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Fancy Sea Chest Stuffers for Castle Crab

As i cant afford internets much im more offline and doind a 3fold a day instead of a blog. As I lost some posts working on blogger offline im reluctant to work like that.

The 3folds have got lots of interest and im in process of having proofed for release on drive thru and patreon. Currently doing a series based on my exilon setting.

My SF posts have more hits and comments so probably more coming.
Probably more broken hill maps as Im hoping to run it.

d10 Quick Types
1 Weapons
2 Armour
2 Mask
4 Clothing
5 Seaweed*
6 Unguents
7 Shells
8 Jewelry
9 Scales
10 Tablets

*Addicts crave a hit a day or -2 all rolls, after a week save to resist committing crimes or terrible deeds to get more seaweed takes a month in seclusion to cure with a healer.

Marine Treasure Oddments 
01 Sea Axe made of metal hard shells clumped in mass, can be used as normal in water hits magical creatures but no plus to hit
02 Trident of the fish made of green sea metal +1 to hit fish like creatures and can be thrown in water as if on land, has no penalties for underwater use and floats
03 Seaweed Net, must be kept damp but weighs little and packed into bag size of two fists. Turn to repack though is 2 yards or meters square with a 3 long line if thrown
04 Trident of War is a huge 2d4 trident too big to throw made of sea metal, has no penalties for underwater use and floats
05 Obsidian Dagger, very ancient can harm anything harmed by cold iron or silver weapons
06 Shark Tooth Dagger does d6 but breaks on any roll on 1 to hit
07 Sword of the sea a shortsword of sea metal +2 vs anything with scales, has no penalties for underwater use and floats
08 Coral Tip Javelin flies through water and strikes as normal even under water often in bundle of a d3, +1 vs chitinous shelled creatures like crabs or insects or lobsters
09 Tagoa Wood Club, d6 carved with designs of sea spirits with some mother of pearl inlay on some versions, has no penalties for underwater use and floats wielder +1 save vs fear and possession
10 Narwhale Harpoon a d8 damage spear, if hits points target is attached to 6 yard or metre line to user, take a d4 damage and strength roll to remove harpoon head
11 Turtle shell shield made from plaston of marine turtle carved with sigils, can be used in water without penalty, +1 save vs spell saves
12 Mother of pearl plate armour, of sea elves, allows free action in water and has no encumbrance in water, can be used to swim in
13 Shark Hide armour as leather, but anything biting you takes 1 point damage
14 Nautilus Shell Helm allows wearer to breath water (or air if sea creature) for an hour a day
15 Crab Armour as chainmail, resemble a crab from afar 
16 Crab Gauntlets d4 unarmed attack, some specimen 1in6 have one claw larder for a d6 or 1in6 of those are a d8
17 Eel skin armour, as leather but skintight, black and flexible good for thieves
18 Dragonscale Armour as plate, no weight or move penalties in water
19 Octiopi Armour, chain or plate armour but built for a octopoid tako, often bejeweled
20 Shell buckler +1 also can stab as a +1 dagger 
21 Starfish mask allows you to talk language of any starfish like being in sight
22 Shark Mask lets you make a d6 unarmed bite attack and look fearsome
23 Squid Mask lets you communicate telepathically with tentacled creatures by touch
24 Ancient One mask of wood, somber face carved in dark unknown wood, can see through water as if air without distortion, can read ancient glyphs of their island rock carvings 
25 Sea Elf Mask, can pass into undersea faerie land under a full moon
26 Mermaid mask, turn wearer into a sea breathing mermaid hour a day
27 Crab Mask can speak to any crab like being at close range
28 Sea Demon Mask if worn while sleeping will contact the mind of a ancient sea demon who will give you orders to serve their cult
29 Death Mask makes skeletons and zombies treat you as neutral if you don't act hostile or run
30 Eel mask can speak to any eels while wearing
31 Skirt of Swimming of magic woven grass and seaweed can swim as land speed
32 Fish Cult Robes make wearer resemble a fish like humanoid being, +1 Wisdom 
33 Brazier of the Mermaid, bejeweled with coral and pearls, +1 CHA   
34 Cloak of the Sea Elves, turn invisible a turn a day in water
35 Moon Robe allows wearer to once a month ascend to the moon or to return
36 Walrus Belt made of hide and carved tusks, adds +1 CHA 
37 Torc of the Sea Dragon, can speak to marine dragons
38 Jade Beard of the Sea Gods, wearer can speak undersea common and knows court etiquette 
39 Seahorse Broach once a day for an hour becomes a living giant sea horse mount with saddle and harness
40 Tentacle Girdle can sprout two extra tentacles and get a extra attack once turn a day
41 Emerald Seaweed, eater does not age d4 years per dose, very valuable
42 Ruby Seaweed +d3 STR for one hour but save vs addiction
43 Saphire Seaweed, eater heals 2d6 but save vs addiction
44 Opal Seaweed eater can see in the dark for a d6 hours
45 Diamond Seaweed +d3 INT for one hour but save vs addiction
46 Pear String Seaweed +d3 CHA for one hour but save vs addiction
47 Jade Seaweed +d3 WIS for one hour but save vs addiction
48 Onyx Seaweed if fed to corpse arises as obedient zombie
49 Topaz Seaweed +d3 DEX for one hour but save vs addiction
50 Obsidian Seaweed +d6 HP for one hour but save vs addiction
51 Faerie Rub, ointment transports user to fairy land under the sea once

52 Seacow Drool, ointment protects from stinging jellies, anemone, shellfish, coral or other touch venoms for one hour
53 Seawax, make a object or garment waterproof or for a sea creature to avoid dehydration on land for a week, made by boiling 4HD of seals or sea birds
54 Porpoise Fat ointment, protects wearer from dangerous non magical cold for a day
55 Seagull Ointment, rub on naked body turn into gull for hour
56 Sea Troll grease, rub on and regenerate 1HP per round for 2d6 rounds, save or lose a CON point and become chaotic evil
57 Amphibian Ointment can breathe water or air for one turn
58 Eel Slime Ointment, +3 swim speed for an hour
59 Ambergris Ointment, +1 CHA for one hour
60 Leviathan Slime Ointment protects wearer from crushing depths for 12 hours
61 Shell of calling, speak with a second shell only1in6 are set together
62 Shell of Fish summoning calls a d10 d4 HP fish per day who try to obey you if you speak undersea common for a turn, if used on land they flop about and die
63 Shell  of Leviathan used once a year to call a giant sea monster who expects a sacrifice or goes on a rampage
64 Shell of Aid when blown alert friends in a mile radius and casts a bless spell

65 Shell of the Fish Cult, allows holder to speak to fish folk
66 Shell of Shelter, once a day grows to size of a small hut for 8 hours on command
67 Shell of Venom, used with a punch to deliver a one use lethal poison sting
68 Shell of Doom, has skull patterns, if blown summons a d12 fish folk skeletons, usable once a week
69 Clam Purse of Pearls, once every full moon makes a small 60gp pearl inside
70 Shell of the Sea God, can speak to a lesser sea god once a month and ask 3 yes or no questions about the sea
71 Sea Queens Ring, turn into mermaid hour a day

72 Pearl Tiara allows to speak with any undersea creature for turn a day
73 Coral Armband allows sea creature to swim in the air for a hour
74 Mermaids Pearl Necklace, 40+d20 pearls, each pearl summons a friendly talking fish that will carry a message in water
75 Starfish Medallion can command any starfish creature of under 4HD for one hour a day
76 Mermans Beard if worn while swimming will catch tiny fish good for bait or a meal every four hours
77 Mermaids Belt if worn will allow wearer to spawn with a variety of sea creatures, really only works if you lay eggs and fertilise them externally like a fish or amphibian
78 Dugong Belt if worn you can live of sea grass and gain a d6 pounds per day, you can go without food costing one accumulated pound per day
79 Octopus Ring can call Tako octopus fairies from the sea if you stand on sea shore during the rain. Will call a d4 shy Tako who will need gifts to communicate, trade or befriend 
80 Walrus Teeth, simply remove your canine teeth and insert these tusks into the hole and enjoy benefits of a tusk. Mostly in sets of 2 but will dive wearer an unarmed attack of d4 or d6 with two. Good for cracking shellfish and intimidating people
81 Dagons Scale allows you to cast charm fish once per day (like charm person but must be at least half fish)
82 Dragon King Scale, if thrown into the sea summons a severe storm
83 Merman Scale, allows wearer to speak to mer folk if implanted in skin
84 Sea Drake Scale, if planted on skin grows into chain armour like defensive brilliant azure scales all over permanently
85 Barracuda Scale, If swallowed gain a d6 unarmed bite attack and can eat your own body weight in meat per day
86 Sea Demon Scale if inserted in skin grow hideous half fish demon from waist down and can breathe water and make a ave daily or turn chaotic evil
87 Mermaid Scale, if implanted grow beautiful hair and breasts like a mermaid
88 Clownfish scale, if implanted can resist anemone stings and turn bright orange with white stripes
89 Salmon Scale, if implanted allows water breathers to survive in salt or fresh water
90 Angler Fish Scale, can survive at great depths of the sea, see in the dark, grow a luminous lure from partners and allow male lovers to fuse with your body and shrink down to just faces and remain constantly pregnant
91 Tablets teaching secret language of marine species d6 1=shark 2=stingray 3=squid 4=eel 5=jellyfish 6=starfish
92 Tablets teaching skill of silent swimming

93 Tablets with description of the locations of seven sunken cities
94 Tablets detailing courtly manners of the under sea kingdoms
 Tablets teaching secret language of d6 1=fish folk 2=mermaids 3=selkie 4=tako 5=shark folk 6=squid folk 
96 Tablets teaching secret of navigating great ocean currents across the world 
97 Tablets teaching art of navigation by the stars
98 Tablets teaching blasphemous history of the undersea monster races and when they ruled the surface world
99 Tablets teaching detailing names and descriptions of great elder sea demons
 Tablets teaching secret language of sea dragons, the royalty of the undersea kingdoms

Forgot I had done this before....will amalgamate one day

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