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How did You Get To Exile Island?

This is a revision from a d20 table
Soon i will have revised more tables than most ppl have made first time around...
Will be revising lots of my early house rules posts

d10 Quick Types - Starting Gold
01 Fugitive d4gp
02 Refugee d8gp
03 Convict d6gp
04 Free Settler d20gp
05 Agent 4d6gp
06 Barbarian 3d6gp
07 Seabourne 2d6gp
08 Profesional 4d6gp
09 Exotic Foreigner 4d6gp
10 Magical enigma 6d6gp

d100 How did You Get To Exile Island?
01 Your family have been outlawed by the Emperor
02 You are an escaped slave
03 You are accused of a crime and a wanted criminal
04 Your were on the wrong side in the empire civil war
05 You were accused of witchcraft and many of your kin killed
06 Your school or order or sect has been outlawed and exterminated
07 You escaped an extermination order on your city by the mad Emperor
08 Your loved ones were thrown in the dungeons, you were next
09 You were involved in a revolt and all the lords lands are after you
10 You had a unlawful relationship and their kin and the law hunt you
11 A great famine destroyed your homeland
12 A terrible plague made everyone flee in a panic
13 Goblinoids drove your in a mad panic from home
14 Orc's burned and killed your home and loved ones
15 Elves drove you from your home now a forest 
16 A great dust bowl blight struck the crops destroying farmlands
17 War destroyed your home and scattered everyone who was not killed
18 Your people were rounded up into a labour camp 
19 Your people were all sold into slaverey
20 Monsters destroyed you home and scattered your clan
21 Shipped as convict labour for life but escaped early
22 Arrived as convict earned your freedom after several years
23 Arrived as convict labour and escaped by getting the plague
24 Fought as a gladiator but escaped
25 Worked in a road gang but managed to escape in wilderness
26 Worked in a mine and left for dead in accident
27 Kept in an asylum for the insane but escaped 28 Imprisoned in dungeon as hostage then dumped on street when useless
29 Kept in a cramped cell for several years and escaped from a tunnel
30 Labour gang revolted and killed the guards and escaped
31 Your home had no opportunity and everyone was getting poorer
32 Your order, sect or family have sent you away for safety
33 Your family were awful and you want to get as far away as possible
34 You were offered some land and a bag of money to settle abroad
35 A rival paid you to leave to make less trouble for them 
36 A parent of a lover paid you to leave and not return
37 Your family all came as free settlers to build a farmstead
38 Your family all came as free settlers and died in the slums as paupers
39 A terrible tragic injustice made you want to leave 
40 A charity saved you from poverty and sent you on a ship with some silver
41 You are an agent of a pirate crew serving a fierce captain
42 You are an agent of the Barron's Secret Police
43 You are an agent of a forbidden secretive cult
44 You are an agent of the Emperor's Secret Imperial Guard
45 You are a member of the Imperial Dungeoneer Corp
46 You are agent of a fanatic criminal brotherhood
47 You serve the black lotus cult who have your family hostage
48 You serve a wizard as your family have done before
49 You serve one of the rebel dukes of the Empire civil war
50 You have been sent on a mission by your church or cult
51 Your clan drove you away after a power struggle

52 Your clan were exterminated by humanoids
53 Your clan were wiped out attacking civilization
54 Your clan were betrayed and enslaved
55 Your clan were wiped out by a supernatural menace
56 Your clan were killed or enslaved by wizards
57 Your clan were swallowed up by the earth never to be seen again
58 Your clan serve a evil power and you could no longer remain
59 Your clan was destroyed by a dragon 
60 Your clan became demon worshiping slaves of chaos
61 You were press ganged here by sailors and finally have escaped
62 You joined a crew to escape your tragic past
63 You joined a crew to escape your old life of poverty
64 You washed up on a beach with some memory loss
65 You were captured at sea and ended up in Shadelport
66 You spent days in a tiny boat in a storm and arrived exhausted
67 You were forced to work with smugglers who kidnapped you
68 You were shipwrecked and a cannibal wrecker clan held you prisoner a while
69 Slavers kidnapped you and carried you across the sea but you escaped
70 You joined a pirate crew to survive and only just paid them off
71 You were a camp follower of professional mercenaries and abandoned

72 You were a servant working for a religious order aiding pilgrims and left behind
73 You worked in a merchant caravan travelling the world and was left behind
74 You were a messenger sent on a long trek across the world and forgotten
75 You worked for a scholarly order but they were destroyed by some enemy
76 You worked on the estate of some noble and after he was usurped you had to flee
77 You were part of a clan of treasure hunters but they were all killed for tax evasion
78 You wound up working with travelling performers and finally they let you go
79 You worked for merchants procuring exotic goods but the company went bust
80 You worked for a banking organisation or financial order but accused of theft
81 You come from the far off jungle city kingdom with mist shrouded forest ruins
82 You come from warring kingdoms driven away by ceaseless killing
83 You come from one of the great desert city states but the city cult rejected you
84 You come from the great flaming deserts surviving where there ought not to be mortals
85 You come from the frozen northern wastes and your wooden town banished you
86 You came from the lands of the wolf pirates in the northern sea who now hate you
87 You came from one of the old coastal war like independent city states
88 You came from the frozen wastes in sight of the fabled plateau of giants and monsters
89 You came from some distant islands nobody ever heard of
90 You came from far off mountains and heard life was more interesting in the low country
91 You lived in a underground chasm for decades and just adjusting to surface life
92 You lived in a dungeon with monsters until you escaped and wound up hear
93 Elves kept you as a slave and you escaped but your kin died hundreds of years ago

94 Dwarves raised you in their orderly strict society until you got too tall

95 Halflings raised you on 8 meals of cake a day but now you are a huge unwelcome freak
96 Gnomes raised you since a child lost in the woods
97 Raised by giants in the mountains always afraid of being eaten but you escaped
98 Raised on another plane by beings of your alighnment
99 Travelled through time or slept for aeons since monsters ruled the world in darkness
 Human from another world d4 1=tourist 2=military 3=criminal 4=science technician


  1. #92 "wound up hear" should be "here".

    I guess it's a moving target, but I'd love to see these gathered in a print compilation.

    You probably get that a lot.

    1. this will be in one of my future compilations
      yes i make dyslexic grammar an spellin sometimes - will fix - thanks


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