Monday, 19 February 2018

Down and Dirty in Psychon Citidels

A request for gonzo filthy degenerate high tech magic slum encounters. Maybe some Gathox. Maybe some alpha blue are a 40k chaos city

d100 Down and Dirty in Psychon Citadels
01 Seedy morlock offers live eloi in a back alley shack, cannibal gang awaits
02 Blind beggar being beaten by children with live snakes
03 Skater gang with knives shanking people as they pass
04 Two abhumans fighting, a crowd gather to place bets and eat the loser
05 Devil swine with guards announces looking for some men for dirty job
06 Man has a fit and as crowd gathers he becomes a werewolf
07 Hungry dogs tear an old cripple into pieces and run away with limbs
08 MiGo ask if they can hire you for a dangerous snatch and gab missions
09 Ogre gnawing on a human leg vomits and dogs come to lick it up
10 Kids trying to scrap a combat robot buried under rubble and it reactivates
11 Gang of virused androids trying to pick fights with organic scum
12 Street kids making monkey-rat hybrids fight insect-dog hybrids
13 Tentacle reaches out of a drain to drag a victim into the deeps
14 Children hitting rusty old artillery shell with mallets
15 Crowd of nasty exotic harlots and a orc bodyguard with a axe and a flintlock pistol
16 Robots haggling over price of a human slave start shooting 
17 MIssionaries from upper levels offering peaceful euthanasia to the needy
18 Mob burning a mutant witch and her pets
19 Police crucifying a gang who had a member dare hit a cop 
20 Waggon of food spills over and mob swarm and start a riot
21 Old man screaming covered in rats or bugs runs down the street
22 Rhino centaur fighting a one horned ogre cyclops over a human girl slave
23 A eldren getting harassed by crowd casts stinking cloud, street filled with vomit
24 Rich children paying hobos to kill each other for fun  
25 Giant spider drops on webline from the ceiling and grabs someone
26 Vendor selling cooked chunks of troll flesh he cuts off a live chained troll
27 Hybrid squidmen preaching about their mad octopus headed god
28 Giant carnivorous worm bursts from the ground and drags a victim under the earth
29 Married couple fighting pick up weapons and murder each other
30 Giant mutant possum grabs old person with tail and runs away over rooftops
31 Creepy gargoyle offers chance to get stoned cheap, a medusa waits in shack
32 Lesser demons dragging youths in chains and whipping them on way back to hell 
33 Cultists handing out free drug samples and invitation to a sorcerers pleasure dome
34 Tense gang stand off between two rival ghetto guilds
35 Degenerate mutants have bailed up a lost topsider and tearing up her her clothes
36 Drunken ogre being stabbed by children who collect blood in bowls and run off
37 Vampire tearing apart novice clerics with ease, tearing out their spines for fun
38 Waggon load of old coffins fall off a cart and zombies spill out and chase the drivers
39 Goblin chief on palanquin with entourage, hobgoblin guards shove everyone out the way
40 Goblin prostitutes complement passers, "try some green and you'll always be keen" 
41 Hooded cultists dealing exotic foreign drugs, crowd shoving to get close
42 Wizard selling freshly created orcs, dumb and young but full of hate
43 Gang of topless orc women attack and eat anyone who looks at them too long
44 Troll offering rich dandies to stab and beat him for a fee
45 Doppelganger stripers entice customers to enter shack where they get eaten alive
46 Tax collectors taking fingers, ears or noses of anyone who can't pay breathing tax
47 Militia beating beggars for not giving them cut of collections
48 Morlock gangs having a street auction for a naked eloi slave being sold by a wizard
49 Naked old witches cooking cauldrons of humanoid body parts, 1cp a cup
50 Child selling ear necklaces, old man comes and beats them for cash every hour
51 Orcs chopping off goblin legs to bet on a one legged race, losers get eaten

52 Pierced tribal headhunters with different tribal marking arguing, other people scatter 
53 Rabbitmen beating farmers trading in town with clubs and stealing vege waggon
54 Giant sewer lobster emerges from manhole and drags screaming victims into the deep
55 Mob holding a kangaroo court for police informer who is torn apart by mob
56 Street flooded in sewerage, locals don't mind walking knee deep in filth
57 Beggar falls over then corpse bursts open with parasites keen for new hosts
58 Children push old person off a walkway to death for fun
59 Child catchers trapping feral children for slave market
60 Vampire talking to gothic teens, inviting to it's lair to receive immortality, honest 
61 Youth gangs just hanging out on their turf asks "what are you looking at"
62  Frogman throwing crumbs on the ground and then gulping down the pigeons that come
63 Apprentice space wizard wants to join you in return for all spellbooks found
64 Cyborg kobolds begging for energy cells even old chem cells or dead ones they can sniff
65 Sucubi offering a dopelgangergangbang just through this dark alleyway
66 Ogre offering homeless to shave him pays in a dry ration biscuit of dried meat
67 Robohobo scavenging parts and system fluids from other robohobo
68 Alien bard with a keytar with a built in theremin wants to write a poem about party
69 Robot one armed bandit follows you, complementing you and your luck
70 Robot vending machine nags you to buy d4 1=drugs 2=
71 Doppelganger prostitute tries to harass party, abuses them as freaks if rejected

72 Robot prostitute offers to stimulate your pleasure centres you dirty meatbag
73 Robo Pimpbot, with his exciting multi species and gender strange pleasure beings 
74 Alien child demands a cp or will kill his adorable puppy (huge slug with illusion?)
75 Beggar wants just one copper, if paid a d100 more follow you for a d6 hours
76 Soothsayer reading entrails and liver and of a humanoid to tell fortunes 
77 AI in a brain pod carried by small humanoid robot, wants to buy you guys drinks
78 Robohobos and cyberbums facing off for places to lie on cardboard boxes
79 Robot beggar needs cash for a new leg, then starts to beg cash for a penis
80 Lonely space dwarf vacuumorph, needs a low pressure suit and breather to live
81 Cultists performing human sacrifice in open street shrine to keep a elder god away
82 Urchins throw rocks and demand a cp to go away. no we meant a cp each
83 Multiracial youth gang in harmony shanking people for cash
84 Line of beggars selling souls to devils for food
85 Cloud of spoors as a stinking cloud or disease
86 Street overgrown in giant fungal bloom of shrooms and bracket fungi and slime moulds
87 Stray pack of blind alien space wolves
88 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=bloodworms 2=floating jellyfish 3=starfish 4=maggots
89 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=pigeons 2=bats 3=squirrels 4=finchs
90 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=wasps 2=bees 3=flies 4=scorpions
91 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=mice 2=rats 3=possums 4=bats
92 Ghouls peacefully grazing on dead homeless corpses
93 Cult follow you playing music and chanting till they get a donation

94 Snakeman wizard in disguise as a human apprentice selling cursed items
95 Someone crying and melting into a pool from a rare bio agent 1in6 with someone
96 Assassination cult point out party for initiates to test themselves on as a holy test
97 Devoutly religious person offended by party member and alerts locals
98 Cultist decides something about party makes them holy enemies
99 Tedious immortal is interested in your party for some awesome dangerous scheme
100 A petty god admires your party and decides to follow them and hang around close

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