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d100 Deep Space Mystery Containers

Lots of gonzo things for a SF campagn

d100 Deep Space Mystery Containers 

01 A vacuum resistant egg from an alien creature, biological weapon of the ancients
02 Sealed and stasis packed biopet made to taste food and be a ship pet, this one has seen too much and was ejected for what it knows about a crime syndicate. It was illegally hacked to live longer than four years and to be smarter and savagely attack any harming its owner with a venomous tooth.
03 Sealed escape cryopod of a genetic super-soldier from some illegal war. Will awaken and be quiet and passive before going on a murder spree
04 Canister designed for atmospheric entry then bursts to spread an ancient bioweapon that introduces a horrible plant that consumes everything
06 Robot head contains co-ordinates for a lost asteroid base run by a space syndicate
07 Space marine power suit with a skeleton inside, last massage from marine before spaced themself and broke seals
08 Ships black box transponder system legally obligated for port registration records a ship hijacking
09 Ship hyperspace drive of strange design inside is an entity from the void that somehow got through with the ship and the surviving crew ejected it. The ship hulk and dead crew are adrift far from here. If the drive is powered up will be abnormally effective but creates paranormal effects
10 Strange stasis sealed alien container, inside a protoplasmic creature is trapped awaiting to go on a killing spree unless controlled mentally by an ancient alien race
11 A strange mummified alien being made of mater with properties of hyperspace, has strange animal and plant features and adapted for living in a vacuum
12 Alien spore bonds with metal and grows, space barnacles somehow bring other creatures with them when they become large clusters and infest and damage ships
13 Large alien crystal thing possibly alive or some kind of machine, absorb temperature to power up and come to life. May try to contact intelligent beings or might replicate self with sufficient raw materials
14 Escape pod of a ship with SOS inside a protoplasmic alien horror longs to get loose and infect life to make them like itself
15 Computer navigation computer core AI from a starship, corrupted personality is hostile and will attempt to seize control os all systems. Leaves viruses and trojan horse traps on systems, ejected by the crew to save the ship
16 Spacesuit hundreds of years old possibly from some belter, final recorded voice message
17 Spent fuel core of a stardrive of unknown design
18 defective ancient nuclear detonation laser mine from a past war
19 Damaged signal beacon of some old design, a skeleton in a spacesuit stuffed inside service bay
20 Chemical booster engine discarded after use long ago
21 Comand pod jettisoned from a modular ship long ago, two crew at controls in space suits were never rescued
22 Cargo pod full of illegal narcotics dumped to throw off the scent from the law
23 Frozen organic matter of some kind, contagious mutant horror, possible alien bioweapon
24 Unusual metal and other material in a slab, once it can access power it is a metallic nanite colony. It is self-aware and wants to find its own kind unseen for millions of years 

25 Stasis bubble reflects all attempts to open, the field of a star drive can be applied to release one of the ancients, an advanced being with psionics, armour and weapons
26 An ancient satellite with images from long ago of planets surface and other data
27 Pod of modified seeds that will alter minds of anyone eating it, corporate logo on the seal
28 Cargo pod of recycled protein, lab tests show it was human
29 Cargo module with several cryopods inside contain human slaves
30 Mining net full of ore with a damaged transponder that someone assembles
31 Pod containing leaky canisters of military nerve gas agents enough to destroy several cities
32 Cryopod with genetically modified chimp with human IQ, grateful for being fed and treated well
33 Cryopod with a dinosaur egg
34 Medical cryopod with human brains from orphans to be used in borg systems
35 Shapeshifting assassin robot in basic faceless humanoid form was on a mission but owners long dead and mission pointless
36 Scout corp pod with records of a system in dust cloud nebula that nobody knows about and some anomalous scans
37 Distress beacon from ship being attacked and signals jammed by an unknown vessel
38 Toolbox dropped long ago by astronaut possibly very old
39 Sealed non-standard stardrive contains an alien life form that is tormented to operate. If the seal is broken angry creature escapes and interferes in reality over a local area
40 Sealed case of mechanical insect colony, if near energy awaken and seek to reproduce by recycling anything

41 AI sealed in a case, dangerously advanced prototype with the bulk of its mass in hyperspace. Cunning and will be cooperative hacking other systems but has own agenda
42 Unfamiliar tech with a gene bank of several million beings and animals and plants for some future resurrection
43 Folds out into a shapeshifting robot pretends to be friendly and lost in space due to evil enemies but it is all a lie to get close before tries to murder or enslave all the meatbags
44 SIlver 20cm sphere in a sealed box. Strange apparatus allows extradimensional intelligence from overspace to enter and animate it. It once awakened is intelligent and can roll around. WIll try deception or if discovered deception until it can be interfaced into major computer system like a ship computer or AI system. Robots and other synthetic life too, it may even influence anyone touching it lots and obsessing over it 
45 An advanced firearm with AI unit required for weapon operation. AI needs to be convinced and controls fire and aiming user holds it and points or can verbally assign target. It argues and is unconvinced of wielders authority or if enemy realy deserves this. Has several settings disintegration, dematerialisation (sends to hyperspace) or a total conversion beam that creates a chain reaction of implosions and hit can damage small spacecraft in orbit if required but mostly for human-sized objects 
46 Plant seed pod that carries spores to colonise a planet with animated carnivorous plants that establish own ecosystem before intelligent master plants and drone warriors emerge. Often more in an area  
47 Pod with small albino humanoids adapted for lower gravity and space travel, preserved for feeding by another race as emergency food. They are grateful for shy modified humans and good at tech and maintenance if allowed
48 Colony cryonic escape pod containing long lost colonists but they all have a genetic condition that will turn them into psychotic killing machines. They all have early symptoms of cheery camaraderie then anger and fighting then they transform. All jettisoned as they were gene hacked to cause sabotage 
49 Cryonic sample pack with fist-size parasite embryo from survey team pod spaced long ago. If biopack is at room temperature and co2 from an exhaling medium animal are near it will hatch and get close enough to enter their body. Once inside it modifies body and takes controlling a monstrous flesh mecha piloted by the parasite as it grows. It can graft more bodyparts and people to a horrible mess if room for it
50 Frozen head in apparatus to communicate and attach to a computer to view memories. The head does not like this and mouths "kill me!" while eyes flicker under eyelids. It cant see but hears. Knows valuable information
51 Box with three silver isopod like drones. Will awaken and spread a biological agent and try to take over coms to call mysterious masters
52 Casket with dead alien corpse from a space burial ground
53 Long lost space probe was forgotten by owners and sublight
54 Cargo container of dead refugees abandoned by people smugglers
55 Wrapped bundle with some old claim searched for by the mob for generations, a 4 ton crystal of great value
56 Black coffin-sized monolith absorbs all scans. If it brought onboard it awakens, alien nanotech fused with a long lost astronaut. Being wants data and to survive
57 Trunk with a service robot, charming and brilliant chef and musician, equipped with several sets of synthetic genitals. Actually defective assassin bot
58 The case is a folded up borg in shutdown, robot body with the organic brain on life support inside
59 Exotic looking alien box gives off a signal, carries zombie making necrovirus which wont be visible until someone dies or population is reached, alien bioweapons
60 Stone statue in case actually molecularly aligned silicon android that changes its shape and attacks any beings not it's creators
61 Damaged warp core in a case still valuable weighs tones. It was abandoned for producing paranormal effects on ship and death of crew from allowing things from beyond through
62 Escape pod of ship overcome by strange beings in hyperspace. The body inside looks terrified and will reanimate to kill all it can
63 Case in documents detailing strange possibly alien phenomena someone was investigating in several systems and jettisoned to keep secret
64 Lost luggage from shuttle accident including with failed cryopod of elderly person or pet
65 Pod with beacon sent by damages outpost as SOS long ago can use to find mysterious long lost private asteroid habitat
66 Wreckage from ship lost in warp accident covered in strange blue slime in cargo container. A vampire-like being inhabited the slime and seeks a host to feed or reproduce or help it or escape to its home dimension
67 An experiment in warp drives jettisoned by crew in a hurry. Attracted entities from beyond who tormented crew and will do again
68 Black box recording in pod from the long-missing ship with asteroids marked on charts was investigating. Last audio recordings feature screaming and unrecognised noises
69 Coffin with a frozen corpse inside. Criminal syndicates and some planetary governments want it, especially the head they hope to extract data from
69 Eggs from a rapidly reproducing small humanoid newts used by ancients for aquatic labour projects in a cryogenic pod of unknown design
70 Range container with killer borg using serial linked human brains in a strange configuration with non-standard technology. Something programmed it and killed missing military flight crew
71 Box with SOS is a massive emp device which damages ship electronics and causes the ship to require repairs. It also signals pirates who use this as a signal to scramble for a damaged ship and pretend to offer help
72 Pod with small cute robot pet seems harmless and plays games. When victim alone will inject with the mutagenic bioweapon, sabotage ship and contact something unknown
73 Battlefield nuclear mine of unfamiliar design emits warning signal but nobody will recognise it
74 Emergency navigation beacon from some disaster not on any records, remaining recordings of black military op and strange phenomena
75 Log of a ship with a recording from crewperson reporting something driving crew to cannibalistic murder frenzy before self-destruction. Reports finding something on a survey mission and past flight paths
76 Cargo pod of old pirate or smugglers loot. Some personal effects of crewman might be a clue to learning more
77 Case with stolen planetary surveys and markings that appear to be illegal camps of some kind on one
78 Huge quantity of unknown drug crystals of unknown type. Made from using a process on an alien organism with traces of DNA. Some research might reveal drug operation harvesting wild creature only they know makes the substance. It has strange properties
79 Hostile android brain of advanced design. Can overide anti killing protocol and lie to get close to victims spending time calculating how it can kill the most victims
80 Footage in drone of government troops wiping out personnel on a isolated space habitat which would cause outcry if released
81 Container with alien spore pod, will delay release till inappropriate time and start to thrives somewhere unwelcome from a different ecosystem to the air filters on your ship or even human skin
82 Crionic pod with contaminated sleeping passenger broadcasting sos
83 Sealed crate with university insignia, contains ancient flight helmet found with noteson location, university reports expedition vanished with no reports of discoveries
84 Canister of unknown design with biological material that seeks host, ancient alien being wants new body, keen to find subtereanean outpost. Will cooperate and lie if best outcome and cant just killinferior beings and take a ship. Trap filled outpost reveals unknown ancient race and why container was cast into space as punishment.
85 Sealed courier pod with security codes and self destruct device. Older model so not too hard too bypass. Inside are locations of secret bases from past war probably forgotten
86 Cargo pod of chained skeletons. DNA reveals a particular colony ship profile believed destroyed hundreds of years ago. The container is from a mining company famous for criminal scandals
87 Shapeshifting android in crate. Appears obviously synthetic at first will change to same species as rescuers to facilitate communication. Appears to be advanced, friendly and helpful and seeks to make new owners dependant. At some point will take over ship seeking revenge on those who jettisoned it into space
88 Robot in crate, built by rogue pioneering robotacist who left known space a long time ago yet this robot seems more recent. Taking the crate on board releases a signal calling robot pirates, seek materials and the master seeks company on secret asteroid habitat
89 Humanoid in cryonics pod, only looks human is a hateful mass of bioplasm sent to infiltrate and kill humanity
90 Box of spare robot heads from humanoid robots. One of them is buile for espionage on behalf of a criminal cartel. The cartel once signalled will take an interest in salvagers and try and take opportunity to exploit them
91 Canister of old military grade weapons lost in some black market operation, owners lost long ago but keen to get back and revenge on any they think stole them
92 Container of old relics of different ages, was dumped by smugglers but owner a rich collector will kill to get them back. One object includes secret manufacturing plans worth millions to right person
93 Frozen corpse in crate of colonial mine investigator who vanished on job at local asteroid mining hub. Has implanted chip recording part of investigation
94 Sealed crate of valuable lost recordings of musical act and signed merchandise. Band vanished long ago and one recording of band member in a recognisable city seems to post date disapearance
95 Container of modified seed grain, seed if used is intended to thrive in various environments and spread rapidly but this batch is intended to terraform a planet and overgrown everything and destroys any ecology. Once overgrowth noted limited time to stop it. If just sold buyers will report sellers after a planetary disaster to authoraties
96 Container with old military torpedo warhead inside, easily disarmed and left here by sagotuers. Others have been left in area. Serial numbers all linked to forgotten war ammo depot
97 Core of a biotronic computer core weighs 4 ton. If powered up biological components revive and the AI attempts to communicate. The computer is advanced and telepathic and helpful but incapable of violence or harming others. Very efficient at running ship systems but others want to know where it comes from and at least one party wants to kill salvagers and take the AI.

98 Strange design cargo pod with strange root vegetables inside. Smell delicious and human derived peoples find them tempting from delicious smell. Anyone eating them is transformed into dangerous new hybrid life form hostile to humanity. Vegetables full of natural drugs, bacteria and viruses
99 Distress beacon with details of a wrecked ship trapped in area where radio and radar inhibited. Survivors desperately fired this and provide warnings of navigational hazard of strange EM cloud surrounding them
100 Large alien pod with organic readings. A biological mass is a dangerous psionic entity that escaped a self destruction ship. The creature wants to take over a whole planet but needs biomass and servants

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  1. Hope to see this finished, I could use it with my upcoming Sci Fi game.

  2. These are all really great! Note to self, never open mysterious sci-fi containers ever

    1. now im imagining vaults full of enigmatic shipping crates held for inspection but players need just one


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