Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Homerbrewing Crap Yet Again

A few projects on the go...Seem to be dabbling with the finishing of my worlds of hell for my setting
-seven hells and then six in between worlds you can do your best to never enter
-when I write these up will be possible to play with very little dming hopefully and different each playthrough
Plus thinking of revising my own pantheon I have lazily used mythology for years
-possibly graphic depictions of the pantheon
Dabbling with Elfmaids monster book again

Revising my homebrew system
-added to my character sheet boxes to record class changes an option I want more of in my system and boxes by stats you can fill if you have any enhanced save based on your class/race or any skills you choose. I could envisage a graphic for senses too, eye box if you have a spot skill ear for listen tongue. Possibly next revision
-did a sheet with notes on the character sheet above. I need to proof this better and reread a few times and have page numbers to the final book sections
-few layout bugs and typos I'm finding
-have done generic "builds" of character in my system based on old classic classes and need to rename some
-monster forms might help too for groups of mooks and boss or legendary monsters need a sheet with rooms for skills and powers
-if I did more detailed builds or kits I might include something on how you got the equipment
-party form with marching order and initiative offer marked and flunkies and a company name good for NPC parties too

Hope to have a bunch of 
"builds" planned out so you can make a npc of a class and level and use charts to know all of the character's skills and abilities.  Fast for NPCs or late players or making a pregen for higher-level adventure. It is very list based and might finalise my ruleset first before too much of this. Possibly some generic monster add ons for monster bosses or elites too. I like in Temple of Elemental Evil PC game the ninja bugbears used a trip attack then all dogpiled the fallen victim. Useful forme anyhow. These kits are examples of starting equipment (and weight) skill and spell selections for a fast-starting character. By plotting out to what they get level by level say 20th level should make it fast. I'd like to do 5-12 of these for each class. I don't want to overcommit just cos I like things in fours or by dozen. I have 16 core classes so 12 sample builds of each maxed out might be painful. I might do this with some players. Possibly priests might vary the most if I include power alternates to turning and bonus spells.   

A system of generating magic items for NPCs of high levels or new PCs might help. I used fiend Folio for these lots as a kid.

Anyway here are some alt builds based on classes
-each class in my book has a sample build of spells and skills and starting equipment which is 1 on these lists
-my naming schemata I'm still playing with and while id like to do a witch or alchemist class ill save that for some future edition as I still have plenty to do on this incarnation of the game I wrote in bed from memory when sick 12 years or so ago and got back to and ish stuff.
-priests I'm split between having to base on cults or as jobs....
-priests id like to have alternate turning powers or some extra spells or something like i had earlier versions but priest by job approach seems not as useful and perhaps all priests engaged with the struggle of life and unlife and everyone hopes to be buried on the hallowed ground or at least get a cantrip cast on their grave lest they arise which has tempting possibilities....possibly the gods & alt powers could be a later thing to do (even though I'm thinking cosmology again). I like the idea of being a healer of the bright healing gods vs a healer of darkness or a bright templar vs a templar of a love goddess too. This many alt powers might be too hard for now too so will go with what I have now and all clerics involved in war between living and dead

Priests built on religions                                     
1 - Light (solar and law cults) turning undead repels or destroys                 
2 - Darkness (night and underworld cults) turning undead makes obedient or slaves            
3 - Love (beauty and fertility cults) fascinate or mass charm            
4 - Death (war and pestilence cults) improves troops morale or go beserk        
5 - Sage (scholar and scribe cults) question ancient spirits for knowledge              
6 - Air (sky and storm cults) influence weather    
7 - Earth (fertility and nature cults) pacify plants and animals    
8 - Fire (war and craft cults) burning aura
9 - Water (sea and river cults) draw water d12 litres/Lv once per day per level sea or pure
10 - Trickster (chaos and luck) temporary random mutations 


Priests built on Jobs 
1 - Cleric (workhorse fighting order) turn or destroy the undead
2 - Exorcist (
hunt evil spirits, undead and shapeshifters)  
3 - Friar (wandering rural commoner order) pacify animals
4 - Flagellant (frenzied fighting order) beserks 
5 - Shamen (spirit seers of savage peoples) spirit sight and travel 
6 - Prophet (missionary and divination order) fascinate 
7 - Hospitalar (medical fighting order) healing miracles
8 - Templar (fighting crusader order) protection from evil 1 area circle 
9 - Inquisitor (hunting heretics and the unholy order) detect lie 
10 - Hermit (wilderness contemplation order) hide in limbo 

1 - Thief (criminal gang member)
2 - Hunter (hunter, scout or often bandit)
3 - Assassin (killer for hire or cause)
4 - Sailor (mariner and sea traveller)
5 - Merchant (scheming traders and travellers)
6 - Diplomat (spies and negotiators)
7 - Bounty Hunter (hunter of criminals)
8 - 
Acrobat (athletic performer)
9 - 
Charletan (sleazy con artists)
10 - Beggar (spies and dealers)

1 - Mercenary (professional soldier for hire)
2 - Knight (aristocratic cavalry)
3 - Gladiator (combat athlete)
4 - Yeoman (landowner farmer and warden of the forest)
5 - Viking (barbarian sea raiders)
6 - Berserker (frenzied savage warriors)
7 - Houseguard (household bodyguard of noble)
8 - Hoplite (farmer artisan armoured spearmen) 

9 - Amazon (nomad horse archers)  

10 - Musketeer (specialists in black powder) 

1 - Enchanter (control minds and craft magic)
2 - Conjurer (summons things and creatures)
3 - Illusionist (influences mind and dreams)
4 - Necromancer (animates undead thralls and streal souls)
5 - Alchemist (makes potions and golems)

6 - Air Elementalists (air elementalist)
7 - Earth Elementalists  (earth elementalist)
8 - Fire Elementalists (fire elementalist)
9 - Water Elementalists (water elementalist)
10 - Diabolist Elementalists (black magic taught by hell with low low tutorial fees)

1 - Minstrel (travelling entertainer and performer)
2 - Jester (foolish entertaining simpletons)
3 - Seducer (gigolo, courtesan or professional lover)
4 - Mystic (holy acrobatic dancers)
5 - 
Demagogue (rouses rabble and spreads slander)rune master
Druid (the same issue as priests really but I'm probably going for the easier option for now)1 - Green (plants and animals stuff)
2 - Red (sacrifice to nature with blood and fire)
3 - Black (death stuff)
4 - White (healers and diviners)
5 - Dun (elemental stuff)


1 - Forester (care for forests and wilderness)
2 - Gardener (holy herbalists of temple gardens)
3 - 
Beastmaster (animal tamer and friend)
4 - Soothsayer (divination and
 blood sacrifice)
5 - 
Sage (wandering teachers and healers of old faith)

Monk (a similar problem I could design weird orders or this)
1 - Mendicant - (wandering holy folk sworn to poverty and self-defence) 
2 - Archer (specialist marksman)
3 - Duelist (wandering sellsword)
4 - Executioner (ordained punisher) 
5 - Guardian (temple and monastery defenders) 

Sorcerer (a good variety of sorcerers is a must, powers from blood link or an oath)
1 - Magus
 (powers granted by esoteric entities)
2 - Witch (powers granted by ancient spirits)
3 - Nymphamancer (powers granted by faerie and sylvan beings)
4 - Dracologist (powers from dragons)
5 - Demonologist (powers from demons)
6 - Pyromancer (powers from air elementals)
7 - Geomancer (powers from earth elementals)
8 - Pyromancer (powers from fire elementals)
9 - Hydromancer (powers from water elementals)
10 - Umbramancer (powers from shadow entities)

NonhumansI put a troll breed on quite a few of these lists to show how the races can be reskinned.
You could make a bunch of faerie folk like this too.
Abhumans used to be just beast-men but I expanded it to a variety of other humanoid beefcakes

1 - Mountain Dwarf (love treasure, mines, war)
2 - Forest Dwarf (love nature, animals and plants) 
3 - Hill Dwarf (love trade and craft) 
4 - Dark Dwarf (cruel dwarves who hate the surface)
5 - Tunnel Troll (savages from the underground)
1 - Wood Elf (earthborn common elves replacing worlds woodlands)
2 - Wild Elf (feral earthborn elves from hidden wild places)
3 - Bright Elf (otherworldly dwellers of elfland serving bright spirit lords and gods) 
4 - Dark Elf (otherworldly dwellers of elfland serving dark spirit lords and gods)
5 - Arcane Troll (gloomy and melancholic mystic race long thought extinct)


1 - Forest Gnome (live with animal chums in woods)
2 - Deep Gnome (gloomy steam-age mechanists from the underland)
3 - Blood Gnome (vicious murderers and brigands) 
4 - Knocker (magic crafty mining goblins)
5 - Barn Troll (shy protectors of barn and farmyard)
1 - Scout (halfling professional militia)
2 - Cook (cooks latest dungeon monsters and steal recipes)
3 - Sherrif (guardian of law and common folk)
4 - Wanderer (restless curious travellers)
5 - Hedge Troll (small shy trolls live under bushes)


1 - Goat Folk (Common beast folk)
2 - Eath Folk (Rock elemental humanoids)
3 - Barbarian (Humans bred by ancient evil wizards for war)
4 - Orc (tortured dead elves reborn to serve wizards now free)
5 - Cave Troll (large troll warriors, mostly wiped out long ago)
1 - Cat (mischievous cat spirits)
2 - Fox (thieving cunning fox spirit)
3 - Cambion (demon human hybrids)
4 - Dryad (lascivious tree spirits)
5 - Faerie (insect winged nobility of elfland)

Giant (any of these would eat a human, just saying)

1 - Mountain Giant (common giants who most rely on humans to live among as young)
2 - High Giant (lawful civilised remnants of giant civilisation destroyed by gods)
3 - Cave Giant (savage stone age giant simpletons who mostly hunt and gather)
4 - Formarian Giant (mutated hideous freaks who serve chaos)
5 - Cyclops Giant (one eyed farmers and wine makers)
Tako (i considered having squid, nautilus, cuttlefish, ammonite etc types instead)1 - Octopus (explorer of the surface world from undersea faerie land ruled by dragon kings)
2 - Nautilus (armoured knights of the sea a warrior caste with a shell helmet)
3 - Squid (commoners of the undersea kingdom who gather food from sea) 
4 - Ammonite (pointed or spiral shells show interested in magic and lost knowledge)
5 - Cuttlefish (scouts and messengers of the undersea kingdom)
Psychon Versions
Priest - Programmer (typical priests of psychon who commune with AI gods)
Rogue - Scrapper (salvage expert at looting ancient ruins)
Warrior - Astronaut (often found in stasis in crashed ships)
Wizard - Astromancer (hack global teleport array for miracles)
Bard - Rocker (travelling musicians of psychon mostly guitarists)
Druid - Mutantmaster (aids the toxic mutant evolution of psychon)
Monk - Agent (trained operative for secret society or AI)
Sorcerer - Cultist (powered by pyramid scheme of outre beings)
Elf - Eldren (space travellers returned from the stars)
Dwarf - Morlock (cannibalistic machinist dwarves who breed humanoids as cattle)
Gnome - Gremlin (small mischievous humanoids)
Halfling - Podling (gene adorable hacked humans for ultra-dense survivor habitats)
Abhuman - Android (synthetic humanoid of the ancients or aliens)
Changeling - Alien (grey-skinned outsiders from the outer void prefer psionics)
Giant - Behemoth (a race of revolting snotty drunken bullies who don't know it)
Tako - Octoborg (synthetic body with jacked in mind or android brain)

+ new classes in psychon book
Cyborg - living human using robot spell list but might be better as sub type of robot)
Psionicist - like the idea of this but I might just build from bard and use my psionics spell list
Mutant (Psychon Mutant, others like necromutants, techno mutants, or mutants)
Robot (Service Robot, cyborg, farm robot,

Test with above character raised as high as he can go my system with stats
So above stats on the example sheet above have no HP
so I will roll and got 2 and as 1st lv gets min of 7 + 1 vigor bonus
total of 8HP so if solo id probably get job in town or join some outfit

Lv 2 HP 13 hit bonus +2 Cleve
Lv 3 HP 17 hit bonus +3 Improve Expert +1 sword to +2 Master, Riding, Read Common
Lv 4 HP 23 hit bonus +4 +1 STR (16 increases bonus by +1)Tough
Lv 5 HP 26 hit bonus +5 Frenzy
Lv 6 HP 34 hit bonus +6 2x attacks round, Power Throw, Track, Speak elvish
Lv 7 HP 37 hit bonus +7 Opportunity attack
Lv 8 HP 42 hit bonus +8 
+1 STR (17) Extra rank of a Critical hit (x2)
Lv 9 HP 52 git bonus +9 Improve master sword to Specialist +3, First Aid, Speak gnomish
Lv 10
 HP 55 hit bonus +10 Damage dice bump by one, Extra rank of a Critical hit (x3)
Lv 11
 HP 58 hit bonus +11 Armoured Attack
Lv 12
 HP 61 hit bonus +12 3x attacks round, +1 STR (18) Running blow, Running
Lv 13
 HP 64 hit bonus +13 Running charge 
Lv 14
 HP 67 hit bonus +14 Armour optimise
Lv 15
 HP 70 hit bonus +15 Parry, Fortitude 
Lv 16
 HP 73 hit bonus +16 +1 STR (19), Rage 
Lv 17  HP 76 hit bonus +17 BerserkLv 18  HP 79 hit bonus 4x attacks round, +18 Running Charge, StewardLv 19  HP 82 hit bonus +19 Quick load hand axe
If I was to comment on this guy Id say had lowish HP for a long time and might easily end up a second-tier fighter

But I better finish my draft before I get committed to doing these...
while the project is handy its sort of thing rendered useless by say a later edition

Im gonna put up some spreads on my FB group for a final going over and discussion too
I mostly don't constantly discuss anarchism on the Elfmaids & Octopi group on FB  

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