Thursday 28 February 2019

d100 Broken Hill Ruin Encounters

So I have lots of d12 tables for terrain and areas in the ruins but this is for more unusual and special encounters and less specific. Main parts of this project left are Silver Town of the Warlord and ruin map of South Broken Hill and expanded factions tables plus more building silhouettes. A d100 locations of the ruins will feature too before I put whole lot in book. A EMO RPG third book will include gonzo content for Psychon, SF, Post Apocalypse and Psionics. So will probably be integrated into that. Some stuff on LuLu soon and hopefully a KS for editing art and legal stuff later in year. A d100 robots could be handy for lots of games.

d10 Quick Encounter Types
01 Ground Creatures
02 Air Creatures
03 Skywards
04 Human
05 Faction
06 Humanoid
07 Mutants
08 Undead
09 Synthetics
10 Strange

Broken Hill Ruin Encounters
01 Wild boar herd with offspring highly aggressive males
02 Emu or kangaroo herd grazing, panic and stampede
03 Pack of extra large aggressive dingos with taste for humanoid
04 Giant reptiles in feeding frenzy, some will pursue onlookers
05 Giant rabid marsupial on killing spree 12d8+HD
06 Pack animal with traders saddlebags wandering alone
07 Intelligent telepathic mutant mutt needs human helper
08 Swarm of rats pour from sewers
09 Swarm of cockroaches pour from sewers
10 Cyborg giant goanna with ranged weapons made by mad AI
11 Carnivorous locust swarm fills street
12 Circling buzzards follow and await signs of weakness 
13 Giant carawongs mimic crying humans to lure into a hazard
14 Giant wedgetailed eagle tries to grab small target or tear off a head
15 Multiple sky jellies drifting down street
16 Swarm of carnivorous mutant finches
17 Swarm of flies fills area blinding and choking hazard
18 Winged lizard colony attack
19 Winged mutant chimera 
20 Aerial drone with flamer or other weapon attacks
21 Stormclouds break, heavy rain and lightning, semi aquatic creatures come on land
22 Dust clouds blinding and choking hazard
23 Weird auroras in sky produce psychological effects
24 Sniper from rooftop opens fire
25 Multiple missile attacks from upper story windows from a gang
26 Cloud of hazardous material d4 1=spores 2=hallucinogen 3=tear gas 4=flammable gas
27 Ferals throw rubble from rooftop
28 Ultralight flies overhead dropping incendiaries or black powder bombs
29 Object crashes from sky d4 1=meteor 2=sattelite 3=aircraft 4=spacecraft
30 Giant mosquitoes AC+7 HDd4 d3 bite keep sucking once hit 
31 Settlers searching rubble for useful materials
32 Silver city rangers looking for fugitives and raiders
33 Explorers looking for artifacts
34 Refugees looking for somewhere safe to rest
35 Dangerous cultists with sacrificial captives
36 Cannibal raider clan who like to play with their food
37 Bunker resident d4 1=fugitive 2=disguised agent 3=
38 Elderly trader with donkey load of trash collected from ruins
39 Gang extorting and robbing travellers
40 Rebels fighting Warlord's Warriors
41 Purist Templars preparing to crucify mutant captives
42 Healer helping local mutants and settlers
43 Amazons searching for raiders who kidnapped women
44 Motorheads with several vehicles terrorising prospectors
45 Raiders shooting at tribal hunters
46 Computer cultists searching for secret temple of the AI god
47 Raiders being killed by spoiler faction commandos
48 Crashed ultralight on rooftop, pilot wants help to get airborne and escape
49 Courier being chased by gang while delivering mail
50 Ferals having a dance party intoxicated
51 Morlocks hunting for humans to eat from sewers

52 Rat folk scavengers hungry for human flesh
53 Giant humanoid outcast for incredible hunger, angry and insane
54 Canetoad army scouts from their empire
55 Yowie looking for a mate to kidnap
56 Ape folk warriors scouting for distant tribe seeking better weapons
57 Lizard folk seek weapons to restore imagined ancient glory with pet giant lizard
58 Devolved tribal cave folk smashing evil technology
59 Bewildered eloi escaped from a morlock dungeon walking the surface for the first time
60 Savage dog folk serving AI from a bunker looking for parts
61 Mutant scavengers carrying unexploded warhead of some type chanting prayers
62 Plague carrying mutants sprinkling diseased filth into drains chanting prayers
63 Anti technology mutant cultists searching for forbidden technology
64 Huge shoggoth oozing through ruins devouring homeless
65 Psionic mutant dominator with gang of mutant thralls looking for new slaves
66 Huge chimera attacking settlers
67 Slime infected humanoids in group marching in street searching for victims
68 Rad cultists with barrels of radioactive waste spreading it into ruins
69 Mutant cultists wallowing in toxic sludge pool
70 Mutant family being harassed by raiders
71 Streets full of slow zombies looking for food

72 Fast zombies chasing settlers
73 Plague zombies spreading filth
74 Ghouls devouring dead left after gun battle
75 Screamers carrying radioactive waste to help them face sunlight
76 Vampire lord in waggon pulled by zombie horses with various undead minions
77 Fortified ruin with defenders fighting off zombies
78 Mutant driven waggon using zombies to pull waggon with meat on stick lure
79 Giant undead plague zombie dingo - the devil dingo
80 Giant lizard zombie with abilities of screamer
81 Exterminator robot skeleton with flesh coating disguse hunting humans with energy weapon
82 Android warriors chasing settlers
83 Android brain, d6 workers and 2d6 warriors looking for androids in hiding to join
84 Cyborg warriors controlled by AI with captives to be converted on return to base
85 Hologram of AI offering life of luxury in secret bunker location
86 Replicant agent of AI wants to join explorers to spy on surface dwellers
87 Feral hybrid robot berserk on streets
88 Ant tech cult beating up a poor medical robot healing locals
89 Security robots checking ID
90 Robot tank patrolling street believes city under martial law curfew
91 Crashed airship or craft with raiders killing survivors
92 Battlesuit unoccupied on automatic thinks humans are enemy combatants

93 Huge amorphous slime oozing over ruins
94 Bearded dragon hunting and belching fire
95 Area crawling with macrobe outbreak

96 Herd of mobile killer plants or fungus
97 Psychotronic weapon system turns locals into enemy soldiers operating as if war on all in different faction clothing working together
98 Psychotronic weapon system creates mass interlinked fantasy hallucination for a d6 hours
99 Dinosaur from theme park cryopod roaming streets looking for snacks
100 Warbot from bunker searching ruins on behalf of AI before returning to secret bunker

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