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Into the Sargassum part two

So into the sargassum, you see strange things lots and these tables will help create wonder. These are spectacles and this environment. I could use it partly like a marine Ravenloft and have it a vast otherworldly faerieland that comes and goes. Players could visit other planes through the Sargassum including the parts that overlap with the undersea hell.

d12 How did you discover the Sargassum
1 Sent on a quest at just the right time and location
2 Travelling by sea passage and pass through a storm
3 Travelling on a boat as strange fog rolls over the area
4 Went through a spectacular magic gateway
5 Cursed by a powerful sea witch
6 Fish folk tricked you into sailing into a magical void
Spirits or minor divinities are offended
8 The crew of ship ignored bad omens or crew broke taboo
9 Found maps and astrological charts to find 
10 Found account in rare books of how to find 
11 Fairie folk or one of their relics brought you brought here
12 Drowned and woke up here

d12 Shipwrecked Folk
01 Convict labour gang, some with chains, sort of glad to be free
02 Slaves happy to be free at first
03 Merchant of a familiar land
04 Merchant of a strange foreign land
05 Pirate crew heavily armed with a treasure
06 Naval ship crew with marines
07 Family of settlers keen to settle somewhere new and safe
08 Cultists on pilgrimage keen start a new colony when they get a sign
09 Privateer adventurers looking for enemy ships or native treasure
10 Whaling ship crew drawn here during a battle with a strange whale
11 Fisherfolk in small two-person boat, exploring for treasure 
12 Villagers from native canoes of the great sea nomads

d100 Wonders of Sargassum
01 A volcano is bubbling from the sea giving off smoke, steam, heat and light
02 Island of sand with several palm trees and a stranded loner
03 A small island with a fearsome carved temple inside
04 Lighthouse on a rock outcrop, keepers have no idea how they got here
05 Tiny haunted castle on a small island 06 Small but cruel prison fortress for hostages
07 Small volcano island with a temple and a village
08 Island covered in strange prehuman statues and monoliths
09 Island with a gigantic nest on the highest rock
10 A tiny island with prehistoric ruins and savage cannibal tribe
11 Huge kelp and sargassum weed mass with a castle of sand and seashells on top
12 A huge mound of seaweed with tunnels inside and structures on top
13 A gigantic mound of quivering starfish devouring washed-up corpses
14 Dead area overgrown with salt deposits and crystals
15 Dead gigantic whale or dinosaur corpse being eaten by sharks
16 A number of huge trunks forming walkways in a complex spiral pattern
17 A hill sized cluster of egg mass with birds pecking at them
18 Gigantic structure of giant stems and leaves with a multiple platform layered village
19 Giant seashell fit for a home for some local marine beast folk
20 Mass of vegetation and trees in a raft fused with sargassum into a forest patch
21 Shambling trade town build of driftwood and salvage
22 Tiny shack and wharf with tiny boats for lease or sale
23 Tiny shack selling rum, food and opium
24 Fishermans shack with an old man who loves it here but no idea how got here
25 Seamans lodge a fraternal seafarers order who look after members 
26 Circus tent with sea animals and creatures and carny weirdos 
27 Seaside junk shop with strange non human merchant
28 Complex woven weed platform with a village and soil for crops on top
29 A great trunk of kelp formed a wizard tower
30 Pink coral castle guarded by hermit crab knights
31 Wrecked half a ship operating as a tavern
32 Shipwreck with chests and skeletons, zombies and ghoul guards
33 Shipwreck with baggage and surviving passengers or crew 
34 Shipwreck badly burned with plague-carrying survivors inside living like wretches 
35 Shipwreck of missionaries from a church on way to convert new lands
36 Shipwreck of pirates with several other ships and buildings of sea trash
37 Several wrecked warships ground up into a mess with each other
38 Shipwreck with spectral minions commanded by a spectre
39 Shipwreck with dead cultists inside murdered and robbed by someone
40 Shipwreck of a non-human race of a type strange to most
41 Spectacular pool with naked merfolk swimming about 
42 Seaweed dwelling goblins dancing and singing and selling market goods
43 A thin tower built of coral and giant seashell tops build by sea elves
44 Marine iguana folk basking on ancient sone basalt slabs with carvings on them  
45 Crab folk picking clean skeleton of a sea giant
46 Squid folk in robes chanting to a strange slime-covered tomb 
47 Selkie family of faerie folk basking in sun some as seals some as naked humans
48 Walrus men pirates using salvaged wood to build a tavern
49 Fishfolk warriors seek sacrifices, treasure and glory for the greedy fish gods
50 Quaint fishing village of gnomes living in giant seaweed with pet herons and pelicans
 Stone altar by a pool, home of a giant octopus
52 Giant clam shell inside is home of a nymph or sea dryad
53 A cluster of giant seaweed growth is home to a band of harpies with treasure 
54 Giant sea turtle shell with a gang of fiendish squid folk cultists inside                            55 Cave in a tiny island is a dragons lair
56 Stone pyramid with undead mermummies inside, horrible hybrid undead
57 Stone sentinels here for aeons really golems awake if a long gone for returns
58 Strange basalt towers with strange reptilian figures on them 
59 Petrified stone forest of giant seaweed and kelp
60 Stunning forest of giant kelp connected by vines and walkways
61 Collection of ship anchors, some rusted, some bronze or ancient carved stone
62 Forest of giant kelp with tangled ship rigging amongst it occupied by critters
63 The giant shell of crab or lobster shell possibly a house or might attract scavengers
64 Gigantic sea shell structure with buildings inside using the structure as shell house
65 Colossal jellyfish with luminous insides swirling about
66 Titanic egg of some kaiju
67 Skeleton of some gargantuan kaiju
68 Hundreds of drowned bodies collected in a vast net of weed, sea ghouls pick at them
69 Kaiju gargantuan monster swallowing a smaller one whole in a days-long process
70 A huge raft of floating 
carnivorous moving sargassum weed
71 A tiny island with a cave, hundreds of statues here from local medusa
72 Remnants of a broken and sunken bronze statue of some standing figure
73 Titanic starfish or slug gnawing on great trunks of giant seaweed
74 Gargantuan worm writhing through the giant weed gnawing on giant kelp trunks
75 House sized tentacled horror full of eyes and mouths shambling along or swimming
76 Gargantuan Kraken swimming or climbing, hunting for giant crabs or tasty humanoids
77 Giant sea urchin shells
78 Seaweed shambling mounds and vegepygmy tribe battling fish folk vegetarians
79 Fish folk running undersea beauty contest as a scam to eat other aquatic abhumans
80 Ancient trireme of vast age with documents and ancient coffin onboard
81 Pool swarming with water elementals around a gate node to the elemental plane
82 A vast mound of bird guano around rocky crags were millions of sea birds nest
83 Shimmering barrier hides a ruined citadel of the undersea faerie world
84 Stone cliff carved with scenes of undersea lizardfolk fighting crabfolk
85 A huge seaweed-covered stone tomb carved with eldritch diagrams
86 Strange stars and constellations are visible in the sky
87 Great stone stairs go into the depths
88 Coral reef with what seems to be windows, doors and fortifications
89 Giant coral growing several stories above sea level
90 Luminous jellyfish in the millions in all pools and waterways
91 Drunken sea god passed out with magical and animal servitors waiting
92 Cultists chaining up most attractive youth members as a sacrifice for a  horrible elder sea titan

93 A coral reef fortress with a garrison offish folk, sea spirit people and tako ruled by a dragon. Strange faerie folk meet to trade here
94 A huge whirlpool something stirs in the deep with life
95 A huge distant storm cloud over the sea herded by some god

96 A horrendous tentacled and mouth covered sea horror the size of a mountain
97 Great rock with a chained elder sea titan in humanoid form will beg for release
98 Two titanic kaiju have a battle in the distance shaking the seaweed mass
99 A vast cathedral of seashells and cement with mad church heretic cult
100 A small pleasant Island with an ancient temple where ancient lesser divinity dwells some locals foolishly believe is a mortal witch or wizard

d100 Treasures of Sargassum
01 Barrel of wine or rum or beer 60gp
02 Crate with bottles of wine or rum or beer 30gp
03 Bales of wool 20gp
04 Logs of wood 30gp
05 Bundles of 100 yards of ship rope 90gp
06 Fishing net tangled with trash 10gp
07 Giant cuttlefish skeletons 10gp
08 Dead whale with ambergris intact in mouth 300gp
09 Quality pearl 160gp
10 Sea chest full of sailors personal goods 25gp
11 Sea chest full of family clothing 30gp
12 Sea chest with cursed frightening idol save or cant get rid of it -1 all rolls 150gp
13 Sea chest from life raft with food and water and fishhooks 20gp
14 Sea chest of expensive children's toys 75gp
15 Sea chest of craftsman tools 45gp
16 Sea chest of cooking pots, knives, clever, herbs and spices 120gp
17 Sea chest of dried fish and meat 90gp
18 Sea chest of fishing supplies and nets and traps 35gp
19 Sea chest of used artificial limbs 65gp
20 Sea chest with black powder, musket, hunters hat, butchers tools, sack 65gp 
21 Bag of inferior pearls d6x100gp
22 Necklace of coral beads 60gp
23 Necklace of shark teeth 15gp
24 Necklace of tiny pearls 120gp
25 Gold neck ring with sea designs 300gp
26 Gold bangles 120gp
27 Godring with tiny pearl 150gp
28 Strange golden figurine with ancient script 360gp
29 Strange golden lump with ancient fish folk script (curse: fish folk detect it) 400gp
30 gold snake amulet on chain allows speaking with snakes a turn a day 1200gp
31 Elixir of wine with dissolved in pearls and alicorn, cures poison or disease 800gp
32 Elixir of shark egg, drinker if fail save is berserk and chaotic evil for a turn 400gp
33 Elixir of the squid drinker if fail save has brain infected by a squid that turns host into a abhuman squid headed freak over a few months
34 Elix of long life lose 1d6+4 years of aging effects (keep away from kids) 1500gp
35 Elixir of free action can more as normal in water or webs for an hour 300gp
36 Elixir of breathe water lasts one hour 300gp
37 Elix of infravision 200gp
38 Elixir of light drinker glows for 24 hours as a lamp from luminous flesh 100gp
39 Elixir of swimming allows a land creature to grow flippers instead of feet and swim at normal land speed in water or allows a marine creature to walk but not breathe on land so undersea folk call it a potion of walking100gp
40 Elixir of true breathe turns drinker amphibious for life 3000gp 
41 Anchor of the merchant protects ship anchor line from breaking 2000gp
42 Anchour of the mariner creates a windfor one hour when pulled from sea once a day 3000gp
43 Anchor of the deep is unatracive and tastes bad to sea monsters and makes them less likely to eat anchor, the rope or the ship 4000gp
44 Captains spyglass can fold into 5 inches to three foot and lets you see a mile away 
45 Barometer this magical device predicts next 24 hours of natural weather 1200gp
46 Ships clock shows local ship time and home port time and looks fancy 1200gp
47 Magic sextant helps navigator find location and make maps in half the speed
48 Magic pocket astrolabe shows positions of the stars of you know date for navigation 1200gp
49 Ships compass shows north and direction home (requires ritual) 1200gp
50 Sky scry crystal lets you see stars even if foggy, overcast or daylight to navigate 3000gp
51 Seamans beanie keeps wearer warm and lets you float in water 800gp

52 Swinewool jumper keeps wearer warm and dry but itchy 400gp
53 Captains hat allows wearer to see 20% further and looks fancy 600gp
54 Eye patch of Old Red Eye, wearer has infravision in covered eye socket 1200gp
55 Devils hook d4+2 magic hook artificial hand for a pirate 1200gp 
56 Silent pegleg makes no noise on command 800gp  
57 Silver nose of Barnabus if attached to face can breathe water 3000gp
58 Pipe of the seagull if sucked on turns user into gull for a turn once a day, their clothes fall off but they can carry the pipe as a gull 800gp
59 Nautilus helm often worn by sea races lets you breathe on the surface and stay moist 3000gp
60 Helm of the sea seals at the neck and allows you to survive one hour a day underwater made from steel and leather and magic glass 3000gp
61 Magic bucket fills with gallon of rain water a night if left outside 2000gp
62 Net of fisherman, catches a d6 pounds of fish once a day in sea or river 1200gp
63 Folding boat fills one backpack and inflating air skins takes ten minutes 120gp
64 Canoe oar with native carvings improves boat speed by 30% 800gp
65 Fish goggles lets you see underwater without hurting eyes 400gp
66 Fish cult tiara lets you speak with fish for a turn a day 1200gp
67 Brazier of the mermaid, if worn gain the fabulous breasts of a mermaid 1200gp
68 Singing miracle fish, stuffed fish on a plaque, when touched sings a song 400gp
69 Seahorse medalion transform into a giant seahorse with saddle and reigns once a day for a turn while underwater 1300gp
 Crab claw gauntlet replaces unarmed attack with a d6 pincer nip good for shearing and cutting tool 800gp
72 Seaweed Armour, living weed clings to body in one round and as AC5, keep in brine with sunlight or will die 600gp  
73 Octopus hat may hold four small handy objects like a knife or dart and warns you of attacks from any directions. needs occasional meal and soak in salty water 600gp
74 Long rigid eel like fish spits d6 damage 3/6/12 range barb, requires a round to load a new one, usually found with a d6 poison barbs and 2d6 plain hunting shots, can fire a dozen times a day as long as fed and soaked in salt water 3 hours a day 400gp 10gp plain dart 90gp venomed dart
75 Slime spores dropped in water becomes a hostile ochre jelly in a turn come in a d4 bag
76 Shell Axe come in hand axe 250gp or battle axe 500gp or halberd 800gp +2 damage vs humanoids or animals wearing no armour, this effect is non magical, breaks on a 1 to hit roll
77 Spears of Ulhuru made of magic obsidian, can harm magic creatures +2 vs undead or planar beings, dart 300gp javelin 400gp spear 600gp long spear 800gp  
78 Swordfish Club spiked teeth lined club 2d4 damage one handed weapon or two underwater without penalty to hit, breaks vs metal armour on a 1tohit 200gp 1in6superior version does 3d3 damage, wont break and hits enchanted beings 800gp 
79 Blade of Dagon come in dagger 600gp or 1200gp shortsword and in ancient style from bronze with patterns of fish men warriors fighting monsters. +1 hit land or air dwelling creatures of the surface, no penalties fighting underwater or on a ship. Prefered tool of choice in ancient human sacrifice rituals 
80 Stone Club of Mana grants protection from evil while holding and +1 and once a day creates a meal of taro, fish and coconut as cooked in the islands 2000gp
81 Enchanted ship prow can turn into living elfmaid and sings sad songs and wants to die as her living elf ship is a destroyed. Someone might be able to help her like sea elves 4000gp
82 Sea faerie sword fight underwater as on land and hit beings as if silver 400gp
83 Sea faerie dagger +1 +4 vs beings on other planes such as out of phase creatures or spirits 800gp
84 Mask of Dagon breathe water, save when you try to take of or it fuses with face and you become a fish person 600gp
85 Mask of Mana lets you speak to fish and fishfolk by night 750gp
86 Nose ring of protection made of gold +1 1200gp
87 Nose bone of courage +3 vs saves vs fear and morale if npc 600gp
88 Key of the sea, wand at certain locations the wand can open a gate to undersea faerie land. Find such a location near sea at 1in6 chance per day search and 3d10 charges 1300gp
89 Horn of fish summoning once a day summon dozen large fish once a month can summon 4 fishforlk warriors if by sea or river or lake. They don't speak human language and seem a bit thick but will serve till dawn or morale fails 600gp
90 Lobster charm once be used to become a giant cave lobster ally for one turn 700gp
91 Bowl of water elemental, summon a 8HD water elemental once a month if hour long ritual requiring research is followed. Elemental follows you for a day as long as you don't show favour to other elements 2000gp 1in6 summon elementals of only one alignment
92 Fish demon idol if cast into sea in a ten minute ritual an hour later a d4+2 fish folk arrive come and offer you gold or sex or trips to the undersea kingdom if you serve them 300gp cultists always want these

93 Dream Idol of Tulu strange forgotten sea god of elder darkness, sleep with idol will teach you spell research you desire in your dreams 3000gp
94 Crystal helmet of ancients grants visions of war, disaster, apocalypse that change your alignment if fail a saving throw to any new one. The visions are terrible but provide few clues but many sects desire this item and believe they can alter history 3000gp
95 Serpent Crown of a sunken serpentine kingdom, wearer can use helm to research rare demonology skills but save or become lawful evil as persona of a serpant folk who only wants to restore own kind to superiority 3000gp

96 Giant pearl of fortune, acts as a crystal ball for a turn a day to see but not hear a location. Can communicate with other pearl known pearl owners a turn per day. Trying at random might contact a dragon or non human elder race. Only spell casters may operate the orb. A pearl that glows in use and can be operated as a lantern for light 5000gp
97 Idol of the Hungry God, all who see the idol save or become a canibal, if don't eat human flesh in 24 hours they are spared the curse. Failing makes the victim hungry and desire to eat anyone near them. Only effects under 4HD beings 2000gp
98 Ancient black stone tablets from some black magic library before human kind
99 Woven tribal battle mat 2x2 yards acts as protection vs chaotic evil to any who stand on it 1200gp
100 Squat idol, with blood sacrifice it's eyes openand all who fail save held paralysed with fear for a turn. Keeping the idol makes it's ancient evil sea god contact you in dreams and offer wizard lore in return for being summoned into this world. An ancient bark book with a dead language contains instructions for bargaining with the god without becoming it's thrall 3000gp to bad people or higher

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  1. Brilliant stuff! A sargassum adventure (probably with the Magic World ship rules) is something I've been ruminating on for a while but never quite figured out how to do justice to.


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