Sunday, 12 April 2020

EMO Homebrew Makeover

So Michael Dutkiewicz the Artist of my zine format homebrew retro-clone has updated the art a bit as he was unhappy with the ladies rear leg and now there is more mist. Brilliant.


Also revised my two zine format booklets, I have made some minor revisions to rules and finished the second expert book off. It was never intended to be a fully complete system but you could run it as such if you had a familiarity with tabletop fantasy games, especially around 84. It is kind of a toolkit of ideas for homebrew older games.

A friend is messing with automating a bunch of stuff learning to write code. A few other people have been doing it please let me know and I will add to list on my downloads page. Possibly I've been terse with people offering to do this. Just share it is my main request. 

Players have found pretty easy to get into and happy to fill in gaps from other sources. I've had one say format and design helps ease which is nice.

So one of the biggest changes is allowing characters to change class more and as I use BX style race=class this helps to get away from some of the problems this creates. It helps to keep humans common but lets other races be other classes and if you want to use wish level magic or other means to change your race I don't have a problem. I also finished off spells and changed them a bit. Monk and shapeshifters and martial arts got some more weeks.

If you wanna email me any inconsistencies or typos you can at
I use in preference Australian English then UK English
konsumterra at Gmail dot com
Give me enough info to find them
Happy to discuss rules stuff or bugs in the comments box here  

Fully Basick Book 1
Expert Fully Sick Book 2 

So a future step will be to compile them both with some pages to explain stuff more, and some other things lacking.

Might make a conversation thread on my FB page. Struggling on my Discord with some login drama and multiple accounts with same Gmail mess.

When this is done other projects to follow:

1 Monster Books with basic monsters
(dense format) and advanced monsters (1-2 pages each)
2 Arms. Arts & Magic book detailing skills and spells and extra ones
3 Planet Psychon Version

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