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Sargassum Faction Generator

This is for settlements in the sargassum of which there are more than you expect except they have been brought here over centuries and all simultaneously inhabit similar space and are quite probably separated from their own kind. Some Aquatic races understand the faerie land nature of the place and build kingdoms here.

So you don't need to roll all of these things.
You could roll extra of the tables for bigger factions.

Most factions have a leader that might be smartest or strongest
-leader often has bodyguard
-leaders have mates and family around them

Most factions have a spiritual leader that might be their smartest
-most small groups have a senior initiate or acolyte at least
-often Priest, Wizard, Druid, Sorcerer, Monk, Shaman or whatever
-larger groups have multiple sects and places they gather

So faction has
-a lair
-pets 1in6 have lots of domesticated
-strongest d3
-smartest d3

Then work out chief and possibly sub chiefs sets and spiritual leader
The strongest guys often end up if not chief end up as a champion or bodyguard
The smartest guys could be the main boss, spiritual leader or just an adviser or expert

d12 Lair of Faction

1 Giant sea shell above and below water
2 Treehouse in giant kelp plant above and below water
3 Inside ancient ruins above and below water
4 Village of fisherfolk built of scrap
5 Prehistoric tower of pink coral above and below water
6 Inside structure inside a coral reef above and below water
7 Inside an ancient church or temple ruin
8 Inside a wrecked ship held above the water by giant kelp trunks
9 Inside a gigantic sea monsters belly (inside a biological pocket dimension)
10 Inside a cave above and below water 
11 Inside living tunnels within gigantic kelp trunks 
12 In an old lighthouse or boatshed and wharf

d12 Common Faction Type
1 Pirates got lost now want escape and treasure
2 Smugglers here with criminal goods want escape
3 Fisherman came exploring and got lost 
4 Slavers came exploring and found slaves so stayed
5 Sailors from a wrecked ship stranded here
6 Castaways all passengers on a transport ship
7 Islander natives stranded in storm want to escape or food or fight
8 Naval Kingdom ship crew exploring in name of the crown but lost
9 Holy order carrying relics and treasure has gone into hiding and heretical
10 Cultists worshipping vile demonic gods gibbering madly
11 Wizard Expedition seeking blasphemous lore and elder secrets
12 Strange Factions roll below or stranded convicts turned cannibal

d12 Strange Faction Types

1 Abhuman beast folk (d6 1=rat, 2=gull, 3=fish, 4=snake, 5=marine iguana 6=squid)
2 Abhuman beast folk (d6 1=otter, 2=frog, 3=monkey 4=parrot 5= 6=marine turtle)
3 Abhuman beast folk (d6 1=shark 2=sea urchin 3=eel 4=crab 5=brine shrimp 6=trilobite)
4 Abhuman elemental folk (d6 1=mist, 2=water, 3=seaweed 4=salt 5=wood 6=stone)
5 Undead (d4 1=ghouls 2=wight vikings 3=zombies &  4=lich & skeleton crew
6 Seahag (d4 1=x4 seatroll sons 2=x7ogre sons 3=x2 shambling mounds 4=cyclops son)
7 Wizard and students (d4 1=necromancer 2=demonologist 3=illusionist 4=elementalist)
8 Witch coven serving (d4 1=sea dryad 2=sea nymph 3=sea hag 4=kraken)
9 Evil priest with imp, templar guards and the means of calling a lesser demon 
10 Sea elves (d4 1=faerie knights 2=elven wizards 3=elven priests 4=young elves having earthly frolic) 
11 Spirit folk changelings (d4 1=sea weed spirit 2=water spirit 3=sealion spirit 4=fish spirit)
12 Lycanthrope shape shifters (d6 1=shark 2=wolf 3=rat 4=snake 5=goat 6=cat)

d12 Horrible Pets

1 Hydra that hands around they throw victims too (undead prefer necrohydra)
2 Hellhounds, some with mutations from being chaos tainted
3 Baby lesser fish demon likes to exhort gang to acts of wickedness 
4 Living statues of ancient abhuman warriors 
5 Shambling mounds, from heaps of rotting vegetation 
6 Giant starfish, eats garbage and screaming victims were thrown in the mouth 
7 Dinosaur pet often aquatic breed
8 Giant fish folk with trident faction sacrifice victims too
9 Giant octopus or squid in a sacrificial pool
10 Gigantic slimy shoggoth all tentacles and gibbering mouths
11 Dragon turtle that loves to eat ships and crew also can carry passengers
12 Ancient crinoid elder thing in a pit knows great lore faction torture it for

d12 Factions Strongest

1 Mysterious warrior monk, others of the same kind fear and shun them
2 Honourable fighting abhuman brute, if respects foe will give them chances
3 Former gladiator and pit fighter now scarred champion of gang
4 Former bandit and crooked rebel fighter
5 Barbaric savage with primitive equipment
6 Member of an exotic race, a humanoid warrior hero 
7 Machiavellian leader likes strategy games and discipline 
8 Ambitious noble, seeking social status among aristocrat peers
9 Warrior priest from a military holy order dedicated to an extreme alignment
10 Pirate captain notorious for cannibalism, murder and mayhem
11 Mobster clan leader runs banditry, heists and providing work for wanted criminals
12 Huge musclebound brute others fear but are controlled the smartest person in faction

d12 Factions Smartest
1 Scheming master of spies, messages, assassins and making political plots
2 Evil high priest of a cult seeks elder lore and relics but acts are secret with cult
3 Evil high priest of darkness god seeks to spread the evil ways of elder religion
4 Wizard seeks elder arcane documents for spell research and personal power
5 Likes to breed and create monsters and build a creature farm
6 Likes undead and adopts stray horrors and human remains to create own  
7 Alchemist operates a lab making potions and magic items
8 Greedy expert on money-making schemes, dark accounting secrets and treasure hunts
9 Diplomat cultivates many allies and ambassadors of other factions
10 Has developed survival methods and controls resource personally like water
11 Paranoid zealot drums up fear constantly versus enemies to gain influence
12 Charismatic demagogue has convinced peers they are mighty, wise and noble

d12 Factions Resource
1 Garden of various seaweeds and rockpools and fish traps for food
2 Water sources such as a spring, natural cistern, storage or desalination plant
3 Hidden grotto with volcanic spring and secret caves
4 Pile of treasure probably here for centuries possibly cursed
5 A hidden ruined temple with ancient tablets and murals from prehistory
6 A wrecked ship was hidden by vegetation and sand now a secret chamber
7 Volcanic caves with lava pools and thermal springs and sulphur

8 Ancient wizard tower with prehistoric magic tablets and laboratory
9 Graveyard full of undead and a secret way to get past them known to faction
10 Know several local monster lairs that can bargain with for aid
11 Know territories of dangerous creatures that can be used in traps or escapes
12 Has a supply of magic potions and make a new one per month by some possibly repulsive manner

d12 Faction Schemes

1 Slavery operation making captives gather food and labour, selling some
2 Cannibal cult and butchery, some keep as hidden surprise others a part of reputation
3 Collect treasure and wealth by any means mostly foul
4 Make other factions their thrills and vassals who offer regular tribute
5 Find a way off the sargassum possibly steal a ship
6 Desperate for basic resources like food and water to survive
7 Seek a better place to live due to some growing local problems
8 Support a great ritual to call on a daemon, elemental, devil or thing from outer void
9 Spread like a cult, recruit others into the group to grow
10 Wipeout another faction locked in a struggle for generations
11 Obtain magical lore or relic for power
12 Catch hostages of other factions

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