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d100 More Boring Goblin Gimmicks

Every gang of goblins has a gimmick or goblins from far and wide have varied combat tactics. Some teach each other human fighting tacticts. Some goblin groups might have specialists in these tricks. Any way if anyone sighs at goblins use this.

Maybe do more than one goblin voice.

Goblin Tricks
01 Throw turd at foes face
02 Throw slippery oil on hard floors
03 Throw wooden carved poison caltrops
04 Throw wasp nest or beehive
05 Throw green slime in treated goard
06 Throw rotten eggs
07 Throw glue harvested from mimic
08 Throw yellow or brown mould spore pod
09 Throw gourd with a rot grub or kyuss grub if extra mean
10 Flaming oil filled gourd or pumpkin or shrunken skull
11 Weapons dipped in diseased piss and feces
12 Weapons dipped in painful venom, save or -2 rolls for a turn
13 Weapons dipped in sleep venom, save of pass out in a d3 rounds for a hour
14 Weapons dipped in lethal poison
15 Bottle of sleep gas thrown or on pole 
16 Bottle of poison gas thrown or on pole 
17 Bottle of burning sticky grease with explosive on a ten foot pole
18 Throw love potions to charm enemies
19 Lasso or lasso poles to trap victim
20 Chains able to be used as clubs or entangling weapons
21 Spider web nets use in melee or thrown
22 Bolos that cause blunt damage or entangling 
23 Whips do a d3 ow entangling attacks, often dagger in other hand
24 Shields covered in gelatinous glue that traps weapons inf miss then fail save
25 Whicker shield coated in treated rust monster blood, only works once
26 Man catcher pole with hooks to trap victim
27 Giant sticky sundew tentacles that stick to victims and reduce mobility
28 Bandoliers of darts, most throw three a round
29 Cast iron hand grenade with fuse 2d4 1" area across
30 Barrel of gunpowder and nails hurled or rolled down hill 2d6 2" radius
31 All use staffs and experts at disarming maneuvers
32 All experts at disarming maneuvers, often use a special weapon
33 Fight with two knife attack style
34 All master fist fighters d4 with two punches
35 All can make a d6 flying kick once per fight up to a combat 10 foot
36 Fight with two foot cord or cloth, can inflict a d6, entangle or strangle
37 Can shoot into melee without penalty or risk of hitting friends
38 Masters of spear and martial kick in same round
39 Two hatchet or sword style with two d6 attacks a round
40 Each does d4 punch and once a fight can inflict a d8 eagle claw punch
41 Sneak and hide skills and backstab x2 +4 to hit
42 Experts at climbing, swinging and ambush from above with scaffolding
43 Experts at fighting in water without penalty and hold breaths a turn and web feet
44 Experts at fighting in darkness with two permanent darkness radiating items
45 Flood tunnels in irritating gas or spores then wear special filter masks
46 Each throws rendered flammable fat filled gourd and one throws a torch
47 Each throws bucket of blood then sets free a giant tick from their backpack 
48 Each throws buckets of vomit, piss, poop or empty beer bottles first round
49 Goblin holds a puppy or kitten or a baby and a knife and threatens you to surrender
50 Goblin suicide bombers carry cast iron bomb with a fuses 2d6 damage, 1" radius
51 Each goblin rides a zombie to get extra height and provide some cover

52 Ride wolves and can shoot without penalty while wolf moving
53 Rides a bat and can shoot without penalty while bat moving
54 Have trained war hounds
55 Have mutant war hounds
56 Ride dire wolves , often two to a wolf for transport
57 Have a trained carrion crawler
58 Have a trained owl bear
59 Ride giant spiders
60 Ride giant scorpions
61 Use cooking utensils, knives and pans as weapons and armour
62 Wield yard long green slime spitting caterpillars one squirt each
63 Fling used nappies at enemies
64 Throw custard  enemies then flee
65 Throw gravy at enemies then ring dinner bells and call monsters
66 Throw stinky oil at enemies so they stink for days and from 4" away
67 Goblin mothers throw biting baby goblins
68 Goblins have fleas, save after fight or infested
69 Goblins carry giant tapeworms crawl out of them on death hungry for new host
70 Goblins with obscene fertility clubs, victims save or 
cursed with impotency and infertile 
71 Some of the goblins are zombies, 
72 One at least is a chaotic nilbog who is healed by weapons and harmed by healing magic
73 Each goblin knows a zero level cantrip or more
74 Goblin explodes for a d6 in death harming all in 5 foot radius from a alchemy potion
75 Some of these goblins are permanently invisible from mixing potions
76 Norkers are primitive cave goblins who bite and use clubs and a bit tougher
77 Blood suckers have d4 bite attack and grab on wrestling and biting till dead
78 One of the goblins is a vampire with bat and wolf pets
79 Goblins have been turned into ghouls
80 Several of the goblins are thouls - part troll, ghoul and goblin
81 Throw live snakes up close
82 Throw huge spiders
83 Each has a pet giant rat they love dearly
84 Each has a pet stirge that lives in a backpack cage ints whole life
85 Goblins feign death and have a d3 healing herb in mouths in case hurt
86 One of the goblins is really a doppelganger
87 One of the goblins is a were rat
88 One of the goblins is a were spider
89 One of the goblins is a were stingworm (like a snake with a sting)
90 One of the goblins is a were wyvern
91 Supported by a goblin evil priest with a d4 zombies
92 Supported by a shaman and his lesser spirit companion
93 Supported by witch doctor using spells of several types

94 Supported by goblin wizard apprentice  
95 Supported by goblin druid with pet dire wolf or giant lizard
96 Supported by goblin ice wizard apprentice with winter wolf
97 Supported by goblin fire wizard apprentice with fire toad
98 Supported by goblin priest riding a giant intelligent spider
99 Supported by goblin demonologist sorcerer with his lesser demon
100 Supported by goblin witch and her ogre son

d100 Pimp Your Boring Goblin
01 Bone in nose
02 Nipple piercings
03 Giant hairy codpiece
04 Wears dirty nappy
05 Eyepatch
06 Huge scars 
07 Burned skin 
08 Huge silly hat
09 Lots of bracelets 
10 Chain necklaces
11 Human ear neclace
12 Gold tooth
13 Curly toed shoes
14 Feathered cape
15 Bat wing membrane cape
16 Human skin cape
17 Hooded cape
18 Fetish medallion of deity
19 Covered in blood
20 Dribbling nose and sneezing
21 Dribbling drool constantly
22 Frightening sharp teeth grin
23 Horrible rotting teeth
24 Belt of human hands
25 Coat made of human skin
26 Covered in soot
27 Wearing face make up
28 Ritual scarification
29 Hook hand
30 Wooden leg
31 Piercings all over
32 Patchwork skin colour as if sewn together
33 Cut or whip marks all over body
34 Stitch marks all ove
35 Cyclops
36 Giant fang
37 Giant clawed hand
38 Tattoos of devils and hell runes
39 Dogtag with elf writing
40 Fungus growing on skin
41 Mushrooms growing on skin
42 Glowing mushroom on head
43 Huge monobrow
44 Strange huge coloured hair style with bone accesories
45 Faces tattooed all over
46 Tattoos of chaos symbols and demons
47 Tattoos of goblin runes
48 Tattoo of naked elf 
49 Kilt of human male genitalia
50 Spiked collar
51 Manacle bracelets

52 Slave collar
53 No legs, has a pushcart
54 Extra tall stilt wooden legs
55 Extra face on skin it hides
56 Lichen growing on skin
57 Has terrible worms it shits out when dead
58 Torture would from long ago
59 Scarred open necrotic wound from old spider bite
60 Already has a stab wound
61 Scars from lots of stab wounds
62 Hunch back
63 Club foot
64 Pig snout
65 Birds beak
66 Bird feet
67 Goat feet
68 Hairy all over, living furball
69 Huge disgusting veins
70 Piebald with patches of different skin colour
71 Smooth hair like a fox all over

72 Pigtails
73 Huge beard
74 Silly moutache
75 Huge pointy ears
76 Clawed fingernails
77 Huge lowed jaw
78 Pointy skull
79 Pinhead
80 Giant head
81 Stunted under 2 foot tall only d6 HD
82 Gigantic 5 foot tall 1d8+1 HD
83 Small stubbly baby goat horns
84 Large cow or goat or stag or ram horns
85 Single horn
86 Obese
87 Siamese twin
88 Webbed feet and hands
89 Scaly skin
90 Bristly pig like hair
91 Pig tail
92 Goat tail
93 Monkey tail

94 Lizard tail

95 Horse tail
96 Ape like motion
97 Bow legged
98 Bony spurs growing from skin always in pain
99 Overbite or underbite with teeth hanging out
100 Backward bending knees

Should probably do a proper goblinoid mutation table set


  1. NICE flavor enhancer for a rather humdrum staple in the D&D creature callsheet. Love the offal/wiz bombs.

    1. cheers

      ppl claiming goblins are dull motivated this


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