Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Mummified Parrots and You!

These were companions of ancients who were interred in tombs as guardians. They are not common but magical. Spark up those tomb misery crawls with one of these cheeky horrors. His not dead. Any moment he will get up and bend those bars open.

Mummified Parrots CE UndeadAC as chain HD 4 Bite d4 Fly 18 Hop 3
Instead of bite may drop faeces from above over a 2m diameter circle
-all in the circle of faeces or bitten save or contract mommy rot
Mummified parrots repeat common phrases they heard in life
Mummified parrots know a d4 1st level wizard spells (usable only once)

Mummified Parrots lie dormant for Millenium and will arise to defend the tombs and graves of their owners. Created from beloved pets of ancient wizards they are very intelligent and often recognise attempts to cast spells or turn them and react. They are fast compared to human mummies but you cannot keep them with mummified cats. Mummified parrots yell curses, saucy lines, poems, sing songs and recite oaths to forgotten ancient gods. Sometimes they mimic sounds of intruders and might give away clues. Some tombs are designed with levers for birds to operate, speaking tubes and small passages they can use to get around and spy. They often attempt to alert other tomb inhabitants and awaken undead. They are chaotic evil towards tomb robbers but neutral to legitimate tomb inhabitants (or those in disguise). They will aid and support tomb inhabitants. 

Some types still have a spectacular colour for each spell known that fades as they cast them or all colour if they are destroyed. 

1in6 can drop a single stinking cloud egg bomb once
1in6 spray acid instead of faeces for 2d4 damage save for half
1in6 know priest spells instead (possible druid in some lands)
1in6 require +1 or pure copper 
weapons to harm
1in6 shun holy symbols and will not cross one unless in-home tomb
1in6 AC as plate armour

1in10 can cast curse once per round
1in10 regenerate if not in sunlight 1HP/round
1in10 not just able to parrot but intelligent and conversational in ancient
1in10 if killed explodes over 3m diameter circle cloud of diseased faeces
1in20 can cast charm person 3 times a day
1in20 if killed a 4d8 burning ray from the heavens strikes who dealt the death blow
1in20 esp which it uses to find embarrassing things from enemies it can yell out mimicking voices of past traumas or lost loved ones to disorientate enemies

I recommend giving them thematic spells like a necrococky or an elemental parrot because of stuff.

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  1. You had me until bird droppings. I think they take the guts out when they mummify them. Maybe the tomb rot is released from them as decomposed dust and spread up in a cloud from the flapping of their wings?

    Having almost been killed by a mummy and a party member being 3 hp from the same fate, I have tremendous fear and loathing of all mummies.


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