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My Walkthrough to Cthulhu Invicticus

Anyway cthulhu Invicticus is great stuff.
Like regular Cthulhu for bureaucracy, research, classism, racism, sexism
Plus lots of orgies and stabbing.

If that hasn't sold you I don't know what will.

So I'm gonna run through a bunch of Invictus stuff I have access too mostly in print versions. Unlike regular Cthulhu older eds are more different and have lots of trivial differences in content. So grabbing all of them is not so crazy as I have learned.

Henceforth is a rundown on Cthulhu Invictus but first I Would recommend Gurps Rome for having a good wage table as ever (all settings should), BRP Rome, BRP Warlords of Alexander (free magic songs are great) plus Mythras Rome and Constantinople books.
Also game notes and character sheets from my roman Cthulhu brp variant on my BRP page linked on sidebar.  Mark Latham's The Cthulhu Campagns has own timeline and ideas on mythos in Rome plus awesome art that makes it a core book.

BRP Rome has great monsters, animals, history, alt magic and is Roman Republic Era
I liked Nero as some classic disasters, slanders, scandals around then have his death and end with Pompei eruption. Disappointed none of these games or even wargames or films show veletes but they were disbanded in the republic, with their werewolf costumes and skirmishing shenanigans. I figure if Romans can watch mass murder for fun all day quite a few things won't bother them. Adding in more RQ combat works well and gives melee and armour vs the mythos a big edge. Shame no explosives and stone buildings don't burn as well. Like players to eventually get sent around empire as investigators for patrons and secret societies. Possibly Britania will be a reward or a punishment.

I don't think the opium addled oriental flowery fantasies of Dunsanay Dreamlands works in Rome, too many zoog in scenarios I saw. I prefer Robert Holdstock Mythago Dreamlands that even require a variant of the Tillinghast Resonator. I disagree with interpretations of mythology quite a bit. The take on Olympians and Titans in the earlier books I gagged at. Plenty of good horror in the ancient world without needing mythos to rationalize everything or use dreamlands. Something as good as Icelands book for religion would be nice more like my Vikings campaign. Im happy to be ambiguous and not have everything connected or explained or use "too many monsters" syndrome like VanHelsing movie. Finding what gods equated to what mythos things I didn't really get into. Usually, In modern Era I portray traditional occult and religion as all untrue. In history gaming, I find religion works as a good scaffolding prop for roleplaying to hang off. Mot and Nergal might be plague gods but they are in the ancient world equated to Set or Mars and all share some attributes and not always evil as pop culture examples. Pop versions often miss subtlety and intent of Myths. Some religion out there we have only Roman and Christian propaganda to account for them and don't really know lots of what those cults did. Sadly I've dissed books for getting Babylonian demonology confused with popular culture.

My tip for Female characters is to be Etruscan.
You can have drinking parties while husband away and not fear the death penalty
Romans would just shrug and say Eutruscans do that stuff

Id kinda like players to be all military (for a period of time perhaps to earn citizenship)
Otherwise a bunch of mixes of various characters possibly a family or household

Naming stuff in Latin without translation a pain or be consistent and have both
Listing all NPCs as cast is handy
One companion has an adventure with same name but one in Latin

So describing various products and editions
Including location and era info to help plan a campaign
Help plan a route around the world using lots of these

Editions Of Cthulhu Invictus

Monograph 50AD
-"Morituri Te Salutamus" Rome

-Gaul (Also in Chaosium Companion)
-"Chuma Invicticus" Egypt-Nubia-Kush (Also in Chaosium Companion)

Chaosium 80AD
-Reuses and expands from monograph ed
-Has fold out and other good maps
-More cults, spells and monsters than 7th ed
-"Prophylaxis Panacea Efqua" Palmyra in Syria

Golden Goblin 145AD 7th ed
-attractive layout sometimes hard to read but good info design
-"Blood & Glory" Rome, I would split this into two adventures possibly
-"Food for Worms" Rome, Don't think I can use this in any era for COC

Companions Of Cthulhu Invictus
Malum Umbra Monograph
-Dacia Province described with "The Haunted Villa"
-Herculanium described with "Obsidio Villa"

Extrico Tabula the Second Companion
-Germainia& Briton Described
-"Silver Nigre" Germainia
-"Letalis Messor" Britainia

Cthulhu Invicticus Companion Chaosium

-"Morituri Te Salutamus" Rome-Gaul (reprint)
-"Chuma Invicticus" Egypt-Nubia-Kush (reprint, better maps)
-"Bachanalia" Carthage, this one is very good orgy murder mystery

Adventure Books

Strange Aeons 2 Chaosium
-"They did Not Think it too Many" 80AD Britania

Ripples From Carcosa
-"Adventus Regis" Vestalanium town in Tuscany on river Arno 

Lux In Tenerbras Miskatonic River Press 
-Slang, Law, Chariot Racing,  and new occupations
-"Misplaced Charity" Rome
-"On a Lonely Road" Any road in Empire
-"Vinea Perversa" Starts Rome but flexible

-"Dreams of Atlantis" Starts Rome but flexible
-"Naufractus" Mederteranian Sea, Prelude to Arrius Lurco
-"Mystery in Sardinia" Rome to Sardinia, Epilogue of Arrius Lurco 
-"The Dread Idol" Sardinia, Conclusion
of Arrius Lurco 
-"The House of Aufidius" Near Rome

The Legacy of Arrius Lurco 
Miskatonic River Press 
-130AD starts Rome ends in Crete
-4 part adventure great introductory campaign
-teaches you about setting as you play
-players really got into the NPC's wellbeing, ran well
-I think Golden Goblin publish this now

The Gods Hate Me Monograph
-"Blood & Glory" Rome (reprinted in 7th ed core book)

-"Clockwork Rome" 80AD Rome
-"Death & Bane" Britania
-"Lights on Versuvius" 46AD (27-79AD) Herculanium
-"Ursinus' Animal Show" 68AD Britania
-"The Gods Hate Me"
-"The Gods Unknown" 55AD Britania
-"Starts Always With the Eyes" 158AD Germania
-A value-packed monograph

De Horrore Cosmico Golden Goblin

-"The Vetting of Marius Asina" Massila
-"Doom" Rome to Alexandria
-"Murmitto" Sicily
-"Kith & Kine" Brittania
-"The Devils Mouth" Brittania
-"The Case of Tertius Orestius Sedonis" Rome (aka Charles Dexter Ward)
-"Patrone Mi Patrone" Rome
-Good dense compact scenarios for 7th ed COC

Fronti Nulla Fides Golden Goblin
-"The Clockwork oracle" Corinth Greece
-"Goddess of the White Apes" Rome to Opar
-"Following Seas sea trip Antioch to Syria

-"Manu Mission" Rome to Corsica
-The Dragon of Cambia" Britania
-"The Blood Sword of Emeric" Germania
-Good dense compact scenarios for 7th ed COC

In conclusion, If you have 7th Edition Golden Goblin Book you would benefit with the Chaosium produced edition and its companion. The monograph companions have adventures also.

Exited for new Britania Book from Golden Goblin
Hope to score dark ages 7th ed hardback soon
Have made some steps for publishing something Cthulhu ish

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