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d100 Courtly Scandals & Dramas

So when you get to name level and forced to attend court or if you just serve a member of the court and come as a follower of someone important there are lots of exciting things always happening. Some of these are opportunities to gain fame and influence for the person making a career among the nobility.

d10 Type
01 Romance

02 Fortune
03 Feuds
04 Hostages
05 Spies
06 Plots
07 Murder
08 Health
09 Fashion
10 Supernatural

Courtly Scandals & Dramas
01 Several lovers from the court are on the run and families scandalised
02 Some great lover of the court has fathered a dozen children in secret 
03 Someone in the ruling family rumoured to have a secret lover
04 A bastard child has arrived in secret in the court to cause trouble
05 Court leaders gluttonous sexual appetite and has many secret offspring
06 Court all speculating who are secret lovers someone spotted from a tower
07 Court members in scandals about town in vice and gambling dens with prostitutes
08 Rumours say some court members have been having secret orgies  
09 Many court men taken to demanding duels over accusations of wives fidelity
10 Court members racing to see who can have the most high status lovers
11 The head of the court has been forcing new titled nobles and adventurers to lend money
12 A famous explorer visited court and many locals have sworn to go exploring
13 A noble reclaimed some mines lost to monsters and now everybody trying
14 A court member returned from plundering treasure from non-humans
15 A court member has returned from plundering an exiting foreign place 
16 A court member was caught cheating on taxes and thrown in prison
17 Noble family offering marriage for paying off family debts
18 Lord's titles and land revoked and has become a robber knight refusing to give up19 Old weak noble being bullied for land and daughters by rich families
20 Noble traveller gave a great exotic gift to the ruler and now a favourite 
21 Two clans have lost many to blood duels and legal actions
22 Two rich merchants trying to get court sympathy against each other
23 Two fighting siblings put a whole clan at risk
24 Two clans have been kidnapping each other as hostages
25 Two clans have been having assassins kill each other off
26 Two clans compete in sports of all kinds and locals cheer them on
27 Two great feuding merchant clans have both become banks
28 A new faith competes with old order among some nobles
29 Two families competing for public feats of charity and monuments
30 Two families carry on an ancient feud from long ago 
31 Important youth for arranged marriages was kidnapped by a secret society
32 Clan matriarch was taken hostage by a rebel kinsman
33 Noble has taken mistress of a major influencer hostage for political reasons
34 A family trying to raise hostage fee of cleric taken by savage humanoids
35 Child heirs of a noble taken hostage and family desperate and going broke
36 Court maiden has been taken by some horrible monster demanding treasure
37 Court youth was taken by a forest robber knight and taken to his gruberhole as a hostage
38 Lover of noble captured by enemies for blackmail
39 A senior family member was lost as a hostage years ago in distant war just returned
40 One clan runs a notorious inescapable private prison full of enemies
41 A popular court lover could be a foreign spy
42 A servant was caught reading noble letters and awaits court, torture and execution
43 One of the important courtier's lovers was a foreign agent 
44 A popular lady in waiting possibly poisoned her lovers and escaped with secrets
45 An important senior scribe of a clan going into hiding and selling secrets
46 A number of sales and servants have been discovered pilfering secrets of late
47 Sabotage from some enemy power has increased
48 Visiting nobles are very keen to see historic maps and learn local history from records
49 Visiting scholars examining family trees and records
50 A popular bard has been befriending court and learning about the land
51 Someone has been whispering about illegitimate heirs around the court
52 Courtiers are taking of war and trying to get support for a conflict
53 Younger heir resents older family leader who mysteriously dies from poisoning
54 False evidence of witchcraft cults has been used to ruin some clans
55 Poisoning went wrong and family leaders all died at a feast
56 Lord argument with bishop who was murdered recently by robber knights
57 Lord has been outlawed and has refused to pay tax, urges other lords do same
58 A recent attempt to kill a court member failed but assassin died before questioning
59 A tortured spy spoke of an unknown court member providing information to enemies
60 The leader of the court had a number of nobles rounded up for plots of treason
61 Noble killed many rebelling serfs then refused offers of charity from church to help
62 Two famous clan warriors had a private duel and both died weakening both families 
63 An older noble was poisoned recently making many fearsome
64 A noble was stabbed to death by servants in their own home 
65 Peasants rose up recently but the leaders of the movement were murdered
66 Letters revealing a murder plot had a noble beheaded publicly
67 A knight bewitched by dark elves murdered his whole family
68 A noble was exposed as a cult leader so they sacrificed all hostages and fled
69 Tools of an assassin were found in a noble's castle by accident
70 An old noble who died recently is rumoured to have been killed by own children
71 An elderly noble is squandering money on elixirs and cures for ageing72 A recent plague victim was found in the region and many are worried
73 A desperate search is on for medicine to awaken a poisoned maiden
74 An old noble has called all their house to attend a feast to announce retiring
75 An ailing noble has retired to a monastery and left money to their heirs
76 A recent outbreak of sickness killed many older nobles and people in power
77 An important court woman is pregnant but some question the real father
78 An old noble recovered from deathbed to find sons destroying the estate fighting
79 A strange illness bringing odd dreams to the area, some blame invisible imps
80 A number of strange deaths have been reported in the area this year
81 A fanciful kind of shoe or hat keeping local crafters and merchants busy
82 A new bard sound has everyone excited to hear the new school sound
83 New dishes from the other lands have become the fashion but there is a shortage of cooks 
84 A noblewoman has demanded a certain rare fabric for her wedding but the last wagonload was taken by bandits
85 A new hairstyle is popular but the church find scandalous and complain frequently86 Jousts are all the rage with nobility now and a new tournament is called
87 A new type of stronger faster horse from far away has reached the market
88 More knights have full plate now making older obsolete armours embarrassing
89 Many new preachers are gaining popularity but some now declared heretics
90 Witch mania strikes and witch hunters and panic break out across the kingdom
91 A noble has a haunting on their estate and at a loss what to do 
92 A noble has been struck by a curse and the magician responsible demands something 
93 A monster has been roaming by night near court worrying many who frequent it
94 Blood drained corpses of servants were found in the court chambers
95 A secret cult has been making attempts to infiltrate and influence the court
96 Witches have been spreading menace across the countryside
97 A powerful wizard has threatened the kingdom from their forbidden lair
98 Location of an ancient tomb complex has exited many scholars
99 A haunted ruin from the history of the kingdom stirring alarming some in court
100 A wicked evil priest menacing the kingdom has an underground temple complex

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