Monday, 13 April 2020

Merchant District of Shadelport

So revising Shadelport again and filling out extra suburb as I did one in detail before as it was where the adventurers spent the most time. This is the second most popular one. It has a mix of wealth, lots of shops and housing. Also features lots of industry.

Thinking I need list of all suburbs gangs and possibly the vigils who enforce the law who are kind of gangs.

1 Tinker Town
Sweatshops & poor crafters

Employs the most casual scum from ghettos over the river with the lowest rates and licencing and law enforcement. Peddlars, tinkerers and crime flourish. Law is brutal and hasty. Sewer Swine gang run the streets

2 Marketplace
Commoners market

Where most of the cities food and goods sold in with blocks of cramped shops and spacious market complexes with parks. Loitering without money is a crime here. Golden Hand gang run most of the rackets here especially numbers, gambling, con games, pick pocketing

3 Dyers Row
Fabric industrySpinners, weavers, clothiers, tailors, hatmakers, felters, laundries and all kinds of industries thrive here making colourful clothing from products grown in the countryside. People here are busy and hot-headed. Scarlet Hearts gang are sleazy lotharios and pimps who sing and have poetry battles in the street in front of ladies

4 Guilders Stead
Guild halls & town hall

All the important guildhalls, banks and the city council have offices here and meeting halls. Grey Rat gang deal in corruption, blackmail, fraud and slander for political causes. They use sewers all over the district from here.

5 Glimmer Market
Magical market

The district sells exotic spell materials, paper, bookbinding also services like alchemists, wizards, apothecaries and herbalists. Potions and petty spells are common, only the nobility or name level persons are allowed in magic auctions. The Blue Flame gang are quasi-mystical and include wizards and prefer magic crime

6 Merchant Hills
Wealthy merchants

Main housing district for better-off merchants. Includes mansions, gated communities, townhouses and parks. The law keep uninvited guests and non residence away. Lucky Dice gang like gambling, horses, chariot racing, drugs and illegal fights. They are related to the vigils and help them keep out rifraff

7 Black Heath
Metal work and industry

Metal and glassworks here make the are soot-covered, smokey and noisy. A +1 quality item is x5 cost and you have a 30% chance of finding one per day or you need to order one with a year waiting list. Coal Hill Gang run protection and stolen goods and provide muscle to protect common man versus the rich

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