Thursday, 1 February 2018

World Tree Quests

So when you enter fairyland or climb about the cosmic tree you also have the means of exploring other dimensions. Part of the point of this stuff is so high and mid level characters might be able to plane travel for strange kills and loot.

A short Quest 

Might involve a single return and back trip

Into the world tree (1 encounter)
Then into the upper branches 
(1 encounter)
Then find the gate 
(1 encounter)
Adventure in other plane (d4+2 encounters)

Then find the gate (1 encounter)Then into the upper branches (1 encounter)
Into the world tree (1 encounter)

A longer quest might involve a d4 or d6 steps
might require more planes in upper world or lower or middle worlds to visit

You enter usually through a frontier forest into a magic forest then usually go up or down or across. I might design a flowchart for this stuff with some graphics some time.

Upper Tree Canopy
Circle of cloud and kingdoms that get close to tree and can act as gateways to other planes

d10 Local Gates of the Upper Branch World1 Temple of Law - temple of eternity where Law monitors the universe
2 Citadel of the cosmic balance - sanctuary for those seeking illumination
3 Cosmic ocean of the water gods - a great aquatic palace
4 Great mound of the earth gods - a great camplace and hillfort of the gods
5 Celestial city of the solar gods - holy palace for the chosen of the heavenly bureaucracy
6 Mountain of the sky gods - a great fort where the storm gods rage against their enemies
7 Earth  plane portal - planes made up of dirt, minerals and inert solids
8 Air plane portal - planes made up of vapour, clouds, weather phenomena and storms
9 Water plane portal - planes of water, ice, liquid and eternal oceans
10 Fire plane portal - planes of fire, magma, smoke and molten metal

Frontier Forest
Bright Elf Forest     Dark Elf Forest      Chaos Swamp Forest     Ghost Wood

d10 Local Gates of the Middle Forest World
1 Bright elf land - land of the bright faeries of the sunlight realms
2 Dream lands - land of illusions and dreams come to life
3 Giant lands - land where giants wage war on the gods
4 Beast lands - where beast lord ancestors are reborn again and again
5 Monster land - a horrible blasted land where raging monsters fight and destroy
6 Ruin land - blasted remains of long lost ancient civilizations hidden from mortals
7 Witch land - land where witches rule and hide and travel through
8 Undersea land - undersea kingdoms of the mortal world
9 Clock land - a mechanical world of automatons and machines
10 Shadow land - a world of darkness that mimics life in order to devour it

Roots of the Tree
various magical caverns among roots connect to various underworlds

d10 Local Gates of the Lower Root World
1 Dark elf land - land of dark fairies in the great fungi caverns
2 Dwarf land - mighty stone citadels of dwarf lands
3 Troll land - hidden and secretive caves where the old trolls slept to shelter from chaos
4 Nightmare lands - evil dreamland where nightmare dreams come to life as demons
5 Dragonland - great spawning pits of Tiamat the chaos mother 
6 Hell - kingdoms ruled by devils who persecute the wicked and tempt the weak
7 Underworld - gloomy land of the dead where shades shriek in dispair
8 Underland - underground kingdoms under the mortal world
9 Dungeon land - a eternal dungeon that connects to dungeons on the mortal world
10 Fountain of Chaos - great bubbling chasm of chaos where demons spawn from

My last elfy post for a while but will do
-expanded forest areas
-tree-plane flow chart to plan adventures and solo adventuring
-some weird neutral scary fairy beings who often act as gatekeepers
-faerie gates

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