a certain weight
41 Windy Gail blows up making movement risky
42 Storm breaks out with rain, lightning and strong winds
43 Eerie sounding wind sounds like doomed souls gasping
44 Eerie mist covers surface of the water
45 Dense fog reduces visibility to only a few yards if you don't have a light source
46 Rough seas make kelp move and high waves crash occasionally
47 The sargassum gains mass and sinks a story or so changing possible routes
48 Feel the mass of kelp shuddering like an earth quake
49 The sargassum gains mass and rises out of the sea a few more floors
50 Area pelted with bad weather for 2d6 hours, kelp bed moving, sea and wind rough
51 Sea dryad singing on a pathway requires more lovers (d4-1 now)

52 Sea nymph wearing seaweed robes and will drop them if spotted
53 Nest of sirens will sing to attract victims
54 Sea hag in the area with magic viewing pool sends minions to collect a toll (sea trolls)
55 Fish folk witches bathing will charm travellers to swimming with them
56 Mermaids in a pool offer free sex if you jump in
57 Harpies from a high nest can see a wide area to prey on
58 Sea elf camp, elves with pets wary of strangers and make aggressive displays to stay away
59 Giggling sea faeries seemingly children try to lure followers into trap or monster lair
60 Dark sea elf has planted many sailor zombies in area to restrict human travel
61 Giantsea serpent coils among giant kelp hiding to snatch prey below
62 Seasnake in a pile of seaweed
63 Kraken hiding among sargassum to pluck tasty morsels from paths
64 Gelatinous stalker crawls among branches will track foes to attack in sleep
65 Ochre jellies (but green-blue) always devouring barnacles here on waterline
66 Floating jellyfish with many long trailing stinger tentacles
67 Giant sea scorpion lurking where path dips into sea
68 Giant marine iguana sleeping in upper branches will try and grab a snack if awoken
69 Giant lobsters lurk in pools and will scuttle out and herd prey together
70 Giant crab lurking in pool arises and snaps at people crossing a narrow branch
71 Shallow water full of giant snappy shellfish

72 Shallow water with giant coral and rocks hazardous to touch with flesh
73 Shallow water full of giant anemones and a few pet fish and crab defenders
74 Shallow water full of giant sea urchins like a child's ball pit
75 Shallow water full of giant lampreys 
76 Shallow water full of giant horseshoe crabs
77 Huge gelatinous mass covering large area eating sargassum
78 Stinking dead whale attracting swarms of gulls and crabs
79 Giant hermit crab gnawing on kelp structures blocking path
80 Area covered in huge disgusting hook mouthed worms (as giant centipedes)
81 Crab folk clan find humans delicious hunt this area for them
82 Tako octopus fairies looting treasure and scrounging for food ambush local travellers
83 Squidfolk wizard and crab folk minions seek victims to magically enslave
84 Fishfolk war band lurk by path, have old anchor they swing towards climbers before attack
85 Strange translucent pod where number of fish folk scouts live in to monitor area
86 Marine iguana folk have built a tower by their lair to watch for intruders
87 lesser sea demon has taken area as territory to menace and rule over
88 Tribe of isopod people scavenging on washed up dead whale
89 Fishfolk chanting to attract some elder horror
90 Sharkmen pirates living here investigate any signs of food or plunder
91 Wrecked survivors trying to escape crewmen turned cannibal seek help
 Wrecked ship of orc sailors have established a base and territory here
93 Wrecked ship full of pirate zombies ruled by a wight
94 Wrecked slave ship have been eating and using slaves to survive
 Wrecked ship with hungry sea slug that can track prey and smell meat from a distance
96 Wrecked ship full of marine ghouls will all go on hunt and scream if woken by day
97 Wrecked ship with a band of cannibal pirates who survive somehow here
98 Wrecked ship of cultists seek sacrifices, slaves and food
99 Wrecked ship of adventurers on way to or from plundering the new world
100 Wrecked ship of wizards and servants who seek to dominate a territory

d100 Sargassum Encounters
01 Swarm of huge fist-sized sea lice attack anything warm and breathing
02 Huge snapping carnivorous flying fish leap from water to attack (as stirges) 
03 Poisonous sea snake hiding in weeds
04 Poisonous stonefish hiding under weeds might get trodden on 
05 Giant clam in a pool hidden by weeds might grab a foot
06 Huge octopus tries to grab someone and flee into water
07 Huge crabs size of dogs come from hiding at the smell of food d6
08 Giant urchin rolling to attack d4
09 Mass of giant toothed worms (as giant centipedes) 3d4
10 Medium shark tries to snatch and grab someone near water
11 Giant sea otters playing and smashing shellfish
12 Giant lobster ambushes from water
13 Marine crocodile ambushes from water
14 Giant sea snake venomous constrictor
15 Giant sea scorpion ambushes from water
16 Giant crabs attack after coming out from weeds and water
17 Giant sea platypus protective of its patch of water uses poison spur attack if pressed 
18 Giant man o'war jellyfish floating with gasbag dangling tentacles
19 Sharkdogs, small sharks with legs for land missions used by fish folk gone feral d4 
20 Algoid crawls from a pile of ooze
21 Sea serpant writhes out of water to snatch prey and flee
22 Tylosaurus will leap out of water to snap at people on walkways
23 Plesiosaur attacks from ambush in water
24 Kracken tries to snatch a victim worm walkway
25 Giant white shark can jump 30 feet for snatch and grab
26 Sea drake (looks like leafy sea dragon) wants food and shiny treasure
27 Giant stork size of giraffe likes to impale small animals by surprise
28 Colossal sea worm writhing through kelp forest hunting (as purple worm)
29 Marine cave fisher lurks in branches of kelp above walking trails
30 Hydra either in water or on path or even above it. 1in6 regenerating type, good swimmer
31 Vege pygmy savages live inside kelp branches and protect it from animals
32 Marine goblins with canoes and coracles,  use bows and arrows and daggers
33 Fish folk hybrid cultists on pilgrimage to meet hidden fish folk colonies 
34 Fish folk warriors lead by hero hunting humans
35 Fish folk priest and bodyguard acolytes seeking magical mysteries
36 Squid folk wizard with zombie pirate servants
37 Marine iguana folk war band arrived by canoe to hunt and seek old magic
38 Marine troll hungry for the flesh of humanoids
39 Amphibious marine goblin an escaped slave of sea elves
40 Shark folk islander warriors, berserkers with long spiked shark noses like swords
41Tako fishermen exploring, greedy and cowardly but might talk or trade
42 Sea elf explorers willing to talk or trade
43 Spirit folk kin of undersea kelp forest in human form, exploring surface willing to trade 
44 Sea gnomes with shell helms with pets exploring this wonderland
45 Dwarf Vikings arrived to chop stuff and plunder
46 Merfolk changelings in human form yell angrily at humans waving their tridents
47 Tako wizard with abhuman and demihuman followers willing to parley
48 Sea elf outcaste looking for someplace safe
49 Crab spirit folk on mission from the undersea emperor to discover cause of sargassum
50 Sea elves gathering seaweed to help build an island they have been working on
 Sea giant of the great depths with translucent luminous flesh and horrible glass-like  teeth
52  Water elemental blames intelligent beings for being here
53 Ogre Magi and sea ogre followers looking for humanoid slaves and food 
54 Seawolves, lycanthropes who turn from humans to wolves or sharks and mix them all up
55 Were shark pirates might pretend to be friendly and share rum till nightfall
56  Seahag with her sea troll sons or some tribe of humanoid worshipers
57 Lesser sea daemon with crab claws and a squid face here to spread evil
58 Sea dragon possibly appears in human form and friendly for a while to judge humans
59 A sea djinn offers to help you with some magic food or water or advice
60 A giant fishfolk ancestral monster arises from water, hungry for sacrifices
61 Band of pirates or whalers stranded while looking for treasure
62 Band of ships crew and passengers who lost a ship and exploring a strange land
63 Wizard seeking magic secrets with band of hired sailors (greedy and cowards)
64 Mariners exploring this mysterious shipping Hazzard led by ship navigator
65 Boatload of mystery-solving kids exploring for monsters or ghosts
66 Boatload of Vikings out to bloodily search this incursion of the undersea netherworld
67 Boatload of refugees in sinking ship stranded here hoping to survive
68 Naval officer with sailors exploring area possibly to claim for the motherland
69 Primative cave folk savages who live here as nomads
70 Hunters from mix of castaways and islanders living as a tribe in sargassum
71 Robed cultists of an elder sea daemon 

72 Sea cult priest with four fish helmed gladiator guards
73 Religious cult turned cannibal sea demon worshipers
74 Witch with her favourite servants and a bronze golem searching for elder secrets
75 Heroic merchant sailor and crew searching for treasure and magic to loot
76 Teenaged prince and companions having a smashing adventure
77 Fishermen with a mermaid in a net heading back to their boat 
78 Foreign naval crew claiming this land for their king or queen
79 Slavers catching some local humanoids for livestock
80 Crazed tribe cannibal survivors turning into lycanthropes
81 Squid headed sea captain and various maritime abhuman  like crab men crew
82 Psionic jellyfish folk seek to meet humans for first time but pretty alien
83 Mermen riding seahorses offer to take you to fairyland undersea kingdoms
84 Seaweed abhumans defending the sargassum and kelp, walking heaps of seaweed
85 Starfish folk warriors that regenerate like trolls and are very hungry dressed as pirates
86 Seaweed golems commanded by a witch searching for treasure
87 Important spirit and entourage visiting from undersea kingdom and exotic guard abhumans
88 Sea dryad lives in the area and wants more slaves she has a d4-1 now
89 Sea dragon in human form as an adventurer looking to join adventurers
90 Wandering bard happy to have audience of exciting subjects for poems
91 Sea hag riding a three-headed giant vulture likes to curse and smokes pipe
92 Dragon turtle pretending to be a tiny island
93 Gargantuan hermit crab using a wrecked ship as shell
94 Glowing ghost ship with spectral minion or skeleton crew flies out to attack
95 Giant whale swallowing a ship, has multiple ships and crews living inside 

96 Shoggoth oozes from the deep looking to eat some protein
97 Walrus headed ogre warriors hungry for puny humans to eat
98 Hungry sea giant looking for dinner
99 Lich captain and undead crew seeking to recruit corpses
100 Petty sea god with cultists and followers

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