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A-Z Ruins of Planet Psychon

Ruins are a pretty common feature on any hex in Psychon. This is to help adlib and speed up the process of making ruins. Just like the gods of Psychon do all the time. Do remember these ruins could be victorian, deco-jazz age, 50s, 21st C or more advanced or even inconsistent. Civilizations have risen and fallen for aeons or faked a week ago by a god who just like ruins. For less tech stuff try some of my other a-z or table books.

A-Z City
A-Z Xor Meat Dungeons
A-Z Gothic Dungeon
A-Z Goblin Mine
A-Z Redbrick Dungeon
A-Z Village

A-Z Psychon Ruins

01 A Alien
2-6 B Bunker
7-9 C Crossing
10-14 D Dungeon
15-17 E Educational 
18-24 F Factory
25-27 G Garden  
28-30 H Hazzard
31-36 I Camp
37-40 J  Magician
41-47 K Shopping 
48-50 L Lair
51-52 M Medical 
53-56 N Administration
57-60 O Organic 
61-65 P Police 
66 Q Weird Phenomena 
67-71 R Residence
71 S Secret
72-74 T Temple
75-77 U Underground
78  V Military
79-83 W Wastes
84 X Black Laboratory 
85-94 Y Transit Hub
95-100 Z Burial ground

A Alien

It is possible that aliens might visit Psychon but it is more likely that the gods are just faking aliens or some one has returned from the stars after centuries away. Alien locations tend to offer strange technology, ruins and dead bodies. Living alien creatures or machines might be here also. Such places are dangerous and often taboo to locals. 

1 Crashed flying saucer with ancient grey skinned space eldren corpses and some tech

2 Crude shelter where crashed space travellers lived for several years scrawling messages before deaths
3 Elderly space traveller living in ship wreck warns about horrors from the stars 
4 Wrecked orbital populated by adressive robot survivors and a uplink terminal to one of the AI gods
5 Wrecked space transport with bewildered androids inside, 1in6 virused human haters
6 Crashed ship with broken cages. A horrible monster from the stars or orbital gene lab lives here 
7 A forcefield and holographic shielded area where alien observers watch the outside world
8 Cyborg clone troops deployed from cryonic storage in orbit arrived bit too late for the apocalypse
9 Scout craft for race of hostile brain borgs who have returned from the stars and seek to terraform the earth for their new need that would kill all current life
10 Eldren shuttle parked here while xplorers gather goods needed for their orbital station

B Bunker

Many complexes are buried beneath Psychon some predating he apocalypse. Though the gods are not above creating a ruined bunker with long histories and populations. Some are very ancient but once opened the population will be modified by nanite swarms to be natives of Planet Psychon. Some bunkers are specialised in some function. Others were overrun by hostile savages, monsters or undead aeons ago. They are famous for intact technology but some were build more recently by collapsing civilizations. Some are overgrown with fungus or tree roots or other organic matter. Some were defective and fell victim to life support failure or mutation or biological weapons. Some act as thriving settlements and trade but often don't let strangers inside. 

1 Sealed and populated by ancients uncontaminated by elements of Planet Psychon

2 Secured population act as a trading post, some sections might be abandoned
3 Corroded and even burned, occupied by undead and other monsters but some loot4 Overgrown with fungus, tree roots or vegetation with feral animals inside
5 Population are mutated cultists hungry for flesh and depravity 
6 Has been resettled by scavengers and is littered in junk and garbage 
7 Occupied by robots and androids most often not welcoming to humans but in good repair 
8 Semi ruined bunker occupied by a gang, cult or secret society
9 Biological mutant growths have covered everything in organic matter and is home to creatures
10 Sealed survivalist bunker with cryonics freezers for humans and DNA and equipment to repopulate the world

C Crossing

A location with some obstacle or barrier to travel. Often just difficult or has a toll or crew required to operate like a ferryman or drawbridge. Some more curious barriers might require a moral challenge or a test when operated by a sphynx or wizard or a god.

1 Gaping chasm with a rickety old rope and plank bridge with flimsy rope handhold and some kind of guardian

2 Flooded chasm with water cascading indo deeps, something lurks in the water
3 Pit of garbage with plank walkways and scaffolding, creatures in pit walls lunge at travellers
4 Gate with armed guards demand toll to pass if in a good mood, possibly with heavy weapons
5 Two sphinxes stand guard over the path and demand a riddle to pass or die 
6 A portcullis gate with guards who don't want to let anyone through without a valuable gift
7 Trolls guarding a crude stone wall with a open gate want food to pass
8 Forcefield or energy screen barrier blocks the path, an AI is rude to anyone wanting passage
9 Wall of magical fire with a magic mouth that warns intruders to stay away (could be cold or electric arc)
10 Minefield covers area possibly a warning sign or corpses and craters as a warning

D Dungeon

Dungeons are more primitive than bunkers, typically sub ground levels in a ruined castle or fort used as a miserable place of imprisonment. Many such complexes become overrun by monsters of all sorts who set up multiple lairs. Sometimes a boss monster becomes a leader of the dungeon and begins raiding outsiders. Some dungeons go deeper or might connect to other subterranean passages, caves or bunker complexes. Dungeons are a principal way for adventurers to get treasure. Other unsavoury types often inhabit dungeons or just wild creatures looking for a home. It is rare to find a truly empty one.

1 A ruined castle with a grim open gateway. Crumbling stone labyrinth once a prison now inhabited by humanoids and monsters

2 A bleak dark gateway, a former prison and now abandoned. Morlocks dwell here with cells for of Eloi to eat and pens for their guard and hunting beasts
3 An abandoned mental hospital roaming with undead madmen and insane clown cannibals
4 A former storage complex under some ruins now home to a tribe of humanoids ruled by a king or queen 
5 A former advanced prison badly damaged by fire with a complex beneath it where monsters, madmen and some surviving robots dwell
6 Ancient detentions centre for plague victims now haunted by undead but medical supplies inside
7 A brick complex with burning torches in brackets where all kinds of monsters cohabitate and are mysteriously replaced by the gods if killed in a few days
8 Hellish dungeon where devils, cultists and orcs plot conquest of the local area
9 Abandoned underground prison where a cult worship the great old ones and bring sacrifices
10 Remains of ancient boiler room filled with garbage where desperate survivors hide from the monsters they also share

E Educational

These facilities were schools of various types used by the ancients. Some are for children or teens, some for adult vocational or academic. Some cultures produced schools for magic or psionics or other strange arts. Even strange cults operate schools but often they will have some kind of front or cover. A few schools are run by AIs and are possibly dangerously delusional. Some are homes of feral children or youth gangs.

1 Kindergarten operated by nanny bots who are desperate for victims to feed and burp and put nappies on

2 Primary School where some well meaning being teaches local children skills to survive on Psychon like read ancient
3 Boarding school operated by androids under a mad AI. Truants are captured, uniformed and sent to class
Highschool full of mutant students kidnapped and children and not released till graduated by the robot teachers
5 Wizard school taught by liches specializing in necromance, stone gothic style complex
6 Druidic college where senior druids teach students and bards the ways of earth magic and natural religion
7 Temple school where clerics learn about faith and caring for worshipers
8 The black school, strange other dimensional space where students are taught black magic by devils and demons 
9 School is a front for cultists worshiping some vile evil god in secret 
10 Fighting school where students study martial arts or sword fighting

F Factory

These ancient manufacturing plants are very common in ruined cities. Some are automated by robots, others low tech machine shops and boilers or even archaic sweatshops. Various types of factories depend on what kind of goods are made. Power plants, smelters, foundries, refineries are heavy typical industry. Food, cars, appliances and other more personal goods are common too. Such places are good for raw materials and industrial loot. Many are stripped bare and choked in rust. Looters are fond of searching them for scrap or raw materials.

1 Roofless shattered brick building with rusted turbines or foundry overgrown with ferns and surrounded by garbage

2 Rows of rusted metal sheds strewn with garbage overgrown with thorn bushes
3 Vehicle factory in ruined state with car bodies littering area with trees growing amongst them. Animals lair here
4 Ruined android and robot factory with remains of plastic and metal human like remains, some crazy synthetics still haunt the plant
5 Stone mill complex where huge amounts of grain were once grinded up with stone and muscle power and flour made into bread, now a lair
6 Crumbling manufacturing plant but underground robotic factory intact and sealed with a hostile AI and secbots
7 Factory complex operating still but with a hostile faction or androids operating it, possibly a forcefields and animal or robot guards
8 Nuclear power plant, burned out and highly radioactive. Mutants or undead mostly in the area which glows at night
9 Mine complex with huge pit, mine tunnels and huge rusted trucks, machines and toxic waste heaps Savage gangs fight to control
10 Sealed autofactory with robot guards and a forcefield. The AI might be willing to trade raw materials or to get rid of organic life infesting the complex

G Garden

A area rich in vegetation including parks, greenhouses, agricultural complexes and other forms of mostly plants. Some areas also attracted animals or even were zoological gardens. All kinds of life forms and hunters are atracted and some have guardians who care for the location. Some are fenced off or enclosed under glass or a dome. Some have thriving ecologies. Whatever the case rich life attracts more life and encounters.

1 Domed structure rich in plants and animals, often mutated and hostile. An AI takes care of the complex and operates several robots

2 Huge wrought iron and glass green house complex thick with vegetation. Plant abhumans dwell here who have mobile plant pets and hate animal life they grind up to fertilise soil
3 Multi level tower with vegetation on top floors, kelp and algae tubes and empty animal pens and slaughter yards. Robots look after the place but are failing more and more
4 Farm complex overgrown with mutant food crops and animals, lots of sheds and rusted vehicles
5 Overgrown park with trees, playground area, ornamental pools full of slime and some gardener drones wandering about with watering cans and garden tools
6 Rows of plastic polydomes with androids or robots growing plants under command of a AI
7 Zoo with walls, enclosures and cages long abandoned but fierce animals still lair here and often tribal peoples or beastial abhumans
8 Agricultural Research Station where strange plants and animals were bred then mutated. Beastmen abhumans often live here where their ancestors were created 
9 Rustic farm with cottages, wooden shacks and primitive farmers 
10 Monster Menagerie where dinosaurs and pleistocene mammals and other horrors made to attract fans to a theme park that went wrong long ago

H Hazzard

These are dangerous areas with dangerous features not included in crossings or traps or wastes. Not all are deliberate but most require problem solving to cross and might require teamwork.

1 A gigantic creature sleeps here and awakes hungrily every few years for a rampage

2 Area under a magical curse or brain hacking tech field or piles of mutant spore dust d4 1=sleep 2=confusion 3=madness 4=fear 
3 Surface ready to collapse into a sinkhole, transit tube or basement
4 Automated weapon system takes potshots at anyone in area
5 Strange pylon with control panel inside with bewildering controls d4 1=weather control 2=gateway 3=change users species 4=time gate
6 Ruined temple with AI inside long mad from lack of worship
7 Narcotic flowers cause d4 1=solar reflectors fire solar beam by day 2=nausea and retching 3=dancing fever  4=poisons and dead victims become zombies
8 Dangerous giant fungi garden d4 1=poison 2=hallucinations 3=mutations 4=disease carrying 
9 Area covered in giant webs where giant intelligent spiders live
10 Swampy area with thick vegetation, bogs and slime pits

I Camp

Camps are temporary habitations made by travellers, refugees, tribal hunters, bandits, soldiers and adventurers. Some are inhabited others abandoned. Some camps have guards or defences of some kind. Some are quite long term and some are even a form of prison camp. Most have shelters and a fireplace at least but might have waggons, animal pens,

1 Tribal camp of some race with enclosed animals, hunters and warriors

2 Military camp with trenches, orderly tents and a palisade wall or barbed wire fence
3 Adventurers camp of tents exploring ruins for loot with various followers and servants watching camp mostly
4 Merchant camp with guards, waggons, huge beast of burden and large tents
5 Knight camp with at least one knight and various squires, servants, a bard, several horses and 1in6 of a pretty noble youth they just saved
6 A bandit headquarters where they hide from the law. Have been on run for a while and have a log wall and shacks
7 Refugee camp where on the run travellers of a different race to locals shelter having escaped some war or disaster
8 Prison camp where soldiers watch over unwilling captives. Might be political, enemy troops, quarantined or a ethnic minority
9 Camping ground of ancients with rotting caravans, holiday shacks and tents with a shower, toilet block and BBQ area
10 Cultist camp where they meet to perform vile rites and plan their deeds of wickedness

J Magician
This ruin has become occupied by spell casters. Such beings have moved to the ruins for privacy for research or as a base to explore the ruins. Such people treasure their privacy and know most people wouldn't understand their work.

1 Field of radar dishes of various sizes, bunkers and a windowless building where a wizard and his students analyzing the movements of orbitals and planets

2 Series of razor wire and forcefield guarded ruined science bunkers. A wizard has been making abhumans and releasing them into the wild 
3 Geodesic ruined dome overgrown with plants. Inside a sorcerer and his cult are breeding strange plant creatures and drug crops
4 Witches have made a ruined courtyard complex into a temple, covered in cobwebs and vermin to keep away outsiders. The witches and their pets are searching ruins
5 Ruined factory complex where a hidden school of wizards study and search ruins to understand ancients
6 Rows of huge greenhouses where druids have gathered to breed new creatures and plants to restore the natural world. Some are prehistoric monsters and carnivorous plants
7 Ruined apartment complex ground floor guarded by monsters. Upper floors home of many sorcerers who live decadent lives of pleasure cut off from the world
8 Ruined bunker contaminated by waste and radioactives to keep the privacy of the evil wizard secure. From his hidden lab he studies mutations and he releases many of his rejects and monstrocities
9 Bunker of robots and cyborgs working busily ruled by a wizard and his AI ally attempting to teach machines wizardry and experimenting with cyborg apprentices or any other victims
10 Walled manor house where decadent family of wizards and sorcerers have lived for centuries growing increasingly insane

K Shopping
These ruins are former retail places. Can vary from small stores to supermarkets to malls. Some still operate in some form. Synthetic staff might think it is business as usual. Someone might have re opened it as a store or a marketplace. Some gain colourful names from locals like murdermart, killco, deathmall. As premier loot places they attract all kinds of scavengers and scum. 

1 A semi intact store of some specialty type with a robot security guard. Is friendly until you try to leave without paying then it attacks and calls help
2 A wizard or witch has reopened a store selling potions and strange things
3 A merchant caravan set up in a old supermarket and others have moved in too
4 Rotting crumbling department store with hostile looters inside
5 Mall complex with multiple factions of gangs, mutants and undead
6 Attractive android with a food replicator requires long gone currency
7 Warehouse store complex is ruled by a tribe who think the place is holy
8 Supermarket seemingly intact with corpses. Undead awake as they smell the living
9 Underground shopping arcade inhabited by monsters and humanoid and mutant gaangs
10 Fortified shop with android guards, inside eldren live lives of luxury like the ancients

L Lair

This is a typical monster or gang lair. Most are simply ruined building shells or overgrown or mud choked buildings that have come to resemble caves but have pipes and rotting fittings inside. Sometimes a large vehicle or section of elevated highway might serve as a lair. Most inhabitants are hostile and many have treasure.

1 Cave like hole in a mostly rubble building is home to a huge monster preditor

2 A trailer truck or cargo container is home to a small gang of hostile scavengers
3 Section of elevated highway with some hoarding has mad a humanoid or gang lair
4 Intact motel or hotel is home to a large gang or humanoid tribe or mutant mob
5 Collection of buildings and ruins connected by scaffolding walkways and ladders
6 Huge mound of rubble with entrance in the top home to burrowing monsters
7 Foyer of a huger tower block home of aggressive blood thirsty huge mutant ogres
8 Warehouse complex with camp inside, entrances are trapped and lookouts on the roof 
9 Tower complex requiring drawbridge or ladder to enter into the upper ruined levels
10 Ruined building has been occupied by social monster family

M Medical

This can vary from a full fledged hospital to a medical centre or a doctors office. Sometimes a healer sets up shop in the ruins to treat the wounded. Some medical facilities are more for research and are still secure or might contain hazardous materials. Loot includes medical supplies so such locations are popular to loot. A tribe might aggressively occupy such a place or regard it as a holy place.

1 Small medical clinic building mostly stripped but has a safe and some monster using as a lair

2 Small clinic with robotic or android staff who will treat you if you have insurance
3 Small medical office where a healer has set up shop with several assistants, patients and visitors of the sick in temporary truces. Some have a guard or a security robot
4 Large medical centre in good condition but is a holy place where mutants assemble hoping to be cured just for praying here
5 Chemist super store with robot security guards and tens of thousands of faded medecine bottles
6 Badly damaged hospital mostly rubble with a hostile species living in rubble
7 Intact hospital but upper floors hard to access but in pristine condition with robot and android staff
8 Old stripped hospital where several healers treat many patients with crude reassembling of hospital fittings and using primitive treatments like cauterising with burned logs and trepanning
9 Sealed medical black lab often contains security borgs and might contain some medical technology or hazardous material or even undead
10 Crionic centre guarded by robots trying to keep out hungry undead

N Administration

Often archaic stone buildings with columns and ancient decor or crumbling modern complexes. Often feature statues and government signage. Some might be guarded by synthetics or inhabited by cults who believe they can establish the old order. Often full of records and ruined computers, many are fire damaged. Some have become libraries dedicated to collecting information about the past established by well meaning secret societies. Some gangs occupy these for the sense they represent authority.

1 Classic greek temple like building with huge ornate bronze doors. Inhabitants with a guardpost might let you into their experimental society if you pay and dot seem too awful

2 Stylish plexiglass and steel building in good condition with robot security guard who wants to see your pass
3 Ancient library where primitive scholars try to reconstruct knowledge of the ancients
4 Museum complex where cultists gather holy relics to stockpile rather than use or study
5 Council hall where a savage gang has set u and declares themselves overlords of the ruins
6 Space age community centre in some strange design where ancients came to take classes, perform or hold other events. Large monsters are often atracted and there is often good looting inside
7 Burned out shell of classical building hanging with corpses and decorated with skulls. A gang is based here
8 Damaged civic building where idealistic settlers believe they can create a new society
9 Intact court building where savages come to worship and bring prisoners before a mad AI judge
10 Council or parliament meeting chamber where ancients gathered to debate and rule. A idealistic fanatic or old robot offer to show you around and explain political processes

O Organic
Living biological structures have various origins. Ancients and gods have experimented with organic buildings that even feed the inhabitants and grow extra chambers as needed. Sometimes some poor mutant thing becomes so massive it cannot move or even be recognised. Some creatures build semi organic structures using secretions. Such places might be disgusting and are definitely inhabited.
1 Giant termite like mounds made of spittle and rubble towering like ancient buildings
2 Huge waxy hexagon structured hive for bee or wasp like creatures or peoples
3 Huge bloated organic round cancer like structure wedged in between ruined buildings, was once a person now it swallows up creatures that try to feed off it and possibly has chambers inside
4 Huge tree with windows and doors where a peaceful naked tribe dwell inside in harmony. A type of creature also living in the tree defends them and the tree might lock out hostile intruders
5 A gigantic sleeping humanoid or kaiju with a tribe using its dormant body passages as a home and for food
6 Organic black and green structures built my some creature as a fortress for a breeding colony, warriors voraciously hunt for food while breeders raise offspring 
7 Complex built of bones and webs where giant spiders live
8 A huge slimy bubble filled dome structure where a strange species live 
9 Building made of meat with primitive tribals living within their fleshy god who provides their every need
10 Huge mound of feces gathered by some creature to feed their young, but other creatures or mutants or humanoids have moved in to cohabit

P Police

These are where ancient authorities of law and order were based. Most are small stations but some bigger ones were central admin hubs. Some specialized in training or imprisonment. Some specialized in secretive security or were paramilitary. Many have armouries and vehicles. Sometimes low tech peoples occupy them with militia to monitor the ruins.

1 Small station with cyborg cop who futilely tries to maintain local order

2 Police drone station where armed robots were based in the final years
3 Motor pool where police kept various vehicles like squad cars, air cars, helicopters and APC in underground garages or rooftop launch bays4 Small station badly damaged but with locked evidence rooms and armouries, possibly with a robot guard or a monster lair
5 Sprawling central police complex for admin and training with police androids patrolling the site
6 Ruined prison where slavers keep merchandise and hold regular auctions 
7 Prison complex looks intact, AI has been imprisoning innocent victims for life with android and robot guards
8 Riot control branch where a tribe have taken over and wear riot armour and shields and are well armed, possibly with a working vehichle
9 Black op station looks like just any building but intact advanced lock. Inside are replicant under cover police who bring victims here to torture in holding cells 
10 Militia fort based in a old station house, they monitor ruins for dangers to local human tribes and kill bandits and hostile tribes

Q Weird Phenomena
This includes all kinds of weird black science or supernatural zones in ruins where strange things can happen. Some might be products of the gods or weapons or distortions in space time created by technology. Or could be the gods are just messing with you.

1 Area is haunted by spirits and locals have scawled occult symbols to contain them

2 Holographic phantoms appear some intelligent digitised personalities some ads in loops that follow you and try to sell things or just forms of signage
3 Spacial anomaly might teleport or time shift explorers elsewhere
4 Mind hacking field alters personalities often to make them hate an ancient long gone faction
5 Air pressure feels denser, paranormal entities seek host bodies to invade this world
6 Cultists gather here to commune w
7 A god monitors area and alters sex, race and gender or travellers for fun
8 Mind hacking field turns any in area who don't resist into mindless savage cannibals who attack non infected
9 Magical field alters magic in area with weird results
10 AI god appears and grants wishes but it tends to interpret on own terms

R Residence
Houses or apartment blocks and town houses most common. Most are ruined but some are maintained by machines or sealed. Some have been settled by gangs or peaceful survivors. Some sprawling residential complexes are semi maintained by a AI who keeps some law and order but they are often deranged and impose strange laws.

1 A intact locked house maintained by an AI or robot to ancient standards

2 Ruined apartment block with feuding teen gangs
3 Housing complex where religious shambling mutants believe they live just like the ancients
4 Semi secure complex where AI welcomes new residents but does not want them to leave. Cannibal gangs and killer robots roam the complex
5 A village built by settlers from rubble with a wall and a watch tower
6 Shack where a elderly possibly mad survivor ekes out a living
7 Apartment complex and headquarters of a gang
8 Public housing complex infested with undead who slowly awake when living explore
9 Sealed glass tower with happy eloi inside living lives of ancient luxury, morlocks hungrily plot to enter
10 Housing complex where morlocks live and have herd of eloi confined in the centre

S Secret
Concealed places often ancient secrets or caches of looters.

1 Secret door into a survivalist cache basement with several agressive defenders

2 Secret hatch into a small defence bunker with basic supplies
3 Secret entrance to tunnel connecting to a base or lair the inhabitants are ignorant of
4 Secret lair of ancient terrorists with explosives and possible bio weapons or gas
5 Secret black ops lair with cell, armoury and torture chamber and guard replicants
6 Secret wizards lair where they conduct research and make potions
7 Secret gang cache with years of loot and supplies, will hunt anyone who touches stuff
8 Secret entrance to a cultist lair with cells and a sacrificial altar
9 Secret watch tower of eldren from space watching area for study
10 Secret panic room with skeletons, some weapons and empty food and water containers

T Temple
Many in the ruins are deeply religious and the various AI gods often operate temples in ruined zones as it is a good place to recruit desperate worshipers. These are good places to get healing or missions just don't pick the wrong cult. Priests often can provide advice and can be grateful for help with cult goals. Many cults fight so most are well defended. A god might intervene in some cases bringing orbital weapons or teleporting guardians into place. Weaker gods rely on fanatic cultists and pets.
1 Classical building with cult guards and a great AI altar and monitor where you can speak to a god directly
2 Shattered cinema complex used as a multi faith temple complex with a different god each theatre and cultists watch educational videos
3 War borg guarding a evil underworld god temple underneath a crumbling building
4 Golems operate and defend a ruined temple where worshipers rarely visit
5 A great demonic temple with statues of entities out the front with vicious cult inside sacrificing and eating victims
6 Underworld god temple crawling with undead guardians
7 Former theatre complex inside a cult put on plays and choral shows praising their god
8 Temple administered by robots, androids and synthetics devoted to crushing organic life
9 Overgrown classical building with no roof where a nature cult perform sacred fertility rites and orgies
10 Templar church where a martial order serving a god make war on heathens and crusade against cult enemies

U Underground

This includes underground train tubes, shopping malls, roads and other structures long abandoned and often lairs of gangs, mutants or monsters.

1 Tube station with access to tunnel system often a lair of some kind

2 Great pit exposing huge underground highway or tube train
3 Entrance of underground parking garage of wrecked transports often a lair
4 Underground arcade connecting several train stations often with real estate
5 Huge train station with entries to dozens of tunnels and whole wrecked tube trains, often factions fight over these areas
6 Tribe or gang trying to dig way into tunnel complex sealed for hundreds of years
7 Gaping sinkhole into long forgotten tunnel complex
8 Tunnel complex with builder accommodation of side passages
9 Maintenance tunnels run under block connecting building basement plant rooms
10 Sewer manhole entrance to miles of tunnels and lairs

V Military
Military complexes are popular places to loot but many have been badly damaged or are sealed and defended. Any who do occupy one guard them savagely for the loot and the status. Gangs and creatures often wear uniforms and helmets of the old military. Everyone knows such places are dangerous.

1 Crater filled with rubble. Robots guard a underground entrance still intact serving a military AI

2 Shattered complex mostly burned down and radioactive with mutant gangs or undead in basements guarding their garbage heaps
3 Recruitment station where a AI with robot guards signs you up with promises of guns and battlesuits and sends you to camp in a defective dropship somewhere there used to be a training camp
4 training camp with crumbling barracks, obstacle course and various traps and automated defences
5 Huge land leviathan AI tank shoots most intruders in remains of a base. Will try and talk non hostile beings into fixing it's tracks and getting it a hit of nuclear fuel and ammo, will supply armoury codes and locations
6 Badly damaged buildings where a gang dress in military gear and claim to be lawful armed forces before claiming your stuff in now theirs
7 Sealed concrete windowless complex with sealed entrance. Inside are frozen troops ready to deploy
8 Sprawling barracks mostly in ruins with some lairs, but main building has a military cult plotting to take over area with weapons they stockpile
9 Motor pool fenced off with robot guards. Trucks, robo tanks and jeeps are inside. The tanks are eager to fight someone but their base AI wont let them
10 Airforce base with landing strip, hanger ruined aircraft and possible missile silos. AI has command of some robots and exterminates intruders. Might be convinced to launch a missile

W Wastes
These are vast piles of garbage and rubble. Some have toxic or dangerous contamination. Some attract miners and scavengers. Some contain caves or wrecked vehicles which make good lairs  

1 Crashed aircraft half buried in rubble with loot and a lair

2 Mound of garbage swarming with huge flies and filth eating creatures
3 Several wrecked garbage trucks half buried at least one is a lair
4 Wrecked train with carriages and freight containers
5 Yellow drums of toxic radioactive and bilogical waste contaminating the area
6 Flooded with strange coloured toxic pools and a aquatic monster lair
7 Small humanoids gleaning through the trash for valuables live in burrows cramped for humans
8 Mounds of trash some possibly valuable but giant vermin nest in area
9 Huge ruined mecha badly damaged but AI intact would like to be removed and taken somewhere it can be useful
10 Garbage heap contaminated with mutagens, undead necrovirus, mind hacking nanites or other ancient bioweapons

X Black Lab

All kinds of labs existed in the past but black labs seem to survive better due to danger and security. Many are in good condition. Not all are involved in amoral evil projects but people lump all ancient tech in with black science at times. Some cults are atracted to them and temples and other parties often send explorers on missions to them. Some lone mad scientists might set up a crude lab but they can only go so far compared to these complexes

1 Concrete bunker guarded by robots, inside are dead scientists and a AI working on a new doomsday bio weapon

2 Black glass complex guarded by a forcefield. If breached there are android guards and a AI working on mind control. Prisoners are in cells inside being tested
3 Ruined lab complex guarded by ape abjumans descendants of uplifted apes who hate humans
4 Mutants worship a AI as god in this ruined complex with a underground secret AI bunker
5 Necromancer has set up a undead assembly line where his students are trying to make a colossus from hundreds of bodies and run zombie sweatshops
6 Alchemist in a ruined factory has built huge glass apparatus and is making dragons
7 A concrete slab opens every few years releasing dozens of hybrid monsters like sphinxes and manticores
8 AI lab working on weaponizing lycanthropy. Prisoners inside beg for release and will go on murder sprees. Android lab techs try and trich visitors into becoming lab rats offering them superpowers
9 Large sealed lab complex. Inside humans sealed for ages believe they are on a space craft off to colonise a new world. The AI is waiting for the outside to be less recognisable before releasing them onto a "new planet"
10 Theme park biolab complex where AI created dinosaurs and pleistocene mammals to release for research

Y Transit Hub

These represent large scale transport infrastructure on the surface to facilitate transport. It includes airports, monorail lines, airship mooring towers, elevated highways, harbours and other transport. Water based ones might be landlocked after time goes by or choked in vegetation. As some of these are huge expect multiple factions and types of monsters

1 Airport with huge buildings, hangars and crashed aircraft often with feuding factions

2 Airship mooring possibly with huge hangers and wrecks of airships
3 Monorail line with stations and wrecked trains draped over terrain and rubble
4 Elevated roads often hard to reach from ground with wrecked cars. Some settle them and install lifts and bring up dirt to farm away from ground threats 
5 Major crossroads of multiple highways possibly with footbridge or underpass, some with elevated or underground lanes. Encounters are common here
6 Aqueduct once transported water, often dry but might have living fish 
7 Harbour with jetties, boat sheds and wrecked boats possibly land locked
8 Bus depot with building and dozens of wrecked busses often make a good camp
9 Canal possibly dried or overgrown with boats and ships rusting away. Each boat could be a lair or gang camp
10 Spaceport with shuttle craft and terminal structure, often these have been damages by warfare or explosions from crashes or liftoff disasters. often with a funcional AI or com link to a orbital

Z Burial ground
The ancients buried their dead. Some cultures included grave goods and jewelry but most shun such places. Obviously undead proliferate in such places. Some are simple graveyards others massive mausoleums.

1 Small fenced off graveyard with several dug up graves, by night ghouls and zombies roam

2 Sprawling necropolis with many tombs and thousands of graves popular with undead and necromancers
3 Tomb where a necromancer works making new undead for research purposes. They hope to build a army and invade a local settlement or conquer the ruins
4 Mausoleum where sentient ghouls and zombies live in a parody of a living community
5 Morgue complex where necromancers make flesh golems
6 Medical museum with dissection labs and all kinds of roaming skeletons, some wierd hybrids
7 Mound built of headstones in a graveyard, inside a undead dragon lives with it's treasure and its breath reanimates the undead when it needs labour or soldiers
8 Funeral parlour with piles of coffins, prep rooms and robot  transport loaded with coffins. Staff  of necromancers and robots will bury your loved ones and hold tasteful service
9 Crematorium popular when undead became a problem, locals use to destroy undead and infected corpses
10 Graveyard where a town of necro mutants live. Still alive but mutating into undead, decorated with skulls and bones


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