Monday, 20 April 2020

Rich District of Shadelport

1 Navigators Run

Descendants of founding pirate families and richest ship owners
The rich here keep the most opulent riverside wharves and rich private boats. A private militia keeps out riff-raff and fish out dead corpses from upriver and dump them out at sea. These families are strong supporters and peers of the ruling Baron and 366 families are represented by the Navigators guild. Many are wizards. The law here is a private militia and the gang known as the Davey Jones Boys run vice discreetly

2 Fortunes Nest
Rich families of arcane and priestly magicians 

Notoriously close to the university and the holy district this area has some of the most unusual houses. Wizards clans, especially on townhouses and towers, erect sculptural figures from their clan shields. Sorcerers pleasure domes and priestly palaces all rub shoulders here. A sect of templars helps guard the street with militia assisted by poor wizard students. The biggest gang the Gilded Porpoise Club has risen up helping up and coming poor wizards then getting favours in return later.

3 Iron Men's Rock
Families promoted to nobility for worthy military or civil service deeds
While old inherited title families treat the Iron Men as inferiors, in fact, they are the most loyal to the Baron and highly regarded by the secret police. Eventually, they marry into nobility and move up. A rather quiet and austere area with gated communities with own guards. Militia and secret police keep streets very clear at night. The secret police are the closest thing to a gang and report to the Baron       

4 Palace Hill
Richest and most powerful nobles of the city who look down on everyone else

Many walled estates and palaces here with many private gate guards. These families are directly working with the Barons international trade, piracy and privateer empire. Some of the ancient reclaimed manours have hidden secrets and hauntings. Many deal with specific foreign lands or defected to the Baron from far away. A youthful chariot gang like to run down poor people intruding in area

5 Dragon Hill
Older farm estate families, landlords, and demihumans in declining old houses 

Once was wealthier are but these older "poorer rich" families that insist on true blood nobles only. As their leaders declined in health and sanity so did their fortunes and relevance, especially as the Baron created a class of farming and fighting common landowners. Even many of the slaver families here are in decline as non-human labour is cheaper. Probably the wildest streets with excentric locals defending own blocks. The Hellfire gang are rich privileged youths who occasionally take over blocks with guns and thugs just for violent fun.

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